The Holy Hour of Adoration for Children

The Holy Hour of Adoration for Children

The Holy Hour for Children is a magnificent occasion for our children to achieve that inner silence in which God speaks to them individually. The purpose of the holy hour is that the little ones recognize the relevance of honoring Our Lord Jesus as an element of their preparation for the first communion. You can learn about it and much more below.

The Holy Hour of Adoration\

The Holy Hour for children is called the first encounter of the little ones with the sacrament of first communion. This is the moment that must be seized effectively so that they understand the importance of that special encounter with Our Lord Jesus, where, as part of the catechesis, they are prepared to welcome the Lord for the first time.

This is a moment in which they can recognize and meditate on certain aspects of their lives, which will lead them to share experiences of faith in a fun way. The purpose of catechesis is the formation of those followers of Jesus who, after experiencing the faith, are prepared to make the ecclesiastical mission possible.

All of them can be used to gradually enter the inner silence. The appropriate environment must be created with the children to achieve that interior silence in which God speaks to us in a very particular way.

What to do in the Holy Hour of Children?

First of all, we have to explain to the little ones what is going to be done in each of the activities that will be carried out, according to how they are discriminated in the following program.

Preparation and Concentration

The children are led before the Blessed Sacrament and there they are signaled, in a low voice, to proceed to sit down and to remain silent, reminding them of where they are and who they are facing. They are asked to close their eyes to concentrate, asking them to reserve their hearts and minds only for Jesus in that moment of silence and self-absorption.

They are reminded to remain with their eyes closed, to breathe deeply, at least ten times and to pronounce with each breath in a soft voice: “Jesus I love you” to perceive it in the heart.

Exposition of the Blessed

Through the exposition of the Blessed Sacrament they are asked to make the sign of the cross and pray:

  • An Our Father.
  • A Hail Mary.
  • A Glory.

Song: Worship No One

Worship no one,
no one other than Him.
Worship no one,
no one other than Him.
Worship no one, no one else.
Worship no one, no one else.
Do not worship anyone, anyone other than Him.

Jesus is here, in care, in the Blessed Sacrament. That is why we make an act of faith, like the infants of Fatima:

“My Lord, I believe, I adore you, I await you and I love you.
And I implore your forgiveness for those who are not believers,
do not worship, do not wait and do not love you.

Adoration 1 at the Holy Hour

Holy Hour for Children We want to Comfort Jesus! We begin by singing “Es vivo Jesús, Mi Señor” or another appropriate song:

Jesus is alive, My Lord
Jesus is alive, My Lord
Jesus is alive, My Lord
Jesus is alive, My Lord
He is alive, He is alive, He is alive, alive.
Jesus is alive, my Lord

There are many who do not adore You, Jesus… There are many who pronounce horrible things about You… But we do adore You, that is why we are here, to give You consolation; That’s why we love to tell you too many beautiful things that make your heart happy, so we tell you:

(Every child has to read a sentence and after each sentence they sing “Jesus, Jesus, come closer to my dwelling”).

1.- Many children do not adore you but I love you too much.
2.- You have given your life for me, you can now take mine.
3.- You pointed out: “Drink and eat, this is my Body”, get me ready to receive you.
4.- Lord, I will never close the door on you.
5.- Jesus, I want to comfort you.
6.- Lord, I miss you, come closer to my heart.
7.- Jesus, I adore you very much.
8.- Jesus, You want to enter my heart and I long for you to come closer to me.
9.- It looks like bread, but it is your Body. Therefore…
10.- It looks like wine, but it is your Blood. That’s why…
11.- Everyone left your side but I don’t want to abandon
you 12.- You said: “Let the children come to Me”, and here I am.
13.- There is no one who adores me like You.

(A few short meditation spots can be provided here.)

Jesus, we are so humble, so modest…, we see so many shortcomings in the world and we can achieve very little… But You, who are omnipotent and adore us so much, can indeed grant us what we ask of You, if we implore it with faith. . Hear us, Lord, and do what your heart tells you. We wish, particularly, to do your will.

1.- For the boys and girls who are now in this place, so that we never separate from the Lord. Let us implore the Lord.
2.- For those who do not know about Jesus, so that they recognize that the Lord adores them very much. Let us implore the Lord.
3.- For our parents, who have supported us to know God, so that they live in such a way that one day they can reach Heaven. Let us implore the Lord.
4.- For the children who, after having welcomed Jesus, have turned away from Him and no longer adore Him, so that they may return. Let us implore the Lord.

