Mighty hand prayer for health, money and love

Mighty hand prayer for health, money and love

The prayer of the powerful hand arises in the times of colonization and slavery, what we commonly call miscegenation originated, this not only consists of mixtures of races but also of culture and religion, the latter is known as syncretism: it is of a kind of compromise between different thoughts, posture and religion.

This phenomenon is seen in almost all of America, who took many African religious traditions and are linked with Catholic beliefs, a clear example of this is the image of the powerful hand.

the mighty hand

It is in one of the ancient talismans that today has become very popular. Although we already know that it is a religion that has spread to various corners of the American continent, the Catholic Church has not yet said that it is not recommended! Now that we know what the powerful hand is about, I will show you some prayers that will help you for love, either to keep it or to attract it or simply to get rid of that person that you no longer want to be in your life.

As we have already seen the prayer of the powerful hand , you can pray for different purposes and you can make various requests, especially if it is about difficult things such as: love, money and food. We guarantee that it has a lot of power, but you must be patient since this power becomes effective after several days and your prayer is taken into account, only if your prayer does not come from the mind and is pronounced on your lips, it must be something stronger like your heart, it is about that something that comes from within you and is pronounced in your desires little by little.


It is clearly the representation of a hand, but it is not just any hand. This “powerful hand” symbolizes a person on each finger: the Child Jesus, the Virgin Mary, Saint Joseph, Saint Joachim and Saint Anne. It is said that in the centuries 18 the first prototypes were made giving the beginning to his devotion to the power of God and intercession of the Holy Family. Since its inception, its meaning is the same from ancient times to the present: magical protection and blessing.

Recommendations when praying

Next, the following suggestions should be taken into account and followed as indicated:

  1. Pray this powerful prayer of the powerful hand for fifteen continuous days Normally these requests are fulfilled after eight days it is important that you know that, even if your request is fulfilled days before this period of time, we recommend that you continue praying until you finish your quota.
  2. It is very good that you have under your power in your home, business or office, a stamp or a picture of the powerful hand and we recommend that you stick a piece of bread to it, so that we never lack our daily bread.
  3. Like any prayer, you must do it with great faith and convention that all your prayers will be heard, attended and granted.
  4. It is important that after each prayer made, three Our Fathers, a Hail Mary and three Glorias should be prayed.

Prayer of the Powerful Hand to attract the loved one

With this prayer you will be able to attract to you that person you love so much, the one that attracts you, yearns for and likes you. How it works: at the end of this sentence, the person you want to attract into your life will start thinking about you continuously, trying to find you and get closer to you in different ways.

“In this precious moment I implore the mighty hand of God
to come into relationship with me and my spirit.

I come surrendered and humiliated before your feet, asking for mercy
so that you grant me the incomparable Powerful Hand to offer
me your help and protection in this difficult situation that I am facing.

I need your help blessed powerful hand so that
(name your love)
fall madly in love with me

You who with your power can do everything, I need you to dominate all your thoughts
so that she / he can only think of me.

Blessed powerful hand, I need you to tie her up and guide her to me so
that she comes humiliated/and in love/or surrendered at my feet.

Let it be your powerful hand, the one that guides his steps so that he crosses paths with me
and let it be your powerful hand, the one that indicates the path that I must also follow
so that in your most holy name we can both coincide .

Blessed powerful hand, you who can do everything
Allow (name your love) to go crazy for me
that when he goes to bed, and when he wakes up his thoughts are for me.

Make him want to see me, listen to me, and smell
me that he wants my body as much as I want his
I have always left my problems in your powerful hand

That is why I bring you this sincere plea, because I know that
to heal and to achieve, what only the dead achieve.

That is why what I want to ask you today, blessed powerful hand
is the hand that can guide me, to live my love with (name your love)

Do not allow any kind of evil to reach us

Separate us from falsehoods, deceit and lies
with the power of your mighty hand

Guide me so that I can also help my neighbor
and stay away from the bad path.

Your blessed powerful hand, make me get the truth
and get me the love of (name your love) so that my heart has peace.Amen.”

Prayer for the impossible and difficult cases

This prayer has become quite popular and is widely used for impossible loves, there are even towns where it has already become a tradition. But this is not only effective for love, it also works for those moments that are not clear and you do not find the solution to a problem, with this prayer you will see how effective it can be and the results will surprise you, you must pray with great faith and devotion.

House of Jerusalem, where Christ entered and the evil immediately left, entering instantly the good. I ask Jesus: that evil go away from (your name or that of another person) and come good and healing for him (her) through this holy prayer and through Christ our Lord. (say with great faith and hope the difficult wish)

“Here I come with the faith of a Christian soul
to seek mercy in such an anguished situation for me. Do not forsake me and the door that wants to open in my way, let it be your powerful hand, the one that closes it so as not to enter it, if otherwise it suits me, leave it open if my long-desired peace of mind is to return.

At your feet I leave this plea, which makes you a soul forced by destiny to great suffering that you can no longer fight, if your powerful hand does not stop the law of reason. (make your request) My God, forgive the mistakes I have made I committed during this existence, which I am facing, give me strength to endure the bitterness of my life. Amen.”

Prayer to the Mighty Hand to drive a person away

If at any time you feel that you should get away from someone permanently but for some reason you cannot do it and that situation becomes uncomfortable and difficult to resolve, you only have to pray this prayer for only three consecutive days and then you will feel better if you fulfill it. as it is.

Blessed Powerful Hand of Jesus Christ, you who can do everything
, you who always help people in the
most difficult moments of our lives, that is why
at this moment, I resort to your presence, so that
you may be putting your powerful hand in my life . sentimental, because
the truth is that I want to distance a person from her, and not because I don’t feel anything, but because I love him so much
that I don’t want to do him more harm than I can do him, I say this sir, because I know how I am, and because
sooner or later, I will end up moving him away from my path, be your lord, putting the exact words in my
mouth, to be able to do things as they have to be, so that that person leaves without pain, and to
that in his life, he does not hold a grudge against me, so that he can find someone totally better, and that
at all times, make him happy, I know a powerful hand that you can help me in this request,
because I know that you can do everything, or also, be you making me change my attitude, be you
allowing me not to move people away from my path, when I am beginning to love them, help me
Lord, because this is something difficult, I know that with your help, I can overcome calmly, but only
if you are by my side, because with your hand, I can get out of problems, thank you once
again for listening to me, I ask you to fulfill my request, in the name of Jesus. Amen

If we know anything, it is that in those difficult moments in terms of money, health and love, it is when we most need good advice or a powerful prayer. Today I recommend that you listen to the word of God so that it may be the one to guide you along the path you need. Pray and do it with faith that he knows what you want, but more importantly he knows what you really need.

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