Find out all about the prayer of faith to accept Christ into your heart

Find out all about the prayer of faith to accept Christ into your heart

The prayer of faith to accept Christ is necessary, sometimes as Christians, we have a period of denial of the existence in our lives of our Lord Jesus Christ. This situation can be generated by different aspects related to an unstable and therefore incorrect faith. Despite this, our Lord Jesus Christ always allows us to be under his lap at the moment in which the prayer of faith is performed.

Prayer of faith to accept Christ

The prayer of faith to accept Christ is extremely important, since our Lord Jesus Christ always receives us from his mercy under his lap and forgives any attitude if we are truly repentant.

This normally happens and is done because there are Christians who sometimes deny the belief in Jesus Christ in their lives, since they do not have a true faith, necessary to receive and thank God.

Our Lord offers us free love. All those who believe in him and receive his word give them the honor of being children of God, according to John 1: 12. This gift must be received with faith to be truly obtained.

How is the gift of Jesus Christ received?

According to Acts 16:31, believing in the Lord Jesus will allow you to save your soul. The way to receive Jesus Christ, allows him to be invited into the life of each person who wants it. According to Revelation 3:20 our Lord Jesus Christ is right at the door of our soul. When you hear his voice you open the door you will find him there, just to hug you.

This means that our Lord is for us. He will receive us if we repent of our sins from the heart and receive him to fill our soul with mercy and love.

How to thank Jesus Christ through prayer?

When a prayer is made to our Lord Jesus Christ to receive him, it seeks to thank him for his condition as the savior of humanity. It is necessary that we implore Jesus with our hearts in our hands, full of sincerity, that he be our savior and that he be accepted as such.

It is in this way that he enters your life to fill you with mercy and love and you become a son of our heavenly father. This was what the word of God reflects in the bible in 1 John 5:11-12. When it tells us that God gives us eternal life and that life is immersed in his children.

The moment he is given the opportunity to be our savior, our soul begins to feel different. When our Lord Jesus Christ is truly asked to relate to accepting him as our savior. The sinner will be forgiven and you will become a child of God.


Lord Jesus I need your mercy. I thank you eternally for dying on the cross in order to pay for and cleanse our sins. I implore your forgiveness for every sin committed and I receive you as my lord and my only savior.

It is thanks to you that I have the gift of living internally as a child of our heavenly father. I implore you the opportunity to live a new life where you are my lord and savior. I thank you Jesus for your sacrifices, amen. (Read article on praying to Jesus for work )

sentence 2

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ, you who are with me every day. As a Christian, I open the doors of my heart looking for you to enter it. From there I give you rest and ask you to pour out your merciful blessings.

I am not able to deny your presence in my life, since it is you who will always be with me in good times and bad, supporting me with your mercy. With faith I implore that your sacred heart accept me that I will venerate it.

O son of the heavenly father, cover my life with your blessed image. I confess to you today that I am a sinner. I wish your forgiveness my lord. I am heartily sorry for all the times I committed sins. Give me forgiveness for profaning your name, swearing and promising in vain with your name. Forgive me for disrespecting you my dear Jesus Christ.

That is why I beg your forgiveness. Since it is never too late to amend my mistakes if it is done from the heart. I repent and wish with all faith that you come into my life to fill it with your virtues. I offer you all the necessary doors so that you remain in my soul and watching my path.

I accept you and I implore your attention because you sacrificed yourself for me. You are the healing of my being that is aimlessly and only with faith in you will it be guided to the path of good. You are the son of God and you were conceived by the Virgin Mary, with the power of the Holy Spirit.

Sentence 3

It is important to rectify our life and what better way than to leave it in the hands of our Lord Jesus Christ. Prayers over him must be done with true faith and accept that he enters our hearts. When it is truly done, it can start with the corrections in your life and move on from the blame. The prayer is as follows:

You are the only one capable of helping me out of the abyss. With you Lord Jesus I am safe. I implore you to help me improve my attitudes and that my mistakes are no longer mine, forgive me for insulting your holy name.

