Dreaming of poop or excrement

Dreaming of poop or excrement: meaning

Surely dreaming of poop or excrement seems quite disgusting and unpleasant to you, however it is important to mention that each dream has a meaning and an interpretation, that is why in this article we will talk about the meaning and interpretation of this unpleasant dream. to read the post.

dream about poop

It is totally normal that for most people dreaming of poop is totally unpleasant and that this dream is a bad experience for you because of how disgusting it can be, however it should be noted that dreaming of excrement or poop for decades has been interpreted As a positive since this dream is related to prosperity and abundance, for some time it was considered that dreaming of the excrement of an animal meant that the perfect time to start a business or project that you had in mind.

Even with the passage of time if a person dreams of poop it is a good omen since the dream refers to prosperity and abundance but nevertheless this dream is a sign that economic decisions must be taken calmly, cautiously and measure well every step that is taken, dreaming of excrement can be said with total conviction, it is positive, of course, as long as the dreamer takes the task of investigating well and analyzing the project to be started by the person who usually makes decisions blindly. Keep in mind that you will get blind results, which is why, although this dream is positive and auspicious, the person focuses on making the right decisions.

Once the dreamer is clear about the interpretation of his dream, it is there when he really stops thinking that it is a disgusting dream and that person will be prepared to focus on waiting for the good luck that life will bring him from that moment, if the dreamer is a person for no reason can see poop or does not tolerate its smell, it should be mentioned that the interpretation of the dream changes completely and has a negative meaning for you, that is why it will take much more effort to achieve the projects we have in mind.

If you dreamed of poop you have to know that poop dreams will depend on the type of poop or its origin, a clear example of this is that for no reason is it the same to dream of animal excrement and if you dream of human excrement It will also depend on whether it is from an adult, a child or a baby, that is why you must be attentive to every detail of the dream to know its true interpretation and meaning for this dream and what it has in store for the dreamer.

The dream has several meanings for the dreamer, that is why attention should be paid to their details, but in most cases its meaning is positive for that dreamer, but it may be the case that on some occasions it is not positive at all and that symbolizes illnesses, fights, arguments, loss of your partner or your peace of mind and peace. On the other hand, this dream also means that someone within your own environment wants to put an end to everything good that he has and even for nothing in the world wants to see you achieve your goals.

To be certain of what it really means to dream of poop for each of us, the different scenarios in which the dream is taking place must be carefully analyzed and, as already mentioned in the previous lines, it must be well identified if the excrement belongs to an animal or a human, if it happens that you do not know the origin of the poop, that is, you do not know where it comes from, then it is a bit complicated to interpret your dream.

As already mentioned, dreaming of poop can have different meanings and that they will depend on the scenarios and the details as the dream develops, that is why we are going to describe different interpretations that can help you with the dream below. that you had pay attention:

  Dream about human poop

Dreaming of human poop mostly has a positive meaning and is a sign of good things, of course, but everything will also depend on the contexts and circumstances that occur within the dream, if the excrement you see in your dreams doesn’t bother you at all. absolute or it does not seem disgusting to you, you can be totally sure that it is a good dream since it indicates a good omen, this dream will mean that everything you are doing is being done correctly and that you are on the right track, do not deviate from your goals that life has only prepared successes and good things for you.

But since not everything is always rosy, dreaming of human poop also has its negative side and it can mean that you are in the presence of a personal economic crisis, that is, your finances are at stake, if you are a member (or ), owner (or) of a company and you dreamed of human poop is a bad sign for you and your economy will be seriously affected, so you must be aware of every step you take and decision you make.

Dreaming of human poop refers to the fact that due to bad decisions made or not correcting errors in time for your company, a stage of unproductivity is approaching that will be totally associated with new adversities with customers, that is why this dream manifests itself in you to that you are aware of what awaits you due to your bad decisions and that this whole situation does not come as a surprise to you, however, as the dream is a clear sign of what awaits you, you can amend your mistakes and in some way look for possible solutions so that this situation is not so serious and your company and your economy are not so affected.

On the other hand, to finish with the interpretation of this dream that is so unpleasant for most, if you dream of someone else’s human poop, it means that there is someone in your environment who is important to you, and will need your help. economic since it is going through a serious financial problem.,

Likewise, this dream refers to the fact that soon they will be offering you to be part of illegal businesses in order to defraud and deceive third parties, who are aware of the businesses in which you are involved, in short, in general, dreaming of someone’s human poop It refers to negative situations that will be caused by third parties and that will involve you.

Dream about dog poop

If dog poop appears in your dreams, which can be something very common or normal for you, keep in mind that this dream means that in your current life you have many problems and they have led you to lose total control of your life, it is because This is why this dream refers to the fact that in the past you did not take the necessary precautions to avoid any problem and today you are paying the price for your mistakes by not avoiding this situation

If you dreamed of dog poop, it is time for you to take control of your life and look for the necessary solutions for the problems of your past, because if you do not act as you should and face the situation, you will continue to muddy it in your present and probably also in your future, the best way you can find to face all problems is to go to the person with whom you acted badly and ask for an apology and in this way remedy what you did and how badly you acted surely an apology will not be enough But it’s a start.

