Novena to Saint Charbel for urgent requests

Novena to Saint Charbel for urgent requests

The Novena to Saint Charbel is a prayer that takes the teachings of Youssef Antun Makhlouf, a Lebanese religious that many devotees perform in order to obtain spiritual and material benefits, it is performed for nine days, get to know it by reading this article.

Novena of Saint Charbel

This prayer is an evocation and gratitude to Saint Charbel, who was a religious of Lebanese nationality, who dedicated his life to religion and the church, his fame and prestige arose when the young Youssef Antoun Makhlouf (Saint Charbel’s real name) began to show interest in religious matters and the church.

Biography of Saint Charbel

He was ordained as a Maronite (Catholic movement born from Saint Maron between 350-410 AD, a monk who lived and died in the surroundings of Antioch in Syria), in the year 1851, where upon entering the main monastery, he received his name from Charbel, by the year 1859 was already considered a priest.

He was devoted to God dedicating his life to prayer, church and penance, he also had the gift of healing (thaumaturgy), which many followers allege he continued to do even after his death.

He remained for many years preaching and healing until December 24, 1998 when he became seriously ill while celebrating mass. He was 70 years old and was buried in the cemetery near his own monastery, that same day some strange lights began to be observed coming out of his grave.

This phenomenon lasted a few weeks, forcing the ecclesiastical authorities to take his body to a special coffin, and when he was exhumed it secreted sweat and blood.


Since then the devotees of San Charbel visit his tomb, and allege that when they leave it, they begin to receive the favors requested from God. In 1950 the tomb of Saint Charbel was exhumed again and his corpse was intact.

Oil-like stains were found on it, especially on top of the coffin, and it is believed that this oil has healing properties, where the Catholic Church presents them as one of the most sacred relics of Saint Charbel.


In 1965 he was beatified and in 1977 canonized, thousands of healings are attributed to him, among the most important those of a Mexican woman living in Phoenix, Arizona, United States, who could not see, so that through the anointing of the oil she fully recovered. the view

The San Charbel novena consists of a prayer that is performed for nine consecutive days in order to ask favors from San Charbel, especially healing illnesses and resolving family problems, let’s see then how it is performed and what its structure is.

daily prayer

Before starting each day with the novena, a prayer of thanks to God should be made in order to request the intermediation of Saint Charbel in the favors that were requested that day, the prayer goes like this:

“O God infinitely Holy and Glorified by your Saints, you who inspired the holy monk and hermit Chárbel to live and die in perfect likeness to Jesus, granting him the strength to separate himself from the world in order to make the heroism of women triumph in his hermitage. monastic virtues: poverty, obedience and chastity”.

“We implore you to grant us the grace to love you and serve you by following his example. Oh! Almighty Lord, who manifests the power of the intercession of Saint Charbel with numerous miracles and favors, grant us the grace that we implore you through his intercession. Amen.

First day.

After making the prayer of the day, we proceed to make the prayer to Saint Charbel of this day. Let’s see:

“Oh. Blessed Saint Chárbel, who from your holy body overcame corruption and the perfume of heaven shone on you, come to my aid and grant me the grace that I ask of God in this need that I have” (the request is made). Amen.

“Oh Saint Charbel, friend of God, pray to the Lord for me. O God, who granted Saint Charbel the gift of faith, I beg you to obtain for me the divine grace that I implore under his intercession, to live according to your mandates and the teachings of the Bible. To you be the glory, now and forever. Amen”.

At the end, an Our Father and a Hail Mary are performed, then to conclude the daily ceremony, the following meditation is performed:

“Saint Charbel’s life was so virtuous and the fervor of his spirit so great that everyone saw in him a chosen instrument of God’s grace.”

Second day

After the daily prayer the following is said:

“Oh, Saint Charbel, martyr of the monastic life who experienced suffering and that our Lord Jesus turned you into a beacon of light, I come to you now and I ask that, through your intercession, you obtain for me from God the grace that I ask for” (make the request). And conclude with “I trust in your intercession. Amen”.

O Saint Charbel, sweet-smelling vessel, pray to the Lord for me. O God of mercy, we glorify Saint Charbel by giving him innumerable graces to perform miracles, have mercy on me and grant me through his intercession the favor that I now ask of you. Glory be to you now and forever. Amen.

An Our Father, a Hail Mary and a Glory Be performed, then conclude with this meditation:

“All Sanctity of Saint Charbel consists in the love of Jesus Christ, our Redeemer”.

Third day

Say the daily prayer and then begin with the following:

“Oh, Saint Charbel, friend, who, resplendent as a bright star in the midst of the Church, illuminates my path in this life and strengthens my hope, while I invoke your intercession to obtain the grace I ask for” (the request is made) and He says: “I ask this in the name of the crucified Christ whom you have always served. Amen.

