Prayer to sleep well without nightmares, and reconcile a restful sleep

Prayer to sleep well without nightmares, and reconcile a restful sleep

The prayer to sleep well without nightmares is the main contributor to improve those bad dreams, which cause great emotional problems if they are very strong and constant. They generate strong emotions such as fear or terror, as well as depression and even anxiety. They are nightmares that cause physical and psychological discomfort. That is why you must pray with faith.

Prayer to sleep well without nightmares

Blessed heavenly father, I thank you in advance every day you give me the fortune to live. I thank you for every element of motivation you give me every day. In the same way, thanks to you, I have the honor of having a roof and a bed where I can sleep without the risk of external dangers.

I ask you that in these moments that I take care of sleeping, watch every step related to sleep and that of my beloved family members. I implore you that each day your eyes are prostrate on my home and each member of it.

You are my great brave warrior, capable of anything because of the love he feels for his children. I ask you my great heavenly father to send your angels to act before us. May the cherubim and seraphim watch over our dreams.

Do not allow nightmares to embrace me, cause dear heavenly father that we have a restful sleep, with the benefit of waking up the next day strengthened. In the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, amen.

sentence 2

My dear heavenly father, I thank you for your kind love. I also appreciate every day so wonderful that you give me, full of health and love. You are the one who guides me and makes everything go as it really is right.

It is you who gives me special people in life to move forward. You are the one who puts people in my path who teach me and live beautiful experiences with me. You are my engine of life, whom I must thank eternally.

I ask that today my dreams and mine are protected by your protective hand. You with your mercy allow me to have a wonderful night, full of calm and joyful dreams.

Give me the opportunity to open my eyes in each new dawn. Thank you for forgiving every sin I commit daily and repenting of each one of them. Please take away every bad dream that hugs me every night. May the malice that comes represented in nightmares end.

That each problem related to bad dreams disappear because these are the works of the evil one that your children instill in us. The angel you sent to protect me takes care of ending any evil that is around. That he can dream quietly and wake up with great energy to move forward.

I ask you my dear God that any member of my family has the protection of not having nightmares. May you keep his dream as well as mine. Do not allow evil to torment them. I thank you eternally because you are never able to leave me alone. You are my great eternal Father. I thank you in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Sentence 3

My dear heavenly father, protector of souls repentant of committing sins, I ask you to impose yourself on my dreams, that evil has taken care of breaking into them. I ask you not to forsake me every night. Do not allow evil to embrace me.

Protect my dreams through your love and do not allow my dreams to be dominated by evil. Monsters and demons appear around me and I am a mere mortal who is not able to face them and it is for this reason that I simply run away from them.

Give me enough strength to have the ability to wake up and remove those evil beings from my mind, only with faith and the love that my Lord professes for you. I know that you have always been my protector, you are the one who scares evil away from me every night and that is why I implore you to always be present for me, taking care of my sleep.

Today in your name, my dear Heavenly Father, a bath of protection for all dreams that I have, so that they are freed in this way from any nightmare that wishes to haunt my mind and cause a bad night.

May the angels that guard humanity come down and stay with me. With the aim of waking up in peace safe and sound, away from evil. Together with the Holy Spirit I will be accompanied every night and he will be the protector of my dreams, together with you my dear Lord.

Allow me to follow the path of my Heavenly Father who I am sure will be my main savior every night of my life. He is the one who will save me from the darkness and the darkness that wishes to take hold of me through fear.

Today I will have the fortune to sleep peacefully. Fear will not be part of me. I will have dreams full of peace. That is why no type of evil will have the strength to attack me, since you are my main shield, amen.

sentence 4

I ask you Lord to live a dream completely full of beautiful moments. Full of much love and peace of the earthly world. Today I intend to walk a wonderful, beautiful path, full of well-being that will lead me to you, my dear Heavenly Father.

Please dear Heavenly Father hold my hand each day. Don’t let evil embrace me in dreams and take them to a nightmare. I know that she is hidden waiting to attack me with bad thoughts my Lord Jesus Christ.

Please, dear Heavenly Father, I ask you to fill me with your light. Don’t let it disappear and succumb to darkness. I need your help when taking each step so as not to be hurt by the tricks of the evil one. (See Article: Prayer of faith )

My dream starts with problems and everything good turns into bad things and fear floods me. I ask you my dear Heavenly Father to help me get rid of the evil in my dreams. I ask you to banish them from my dreams so I can rest easy.

If it is not possible to get out of it, allow it to wake up to get out safe from the tricks of evil. You, my dear God, are the only one capable of saving me, that is why I implore you to give me the strength to stop evil or the wisdom to wake up from this bad dream, amen.

