Learn to pray for rebellious children who do not attend church

Learn to pray for rebellious children who do not attend church

The prayers made by mothers are considered the most powerful since a mother’s love is unparalleled. These are carried out to have radical changes in the reactions of the children, leading them along the path of good. Prayer for rebellious children is a good way to fight with faith, together with God with the bad energies that surround our children.

Prayer for rebellious children

Prayer for rebellious children is a good way to fight against the evil that haunts children and leads them to sin. This is because this is a powerful weapon made by mothers with faith. Putting his love in accordance with the love that our Lord has for us, he creates a solution full of faith and mercy for our children.

This is a good way to fight against the constant work that satan and his minions have to lead our children to sin, which allows your child’s wrong aptitude to take root and become a good one, full of love and faith in God. . (See article:   Prayer of Protection against robberies and assaults )

There is a pattern related to the behavior that children take as they grow older, which is why mothers must be constantly vigilant of their children. Seeking that there are no patterns of rebellion and lack of respect for their parents.

It is important that when there is an attitude related to rebellion in children and young people. Parents, start with behavior plans that improve them, always seeking that their child is not manipulated by evil and falls into sin. There are prayers that, if performed with faith, are the main collaborators in reducing this problem.

sentence 1

My beloved heavenly father, I implore you at this time for the authority I have as the father of my children to achieve improvement in their attitudes and to put aside this stage of rebellion to be embraced by faith in your temple. Because of my sins, my son has succumbed to the arms of rebellion.

That is why with the power of your blood implore that all that spirit of rebellion be bound, that they manage to attend church and stop being taken by evil. May my authority take away power and may evil not continue to haunt our home. My beloved heavenly father, I take your name to cast out all kinds of sin that surrounds my home and that influences the negative behavior of my children.

Our Lord, I ask you in the name of your son Jesus Christ that my son’s rebellion come out of his being. May all negative elements found in his soul and body collapse, with the help of your blessed blood.

My Lord Jesus Christ I declare that my home will once again be a place of light. May it be filled with his glory and mercy that leads us to a healthy life. I declare that my son will be honest and obedient to your word. May your kingdom embrace my family.

I implore you that my son’s heart may begin to be filled with your grace. Amen.

sentence 2

Oh dear Holy Spirit, I ask you today that with your glorious spiritual power you mold my eyes in you, in search of being able to see my iniquity. Do not allow my children to go down the path of evil, I implore you to put aside their negative attitudes and manage to assist at your will in your sacred temple.

With your merciful power, allow me to introduce myself to what to do through dreams. Do not allow my dear heavenly father that the concern I feel for his safety affects the lives of my children.

Grant me the opportunity to guide my children along the path of good, embrace them with your mercy and let their rebellion be left through the blessings you deliver in your temple. Free me from the anguish that contaminates my children and does not allow them to obey me. Do not allow satan’s tricks to take my children to the abyss. I ask your forgiveness for their sins and I implore your mercy with them. Help me to improve their actions and lead them to open their hearts to our Lord Jesus Christ.

In the name of Jesus Christ let me renounce the wickedness of rebellion within your hearts. May his soul and body surrender to you. You who carried the cross of our sins. I implore you to allow me to be the best guide for my children. I declare myself before you, free in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

Sentence 3

First of all Lord Jesus Christ I ask you to help me guide my son along the path of good. Let them put aside this stage of rebellion and go back to church to venerate your word. You gave me the mission of taking care of his life for a reason. I believe in your word, I carry you in my heart and my thoughts. That is why I kneel before you to implore your well-being.

On your mighty throne of grace, I ask you to watch their steps. Dear Lord Jesus Christ, first of all I thank you, since I know that I will have an immediate response and my son will have the required protection. In your name Jesus Christ, I activate the power of your glory that rests on my children every day.

Thanks to your glory, my son’s path will be blessed and guided by light. You are the main watchman of his path. I declare today that wherever they are, you will be my beloved heavenly father to help them.

Allow me to have the authority as a father and mother, to act correctly with my son. Give me the opportunity to destroy any plan that satan intends to make to destroy the lives of my children.

In these moments I ask you to establish a seal that improves the conditions of my children and that they open the doors of their hearts. I thank you first of all my lord, since I know that with you my requests will be fulfilled. Your almighty power will allow evil not to embrace my children. In the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

sentence 4

I thank you my lord. Since you are extremely special with my children. You are very precise with the lives of my children and allow them to be protected from any evil trait. In addition to this you are a shield that is in your body and soul. Do not allow them to continue being led down the path of evil through this rebellion that does not allow them to enter your sacred temple. May your refusal to attend church go away.

Thanks to you they get rid of dangers, since they are protected from those who have bad intentions with my children and also you do not let people who do not believe in your word get close to them.

I implore you my beloved God that your angels take care of taking care of and protecting my children. That they do not suffer from any disease or environmental virus. May they have fences full of faith that protect them wherever their steps take them. (See article: Christian prayer for travel )

Allow my home to be full of blessings that protect them. Cover my children with your glorious and precious blood.

You are our salvation. Lord let my children be right people.

May your paths not be directed to places of evil. May your minds be protected from pornography and evil approaches. Let them not live under falsehood and lies. I thank you for loving my children above all things and allowing their hearts to be heard through prayer. I praise you from the inside of my soul and ask for your blessing. Amen.

Sentence 5

My dear heavenly father, I offer you my children, because thanks to you I have the opportunity to be a father and a mother. They are yours forever. My job is to educate them to be good children of yours.

