Powerful Prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt

Powerful Prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt

The Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt is a prayer made to this virgin in order to obtain her help and favor in the things that are necessary and required for her devoted children. Therefore, I invite you to continue reading on this topic to learn more about the Prayer to the Virgin of Schoenstatt.

Our Lady of Schoenstatt

The well-known Schoenstatt Apostolic Movement, with a deep Marian devotion, was founded by Fr. José Kentenich (1885–1968) on October 18, 1914, in a simple abandoned chapel in the Schoenstatt Valley, very close to of the city of Vallendar located in Germany.

That same day, gathered together with some young people, they consecrated themselves to the Most Holy Mary, sealing with her a kind of covenant of love. The Schoenstatt Shrine (the word “Schoenstatt” means beautiful place) today has more than 180 shrines that are scattered throughout the world and that are replicas of the original shrine.

Powerful Prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt

On October 18, the devotees celebrate the day of the Virgin of Schoenstatt , with a beautiful prayer to ask for her intercession. The prayer to Our Lady of Schoenstatt is as follows:

“Dear, Admirable Queen and Victorious 3 Times of Schoenstatt; many of your devotees come before you with unlimited confidence to be able to implore your help to obtain from God what they humbly ask of you:

Your Divine Son gave you to them as a mother. Her words “Here is your Mother” was also told to your devotees, and she said to you: “Here is your son”.

For what I tell you on this day, here they are, kneeling at your feet!

What a consolation to get to have her as a Mother!

Therefore, they come to You in their distress. They turn to you, Mother, Queen and Victorious 3 Times Admirable of Schoenstatt, knowing that all your children who have come to turn to you have received your protection and help. Amen.

Offering Prayers

Consecrate the whole day of work to the Mother of God as much as you carry with you what you endure, what you spend and what you risk, what you think and what you love, the merits you manage to obtain, what you guide and conquer, what you makes them suffer, and what makes them happy; how much they are and how much they have, they give everything to her as a gift of love, for the source of graces, which sprouts crystal clear from the Shrine, in order to penetrate the soul of those who have come to give their hearts to Schoenstatt.

To kindly lead there, those whom, by his mercy, you want to choose; and so that they bear fruit in the works that they consecrated, to the Most Holy Trinity. Mother, Queen and Victorious 3 Times Admirable of Schoenstatt.


United to their founding generation, they seal or renew their Covenant of love with the Mother and Queen who is 3 times Admirable, as on that day, October 18, 1914.

Oh Lady, or holy Mother, on this day they offer themselves all to You and in proof of their filial affection they consecrate to you on this day their:

  • Eyes
  • Ears
  • Language
  • Heart

In a single word, his whole being. Since they are all yours, oh Kind Mother, please keep your children, defend them, use them as your thing and possession. Amen.


In all the needs of your children, turn confidently to the powerful intercession of the Schoenstatt Mother of Graces. Because of what they trust in his goodness and in his power, the Admirable Mother in you and in your Son waits for them filially, at every moment, they blindly believe and trust. Amen.

resemblance to Mary

Mary becomes the ideal of life for every Catholic Christian. That is why she herself asks him: To make them like you, and teach them to be able to walk through life just as you did: strong and dignified, simple and kind, always sharing love, peace and joy. In all of her children she spends her time preparing him for Christ Jesus.

Apostolic Prayers

Willing to get to fight for the Kingdom of God, they ask: The Mother 3 times Admirable to teach them how to fight as her own fighters, and that despite the multitude of powerful enemies, in the new borders the peoples come to stand at her service, so that through her the world may become renewed and glorify her Son Jesus. Amen

Mother with your Divine Son they ask you to descend to the paths of their homeland, so that following your footsteps; find the true and most stable peace, homeland, you will only have salvation, if in love, you join Mary and her Son. Amen.


Lady thank you for all the graces that are received in your life. For everything: Oh Santa, they thank you with all their hearts, and want to tie themselves to you with intimate love. What would have become of them without you, without your solicitous and maternal care? Thank you, because you saved them in great difficulties, and because with an immense faithful love you chained them to you. For what they thank you, and want to thank you eternally and also consecrate themselves to you without reservation. Amen.

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