Prayer to bless the money we take to the church storehouse

Prayer to bless the money we take to the church storehouse

Among people, there is always the need to go to a supreme being to bless money. In this post we will refer specifically to the prayer to bless the money that is taken to the church storehouse as a tithe, we will present examples of prayers for the blessing of money and we will review some important and interesting aspects of this type of prayer.

Prayer to bless money

It is a daily practice among believers to bless the money, the fruit of their work, not only so as not to waste it, but also so that it multiplies and is not lacking.

That is why we go to God to pour out his blessings on the income obtained and also to bless the portion that the faithful usually give as an offering, in gratitude, to the church for some favor achieved or simply to achieve the blessing of the Holy Father of the tithe done.

As we know in ancient times it was customary to pay with merchandise, which was normally grains, for a job done and to protect said merchandise a special space was set up to store it.

That storage place was called an alfolí, which was a kind of silo or granary, in which corn, food and other provisions were deposited.

This concept of deposit or storage was transferred to the religious sphere, with which the offerings of the parishioners began to be placed in the storehouse of the church.

That was the practice followed by the believers of the people of Israel, who placed their offerings and tithes derived from their crops in the storehouse as a sign of gratitude.

The devotees when making the delivery of the offering in the storehouse, pray to the Holy Father so that he blesses the offering and also blesses the offerer asking to continue receiving his favors.

This storehouse today has retained that name.

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Prayer to bless the money we take to the church storehouse

In an illustrative way and to somehow help the faithful who want to bless the contribution they make to the church from their income, we present some prayers that can very well serve as inspiration so that the person can make their own with his words, but with the fervor that our Lord deserves.

sentence 1

Oh Holy Father, Creator of the entire Universe!

I come to you, Heavenly Father, to first express my gratitude for bringing me here, for blessing my life, my home, my family, and for allowing me to be ever closer to you and your word.

I want to ask your forgiveness if I have failed in something, if I have not duly fulfilled your word and if I have carried out actions that are not to your liking. I ask you to forgive me.

Through this heartfelt prayer, I want to ask for your blessing for the money that I have been able to receive honestly, as a result of my merchandise sales.

You know that I do it in the most honest way possible, following your divine teachings of not mistreating others, but rather being at their service.

Pour out, Lord Almighty, all your blessings on this money that I give to the church storehouse and allow it to serve your Sacred Purposes.

Also bless that money so that I can continue to receive this income thanks to your divine intercession and give me abundance, prosperity and the necessary resources to lead a dignified life and be able to satisfy the needs of all my relatives.

Allow also, Almighty Father, that this blessing be wasted so that I can continue contributing to the storehouse larger amounts of money that I humbly allocate as a tithe.

Do, Beloved Lord, that it multiply and serve the best benefit, not only of the church, but also of those who will benefit from the charitable works that will be done with these tithes, which I fervently pray will be of your pleasure.

Also bless, Glorious Father, the storehouse of the church so that it is always abundant with resources, that it is never necessary to ask for donations, that through Your Holy Intercession, the faithful always come to offer to the storehouse for the benefit of the entire parish community.

But above all that money for the storehouse serves for your Glory, Lord, who are the one who with your infinite mercy allows us to receive your favors, your teachings and life.

Eternal and Powerful God, I thank you for allowing me to be part of Your Holy Plans and I want you to know that you count on me to carry out your Sacred Work for all of us, your faithful followers.

Help me, Holy Father, to properly and honestly manage all the money you grant me so that it is always used for good works according to Your Holy Will.

I know that with your guidance I will be able to achieve the wishes that I have raised with my family and I pray that from that money that you grant I can continue contributing more and more to the church storehouse.

I also know that by your love and infinite mercy you are right now blessing my possessions, my family and my relationships with others.

Oh Great God, I want to declare my love for you, as well as wisdom and good judgment to know how to properly manage the money that is coming to me!

I want it to serve, not only for my well-being and that of my family, but also that it be used in works for my fellow men, who in some way would also be receiving your Blessing of love and well-being.

As I bless this money, which I give as a tithe to the church storehouse, I am fully sure that your blessing is falling on all my income.

That is why I visualize that I will be able to give a greater contribution to the storehouse, thanks to Your Blessing, Beloved God, and to the intercession of my Guardian Angel. I also visualize that there are many works that can be carried out. All this thanks to Your Blessings, oh Beloved Father!

Thank you, my Loving God. I know you have heard my prayers and the request is done.Amen

sentence 2

Oh my Jesus, always present in my life, to whom I dedicate my prayers of love and supplication!

I address you with praises to thank you for everything you give me. You have always been generous and merciful to me, because everything I ask of you, you intercede before your Holy Father so that he grants it to me.

