Missionary Rosario, Knows Everything Fantastic That Is

Missionary Rosario, Knows Everything Fantastic That Is

The Rosary has always been recognized in all times as a very beautiful symbol with which homage is paid to our Heavenly Mother Mary. In this article we will talk precisely about the Missionary Rosary. We invite you to discover more about him.

missionary rosary

As we said, it is a kind of prayer based on the rosary that is commonly prayed, through which and through the Virgin Mary, we pray to the Father God for our particular needs as well as the intentions of each one of us. It is a missionary and universal prayer.

This missionary rosary is composed in the same way as the traditional one, which also develops the five mysteries, the only difference is that in it the five tens are divided and the continents are set according to a specific color.


It presents five divisions known by Catholics as dozens, what makes the difference is that each one has a different and particular color for each continent, below we specify each one of them.

Missionary rosary and its colors

In this part of the article we will explain the missionary rosary and the meaning of each of the colors of which it is made, namely:

Green: this is about the first mystery, in it you pray and ask for Africa. This color leads us to think of our fellow Africans and the jungles that are inhabited.

Red: second mystery of the missionary rosary. The red color is a symbol of the blood of martyrs who gave their lives to evangelize the American continent. In this decade of the missionary rosary, we pray for Africa.

White: this ten reminds us of the white race, which is of origin from the European Continent. In this third mystery, the European Continent is asked for. It also leads us to the memory of the holy vestments of the Pope which is found in this same Continent.

Blue: in this decade it is requested by Oceania. Its color is associated, as we already mentioned, with Oceania, which contains islands formed in the blue waters of the Pacific Ocean.

Yellow: this corresponds to the last mystery, in it we pray for Asia, and it brings to mind an Asia populated by a large number of races of that particular color.

In his time, Pope John XXIII used to pray the missionary rosary every day and he did it all over the world. He dedicated each decade to each Continent according to what we have specified every day throughout the world.

The Pope maintained the following: “As Pope I must advocate for humanity and I do so through the Holy Missionary Rosary: ​​the first decade is for Africa, the second for America, the third for Europe, the fourth for Oceania and the fifth for Asia.”

How to pray it?

Next we will explain the correct way of how to pray the missionary rosary , and that the reader is clear about the steps of how to pray it.

He begins by making the sign of the cross on his forehead.

Next, the first mystery is announced depending on the corresponding day, since the mysteries have specific days of prayer. During the first mystery, the African continent and its inhabitants are remembered, with the sole purpose that through religious sentiment it serves as a fulfillment of the revelation of Christ.

Later the Our Father is prayed, then 10 Hail Marys and the Glory Be.

The second mystery is announced: in this mystery the American continent is remembered, this is considered the “continent of hope”, in this continent the largest number of Catholics are registered, however it is affected in terms of the small number of priests .

We will pray another Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and a Glory Be.

The third mystery is mentioned, it is offered by Europe, in order to return to the origins of the faith, which has diminished among believers during the past centuries, and according to the missionary movement.

Pray the Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and a Glory Be.

Fourth mystery: offered by the islands called Oceania, so that their various races may be filled with light and led to the illumination of the Gospel.

Our Father, 10 Hail Marys and Glory Be.

The fifth and last mystery offered by the Asian continent is announced, so that the Mother of God herself, the Virgin Mary, looks at the continent with the largest population in the world, where Catholics only represent 2% of the population, and the Church is persecuted and fought.

The Lord’s Prayer is prayed again, 10 Hail Marys and Glory Be.

After the five mysteries have already been completed, three Hail Marys are prayed to the Virgin, in order to increase the spirit of mission in the country and ask for an increase in the vocations of priests, religious as well as lay people of missions.

At the moment of culminating the missionary rosary, with it all the continents and men have been embraced in a prayer in a universal way. In this way we have learned how to pray the missionary rosary.

meaning _

As we said before, the missionary rosary is made to ask for different causes of the continents that exist. In this case we are going to detail each one of the requests that are made according to the corresponding continent, this will give more illustration to the reader.

First Mystery: African Continent

Africa is one of the continents punished by violence. All the tribes that coexist in this continent live facing bloody wars, complicating the lives of the inhabitants.

They also present another type of inconvenience that is the confrontation of blacks and whites. In Africa there is still slavery.

Such is the case that some countries of the African continent have achieved new independence, since they were imprisoned by European colonialism for many centuries, which resulted in low economic development and cultural uprooting.

Poverty is very common on this continent. As for the figure, it is handled that 47 countries in less development of the world 31 belong to the Africans.

The Catholic Church is very small in Africa. Only 95 million of the inhabitants for a total of 700 million are Catholic, 13.8%. This continent has a very low percentage of priests, for every 4,460 Catholics, there is only one priest.

While according to figures determined in the rest of the world the average is one priest for every 2,342 Catholics.