– Our Jesus, You have given us many things… We thank You for everything we have obtained from You, but in a particular way we want to thank You for having given us Your own Mother, the Virgin Mary, as our mother. We know that walking hand in hand with her we are safe. She wants to lead us to Heaven and she will if we allow her to lead us. That is why we want to dedicate ourselves to her, introduce ourselves into her heart, so that she protects us from evil.

We all pray together:

Mother of Jesus, you are also my Mother.
Show me how to comfort your Son, our Lord.
He gave you my heart, which wishes to be a Tabernacle for Him,
and You, who are so benevolent, accept me in your heart.
Make Jesus content in my soul,
that I adore him always.
Protect me from evil.
Dear Mom,
I await your help to be loyal to Jesus.
If one day I behave badly, you have to remind me that I am yours.
Take me tightly by the hand
so that one day I will see you in Heaven with my whole family. Amen.

– And to conclude this time with you, Jesus, we want to make a very particular prayer to relieve you, to point out that we children want to be yours and that you consider yourself as our friend, our great friend. That is why we all point out together:

I am a believer of yours, Lord,
I firmly believe that you adore me
and that you long to live in my heart.
I believe that you find yourself in the Eucharist,
with your Body, your Blood, your Soul and your Divinity.
I know that for worshiping me you have perished on the Cross.
Grant me forgiveness for all that I have insulted you.
Grant me forgiveness for forgetting You on so many occasions.

You know about me more than anyone,
more than my parents, more than my brothers,
more than any of my friends,
and you know that I adore you.
Through your Passion, you suffered so much for me
and for all humans,
that I do not wish to abandon you now.

When many abandon you, I want to stay by your side,
I want to comfort you,
I want to pronounce a billion times that I adore you.
I will pronounce it in union with your Mother,
the only one who did not leave you alone.
Allow me, Lord, to stay with You for a while,
and do not let me ever separate from You.

Sacred Heart of Jesus,
I trust in you.
Immaculate Heart of Mary,
be the redemption of my soul.

Adoration 2 at the Holy Hour

We implore Mary for help, She is here loving her Son with us. And we thank you for the gift of her Son. Jesus is truly present in the Sacred Host, he is our hidden God. He adores us and wants us to adore him. He awaits us night and day in the small figure. He wants to listen to us and we love him because he is God.

– A Child comes out in front of the Blessed Sacrament and kneels:

“Jesus, Son of God, have mercy on us”

– Everyone sings the phrase:

«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”
«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

– A Child comes out in front of the Blessed Sacrament:

«Eucharistic Heart of Jesus, make devotion, hope and piety grow in us».

– Everyone sings:

«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”
«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

– A Child comes out in front of the Blessed Sacrament:

«Jesus, docile and humble of Heart, grant us a heart like yours».

– Everyone sings:

«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”
«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

– A Child comes out in front of the Blessed Sacrament:

«Jesus, how benevolent you are with everyone! We adore you present in the Eucharist.

– Everyone sings:

«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”
«I know that you are here Lord. I know you are here.”

Sometimes, although we want to be kind, we insult God. Now we are each going to reflect on what we have been able to insult you and we ask your forgiveness in the peace of our hearts. God loves us and forgives us when we show repentance and ask for his mercy.

– Child:

«I believe, My Lord, that I am in your presence,
that you adore me and hear my prayer.
You are immense and holy, I love you.
You have given me everything, I thank you.
I have insulted you with my improper actions,
I beg your forgiveness with all my heart.
You are very benevolent, I implore you to help me
to improve more every day. Amen.”

Song: So Close to Me

So close to me,
so close to me
that I can even touch him,
Jesus is here.

Do not look for Christ in the heavens
or look for him in the shadows.
Very close to you, in your heart,
you can love your Lord.

So close to me,
so close to me
that I can even touch him,
Jesus is here.

Now we reflect on all the useful things that He has bestowed on us and we are grateful. A few minutes of reflection.

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for the plants, the water, the sun, the moon, the flowers, the birds and everything you have created».

– All: «We thank you, Lord».

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for my relatives, my grandparents, my friends, my teachers, my catechists, my priest and for all those people who have cared for me».

– All: «We thank you, Lord..»

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for my hands, my feet, my legs, my nose, for the gift of life, for making me according to your image and likeness».

– All: «We thank you, Lord».

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for wishing to remain among us in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar».

– All: «We thank you, Lord».

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for adoring us so much».

– All: «We thank you, Lord».