Sentence 5

My dear heavenly father, you are the most loving, that is why you fill our lives with blessings and good times. It is you who accompanies me in every step I take, because you are my true guide.

Tonight I come with the purpose of talking to you and asking you to never separate from me. Put without you I am nobody and I begin to be vulnerable. I know that without your company evil will attack and lead me away from the path of good. Good is the path I chose.

I ask you Lord to give me dreams full of protection and good wishes. Do not allow evil to cross my dreams tonight and fill them with nightmares. I ask you to fill me with peace and love so that my mind rests peacefully.

I implore you to fill me with peace and love so that my mind is completely filled with wonderful things. Fear invades me for the evil that can interfere with my dreams. Since I wish to keep beautiful dreams.

I kneel in the hope of being invaded by your kindness and you fulfill my request with your enormous mercy. My dear heavenly father, I ask you to help me continue with you and invade each of my dreams, returning them to peace. Don’t let go of my hand Lord, I loved

Sentence 6

Oh dear Heavenly Father, I am very afraid of having constant nightmares that cause evil to have me in its nets. This fear has been stored deep in my subconscious. In order not to harm me.

Every day I hope to escape from any nightmare that does not allow me to close my eyes. Heavenly Father I ask you to always be watching over me throughout my life. It is thanks to you that I am who I am. Give me a path full of harmony.

Just today I need you more than ever because I want to rest tonight and end this nightmare that hurts my being. I know that you are the only one who can precede me. I ask you to stop this evil that torments every night.

Allow me to rest easy again, with wonderful dreams that allow me to have good energies. Do not allow evil to be found within me, keep it away from my dreams and allow me to sleep in peace, amen.

Sentence 7

Oh dear Heavenly Father and Holy Spirit let this night be filled with peace and joy in my dreams. I know that evil is always there. Evil is their best weapon since human beings are weaker than in the light.

I know that you are so merciful and glorious that you always protect me and never let me be corrupted. That is why today I ask for myself, because I fear the evil that wants to invade my dreams through nightmares.

I ask you to clothe me through your blessings and protection. Today I give you my life and my dreams so that it is under your control, I ask you not to let go of me. I am your servant and it is thanks to you that I will reach the Celestial Kingdom, amen.

When to pray?

Many people sleep with heavy dreams. That is why it is sought in many cases to end this type of problem through prayer to sleep well without nightmares. On many occasions people do not feel very comfortable sleeping in their clothes when they have to close their eyes they go through the period of nightmares.

What causes discomfort in the affected person, because nobody feels comfortable when they have heavy dreams since they really cannot rest, nor move more freely when sleeping.

That is why beautiful sentences are created that calm and cause one to rest more effectively when sleeping. It is important that when doing it you stay with a lot of faith and strength. With the aim that the effects are realized with greater intensity.

On the other hand, it is necessary that it be done before going to bed to rest. With the aim of making dreams fully count with a calm method. This should be mentioned that it mostly affects children, however adults are also victims of it.

When it is happening, it is just as complex to avoid it as it is for the little ones in the house. Since it is impossible to avoid the nightmare just at the moment you are living. The only solution is to wake up and go back to sleep. In the hope that by doing so, the nightmare will not be repeated or each disturbing image that appears in the dream will be recorded.

Praying is the most effective solution, since God is our greatest guide and is the only one capable of solving any problem that interrupts our dreams. It is for this reason that when you have a small child you seek to end nightmares since many of them can suffer daily.

Prayers should be made that allow children to have much lighter and more peaceful dreams. Performing it with great faith can make your children stop suffering from this type of dream. In addition to them you will create the habit of loving our heavenly father.

sleep in peace

Normally it is necessary to say a prayer to sleep well without nightmares just at the moment when we have a day full of worries and stress. This results in sleeping with assaults of dreams that nobody wants. (See Article: Prayer of serenity and tranquility )

It is precisely in those moments when the heart stops and the scare does not allow you to act coherently when you wake up. Vivid dreams related to nightmares are very real in our subconscious. Added to this, even when you are alone, the scare is much greater.

There are many who manage to master this colossal fear and can go through the night relatively well as long as there is light or security. However, there are others who simply hope to continue soon with another dream, because they ask God with great faith.

Nightmares are a terrible sleeping state that for many is the worst thing that can happen to them, since people develop a state of vulnerability in nightmares. This, on the other hand, causes problems in the mood of those who suffer from them. In addition to this, it does not allow them to rest at all and they want to forget about that bad time at night.

