Prayer to despair a man in minutes

Discover below the powerful prayer to despair a man in minutes and come back to you without thinking.

Powerful prayer to despair a man.

By any chance at this moment you are in a relationship and you want that person to think of you, or if you want that person to change the way someone thinks about you, keep reading this article and you will find powerful prayers to despair a man or a woman who will help you with your goal.

We have added a video at the end of the article, to be able to see and listen to each sentence, in case you want to practice them.

How to despair a man or a woman?

If you aspire for someone to be aware of you and you think that it is not possible, we have good news. Here you will find powerful prayers to bind and dominate a man or a woman. In this way, you will make the person you are so interested in live thinking about you and feeling attracted. How? Well, simply with a prayer of despair, dominance and thought.

The best prayers of thought and despair.

With the following sentences you will not only make a person start thinking about you permanently, but you can also make them feel a great need to see you and get closer to you.

Pray the following prayer for the Spirit of Thought, the Spirit of Dominance, and the Spirit of Despair, so that they will think of you quickly:

In the name of God, I invoke you, the spirit of the Dominion.

Restless spirit, spirit of despair.

I push them to help me dominate, to calm and despair the 5 senses, thought, judgment and will of (say the name of the person) for my name that is (say your name).

I offer this spell to the Holy Guardian Angel for (say the name of the person), for the holy day he was born, which is the (say the date of birth of the person) the day he was baptized, because the day he dies, give me a spirit of lord, restless spirit, spirit of despair that (say the person’s name) cannot be, or live in peace, that cannot eat or sleep or drink, or go without thinking of me.

My name is (say your name) until I’m desperate.

At my feet he will stop, delivered by love, interest and desire to see me, desperate to have me, attracted by my love, he offers me his.

Anxious, repentant, humble and flattering, with kisses and caresses, crawling at my feet, with humility, to be my owner , for me and my name is (say your name).

I call you (say the name of the person) in the name of the spirit of despair.

Come. Come on, desperation, I call you so that you master the five senses of (say the person’s name), submit it to my will.

Prayer to despair a man of ancient thought.

O spirit that dominates! With your divine power that God has given you, cause (person’s name) to be body and soul dominated by me.

That I can’t be in a quiet moment until I’m dominated in body and soul, and can’t look at anyone but me.

May his love and affection be only for me.

May my presence be lost where I am.

It can not be quiet without me.

Dominant spirit, dominate my enemies with your divine power that God has given you.

With two I see you, with three I bind you, the blood I drink, and I give you my heart, Christ come to me and give me peace.

Come (say the name of the person) dominated in body, thought and will, who cannot look at anyone but me .

Your love and all of you are only for me.

My presence is attractive to you, my eyes suggest you, my voice dominates you, my eyes blind you and your will is mine.


This is a prayer of ancient thought, very effective. Are you looking for a prayer to make a man restless and not sleep? Do you need a prayer to drive a woman to despair? Anyway, this is a very good prayer that you can try.

Prayer of the thought of San Marcos de León

Pray for 3 continuous nights, the following prayer of dominion and despair to San Marcos de León so that the person you want wakes up thinking of you.

God with your immense power, kind and accommodating I ask you to lovingly reveal yourself to men with all your splendor and power , through deeds and words.

Saint Mark of Leon.

Oh! Spirit of justice, owner of thought, powerful dominator, unique and victorious.

Since you are and dominate in the brain, in the heart and in the deepest thoughts.

I ask you to take ownership of (person’s name) so that their thoughts are only for me.

With your power and your symbol, San Marcos de León, who and with whom.

Make him feel that there is no peace, there is no peace, there is no peace, that he cannot eat or sleep or be with another woman/man apart from me, that I am always on his mind.

With the three divine persons I bind you, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.


We assure you that the effects of the prayer of despair of San Marcos de León will soon take place. Thus, the thought and prayer of despair San Marcos de León has proven to work in different situations.

Strong Thought Prayer to despair a man.

As with the previous prayers, with this strong prayer to bind and despair a man or a woman, it will make him think of you all the time.

Oh! you who are in the brain of (say the name).

I ask and pray that your dreams and thoughts are only for the creator and for me, and with the magical symbols of San Marcos de León, that (say the name) is bound with chains and shackles, so that wherever he is , he only thinks In Myself.

With two I see you, with three I tie you up, and I drink the blood and the heart feeds you.

With the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit.

Imagine me, imagine me, imagine me.

Think of me, think of me, think of me, always.

If there is a short thought, an original thought, an effective thought, it is really this strong prayer to despair a man or a woman.

Prayer to Don Juan del Pensamiento

Light a blue candle for 7 days and pray this thought prayer to Juan del Pensamiento:

My brother, come brother.

