Dreaming of a kiss, you cannot imagine its meaning!

Dreaming of a kiss, you cannot imagine its meaning!

You want to know the meaning of dreaming about a kiss, you came to the right place since this post is dedicated to talking about interpretation and the meaning of the dream you had and in this way, when you know what it means, you will be able to discover what message your subconscious wants to send you. Through this dream

dream of a kiss

For human beings, kisses are the most important thing because through this show of affection you can make known to another person all the passion you feel towards them, dreaming of a kiss symbolizes the love, affection and appreciation you feel for the other person. people we consider as loved ones. On many occasions a kiss can represent a cruel betrayal, but it should be noted that whatever the presentation in which the kiss comes, it is a very important sign of affection for us and in any circumstance we will yearn to give one.

Dreaming of a kiss brings with it several meanings, but it is important to mention that the interpretation of each dream will depend on the context and its development, in general terms it can be said that if we dream that we are giving a kiss it means that for no reason we find the satisfaction that we so much desire in our sexual relations.

On the other hand, dreaming of good means that we currently have unresolved issues and that they disturb us and will not let us move forward with peace and tranquility, the dream tells you that it is time to deal with those pending issues and that of once and for all you look for a solution to be at peace.

If you dreamed that you threw a kiss in the air, it means that you are a person who feels a lot of loneliness inside you and that the person you should give that kiss that you threw in the air in the dream is very far from you, this dream symbolizes how much you miss that person and how much you long to have her close to you right now and fill her with many many kisses and hugs and in this way express how much you care.

However, if we dream that we kiss a certain person, it means that very soon we will be living moments of intense romance with that person we want so much, but you must keep in mind that these moments are not lasting, so you must make the most of it and enjoy every moment of this intense encounter with that special person.

In general, dreaming of kisses is more common in women than in men, but nevertheless it can also be more common among adolescents since they are going through their hormonal stage and it drives them to live new experiences and related sensations. totally with love. However, it can be noted that dreaming of kisses that are given on the mouth or on the neck with unknown people, depending on the context in which the kiss develops, usually symbolizes temptations.

In addition, dreaming of kisses that are given in the hands is synonymous with betrayal and deception on the part of the person that we least expect, that the kiss is given on the forehead, referring to indiscretions that will be arising in the future, but we do not see Importantly, it can be mentioned that if you dream that you want to kiss a specific person, it means that you will be solving problems from the past that you had with that person and everything will return to the way it was before.

As indicated in previous lines, there are various meanings that dreaming of a kiss can have, and it will depend on the context of the kiss and how the dream develops, then we are going to describe the interpretation that these dreams can have:

Dream about a kiss on the mouth

Dreaming of a kiss on the mouth symbolizes trust, however, the level of trust will depend on the place where the kiss is given during the course of the dream and the more intense the greater the trust that this dream symbolizes. If you dream of a kiss on the mouth you should keep in mind that it is associated with an erotic dream and that it is a clear sign that you should better communicate with that person you are dreaming of kissing something that does not go so well between you and this dream is proof of it.

dream of a passionate kiss

If you dream that you are having a passionate kiss with the person you love, it means that you really want this kiss to happen, this dream is synonymous that you feel something very strong for that person with whom you dream that you kiss but you have a great fear of expressing your feelings since you fear that person does not feel the same as you and when you talk to him about your feelings he will reject you and take you away from his life forever, however this kiss is a message that everything will be fine take the Courage and take the risk to give that person you love that kiss you crave so much and also talk about your feelings towards her.

dream of kissing my ex

Dreaming that you kiss your ex can be somewhat confusing and disturbing, however, you do not have to complicate yourself so much, that dream simply means that you miss your ex and that you want to be with those people again and in this way recover all the lost time, yes. you are a person who is currently single this dream is a sign that you should find a way to start a relationship with your ex partner again, in case you are not if the situation is complicated since this means and you miss some qualities that your ex had but that your current partner does not have them and this makes you compare both relationships until you reach the point of dreaming about him.