It is important to mention that children are usually the most affected characters in the theme of nightmares. It should be mentioned that it is very difficult to try to keep him on the sidelines and comfort him after such terrible lapses for them. This is because children have a harder time understanding that nightmares are not real.

This situation brings with them that parents stay awake with them and this in turn causes us to sleep badly. It is just in these moments that parents pray to end nightmares. What allows through faith that children have a pleasant sleep.

  • Why do we have nightmares?

There are many elements that manage to influence is that we produce nightmares. That is why on many occasions it is recommended to dine with light foods. Put through studies it has been proven that when we consume large portions of food the possibility of having horrible nightmares increases.

On the other hand, it is positive not to watch horror movies that generate strong emotions that cause nightmares. These images are recorded in the psyche of the people who watched the horror film, especially in the case of children.

Experts mention that people who experience great episodes of anxiety are very likely to cope with these types of dreams that are so detestable by people.

For this reason it is recommended that before going to bed a prayer is made that allows you to sleep well without any nightmares. On many occasions it is recommended that prayers be made to young children, in search of generating protection and confidence in children. That is why the prayer of the guardian angel is widely used.

On the other hand, fearful children are recommended to do short readings of protection against nightmares every night before bed. This stimulates children to have beautiful dreams, full of fantasy.

In addition to this, this period in which you seek to reduce and eradicate nightmares, you spend an even longer time with your children sharing. This allows children to have greater confidence and peace of mind.

It is important to mention that adults should not get angry when children have recurring nightmares, because it is not their fault. It must act in a different way. Seek to comfort them and encourage them to go to bed and seek to sleep peacefully with aspirations of dreams of fantasies.

On the other hand, in the case of children, it is positive to consult with the pediatrician if you have very constant episodes of these types of dreams that are so unpleasant for children.

  • What to do when we have very strong nightmares?

The most important thing before going to sleep is to put our house, family and even our dreams in the hands of the heavenly father. That is why it is recommended to perform prayers to sleep without nightmares.

In them our Lord is asked to be vigilant to our dreams and in turn that their homes are under his protection day and night. If sometimes despite all this process he is the victim of nightmares. It is recommended to take a deep breath and try to calm down, since nothing that happens is true.

In some cases, experts recommend that the victims of the nightmare calm down by drinking a glass of hot milk. Put this drink, it has elements that allow to renew the dream to those who no longer have it.

On the other hand, if there is no milk at home, you can consume sugar water to calm down, which allows us to relax easily. It is important that when you go to bed you seek to relax and think about things that make you happy or at least are pleasant for you. It is recommended to keep your eyes closed to fall asleep faster.

  • How to avoid nightmares?

The most important step to avoid nightmares is to maintain good sleep hygiene. This is directly related to the correct rest, respecting the hours completely. In order to rest the body as long as it requires.

On the other hand, when we go to sleep it is necessary to keep our body and mind relaxed. Even when you have a concern or an argument, you need to relax before going to sleep.

It also works very well to take a shower before going to sleep as this helps to relax the muscles of the body and releases toxins that disturb the mind. In addition to this, avoid factors that disturb the mind, such as excesses of food at night and horror movies.

After praying

After performing the prayer, you should concentrate on being quiet at night. Waiting to reconcile the sleep that our Lord grants us. It is very positive to leave dreams in the hands of God, since he is our only savior and creator, who loves us eternally.

With God nothing can ever harm us. Since there is nothing better than sleeping in peace with our dear Lord. That is why to achieve this result, a prayer must be made to sleep without any nightmares.

We must leave things in God’s hands. Who is the one who is capable of observing and solving everything that is around our being.

Nightmares are an unpleasant subject for people and that is why it should be put in God’s hands. Which allows everything around to change and the nightmares to end. Nightmares often occur from having busy days. However, this should not be a reason to suffer from these types of problems at night. Since there are solutions so that this does not happen.

The best way to reassure yourself at the time you suffer from it is by praying and if you do not want it to manifest again, therefore, it is good to pray to avoid nightmares every day. The smallest of the house are the ones who are most likely to suffer from nightmares and that is why you have to be more careful with them.

drive away bad dreams

Common dreams can often turn into nightmares. However, in the dream itself we can realize that this dream becomes a nightmare and thus avoid it.

One of the easiest ways to avoid it is through this prayer that will help us wake up before the bad dream starts. When bad dreams stop, people avoid anguish, since nightmares generate stress.