I beg you through this prayer.

I beg you that (say name) do not think of anyone but me.

And in this sublime moment, thinking of me, may my thoughts torture him and take him to me humble as a lamb.


The following prayer is to attract the beloved is a true prayer to bind and dominate a man or a woman.

Prayer to the Angel Alone

(Say the name of the loved person) spirit and soul.

Come because I call you, I suggest you, I dominate you.

You will not have peace of mind until you have humbled yourself at my feet, so I want my thoughts to cross in the middle of his heart, then he forgets about the woman he has and calls me immediately.

Today’s Angel, Today’s Angel, Guardian Angel make (say the name of the person) bend before my will, forget about the woman he has and come in love at my feet.

The spirit is already called: Light sand that illuminates darkness and souls, illuminates the brain of (say the name of the person) so that he remembers me and gives me everything he has, ask him through your powers to be a slave to me love.

Don’t give him peace of mind until he’s by my side.

7 thoughts prayer

One of the most powerful prayers of thought.

Write on a yellow wick the name of your loved one from the base to the wick. Light it and let it burn for 3 minutes. Switch off, remove the wick from the opposite end and focus on the 7 thoughts assigned to you. Let it burn until it is consumed.

7 thoughts we have.

7 thoughts I must have.

There are 7 thoughts about my beloved (say person’s name), me (say your name), which I want to dominate bend and conjure at my exclusive will.

More prayers to tie up and dominate a man.

Here are other prayers with the same purpose to obtain the despair of the loved one.

Prayer to the Spirit of Despair

This prayer to dominate and despair must be prayed every night for seven days. Turn on a red light and repeat the following verse:

Indecisive with the despair of the spirit.

Don Juan da Conquistas, Spirit of Love.

The spiritual paths of don Juan.

The spirit of San Juan Mineros, the spirit of the 4 winds , trails and places.

The spirit of San Marcos de León.

Spirit of Santa Marta.

The spirit of Saint Helena of Jerusalem.

San Salvador de Horta.

The spirit of Agnes do Monte Perdido.

Spirit of María Cabeza, favorable spirits for all.

I ask you to help me.

The master of the five senses, thoughts, judgment.

Living spirit and will (say the name of the person to dominate), or I spawn this collection.

The holy guardian angel of (Say the name of the loved one), in the name of the holy day that he designates, in the name of the day he was born and the day he was baptized.

The light I bring is what lives in the spirit, mind, body, loveual member, head, feet and hands, thought, judgment and will of (say the name of the person to dominate).

Give me dominion over all of this, what (say the name of the person).

That it can’t be, don’t live in peace, can’t eat, sleep or drink or move on without thinking of me calling (say your name).

May his interest and desire be only for me, may he always be desperate for me, attracted to my gender, may he offer me his heart, repent and humble himself before me.

He matches me with kisses and caresses, crawling at my feet, encouraging and humble.

Come (say the name of the person to dominate), dominated in body, thought and will, you can no longer look at anyone but me.

Your love and affection are only for me, my presence is attractive to you, my eyes suggest, my voice dominates you.

I trust you my God.

Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

My Lord Jesus, my only Savior.

With all my strength, I ask you: What gives me grace is what I want so much (make your request with faith), so it was.


At the end, pray two Our Fathers and a Hail Mary.

Prayer to San Cipriano so that a man despairs of longing for me.

First of all, we want to warn you that you can and should pray when you want and how you want, you can be at home or not, it can be day or night, a weekday or a weekend.

No matter what day, time or anything like that, the important thing is to pray according to our instructions and make a good offer to fulfill your request, if you want to change your life and have your love in your arms, see the prayer below.

Mighty Saint Cyprian, holy of holies, mighty of the mighty, you who have the power to change anyone and any heart, I pray today with great faith in you to ask for something that I have never prayed before, but I do, just because I really I do what I need.

Saint of Cyprus, strong among the strong, I pray that you influence the heart and mind of (name of person) dominate him with desperation and make him angry with me, so that a desire grows within him that he cannot even control.

San Cipriano, act on his heart, act on his mind, transform him, transform your thoughts and everything necessary to drive (the person’s name) crazy.

In exchange for your help and listening to me, mighty saint, I promise to light 1 red candle for you this very day in the dark.

Thank you San Cipriano, thank you.

Offering to San Cipriano

Now that you have prayed, you must make the offer so that San Cipriano sees that you thank him for the service received, the offer is a red light.

Just turn on the day you pray, just after dark you can pray during the day, but you only need to turn on the light when it gets dark.

It can be inside or outside the house, the important thing is that you turn on the lights of San Cipriano and have confidence in the whole process.

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