Second mystery: America

11% of the inhabitants are made up of indigenous people who maintain their customs by all means. In these towns of America there is a lot of poverty. 11% of the population is made up of indigenous minorities who try to maintain their customs.

On this continent the Catholic Church is the most numerous in the world. The Catholics that make up half the world exist in the American continent, specifically in Latin America. For a total of 743 million people, only 475 are Catholic, which is equivalent to 64%.

Due to the above, the Pope himself maintains that America is “the great hope of the Church, which must be a missionary for the whole world.” We must mention that after Africa, this is the continent with the fewest number of priests: there is one priest for every 3,978 Catholics.

However, a great threat that affects the American Church, this refers to the rapid advance of evangelical sects and groups that Catholics face every day.

Third mystery: Europe

Most of the developing countries are in Europe, however, although there is also poverty on the continent, it can also be said that it is the one with the least poverty observed.

According to historical data, this continent was Catholic par excellence. He had to see in a definitive way that the Church had its headquarters in Rome from its inception, and in most of the kingdoms Catholicism was rooted as an established religion.

We can say that according to the last centuries the situation has changed dramatically. Two issues influenced this, the beginning of the Protestant churches, in the sixteenth century, which absorbed many Catholics.

Some countries turned to the Protestant system. As a second point is the beginning of the republics which currently form Europe, the faith of believers was decreasing throughout the continent, they began to separate God (secularism).

At present, Catholics are no longer considered the majority. Of 716 inhabitants, only 288 are Catholic, which translates into 40%, placing them in second place, after America, which has 63.8%. This represents the largest number of priests, there is one priest for every 1,295 Catholics.

Fourth mystery: Oceania

This continent is considered the smallest in the world. It is characterized by the fact that many cultures share life in it. For centuries it was populated by a large number of native tribes with different religions and dialects.

The preaching of the gospel on this continent began two hundred years ago. There is a total of 27 million inhabitants of which only 6 are Catholic. The rest belong to the Protestant churches, and another percentage is found in small indigenous religions.

It is the continent with the least population in the world, however the number of priests is the highest, since there is one priest for every 1,385 Catholics

This oceanic continent, which was part of the British Empire for many years, did not accept the entry of Catholic missionaries until 1845, when the preaching of the gospel began.

In this continent, the Church is at its beginning, considering that there is still much to achieve.

Fifth mystery: Asia

During the year 2000, 60% of the inhabitants will be Asian, divided between children and young people. In this way, the continent is the one with the largest population in the world, it has 3,000 million inhabitants, unlike the other continents that have 700 million.

Poverty is represented in 80% of its population, which lives in precarious conditions. On this continent day by day many people die of hunger. In this continent, discrimination against the female sex is observed, it becomes unsustainable and extends to all levels.

In this continent the Catholic Church is considered the smallest in the world, also the population is the most numerous. Of 3,000 million inhabitants, only 2 million are Catholic. In most of the continent, the inhabitants of the Catholic religion are persecuted by official churches.

Sometimes people must develop their faith clandestinely. On this continent there is one priest for every 2,582 Catholics.

missionary rosary for children

In this step we are going to show the reader how to pray the missionary rosary for children . For this, 5 boys or girls will participate, which will represent each of the continents already indicated above. One of the children will pray the Our Father after each mystery for the corresponding continent.

Then 50 boys or girls will represent the Hail Mary prayer, which is mentioned in the missionary rosary, in this case 10 children will dress according to the color of the continent, either 10 green, 10 yellow, 10 red, 10 white and blue. .

It is also possible to pray asking the children to dress in the respective color or, failing that, request a balloon of the color of the continent held in the child’s hand so that when it is raised it joins the sky.

This missionary rosary is considered a universal prayer, not only because of its internal structure but because it is ecclesial and appreciated by the Virgin Mary herself, it is recommended by the Pope himself, it is prayed by Catholics and Christians around the world. For this reason it is missionary prayer.

It is considered universal since it favors all humanity, even for those who do not believe in God, because it is “since the maternal intercession of the virgin is for all mankind reason for hope.”

Vatican II makes us a suggestion of his prayer and that we say: “believers offer petitions to God that he may fertilize the work of missionaries with his grace; “In this way all the people pray, cooperate and act among themselves”.

In the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit

Mary Mother of the missions

Pray for us.

Guide to pray

We are gathered in the name of Jesus Christ so that he may show us his will and try to understand what his desire is. With this universal prayer we will end the week of prayer.

Many times we give little thought to the following teachings of Jesus:

“Raise your eyes and observe the golden fields of the harvest. The harvest is more, the workers are few. So pray to the owner of the harvest to give us workers.”

Before we start with each continent and check if they know Christ, we must pray that Jesus Christ cleanses our heart and purifies it, making us capable of understanding the truth and being committed to it.

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