Dream about a kiss on the cheek

A kiss on the cheek is the most tender affection of affection that can exist for the human being, that is why dreaming of a kiss on the cheek, whether you are giving it to yourself or someone else is giving it to you, means that you want to start a kiss on the cheek. with a sincere friendship with that person that you dream of kissing on the cheek, this dream manifests itself in you so that you keep in mind that you must worry and take care of the healthy friendship that is going to be formed with this person and you will see that it will be a great and long friendship that will never fail you.

dream that you give a kiss

Dreaming that you give a kiss symbolizes that you are about to steal new things for your life, which this dream does not indicate if they are good or bad, so you will have that doubt until the time comes to experience these changes in your life, if this dream usually repeating itself a lot symbolizes that the dreamer wants to experience meeting and interacting with new people, which indicates that the dreamer is characterized by being a very extroverted person.

Dream about a kiss on the neck

Dreaming of a kiss in general refers to passion, but dreaming of a kiss on the neck symbolizes that you feel tempted (or) sexually by that person with whom you dream that he kisses you or that you kiss him and As much as you fight against the desires you have towards that person day by day they increase until you reach the point of not being able to resist that feeling of lust you have for that person, so if you are not someone free and you feel these carnal desires for someone who is not even your partner, be careful because you can do something that you can later regret for a long time.

Dreams that steal a kiss from you

Dreaming of being robbed of a kiss has several meanings, of course each one will depend on the context and the development of the dream, so you must pay close attention to every detail of your dream so that you can find out what meaning your dream had, the first meaning that can be mentioned is that if you dream of being robbed of a kiss, it is that situations are coming into your life that you did not expect and that will surprise you enormously, the other meaning that can be highlighted is that if you dream of being robbed a kiss and this one you like means in the next few days you will be receiving good news.

If the opposite happens, that is, the kiss that was stolen from you in the dream did not bust you at all, this means that in the next isas you will be having problems in any area of ​​your life that will not be pleasant for you.

Dream that you kiss a person of the same sex

Dreaming that you kiss a person of the same sex means that very bad luck awaits you in various areas of your life, your love relationship will fail, you will lose your job if you have businesses, everyone will go bankrupt in In the end, things will go very badly for you, so if you have this dream, you must be very aware of your life and what you do.

Dreaming of a kiss depending on the kissed

Dreaming that you see your partner giving another person a somewhat passionate kiss means that you are going to be going through a great disappointment in your love life, your relationship will enter a serious crisis that it will be very difficult to overcome and this dream is the reflection of this such a complex situation that you will be living in the next few days, so if you have this dream, do not be surprised that your relationship will have a strong rupture soon.

On the other hand, if you dream that you kiss a person you haven’t known for long, it means that your subconscious is sending you a message that you may not have realized it yet, but you liked this person from the first moment you saw her. and you want to establish a closer relationship with her to know if your feelings are reciprocated or not.

If you dream that you kiss a friend to a friend, it means that for a long time you began to see these people with different eyes and as much as you refuse to accept it, you can no longer hide it, the reason why you decide to face your feelings. it is that you feel that if you start a relationship between you in the long run if it doesn’t work out, the beautiful friendship you had before will be damaged since both will not be able to separate both relationships; the love and friendship they have maintained for so many years.

If you dream that you give one of your parents a kiss, this dream is a reflection of the love so pure and immense that you feel towards them, that you cannot conceive of continuing your life without them, they are not by your side since they are your greatest support and the people that you know that they will never fail you for any reason, if in the dream you also observe that your parents kiss you back, it means that the feeling is mutual that they feel an immense love for you that does not fit in their chest and also that you are their great pride and that they would do anything to see you happy.

On the other hand, if we dream that we give our parents a kiss and they push us away and reject any of our love, it means that the relationship with them is not good at all, it is most likely that you are annoyed / annoyed with your parents and that anger it leads you to feel that you should not trust them for any reason. But this dream is a signal that your subconscious sends you that it is time for you to put aside all that anger and pride and fix your differences with both of you, since both parties are suffering from this terrible situation.

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