“Oh, Saint Charbel, model of patience and silence, pray to the Lord for me, Lord Jesus, who sanctified Saint Charbel and helped him create his own cross, give me the courage, through the intercession of Saint Charbel, to bear all the contradictions and difficulties of my life with patience and docility to your divine Will. Thanks be to you now and forever. Amen.

An Our Father, Hail Mary and a Glory are prayed, concluding with the following meditation:

“Saint Charbel, whose spirit was admirably illuminated by the splendor of the Eucharist, illuminated in turn, with his faith, the whole Church.”

Fourth day

Prayer of the day and then say:

“Oh! Affectionate father Saint Charbel, I turn to you with all the confidence of my heart. So that through your powerful intercession before God, you grant me the grace I ask of you” (the request is expressed) “show me your affection once again. Amen”.

Oh! Saint Charbel, garden of virtues, intercede for me. Oh! God, You who have given Saint Charbel the grace to resemble You, grant me, with his help, to grow in Christian virtues. Have mercy on me, so that I can praise you forever. Amen.

Perform an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be, concluding with the following meditation:

“God called Saint Chárbel to separate himself from the world for his love and to consecrate himself only to Him, in austerity and penance, and to enjoy divine delights.”

Fifth day

Prayer of the day and pray:

“Oh, Saint Charbel, beloved of God, enlighten me, help me and teach me to please God always and in everything. Make haste to help me, oh tender father. I come to you so that you ask God for my need” (make the request). Amen.

Oh Saint Charbel, friend of the Crucified, pray to the Lord for me. Oh God, listen to my call through the intercession of Saint Charbel. Save my poor heart and give me your peace. Calm the difficulties of my soul. To you be the glory now and forever. Amen.

The Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory be prayed, the meditation is as follows:

“San Chárbel, poor and humble on earth, enters full of riches in heaven, and prayers and heavenly hymns are raised in his honor.”

Sixth day

“Oh, Saint Charbel, powerful intercessor, I ask you to fulfill the grace that I now require (make the request). A single word from you to our good Jesus is enough for him to forgive me, have pity on me and obtain for me the favor that I now need. Amen”.

“O God, who chose Saint Charbel as our protector with the power of your divine grace, grant me through his intercession the favor I ask of you. To you be the glory now and forever. Amen”.

The Our Father, Hail Mary, Glory be prayed and at the end it is said:

“San Chárbel sought the perfection of love in the vow of Poverty that was the richness of his life.”

Seventh day

“Oh, Saint Charbel, loved by many, help me in my needs. I have a firm hope in your intercession before God. Obtain for me the grace that I ask of God” (the request is made). “Amen”

“Oh, Saint Charbel, who gives holy advice to the lost, pray to the Lord for me. Oh God, my innumerable sins are hidden by the graces you grant me. Answer me through the intercession of Saint Charbel. To you, grace incarnate, be glory and thanksgiving now and forever. Amen.

It ends with an Our Father, a Hail Mary, and a Glory Be. Closing meditation:

“God called Saint Charbel to live with Him in solitude, in prayer, in contemplation, and in silence.”

Eighth day

After the prayer of the day pray:

“Oh, Saint Charbel, how many times I have seen you on your knees on your rough reed rug, fasting, abstaining and absorbed in the call of God, my hope and confidence in you increase. I ask you, with this confidence, to help me receive from God the grace that I now ask of him” (make the request). “Amen”.

“Oh, Jesus, peaceful light, you who have raised your beloved Charbel to biblical perfection, I ask you with all my heart for the grace to live, in all that remains of my life, according to your divine will. I love you, oh God and my savior. Amen.

Culminate with an Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory. Meditation:

“San Chárbel shone by his example: a praiseworthy and upright life. As the light of the world he illuminated all with the brightness of his conduct and with the brightness of his holiness.

ninth day

Prayer of the day and follow with:

“Oh! Father Saint Charbel, here I am at the end of this novena. My heart rejoices as I speak to you. I have full confidence that I will obtain from Jesus (The request is made), which I have asked for through your intercession. I repent of my sins and promise never to fall again. I ask you to obtain the fulfillment of what I have asked for with my prayer.

“Oh! Saint Charbel, crown of glory, intercede for me. Lord, You who hear the prayer of Saint Chárbel, and who have granted him the grace to join You, have mercy on my helplessness, save me from all the misfortunes that I cannot bear. To You be the glory, praise, and thanksgiving forever. Amen”.

End with Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be, Meditation:

“Saint Charbel’s entire life was a reflection of the exalted virtues of the Most Holy Virgin Mary. Have devotion to the Virgin, because she guarantees our salvation”.

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