That is why you should always ask the Heavenly Father with great faith in order to wake up or change for a more peaceful sleep.

to have a sweet dream

Before going to sleep it is positive to make a prayer in which the Heavenly Father is asked to take care of embracing each part of our mind of good and positive things that do our mind good. That when sleeping peace is reflected in our dreams through the prayers of God. (See Article:  Psalm 91 of the bible a night prayer )

At the moment when you are ready to go to sleep, you should ask our Lord with great faith to accompany us in every step we take and allow us to rest peacefully and surround us with beautiful and peaceful dreams.

Not having recurring nightmares

All people have different fears. Some fears are more intense than others, it is just that level of force that causes nightmares. That is why representations are created in our minds that appear in dreams and terrify us.

Normally they are represented at night, being fatal for many, since they generate a lot of fatigue and terror in those who suffer from it. Prayers are always made in search of reducing or ending the period of nightmares. In order to be calmer.

There are many dreams that make you happy and generate peace. Well, they are things that are desired with the soul. However, when it becomes a nightmare, the situation is different, it begins to wear people down.

Protection before sleeping

The moment we go to sleep we find ourselves in a defenseless situation, since the darkness of the night embraces us. That is why evil beings have greater power to attack us. (See Article: Prayer of faith to accept Christ )

The prayer that is made for this is focused on God and the Holy Spirit who is the one who has a protective mantle.

Many of the dreams that appear when we sleep are considered by our minds to be so real that they give us great joy. That is why when they become a nightmare, anguish invades us.

Fear is the main means that dominates us. It is just at that moment that we will be affected by evil, if we are helpless it is when our Heavenly Father is not with us.


It is important that you have enough strength to face the enemy that tries to torment you. Since these kinds of things are produced by the king of darkness. That is why he must concentrate his faith in God.

It is positive to make prayers related to sleeping well without any nightmare, with great faith that God is with us. That will allow a sweet and peaceful sleep to be obtained. It is not the product of a fearful person, rather it is the product of a person full of faith in our Lord.

It is considered positive to listen to music after praying, in order to relax. When your children have many nightmares it is important that you read the bible to them, I use it before going to bed. In turn let the child repeat prayers.


On many occasions, people who suffer from nightmares, the nights become nights of despair due to their intensity. This is because the nightmare seems very real.

For this reason, we must entrust ourselves to our heavenly father. He is the only one with the ability to protect us because he is the only one who knows our weaknesses and therefore the one who allows us to get out of nightmares manipulated by the evil one. Our Lord is the only one who can get us out of that bad dream through the love he feels for us.

On many occasions, when we wake up from a nightmare, when we go back to sleep we fall back into another nightmare or the continuation of the previous one. That is why it is recommended that we ask God to protect us from any evil and help us get out of such a difficult time through prayers.

The nights can be considered the best time for evil to attack the children of God. It is for this reason that we must ask our heavenly father, every night before telling the bed to protect us.

Evil sends its allies to disturb our dreams, while angels and cherubim protect us. A good way to keep in touch with God is through the following prayer.

Prayer for my children not to have nightmares

The smallest of the house are the main victims for evil. Since they are considered an easy target for evil. In addition to this they are too small to be able to fight and defeat evil.

His dreams are easy to corrupt and that is why he can easily turn dreams into nightmares. That is why prayers are needed to improve conditions with God. Which allows them to stay protected while the children fall asleep.

It is important that we think about the little ones in the house because they have no idea what is right and what is wrong. For this reason, evil can easily attack them when they sleep and God is the one who can provide protection for our children.

That is why we must entrust ourselves to our Heavenly Father through prayers with great faith and love. The prayer is as follows:

My Lord Jesus Christ, I ask and implore that with your powerful love for us, you provide security and protection to my children against any being that intends to harm them. May each night full of darkness and terror not dominate your little servant. Always put he needs your care.

I ask you beloved father kneeling before you, to protect my children, that evil does not harm me. Since it is much easier for the evil one to harm them through his innocence. The darkness is the sufficient weapon so that the little ones of the house are defenseless.

I know that being by your side they will not be tormented by evil. Since you are our loved one and there is no one who loves us like you. You are the only one capable of protecting their dreams. The only one with the condition of not allowing every dream they have to turn into a nightmare. Don’t let the little ones in the house suffer.

To cure the fright

(Name of your children) need your protection my dear God, that is why they need your care and your love and your protection to follow each step. That is why I commend their lives to you and fill each of their dreams with harmony and peace. With the aim that nothing destroys them, much less harms them.

Help my children to follow their path despite the tricks with which evil wishes to trap the smallest of the house. May my children follow your path. I know that your mercy makes you not fail me Lord.

Your kindness makes evil unable against my children because it is you who protects them from bad dreams every night, amen.

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