Prayer to Saint Jude for the job you need

Prayer to Saint Jude for the job you need

I would like to start with the idea of ​​what a job means to people. It represents the way in which each one of the individuals honestly obtains their economic income. Prayer for work is the way in which we Catholics entrust ourselves to God to be glorified and happy and to be able to obtain a job.

What meaning does work have?

The fact of being able to get our daily bread in its entirety, I have always thought, that it will be well seen by God, but achieving it and satisfying us is what has become complicated, this is the reason why I bring a prayer group to ask for a job that will help us pray so that our jobs fill each one of the needs that our and our hearts require.

Prayers to San Judas Tadeo

Employment is one of the most valuable things for the human being and more so in today’s society in which we have forced ourselves to comply with a life prototype and in addition to the fact that it is about the sustenance of us and on many occasions of the entire family. , so when you don’t have a job, the solution is to pray the prayer for work, Saint Judas Tadeo, and here are some of them:

Prayer of supplications to find a job

This Prayer to find a job is more like the conversation we have with God pleading for balance and well-being, so that we can support our family, we have the daily bread on our tables, it is asking with fervor to even get some luxuries :

“You are bread, you are life, you are love and consolation in the shadows your light guides me I come to you, kneeling, my beloved Father I come again to pray for your eternal goodness, for your protection.

I ask you San Judas Tadeo, you who are the mediator of all difficult problems to intercede for me before God, and enlighten me to get a job that pleases me and fills me as a person.

In which I realize myself as a good person so that my family does not lack what is necessary to live in any of the aspects of life, that I preserve it despite the adverse circumstances and problems. May I progress day by day, always improving my quality and enjoying health and strength. And that to spend the day I try to be useful to those around me. Make it work My God, and I appreciate your love and kindness. Amen.”

Prayer for my husband’s work

We must be aware that God is in our hearts, that he always listens to our prayers. Prayer for my husband’s work will help solve impossible and even desperate situations. This prayer to ask for a job should be prayed with faith, joy and hope and a lot of perseverance, this will make the circumstance more bearable.

“O faithful servant, you who shared bread with Jesus, I cry out for your presence in this place. May your luminous energy give us well-being, I am concerned about my husband’s work, and I come to you to find comfort. This job is fragile and I fear for my stability with this job my husband takes care of me and my family and with him he supports our well-being.

I beg you holy patron, I commend my soul so that you heal it from all evil and give it vitality. I need your help to find a job and improve his finances. I recognize that I have forgotten you but I promise to praise you with devotion.

I will be the most faithful believer so that those who do not believe, believe. So that those who don’t know about you, get to know you and witness your goodness and power. Lord, I venerate, of impossible cases, I ask you for help at this time.

I ask you for help especially for this reason, (say what you need).

Thank you Saint Judas Tadeo.Amen.”

San Judas Tadeo prayer for work and money

The prayer for work and money  San Judas Tadeo there are those who think that they are for ambition but it is quite the opposite, it is about seeking God to not only grow as a person but also monetarily in an honorable way, with it you will improve negative conditions , encouragement and raise your motivations, as well as forget the bad energies and tiredness.

 “Oh my San Judas Tadeo!

You who are always looking,

Hearing all my torment,

You know how bad I feel today

I need to feel the tranquility of knowing that you listen to me,

I entrusted you with my job request to get money,

Please help me.

Jesus was not wrong to choose you as an apostle,

In allowing you to be by his side,

In preaching his word in every corner,

Everywhere and wherever you went,

Filling more hearts with fervent love,

That you can only have such a special being,

To the sole and the owner,

To the master and lord,

To our Savior,

Who we are sure thanks to you,

Today we come to him,

Being heard, favored and blessed,

Forever and ever,Amen.”

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