Dreaming that you step on the dog’s excrement is not good at all since this situation indicates that you are going to be experiencing relationship problems, especially that you are going to experience infidelity on the part of that person you love so much, on the other hand, this dream can be to mean that you are a person who is really reckless and at no time do you measure the words you say and you usually muddy it for this same situation, in very rare special cases and you can even say that rare if you dream that you step on a dog poop it can be something positive for your life, that good news is about to arrive for you that will make it totally hopeful and motivating.

Dream about pooping

If you dreamed that you were pooping, it may seem like a very uncomfortable dream, even very disgusting, but it has a negative meaning since it is associated with the prosperity and abundance of all your businesses and projects, if in the dream you see that you finish poop and you’re cleaning yourself keep in mind that this is good since it means that you are going to do business that will leave you with good profits. However, if you dream that you are pooping in public, it symbolizes that you have insecurities to close the deals that you have at the door and that you must be aware of every step.

If you dream that you are pooping in your partner’s bed, it means that serious problems are coming with your partner and that you are probably going to be experiencing a bad stage in your relationship, so take good care of your relationship and everything you do, the most indicated thing is that you take the time to talk with your partner to solve all the problems they have and that in this way the conflicts do not get worse and everything ends up getting out of control, this dream is a clear sign that you are going to be living a time of discomfort when both of you want clarify the problems.

On the other hand, if you dream that you are doing little in a very private way that you can even say that you are hiding yourself, it means that you are hiding things that are important in your life and that what you hide is generally associated with your mental health. and the dream tells you that it is time to talk to the people you love the most and tell them what is happening to you. Also, if you dream that you are pooping and someone comes looking for you at that precise moment, it means that you are keeping a dark secret and if you do not say things over time, they will end up involving you in that negative situation and this does not it will be no good for you.

Dream about cat poop

Studies have revealed that when cats do their business, they hide them out of shame and health. That is why if you dream of cat poop, it means that times of shame are coming for you and for some reason you need to hide something that has great importance for you. importance but that will be the reason for your shame that is why you should hide it, since you think that if you do not hide it you can lead to hurting third parties. In general, it can be indicated that dreaming of cat poop means that the dreamer will be exposed to situations where it is best to remain silent and hide many things since it is the best situation for him and his environment.

On the other hand, if a person dreams of cat poop very often, this means that this person is not good at keeping their own secrets and that soon the time will come when they will no longer be able to remain silent and need to vent to someone, well, the truth. that there is something in his life that bothers him and that although he knows the risk involved in telling this secret to other people, he is looking for a sign that tells him with whom he can unburden himself and get what he has inside.

Dream about baby poop

If you dream of baby poop and you have children, this dream represents the fear that you have that any disease could put your children’s lives at risk, however it is important to clarify that if you are a new mother and this type of dream is already common in you, the interpretation that was described before is not related to you, since this dream refers to the work that these mothers do daily to change their baby’s diaper, in the same way if it is not recent that you had a baby this dream will depend the context in which it takes place.

It is equally important to mention that dreaming of a baby’s poop is a sign that obstacles and new challenges await your path, but that they are for your own success in everything you set out to do in life. Likewise, this dream symbolizes that for everything you do to start going well, there is still a little time left. On the other hand, it should be mentioned that this dream reveals that your enemies are only waiting for you to be careless to attack you, so you must be very aware, if it is already common for you to live dreaming of baby poop, it is not a good thing and you must be aware of your environment since the danger is closer to you than you expect and you will not be able to do anything to avoid it.

To conclude with this interpretation, it can be mentioned that if you dream of baby poop it is related to your social circles, this means that you are going to begin to make a filter to know who your friends really are and who are only close to you to wish you bad and be an obstacle in what you intend to do, since the advice that these people give you is for you to go wrong in life and to delay your path, this dream is presented as a sign that it is time that begin to see who really are your friends and who are your enemies.

Dream about poop on your hands

Dreaming of poop in your hands symbolizes low self-esteem at work, that is, it indicates that the dreamer as a professional feels that he is stagnant and even if you do things well, very few are recognized as positive by their work team or your boss, this type of dream is ideal for you to interpret that the work you are doing in your work environment is usually unnecessary and whether you are there or not, they will still be able to survive without you, this dream is not negative at all but if it is a sign for you that you must understand that you are currently experiencing low self-esteem at work.

If you dream that you have poop on your hands and that you are going to use it to throw it at someone else, it means that very soon you are going to start a conflict with someone else, and this conflict will be the product of your bad actions with your environment or of the injustices that you commit and all this will lead you to be socially punished, it is time for you to let your ideas flow and that you also begin to act and face what causes your bad actions and the mistakes you make.

Dream that you poop on yourself

You dreamed that you pooped on yourself, you should know that this dream symbolizes that you are full of problems, conflicts and negative situations that surround your life, if you dream that you pooped on yourself and you were in your in-laws’ house it means that you will soon be experiencing problems with your family and with your partner and that will be somewhat intense. On the other hand, this dream means that you have important conversations pending since they are to resolve situations that were not clarified at the time and these conflicts need to be resolved as soon as possible before it is too late for both parties.

