A powerful and effective prayer for love

A powerful and effective prayer for love

You are in search of a powerful and effective prayer for love, continue reading this post as we will describe several very effective and powerful prayers so that you can tie that impossible love that you so much want to have by your side and for various reasons. factors you do not achieve it, you can be sure that one of these prayers is the one for you.

prayer for love

It is important to keep in mind before beginning to describe the prayers that they can be used by both men and women, respectively, and that their effectiveness will depend on the faith and enthusiasm that we have at the time of praying for attract to our side that person we love and desire so much.

Basically they are very simple prayers that we can easily pray every day, and you can be totally sure that through these prayers you will achieve what you want so much, which is to get the love of that person you love and that you want at all costs. by your side forever, these prayers are not created to harm any third party, it only takes them away from the path of your loved one and will be available only to you.

Now if we are going to proceed to describe a powerful prayer for love that is quite effective and powerful, pray it with great faith and a positive mind and you will see the prompt results you will have:

Oh my Lord Jesus Christ blessed I love you and praise you day by day, I believe you, I recognize you and above all I glorify you, Lord in this opportunity I come to you my beloved father to beg you to help me in the face of this pain of love that is consuming me Lord I beg you to help me, do not abandon me, today more than ever I need your kindness and your love, Lord.

You more than anyone know perfectly well that my poor heart is crying and bleeding because of this lack of love, I feel like the unhappiest creature in the whole world, sir, I feel that everything around me is happier than me, that only in my heart dwells is suffering and misery.

Jesus, my eternal father, I ask you to be my guide and savior forever, Lord, I beg you to heed the call that I make to you with so much need, I knelt before you, heavenly father, to ask that (say the name of the person you love), not Reject more than understand that the pure and sincere love that I offer you, no one else can give it to you.

I ask you oh my lord that we manage to have a beautiful relationship full of happy moments and above all the purest and most sincere love in the whole world, lord I beg you do not abandon me I am totally desperate (or) I can no longer stand being far from him / her, I need him by my side now.

I ask you, Lord, because you take away from me all the pain that I have in my heart because of this evil of love, and I also ask you that through this prayer you listen to me and help me in the face of such a situation that I am going through.Amen sir amen

Prayer to Juan Minero for love

In the name of God, the Almighty Father, I invoke you, the soul of Juan Minero alone, for a certain reason and the hours they are giving, I ask you to put me in the heart of (say the name of the person). Holy Guardian Angel of (repeat his name) do not give him peace of mind until he is by my side.

Saint, Oh Saint of my devotion, may you take a lot of love and enthusiasm.

San Salvador de Orta, that he be satisfied with me is what matters. Encourage Juanito Minero to always carry me in his heart and in his thoughts, to accept that I love him. Santa Inés Del Monte Perdido, give me back the love of the one who is gone.

Spirit, Body and Soul of (repeat his name one more time) that his love, his affection, his fortune, his caresses and his kisses, all of him, be only for me.Amen

Prayer of Saint Ramon Nonato for love

Venerable Saint Ramón Nonato, I ask you to listen to me before this plea that I make to you with my heart in my hand, I beg you for that person that I love so much, that this prayer to attract the love that I dedicate to you today be effective since I am totally thirsty for love

Holy of love I ask you that this prayer that I make today accompanied by an Our Father and a prayer to the Virgin, will be my encouragement to achieve everything I want in this section of my life. Aware that to ask for something so great, I must become that good person who represents true love.Amen

Prayer to Santa Muerte to attract love

You are looking for a strong prayer to holy death or a prayer to attract love, then I present you one that is very powerful and above all works the spirit of domination so that that person you love so much is totally surrendered at your feet . :

Under your blessed mantle Santa Muerte I leave this request, protect it from the eyes of others, in you I put all my faith and devotion, so that (name of the person) come to me with great submission.