– A Child: «I thank you, Jesus, for wanting to dwell among us».

– All: «We thank you, Lord..»

Song: I adore you

I love You, Lord.
I love You, Lord.
From the depths of my heart.
I thank you Lord.
I thank you Lord.
From the depths of my heart.

We have known that you hear our prayer, so we ask you to:

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for the Church.
May Jesus guide us and unite us in harmony».

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for our Holy Father, Pope Francis.
May God give him strength to continue guiding the Church».

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for our priests.
May the Lord help you to remain loyal to Jesus.

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for each of the children on the planet.
May God bless you and keep you pure in heart.”

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for our relatives
. May God protect them and keep them united.”

– Two kids:

“Let us pray for those who need it most.
May God give them strength and help them in what they need.

Now we proceed to make a spiritual communion:

– Everyone repeats:

«I would like, Lord, to receive you, with that purity, modesty and fervor with which you receive your Most Holy Mother, with the spirit and exaltation of the Saints».

Song: Before You, Lord

Before You, Lord,
(Before You, Lord)
I will raise my soul.
(I will raise my soul) (bis).
Oh my Lord,
Oh my Lord, I have confidence in You,
I have confidence in You.
I praise you, Lord.
I love you, Lord.
O my Lord.
I praise you, Lord.
I love you, Lord.
O my Lord.
Venerable Reserve.

– A Child: Prayer to the Virgin

Virgin Mary: today I have not come to implore you for anything;
Today I only got to see you
and express that I love you.
You love God so much,
that’s why you are so beautiful and so pure.
You are full of grace.
Mother of all children,
I want to be benevolent, like You.
I like being able to call you Immaculate,
begotten without original sin.
And I am not ashamed to express to everyone that
You are the Mother of the Lord and our Mother.
And you are alive! with your body and with your soul! Up there!
waiting for us all! Virgin Mary… you are so beautiful!

Song to the Virgin

I have not been able to believe
and it has been difficult for me to understand
that there are children
who still ignore you.
I have wanted to teach them
your meekness and goodness,
tell everyone
that you are their Mother.

There are no waves in the sea
As beautiful as your
Immaculate Virgin look.
The children will arrive
By your side to heaven
If they accompany you
From your hand they march.


Act of contrition: I have to confess before Almighty God and before you brothers, that I have been a sinner in both thought and word, action and omission. Because of me, because of me, because of my great fault. That is why I implore Holy Mary, ever Virgin, the Angels, the Saints and you, brothers, to mediate for me before God, Our Lord.


My God, do not allow my life to be guided by hate, resentment and jealousy, only love, only forgiveness, only forgiveness, only love. (3 times)


I thank you Lord, for adoring us too much. For that love that caused you to give yourself for us. I thank you for being here with us today. We thank you for all the benevolence you have given us, for healing our hearts a little more. Stay with us, be present among our family forever! Amen.

final blessing

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. To the blessed Hearts of Jesus and Mary. Respect and Glory!


The most appropriate thing is to carry out the holy hour in the Church, since, obviously, we are there before the very presence of the Lord in the Blessed Sacrament, added to what is the natural environment for prayers.

However, whatever the place of prayer, temple, chapel, outdoors, or at home, the transcendental thing is to create the right environment that is full of serenity, stillness, peace, in such a way as to enable the Lord to address us, particularly those who are part of the holy hour so that they can hear what He wants to convey to them.

Of great relevance is this practice since it has great significance for the spiritual existence of every Christian who begins in the Eucharistic ceremony, so it is suggested for all who wish to know the Lord better.

So, when the holy hour for children of catechism is carried out , it is essential to do it with the intention of achieving the correct attention and assimilation by the children so that they recognize its importance and value for their future spiritual existence. It is recommended to emphasize the relevance of maintaining silence and consideration in the moments in which the holy hour requires it.

What activities are carried out in the Holy Hour for first communion children ? That is very variable. You just have to let the heart manifest itself. The manifestation of love does not have a formal structure, although in prayer it could also help to make use of the reading of passages from the Holy Scriptures, devotional prayers already written, litanies, rosaries, stations of the cross or other formal prayers.

All these kinds of texts and prayers can very well be used to achieve the inner peace that is sought. Obviously these texts will always be adapted to the age of the children who are part of the holy hour.

As soon as communication with the Lord is achieved, everyone must concentrate to be alert to his messages, to hear him, feel him and show him our love, admiration and consideration. Children should be exhorted to feel the prayers in their hearts and open them to the Lord to allow the feelings to flow.

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