The fruits of the Holy Spirit, learn all about them here

The fruits of the Holy Spirit, learn all about them here

Discover with us what are the fruits of the Holy Spirit of God, and what we must do to be worthy of them, and cultivate them forever.

What are the fruits of the holy spirit?

The fruits of the holy spirit are also known as “Christian ideals”, they are attitudes that are currently very difficult to execute all the time these virtues stand in the way of the fruits of the flesh and the holy spirit delivers them in the individuals who love it. they obey. (Also read about the article  high-level intercessory prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

In Matthew 7:16, reference is made to the case of good natural products, in some section of the sacred scripture God says the phrase “by their fruits you will know them”, in this he means that we will be known by how we handle these virtues that They are fruits of the Holy Spirit.

The missionary Paul refers to two unique angles regarding the acts of the flesh and the product of the spirit that are joy, love, peace, kindness, patience, goodness, faith, temperance and meekness, as it appears in the book of Galatians 5 :22 – 23 and on the other hand there are the fruits of the flesh which are only the evil interests of the human spirit.

However, the individual who comes to Christ changes his soul and decontaminates his spirit by the delicacy of the Holy Spirit, after the change, the life of the follower must be represented by the Holy Spirit so that its fruits are not the same as the existence prior to the change. be redeemed.

The change produces a kind of death towards the things of this world, to the extent that individuals are instructed in the bible and it is along these lines that it is discovered how to be coordinated by the Holy Spirit and how the product is shown of the Spirit in our lives.

These blessings are gifts from God and only with our effort we cannot make them develop or create, they need the immediate activity of the holy spirit to have the option to act with them. Below are the fruits of the holy spirit and their meaning. (See also: Do ​​you know  who were Shepherds in the Bible,  before following Jesus?)


It is the first of the products of the Holy Spirit and is the establishment and foundation of all the others.

Being him, a river of endless love, that is, infinite love, it is sensible that he transmits his spiritual fire, so high is love making him appreciate God with all his existence, energetically and with all his brain and heart, having love at neighbor for the love of God.

When this fruit is deficient, no heavenly activity can be discovered, no legitimacy for eternal life, no evident and complete satisfaction.


It is the fruit that radiates and is born precipitously of love, it is the result of the satisfaction you have of triumphing over yourself as a good Christian and having done great, this delight does not stop at the tribulations that may arise in your life.


True peace is obtained from impeccable harmony, since through harmony we can expect and guarantee the pleasure of being at peace with everything that surrounds us, it can be none other than God who gives us such an extraordinary virtue, therefore the one who has it, has is the tranquility of the Lord, who surpasses everything.


Since life is an obvious and undetectable daily unchanging battle and against the powers of the world and devils, a lot of tolerance is important to overcome the disturbance that these battles produce in us and finish in accordance with the holy spirit if we practice patience as a fruit. Holy Spirit.


This product of the Holy Spirit gives the spirit an expansion of sight and liberality, so that it realizes how to remain generous even when it is an unpleasant moment and when it sees that the satisfaction of its plans is postponed and given. account of how to have benevolence and persistence with the neighbor, without getting tired of his obstruction and his resistance.


It is a constant behavior, they remain in the simplicity of speaking, reacting and acting simply and humbly in holiness despite the rudeness of the individuals around them. (See Article:  The power of prayer )


It is the affection that one has to help others, it resembles the fruit of consideration for people who endure all kinds of things, kindness is the impact of the association of the spirit in us, it injects the Christian soul and they radiate it About the others.


Meekness contradicts indignation and disdain, restrains the indignation that must be imposed on others; it restricts the antipathy that needs retribution for the crimes he received and in handling the arrogance of others.


Keeping the word given, being punctual in duties and schedules, is a temperance that praises God that is valid, who sets the time for an experience and is late, who is considerate before an individual and after that detests it behind it , does not have the simplicity of the dove, recommended by Jesus Christ and encourages others to vulnerability in social relationships.


As its name indicates, it sets the mode, that is, it controls the proper and advantageous way, when dressing, when talking, when walking, when laughing, when playing, it keeps our eyes in judgment so that they do not take a look at indecent things and without class, which reflects in them the virtue of the spirit.


It keeps the request or a desire inside the man, and as its name shows, it contains lust as much as possible, regarding sexy joys, but also eating, drinking, resting, having fun and enjoying different pleasures of material life. (See article:  Prayer to succeed at work  )


It is the virtuous soul, regardless of whether it is a virgin or married because there are also matrimonial virtues, in the ideal application and use of marriage, it governs over its body, in incredible harmony and feels in it, the indescribable pleasure of the personal company of God , in the bible comes the following phrase “Happy are the unadulterated of heart, because they will see God”, the phrase in its entirety represents chastity.

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