In addition, it can be mentioned that dreaming that you poop in your pants means that you will be exposed to great public humiliation and that it will be caused by your own actions in front of third parties, that is why the dream is a warning for you that you must maintain silence and especially at times when the people around you have not asked for your opinion for any reason if they are also in a strong discussion.

It can be mentioned that if you are pooping and it falls into the toilet, it means something negative since this is a sign that you are living a great restlessness and you are on the verge of madness.

Dream stepping on poop

If you dream that you step on poop, it is a good omen and it means good luck. The interpretation of this dream refers to old beliefs, which indicate that if you stepped on poop in the street, this means that you will be successful in your business, and even today. day these beliefs are still valid that is why if you dream that you step on poop it is good luck and it is something positive for you.

In addition, this dream symbolizes that, although you will have success on your way, it will not be easy to achieve, since life gives you obstacles that you must overcome so that you can invest in your new projects to achieve the success that you so desire and that of Your financial future depends on it.

This type of dreams can vary depending on the context that it has, for example, if you dream that you stepped on a poop and cleaned yourself up immediately, it means that the economic problems that you have in your life will gradually begin to disappear. gradual. On the other hand, it also means that you should not accelerate any process in your life and that you should let everything take its own pace and its own reaction since you settle on accelerating the processes of the cycles that your life must fulfill.

Dream of a lot of poop

Dreaming that you see poop in large quantities can have several meanings and it will depend on the emotions you express, one of them is that if you have emotions of disgust, repulsion and discomfort, it means that problems are coming to your life that will be serious, but you must have Keep in mind that these inconveniences will be caused mostly by the bad actions that you have in your life with third parties.

On the other hand, when you dream of a lot of poop and in the dream they show disinterest or you do not pay attention to it, it means that your goals that you have are much greater than everything that surrounds you, this dream symbolizes that all that poop that you see in the dream is what that can bother you in your life, however you do not pay attention to it because you have the conviction that your success is the most important thing and no one is going to stop you.

Dream that you are eating poop

Dreaming that you eat poop is very negative since it means that financial problems, illnesses, fears, depressions, stress and everything that can harm you are coming for you, you must be prepared / prepared since the next few days will be nothing good for and this dream manifests itself as a clear sign that there are situations in your life that are not going well at all and that you should be very careful as the results will be devastating.

This dream usually symbolizes that the mistakes you make daily in your life are the ones that put your finances at risk and this situation also puts the people who are involved with you in your business and projects in danger, since their finances too. they are harmed.

It is important to note that dreaming that you eat poop means that you will have good economic gains, but they will be by illicit means, through deception, falsehoods and businesses that are outside the law you will have good profits, but you know that they are acting badly, This situation will bring you future problems, especially with the law, since they will look for you to answer for the accusations that will be made against you. On the other hand, dreaming that you eat poop means that you have very little seriousness, commitment and lack of attention to your money, which will cause you serious problems in the future.

Dream about poop in your mouth

Dreaming that you have poop in your mouth means the presence of diseases in your life, it may be that you are going to be intoxicated or also that you are going to be involved in some toxic relationship or that in your professional life you are going to feel totally stagnant and these situations are going to cause that your health is affected and you will be in the presence of diseases.

Dreaming of poop in your mouth is a clear sign that you are a person who does not pay the slightest attention to your health, which is why the dream tells you that it is time to start taking care of yourself and that you no longer allow that your health continues to deteriorate, this type of dream also indicates that your diet is bad and it is something that it is time that you should start taking care of.

Dream of poop smell

Dreaming of the smell of poop means you are in the presence of physical and mental problems, if a pregnant woman is the one who has the dream, it is a sign that her pregnancy will be complicated and that you must take great care of yourself from the first moment. If it is a man who has this dream, it means that legal problems are coming and that if you do not take the necessary precautions you can even go to jail, on the other hand, if you are a woman but you are not pregnant and you have the dream that you smell to poop means that you will also have legal problems and that you will have to give many explanations to the justice system.

Dream about cleaning poop

Dreaming of cleaning poop is good luck, of course this dream does not mean that you will be successful, much less money as it happens with interpretations, but it does mean that in your life everything bad that exists is gradually disappearing, it is a clear a sign that everything that you think is bad luck for you and your life will vanish from your life and everything will begin to change. Another meaning that this dream can give you is that if overnight you stop knowing about certain friends and you lose contact with them, you must keep in mind that it is the best thing that can happen to you since they are people who have only caused you problems. to your life.

Dream of touching poop

If you dream that you touch poo, it means that in your work you feel like a useless and even unnecessary person, you always have the feeling that no matter how much you do things well, your merit and your work is never recognized by anyone, you feel tired / tired of this situation. situation and arriving at your work environment makes you uncomfortable and even annoys you. You do not find any peace of mind, you even feel that the money you are earning is not enough for you at all, in general terms this dream refers to discomfort and the work dissatisfaction that you have.

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