Oh my dear Jesus forgive me every failure I have had, I am truly sorry. I want to feel like a child of the Christian heavenly father. An exemplary being that helps you collaborate with those who need it and have to be guided to your light and harmony.

Blessed Jesus Christ I declare myself committed to you with much faith in you and much love. I receive in my soul all your mercy and I hope that the stains of sin are forgiven. I ask you to guide me every day so that I don’t fall into temptation again.

Your name is glorious and that is why I will never do anything that threatens your harmony again. My Lord Jesus Christ, you are my harmony. It is just at this moment that I am ready for your conversion.

I am for you with my heart clean of any sin and I long to be with you. You are the sentinel that watches over my life and each one of my steps. I acclaim your name every day. You my Lord Jesus Christ are light for humanity.

Thanks to your sacrifice we have the opportunity of eternal life and become children of God, our heavenly father. In your name I cleanse my soul with great faith and with it I do not reject the entry of your mercy into my heart. Amen

sentence 4

Lord Jesus Christ, you are the most merciful being with all those who sin. Today I want to celebrate that you are with me every day, following every step I take. I wish every day to celebrate your mercy and constant acts of love for humanity based on the crucifixion.

We Christians thank you for having us in your heart and filling our souls with your grace. You are light and your name is harmony for the one who pronounces it. My dear Jesus Christ, I wish you to be my guide in every step and help me write the story of my life.

You are the engine every day when I wake up that motivates me to continue. Let danger and vice be no part of my life. Take me to the path to heaven. Where the heavenly father awaits those who work with faith and love, repentant of their sins on earth. (Be sure to read the article on what the cross means for evangelicals )

Is it important to open your heart to Jesus Christ?

It is important to mention that the gospel focuses on the facts related to the death of Jesus Christ who sacrificed his life for our sins on the cross and later rose again. The Bible verses indicate about the salvation process that Jesus Christ granted us, accepting his mission as Lord Savior.

Jesus is Lord, that is why you need to believe in your heart that God was the one who raised him from the dead and allowed humanity to be saved. Put the hearts the one that allows justice to be done and love to be granted and thanks to this salvation and liberation from sins is achieved.

That is why when Jesus Christ is in your heart the old things will pass away. That is why thanks to him we are freed from sins and allow us to be children of God. For this reason, it should be allowed to receive the Lord Jesus Christ, it is he who allows us to move forward without evil.

Our Lord takes root and builds on our lives. With God and with faith our life is full of actions with grace and abundance. He is the builder of lives, the head of the angle. It is thanks to him that there is salvation. Position is the sacred name of him under heaven that they give to men and allows us to be saved.

We are all children of God, our heavenly father through faith in Jesus Christ. All those who are baptized in the name of Jesus are covered with it, protecting them in every step they take.
Before we were enemies of our creator due to our committed sins.

Our reconciliation with God thanks to the death of his son, in sacrifice for our sins. This allowed many to become believers and become reconciled to the faith. What allowed us to become saved. Reconciliation also allowed us to glory in God.

Jesus Christ is the savior of mankind

The son of man will rise just as Moses raised the serpents that were in the desert. This with the aim that those who truly believe in the heavenly father do not perish and are granted eternal life.

This situation is due to the fact that God loves us and adores the world he made. That is why he bestowed upon mankind his only begotten son. Thanks to this, the believing man is granted eternal life, since the world is saved.

According to Luke 23:39-43 a malefactor tells our Lord Jesus Christ that if he is the Christ to save himself and others. That is why many who do not believe suffer from the condemnation made by our Lord to those who do not believe. Jesus told the evildoer to remember when he was in the kingdom of God.

On the other hand, in Matthew 16:16 it indicates that Peter indicates that Jesus was the Christ, that is, the son of the living God. This also occurs in John 20:28-29, since Thomas saw and believed in Jesus Christ, thus understanding that Jesus was the son of God.