I also come before you with a pain in my heart because I know that I have committed mistakes that sadden you. I ask your forgiveness for my sins and I pray that you and my virgin Mary, forever venerated, forgive me and speak on my behalf to the Almighty Lord about my real repentance.

I come to you with humility, immense faith and hope to ask for your financial blessings, with which, thanks to you, I can meet the basic needs of my family.

Thanks to the fact that you always come to my aid, Lord, I have everything I need, with which I have been able to resolve economic conflicts in the past, so I no longer experience scarcity or poverty.

That is why I feel that I should contribute my tithe to our church so that others can also somehow meet their needs a little.

Bless, then, Blessed Jesus, this money that I give with much love to the storehouse of our parish. Also bless this money so that it is never lacking in the storehouse, so that it is abundant, so that many people can benefit from it, so that all bad economic times go away, so that wealth and blessing come to the church.

Bless this money, Eternal Lord, kind and merciful, so that it multiplies, because in this way it will allow the church and the faithful to overcome the financial shortcomings and hardships, who will surely benefit from it.

With your help blessing the money in the storehouse, it will be possible to face many payments and debts, as well as the daily expenses that always arise. This will allow the parish to work more comfortably in each of the works it carries out.

With your Powerful Help, My Jesus, I know that I will always have money and I will not lack any good thing and this will allow me to be of help to my church.

Thanks to you, no economic path is closed, because if there is any need, if there is any lack, or if it is necessary to have more abundance, you provide it to us by praying to you, requesting the help that you never deny.

Because everything that is asked for with faith and trust and believing in your generosity, we will never lack what is necessary, because you never abandon your faithful followers and teach us not to deviate from your path.
Oh Lord! You who have the power to give to the needy, bless this money so that it never lacks and allow, Lord, to be used wisely. What can be distributed among the most needy! What can broadly cover your needs, that is abundant and never lack!
Thank you, my Blessed Lord Jesus Christ, for blessing this money so that it can be multiplied for the benefit of many.Amen.
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Sentence 3

Oh, Lord God, I ask you on this occasion for your grace to grant me, from your heavenly altar, enough earnings to support my church and to be able to contribute abundantly to the storehouse.

You know well, Holy Father, all the needs that the parish has and that deserve many economic resources to solve them.

It is because with your Holy Blessing to the money that all the devout faithful who are present in this church, can resolve to satisfy many of the needs that are there.

Praised Lord, always loved by all your parishioners, bless this money that with humility, but with much love, we deliver to the storehouse, so that you, with your infinite mercy, allow it to be properly used in works that are for the good of all the faithful. and for your glory.

We know that with your Blessings we can count on this money not being wasted, so that its flow is managed in the best way, so that it is used to the satisfaction of those in need and to your satisfaction, Beloved Father.

Among us, your faithful followers, always attentive to your designs, we ask that you allow us to continue providing this money that with our effort and perseverance we have been able to obtain humbly and honestly.

That is why we take advantage of this prayer raised to you, Most Holy Father, so that you may also bless our jobs and businesses, thanks to which we have been able to support the church storehouse with our contributions.

We have also been able to collaborate with the different works of our community, as well as with all the needy people who come to the parish to request help from the church.

Oh Lord, you can do everything! Bless our effort and perseverance!

Glorious Lord Creator of Heaven and Our Father, if it is in us that the storehouse should be maintained with our help, allow us to earn decently the money that we will contribute to the church.

Heavenly King also bless our health so that we can continue working for our family, our homes and for all our needy brothers and sisters whom we love, just as you have not taught.

This money that we are offering is here waiting for your sacred blessing, for which we have raised this heartfelt prayer so that with your Holy Word it may be of great use to those in need.

You are great, Holy Father, that’s why we always come to you for blessing, for the peace you give us and for your Infinite Love!Amen.

Why bless money?

We all know how hard and difficult it is to earn a daily livelihood, since it requires sacrifice and time.

If you are an employee, you should try not to lose your job, since it is the one that provides the daily, fortnightly or monthly salary that we charge. But it turns out that as soon as it is collected, the money quickly and mysteriously disappears.

The same happens to those who work independently. It is a lot of effort that he uses to obtain the income, but it does not pay him enough to cover all the expenses.

That is why it is customary to bless money, so that it satisfies basic needs, so that it yields as much as possible and also so that it multiplies.

Many go to the prayer to the Supreme God directly or to the Guardian Angel, to the Virgin Mary or some saint to intercede before God the Father to bless the income that is earned.

It has been proven that praying with true faith can have an effect and create the monetary abundance that we are requesting and thus be able to pay debts and cover needs and tastes.

It is said, then, that blessing money generates abundance, makes it easier to achieve goals and objectives and learn how to invest to multiply it.

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Required for this sentence:

  • Pray devoutly for profit.
  • Thank you for the profits obtained.
Thanking for the profits obtained
  • Pray with absolute credibility and with the fervor that what is being asked has already been achieved.
  • Pronounce each word feeling it deeply.
  • Place on the table the money that has been obtained in the work.

