The best, effective and powerful baths for love

The best, effective and powerful baths for love

You want to attract love to your life and you are tired (or) that nothing works for you, you came to the right place in this article I will present you the best and most effective baths for love . To attract love into your life and the right person with whom you can share your life forever enjoying how wonderful love is when it is well reciprocated.

baths for love

  • Fresh parsley.
  • yellow flower petals
  • Honey.
  • Lower leg.
  • A little bit of the perfume you usually wear.
  • A glass of river water.
  • A white or yellow candle.
  • A bathtub full of water.

Step by Step

To start with this bath for love and luck, the first thing to do is light the candle so that in this way the environment around us is purified, we proceed to cut the parsley with our own hands and place it inside the bathtub .

Later we proceed to add the petals of the yellow flowers into the bathtub and let them mix with the parsley branches that we had already added to the water, add a fist of cinnamon then, respectively, proceed to incorporate the glass with the river water that was already reserved.

Then we proceed to add the honey, we must bear in mind that honey is the main ingredient, if not the fundamental one, for the effectiveness of the bath for love and luck. Finally, add the drops of perfume.

When all the materials have been added to the bathtub, you must enter the bathtub and remain inside it for at least 20 minutes, those minutes must be invested in the best way possible than thinking about yourself (or), you must meditate, thinking about the positive things you already have and what you can do to keep them. For greater effectiveness, you must repeat this bath for 4 consecutive days and in this way you will begin to notice the changes.

Prayer to the 3 archangels for love

Almighty God, You who protect and care for
us grant us the help of your Archangels

and other heavenly spirits

so that by them we may be preserved from all evil.

Archangel Saint Michael, Archangel Saint Gabriel, Archangel Saint Raphael,

great, noble and powerful heavenly beings,

Make the sun of God’s love shine on me.
You, my three beloved Archangels,

that since your creation you adore, contemplate, enjoy

and you have the privilege of being face to Face

with the sovereign Master of the Universe,

source of all love and immense goodness,

inspire me at all times and situations fair words

and impregnate my actions with charity and love.

Glorious archangel Saint Michael,
powerful winner of the rebellious spirits,
celestial assistant in all needs and dangers,
may the power of your arm take care of me and defend me.

Glorious Archangel Saint Gabriel,
blessed light of the cosmos
, hero of God, heavenly messenger par excellence,
patron saint of communications,
I place my trust in you
so that you quickly take my request
to the beloved Father.

Archangel Saint Raphael, loving arrow of God,
angel of love and pain,
heal and free my body and soul from all evil,
may your benevolence and wisdom give me strength.

You, my three beloved archangels
, come to me, come to me and give me your invaluable help.

Clean, clear and open all my paths
, direct me so that I do not stumble over obstacles,
remove stones and impediments
so that I can live fully,
reflect in my soul a little of the Divine Light,
especially when doubts, trials,
and difficulties of any kind assail me,
when needs and problems afflict me.

Holy Archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael
who shine in the wonderful Heaven
, enlighten me, keep me, take care of me,
protect me from everything that causes me harm and concern,
ward off illness, dangers, evils and enemies,
make me prosper at work and in my life. economy,
bless my love life so that I can have by my side
the person who loves me truly and forever,
make good luck and fortune smile at me,
that joy and happiness accompany me at all times.

Holy Archangels to whom the Lord has entrusted
me, intercede for me, near the Throne of the Eternal
so that I may receive your mercy and goodness
the favor that I now confidently request:

(ask for what you want to get).

Oh my 3 Archangels, my friends and companions,
please pray for me,
take my requests to the Lord
and get me what I humbly ask for.

Never stop being by my side,
assist me in my misfortunes,
bring peace, tranquility and well-being to me,
free me from all power of the evil
one and grant me the grace to love
my God and Lord more every day through Mary.
keep me in the present mortal life,
and then lead me to the eternal glory of heaven.

Saint Michael, Saint Gabriel, Saint Raphael,
God bless
you! I thank you for coming to me at this time,
for not abandoning me when I call you,
for helping me to travel through unknown paths,
for giving me your help and protection.

So be it.

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