The great love of our heavenly father

Our lord and heavenly father loves humanity so much that he was able to give his only begotten son. With the objective that all those who believe in his word have eternal life and no longer believe that they are part of those who do evil.

God our Lord, took care to deliver his son to keep the world safe, without judging. He who believes in him is not condemned, but those who do not enjoy the benefit of believing are condemned since they do not value the name of the Lord. (Learn more about the most powerful prayer in the world)

However, it is important to mention that God is able to forgive those who repent from the heart. Whatever the sin, they will be as white as snow, even though their sin there was red as crimson.

The moment sins are confessed. Our lord will take care of being faithful to the supreme being, since he is just to forgive and save him from sin. Jesus Christ is the only way to be saved

The sacrifice

It was described in the Old Testament. Since our Lord is the long-awaited Messiah that was described and already existed. This means that it is the path to eternal life. He gives us the opportunity to open up and go to the heavenly father

In the bible it is embodied that by confessing through him with our lord. Place is our heart and it is thanks to our dead that they will be resurrected and will have the opportunity to be saved by repenting from our hearts of our sins.

Secondly. There is a kind of invitation that is made by Jesus. Where it allows the door of our heart to open, managing to fill our soul with its good energies.


The only one in the ability to choose what to do with reference to the entry of Jesus into your heart is yourself. The best way to do it is through a prayer that allows you to welcome him and thereby be a child of God and eternal life. God is so great that he will know if you repent from your heart and accept his influence in your heart. The prayer is as follows:

Oh my God, today I recognize my condition as a sinner and I implore your mercy, since I repent of all the sins I have committed. My heart is filled with the belief that Jesus Christ is your beloved son and our savior lord.

Thanks to Jesus who died for our sins, you grant forgiveness to those of us who repent from the heart. My heart opens the doors to receive our savior lord amen.

The important thing when praying this prayer is to truly feel in your heart that you are sorry and you want Jesus to enter your soul and your life.

We must start with the reading of the word of God, through the bible. It is important to ask the Holy Spirit to grant you the wisdom and understanding to enjoy the word of God without any confusion.

Congregate in the church of your choice. Constantly ask God what action is the right thing to do.


Jesus Christ is a good man, teacher and prophet of God. In addition to that as described by the Bible Jesus is God in flesh. Position I arrive with the mission of being human. His goal in coming to earth and surrounding himself with normal humans was to teach, heal, save, correct, and forgive.

That is why he sacrifices his life for us. That is why Jesus Christ is God, our sovereign creator and lord, who feels great love for man and therefore always gives him opportunities.

In the Bible it is emphasized that all men are sinners. That is why we have committed actions considered evil to our lord. We get carried away by anger and misjudgment.

It is important to mention that the only punishment for committing sins and not repenting of them from the heart, we are subjected to infinite punishment. That is why a savior is needed. Jesus Christ had the mission to step on earth and die in place of man.

The death of Jesus was what allowed not all those who commit sins to pay infinitely if they are repentant. That is why he dies to pay the penalty that is generated by our sins.

This took care of paying the price in search that the repentant did not do it. When Jesus rose from the dead it was proof that death was enough to pay off this punishment. That is why he is the only savior of humanity.

Christianity is not about attending church, performing celebrations and rituals, or not committing a considerable amount of sin, true Christianity is based on an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ.

It is extremely important to accept Jesus as our savior and keep him in our hearts with a lot of faith and love to give. Faith moves mountains and no one is saved if they do not have faith in Jesus.

The only path that allows salvation is the belief of your only savior. You must trust Jesus to be absolved from your sin and constantly communicate with him. Have the humility to realize that you are worthy of punishment.

It is important to recognize that Jesus took our punishment so that we would have the opportunity of salvation if we repented from the heart and opened the door of our soul to Jesus so that he could enter our life and follow in our footsteps. (You can also read about Miraculous Prayers to Heal Illnesses )

Confessing to our savior and believing in him to accept his path is important. In addition, we must constantly ask for thanks and realize how wonderful it is to leave Jesus in our lives.

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