I ask you to keep them in your glory. Do not let the evil that satan produces do not take them and destroy their path. Do not allow my children to have the strength to restrain evil. May the strength of your life always be good. I ask you that satan does not continue doing his thing manipulating my children through rebellion and not allowing them to go to your temple to venerate you and open their hearts to you.

Please don’t let the evil that abounds in the world harm your life. I ask you, my Lord, that evil does not succumb to my children, but evil often fascinates us as sinful souls that we are. But you are always for us and that is why I put the safety of my children in you.

Allow me to have the light, strength and joy necessary for my children to be raised correctly. Lord, I ask that my children open their hearts so that they take care of venerating you on earth. May we enjoy your company when we reach the heavenly kingdom, amen.

 How to instruct children in their way?

The most important thing is to start with prayers for your children. In addition to this, this allows you to see how in the hands of God the lives of your children will have positive movements. This is because our Lord is the only one capable of transforming the lives of those who let him into their lives. He is to align them and guide them to a good path.

The most important thing is to have great faith when performing the prayers related to our children. They are usually done at night. It is important that a request is made every day on an area. What allows your children not to suffer any kind of problem. (See article: Christian prayer for my husband to love me )

Remember that our lord, just waits for you to make your requests. Put him he will fulfill his promises. What allows faith to be strengthened and allows greater confidence and a lot of security in the actions carried out by our heavenly father.

You have to ask that he fill the lives of your children with blessings, with his merciful and perfect hands. Which in turn allows him to do extraordinary things with reference to influencing the thoughts of your children.

Thanks to him the lives of the children are consecrated, since the heavenly father marks everything related to the lives of those who need it. In addition to this, it allows for a good understanding of the kingdom of our heavenly father.

The word of God is found in the thoughts of each one of his believers. Because God is faithful, he wants his children to be just as faithful. He also asks to serve and deliver love from his faithful. In order to do the will of God in your children.

On the other hand, when you have rebellious children or those who are going through a stage of spoiling, it is recommended that you pray reliable prayers, that you improve the conditions of your children through faith.

Why do parents pray?

The prayers that parents perform. They are considered a prayer that allows them to connect with our heavenly father. This allows our Lord to guide them on the path of good and in turn guides them to do things better.

On the other hand, he implores that the beautiful task of being a father that he grants him be carried out correctly. Given the wisdom with which this task can be carried out, it allows the behavior and personality to be correct.

In addition to this, it is necessary to ask God to guide us as parents to give our children a better life. This implies that we know how to control situations related to their development, as is the case of adolescence.

On the other hand, it is important to believe in God and open your heart in search of his mercy allowing the guide that will be for the lives of your children to allow them to act on the path of good and have faith in our Lord.


It is extremely difficult to correctly take on the task of being parents. That is why you always have to seek to improve the conditions to make their lives one full of good decisions.

Christian prayers allow us to see our mistakes and improve them, if done with faith.

Well, the best gift that can be given to children is to deliver it into the hands of God. If they have bad attitudes this is their best remedy. Since our Lord is the only one who can restore our lives.

It is important to never lose faith. Since it improves the living conditions of our children, leading them to the path of good. It should be understood that as a father he should not lack the affection of his father and mother.

It is necessary that we are aware that the children should be listened to, since many times that is the reason why the children initiate a rebellious process. It should always be sought that children do not fall under this type of attitude to keep their lives out of sin.

Children and God

Yahweh made possible a wonderful task for human beings. Because it was thanks to Him that the first parents were created. These cells come from Adam and Eve, when our Lord generated the development of the womb that takes place in women.

This generates the formation of the first human baby according to the genesis 4:1. This process has gone through the entire human evolution until reaching today what is known as conception and birth of children.

This situation is considered a miracle that takes place in the womb. It is because in two hundred and seventy days the new cell that is given due to the fruit of the union of the parents transforms into a baby.

This creature has millions of cells. From there begins the development in the womb of the baby, an inexplicable situation for human beings. That is why the real creator of the baby is our Lord since he is the one who originates life. It means that it is He who deserves to be given the title of giving life.

Parents are simply the mechanism to create that life. It is important to understand that Yahweh under his mercy makes us parents. Children are considered an inheritance that our Lord gives you to be better people.

The importance of prayer

Through prayer you can have a better guide on how to treat your children and connect on a spiritual level with our Lord. Since this allows all negative elements in the mind and body to dissolve and allows us to have a happier life to bestow on your children.

Prayers have benefits. Linked in spiritual practice that strengthens both the connection of the children and one with our Lord. In addition to this, it causes the sins committed to be diminished and that they are committed if they are carried out from the heart.

It is important to maintain gratitude, which is done with the spiritual emotion and gratitude that one should always have with our heavenly father. On the other hand, one must pray with expectation, since without faith nothing is achieved.

In addition to this, it gives you a spiritual growth that makes your children grow harmoniously. We must connect with God to always be people outside of sin. Prayer works to enhance all of our children’s actions. (Be sure to read the article prayer to start the day at work )

What is it for?

It is important to pray a Christian prayer for rebellious children so that this condition improves. Asking God will help us remarkably to handle this situation correctly.

It should be mentioned that everything that has happened in the lives of children and parents are positive teachings that the Lord gives us. Since they collaborate with the personal growth of each one and to grow as good people who manage to open their hearts to God without any problem.

On the other hand, it is important to thank God for everything we have experienced and learn every day from what allows us to be stronger and believers from the heart in our Lord.

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