Raise your powerful arm against whoever opposes, (name of the person) has to make me happy, in his mind he has to keep my face in mind, and in his heart he will always keep my memory, his mouth can only mention my name, and his arms await me impatiently.Amen

Prayer to the soul alone for love

Next, I will present you a prayer for the impossible love of a couple dedicated to the soul alone, pray it with great faith that she will listen to you and come to your aid in any situation you are going through:

Poor little Anima Sola, lonely and sad, you are chained in your cell moaning incessantly passing thirst and torment burning in the flames so that you can purge the sins committed and achieve freedom.

Lonely soul that moans and moans in the field that no one needs you like I need you now I want you to lend me the soul of three hanged men of three treasonably dead and three executed

I want you to introduce these nine souls into the heart of (name the loved one). That if he has eyes that he sees me, that if he has a mouth that he speaks to me, bring him to the doors of my house, mortify him, don’t leave him alone.

Make him come, come without anyone stopping him/her and not stop until he reaches my feet humiliated, submissive and meek to bring me happiness.

So be it, so be it so it will be

Prayer to Santa Marta to attract love

With a prayer to get love , dedicated to Santa Marta you will see that you will be able to attract love to your life, just do it with great faith and trust in Santa Marta and you will be able to verify the power of this  prayer to Santa Marta in love:

 Saint Martha of love, for the love that I put before you, tell the 12 devils of love not to leave him during the day or at night or for a quiet moment (his full name), that he cannot be without me, that In a moment of dreams and revelations, I reveal myself in meaning and in imagination, and let him think of me, let him think of me in the name of Santiago Mulato, San Judas Tadeo, San Simón, Cirineo. , Santo Tomás, Caba Luzbel, may these winners be the ones who bring him to me dragging and pushing until he sees him surrendered to the soles of my feet. Amen

Prayer to San Marcos de León for impossible love

Get away from the thoughts of envy and hatred to inhale the nectar of the sublime. That we realize the love that can reign among all human beings if we are aware of your love, Lord, we ask you through the mediation of San Marcos, your servant
“Oh San Marcos de León!, you who untied and disarmed the biggest beast in the world, I beg you to disarm the heart of

(said the name of the loved one)

With this prayer come to my love , let no one stop him; Let him run, let him run, let no one help him, let the streets shorten and his steps lengthen, let him come to me, like a meek lamb, humble and round at my feet. Amen”.

Prayer to Elegua for love

I (your name) invoke you, Majestic Elegua, so that with only the noble influence of your presence, I can obtain absolute success in everything related to love. So that with your divine intercession I can be at peace, be prosperous and be able to get out of all the difficulties that are or may be on my way to happiness.

I implore you, oh, Elegua! That with your blessed majesty, take away from me all danger, that you open for me the door of love, and that the path behind it is always illuminated by your light. Guide my steps to her. Take me by your hand to walk her path while you radiate it with your sacred light. It also opens the doors of success, health, work and prosperity. Elegua, I ask you to take care of my family and loved ones, take evil away from all of them and protect them with your sacred love.

Oh mighty! Make my way safe, protect me night and day. Make my heart full of happiness by bringing true love to it that nothing and no one can take away from me now or ever, love that is blessed by you my powerful Elegua, and by all heavenly beings.

Thank you, Elegua, for attending to my humble requests and for your favors granted to make them come true. So be it.

Prayer to Saint Alexius for love

San alejo you who can do everything, you who see everything, it’s easier, for you to see my soul and recognize that my life lacks love, my saint help me to recover love, my partner left me and for another I change, make the bond between them break,
make them stay away.

San Alejo, make his new love move away from him, that he come back to me, that he cannot sleep without me, that he is not happy by his side, that it be me who is in his life, in his body, in his mind and in your dreams. That love that was mine, that it still is, that someone else walks away from his life, it is to be that he got between him and me, until he walks away on his own, San Alejo, that love is mine, I ask you that he cannot be, with her, that her life is only mine, and so I can return, that my love returns Saint Alejo, I ask you, because he is my life Hear my prayers and my prayers, and intercede for me, Amen.

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