Learn how to pray the High Level Intercessory Prayer for Covering a House

Learn how to pray the High Level Intercessory Prayer for Covering a House

A high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house is one of the most powerful and effective prayers, this time we will learn to perform it effectively and it will make us feel safe.

How to pray?

The high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house will be a permanently open channel for God our Father and Creator to protect our house and everything in it. The High Level intercessory prayer is one of the most powerful, strong and beautiful prayers that exist.

When a high-level intercessory prayer is made to cover a house, the Almighty Father God hears our call and intervenes with his power, love and mercy in our home protecting it from all evil.

He knows that our house is the place of shelter, being a Father concerned about his children, he will always want us to have a place where we can be protected from the elements, a place where we can rest, feed ourselves, but also a place where his children can give time to him, to the most high.

To make a high-level intercession prayer to cover a house, it is very important to have our faith strengthened, to be consistent with the word, we must pray with the security and conviction that we will be heard and our request answered. If we start a high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house, weakened in faith, we will not intercede with God.

We must remember the experience lived by the daughter of Jairus, who was in extremely delicate health, because she suffered from a hemorrhage that could not be cured by any of the doctors who had treated her, however, she was fully convinced that if Jesus arrived and she at least touched her clothes, she would be cured.

When Jesus returned to Capernaum, the girl’s father asked him to follow him to heal his daughter who was already dying, Jesus was surrounded by a crowd of people who did not let him advance as much as Jairus wanted, however, the girl With the strength she had left, she made every effort to break through and extend her arms to touch Jesus’ clothing, because the strength of her faith told her that if she managed to touch Jesus’ clothing, she would be healed.

This is how it happened, Jairo’s daughter, touching Jesus’ clothes, felt the healing come and the bleeding miraculously stopped. I bring this beautiful passage from the history and miracles of Jesus, to emphasize the need to have faith, without it, we are being weak and opportunistic in the request before the Lord Almighty Father and his son our Savior and we must be honest, loyal, clean and honest.

It is also important to know, and the story of Jairus’ daughter allows us to show you, that in order to receive God’s grace we must persevere. She overcame the difficulties that prevented her from touching Jesus’ clothes, however, she did not faint and prevailed over them.

God saw the effort of his daughter, of that we cannot have the slightest doubt, he allowed her perseverance to be rewarded, that’s why when making a high level intercession prayer to cover a house, we must always be persevering, God will see our faith , our need and our commitment to intercede and we will be taken care of.

So when we intercede before God with our prayer we do the same as the daughter of Jairus. We raise our hands, we visualize our connection with the heart of God the Father and we pray with all the faith and trust that God the Father will give us the protection that we are requesting to cover our house, so we will be taken care of. (See also: Prayer to Jehovah God Almighty )

When we pray from the heart and with our strengthened faith we are interceding before the merciful heart of God, we approach and manage to touch his bosom which is love, and then we are the ones who cause the miracle to occur. God is not weak but he loves his children, that is why he does not resist the requests of his humble children, who ask him and pray insistently and with faith. His heart will then be touched and he will pour out his love and protection on our house.

It is also very important to know that the high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house requires hope, we must have hope that we will be attended to, that we will be heard, we do nothing with praying a high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house, if we are not convinced that the God our Lord and Creator will listen and attend to our requests.

If our faith is strong, so will our hope be, hope will keep us serene, expectant but calm, confident that God keeps his promises. God has promised us joy and he is faithful to his promises.

Jesus only asks us to have faith, accept that our faith and hope are the size of a mustard seed, if there is something small it is a mustard seed, but we must not stay with the fact that with very little faith God and our Savior will be happy and satisfied, that little mustard seed is strong and capable of growing and producing many plants that will give more seeds.

So if Jesus allows our faith to be the size of a mustard seed, it must also be strong, robust and multiply. Jesus also in his teachings has told us how we should pray to truly approach God. To make a high level intercessory prayer to cover a house, we must be virtuous in the word.

Jesus tells us that the best way to intercede and reach God is to pray in secret, with this he does not mean that we must hide and protect ourselves in a space, not exactly that is what he tells us, he invites us to pray from the heart , invites us to pray with sincerity. God our Loving Father will listen more attentively when we speak from within.

We can pray out loud, accompanied by our brothers, in church, with our Bible open and with a lighted candle, but the humility of our prayer and the sincerity of our hearts must be present, because otherwise everything others, that is, the external is for others to see that I pray with fervor, but God will know that he is not sincere in his prayer.

Our high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house must be precise, it is not necessary to fill with ostentatious words, let us not forget that the Lord knows our needs, the simple fact of knowing that he knows it should fill us with tranquility.

Finally, we cannot forget that we must not only pray and request to be attended by God the Father our Lord, in this type of high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house it is essential to be aware that we are part of the blessings, that is why we must be generous and always deliver our offering.

This should never be interpreted as a cancellation for the favor received, because he loves us unconditionally, giving an offering is our way of giving thanks, allowing us to be part of that chain of blessings that helps our neighbor. When we receive we are blessed and when we give we are blessing and allowing others to be blessed.

We are children of God and therefore, we are grateful beings, regardless of whether we have even received the answer to our requests, the hope and trust that we have in our Lord will become manifest and therefore we must be grateful and deliver our offering makes us be partners in the work of Christ our Lord. Being grateful makes our intercession pure, fulfilling as servants of God the Father.

Knowing then how to make a high-level intercessory prayer to cover a house, we are prepared to let our hearts speak and sincerely ask before God our Lord.

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High level intercessory prayer to cover a house

 Lord today I come before you surrendered, prostrated in humility and love my Lord

Grateful for everything I have received, beloved Father, because you gave me my house and I come to pray for all those brothers who have a home today.

Your Powerful Father and Protector pours out your Glory in their homes and cover them with well-being, prosperity, keep all evil away from them, allow them to always keep themselves clean of evil spirits and bad energies, may their homes be your sanctuary my God.

Allow all those who live in it to always have their hearts elevated towards you, my Lord, and give them the strength to stay on your path and their home clean, cared for, may it be your pride Eternal Father.

Cover their houses with your sacred mantle Lord, keep away all bad intentions, all people who want to act from evil, Father.

I will also pray for them so that your light covers them and frees their souls from darkness. In the name of my Lord Jesus Christ who lives and Queen, forever and ever. Amen

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