Prayer has power, it is only necessary to do it with the necessary devotion, as if you were asking your best friend for a favor.

Through prayer, one thanks God and the Universe and asks for the blessing of available resources, because they multiply and are maintained.

It is true that money is not equal to full happiness, however, it is a necessary fruit for human subsistence.

Blessing money with prayers born from the heart is a healthy practice that spreads among the believing people of many Christian currents, who trust in the Supreme Being so that He does the rest.

It has been pointed out that when the prayer has been made, it is convenient to pray three Our Fathers, three Hail Marys and three Glories, as thanksgiving.
Saying the prayer to bless the money and then praying it with great devotion and with all the confidence, faith and hope possible, helps the person praying to increase their belief in the benefits of this type of prayer.

The Bible and the tithe to the storehouse

Tithing is a precept that comes from the Old Testament and that, in addition, was also a legal requirement, by which the Israelite people had to offer the temple 10% of their crops, as well as the cattle they raised.

We see this expressed in Leviticus, verse 27:30, which indicates that there is a tithe of the product of the field, which must be consecrated to the Lord. Likewise, Numbers, verse 18:26, indicates that of the tithes of the Levites, a tithe of those tithes was to be offered.

For its part, Deuteronomy 14:23 also indicates that the tenth part of the wine, wheat and oil and of the flock will be eaten in the presence of the Lord. Likewise, the 2nd letter of Chronicles 31:5 ratifies it, which refers to how the Israelites abundantly fulfilled the tithe that was requested of them.

In fact, historically it is said that as part of the law that was expressed throughout the Old Testament, a differentiation was made between the types of tithes that should be taken to be kept in the storehouse of the temple. Thus it is pointed out in the Scriptures that three tithes were distinguished; namely:

  1. The first tithe, which was intended for the Levitical servants of the priests.
  2. The second tithe was called the festival tithe, so it did not need to be taken to be kept in the temple storehouse.
  3. The third tithe, which was the poor’s tithe, was also not taken to the temple in Jerusalem.

This would have made a total of approximately 23.3 percent, from which the church benefits.

For some scholars of the subject, the tithe of the Old Testament was taken as a method of imposing taxes with which the needs of the priests and the Levites of the Mosaic system, in force at that time, which regulated who, how and how much, were satisfied.

As for the New Testament, nowhere has been found that commands, or even recommends that Christians should submit to a legalistic system of tithes.

There is, therefore, in the books of the New Testament no section that stipulates any percentage of the income that should be set aside as a tithe to take to the storehouse.

It is only pointed out that something “as it has prospered” be set aside to take to the temple storehouse. Thus, it can be read in the 1st letter of Corinthians, verse 16: 2, which speaks that each one should set aside some money according to his income to avoid making collections.

In this regard, the Christian church has fundamentally used the percentage of 10% specified in the Old Testament, pointing out that this would be the “recommended minimum” for Christians who made offerings to the temple.

Rather, the New Testament focuses on pointing out the importance and benefits that giving generates in the person, so that he feels motivated, he could make his contribution according to his condition and possibilities. It is pointed out there that what can be given should be given.

This implies that sometimes giving more than a tithe, other times it may mean giving less. That will depend on the resources that the believer has, as well as the needs of the church.

To estimate more specifically how much can be given, the believer is asked to pray diligently in order to seek and obtain God’s wisdom on what to give as a tithe, as well as on how to participate with the church with his contribution and define When should you give?

This is how James highlights it in 1:5, where he emphasizes that we must resort to the wisdom of God, who will give it to us generously.

In this sense, the Bible teaches us, above all, that tithes and offerings must be given for pure reasons, for the service that this implies and, furthermore, with an attitude of adoration to God, for his eternal glory.

In the 2nd letter of Corinthians, in verse 9:7, the love that God feels for the giver who with joy, not sadness, makes his offering is expressed.

In most of the mentions of the tithe in the Holy Scriptures, it consisted only of food or animals and that, in general, it was in the place where one lived. That is why the mention of the storehouse is not accidental. This is because it refers to a silo or barn, with the strict purpose of being for social and food use.

It is, therefore, an ancient precept, which has generated different interpretations within the Christian environment.

And what did Jesus think about the tithe? In this regard, the evangelist Luke in 18:10-14 highlights the parable of the Pharisee man and the publican in which Jesus shows us at that time a tithe of everything the person earned was given.

Thus, we see that the tithe was valid in the New Testament, but it was not taxable or imposed and applicable both to the people of Israel and to the Christian church.

The tithe with Jesus, was no longer done out of obligation, but is done out of love, as an attitude that springs from the heart, just as the patriarchs did before the law and as the current regenerated church should do.

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