Meaning of the Viking Runes and their interpretation

Meaning of the Viking Runes and their interpretation

The Viking runes and their meaning are part of those mysterious elements of Nordic origin, which are still used in the field of divination today, since they are usually interpreted in a certain way. If you want to know what the Viking runes are , and learn a little more about the Viking runes and the meaning of each one of them, keep reading this article, because it is for you.

viking runes

When talking about a Rune, it should be mentioned that this term alludes to the meaning of “secret, mystery or whisper”, and symbolizes the noise of a stone when it is rubbing against another. The Viking runes are an ancient oracular method of Nordic origin, and each one of them has a specific meaning and message that is directly related to the adversities that arise in life. The use of these Viking runes allow to unite the sensitivity of the one who interprets them together with the history of that person who wants to be interpreted.

Regarding its function, the Viking runes are usually used as a means of consultation to find the answer to a specific question about someone’s life at a given time; In this case, one of the most effective, easy and safe methods is to make a throw, also called the rune roll, whose connoisseur must interpret its meaning to decipher the message hidden in the runes.

The runic philosophy can be expressed in different ways, one of them is to enter a new forbidden and wonderful universe among the opportunities generated by the fact of being alive, since nothing happens simply by itself, nor are events casual or ephemeral. In this order of ideas, the oracle works as a master key that is capable of opening the most inaccessible doors, or that have been closed by the mark of our experiences.

Similarly, the oracles are considered as a guide, an indication, a map and a way of acting, which can be interpreted depending on the position of the stars, the runes or any other similar system that is capable of entering the world. astral and to the field of the occult and mysterious. However, they never indicate a final and definitive sentence, in addition, reaching fanaticism with a single answer prevents the person from developing their intuition. Thus, Viking runes have been used as a means of communication and divination throughout the centuries.

It is pertinent to mention that for the Celts, the Germans and the Vikings, as well as for other peoples with Nordic roots, the runes are the letters of their alphabet that have been engraved on stelae, monoliths and small wooden or stone tokens (Futhark or Futhorc). It should be noted that this Viking runic alphabet, also called Young Scandinavian Futhark, is made up of a total of sixteen runes, and it is a variety of the old Futhark that contained twenty-four; this last Futhark is the one used in the divinatory reading of the runes.

runic alphabet

Today there are several versions of unique alphabets, such as the ancient Futhark, also its extended version whose name is Anglo-Saxon Futhorc or Scandinavian Futhark. Usually, the meaning of the runes that is hinted at most of the times, is based on the Elder Futhark. It is composed of the basic writing characters of the proto-Nordic language, and the figures are usually formed by vertical and diagonal lines, also highlighting the absence of curved and straight horizontal lines.

Over the centuries, the runes began to acquire great interest for people who are engaged in the study of the occult, divinatory arts and esotericism in general. Then, based on the ancient beliefs of the Vikings and their sense of originality, they have been adopting a magical or divine air.

That is why each rune began to acquire a meaning very similar to that of the major arcana of the tarot. However, the Vikings of the most ancient times used the runes to speak with the gods and also tried to know the events that were about to happen.

history of viking runes

The runes as such are part of an alphabet, or more properly of some alphabets that are composed of these same letters or runes; These systems of representation of symbols were used by the peoples of languages ​​of Germanic origin, especially in the Scandinavian countries and in the British Isles. However, its use is also known in certain regions that are part of Central and Eastern Europe.

In addition to this, it is worth mentioning that this alphabet was used from antiquity to the Middle Ages, and there is also evidence of runic inscriptions from the year 150, and was valid until the 8th century in central Europe, while it was in force in Scandinavia to the twelfth century.

Later, its use began to decline with Christianity, and in its place the Latin alphabet began to take hold. However, it continued to be used in certain rural areas of Sweden until the 20th century, either as part of runic calendars or for decoration, and the texts could only be understood with the help of a translator.

How were they born?

There are several runic alphabets that exist, among which some can be highlighted, such as the ancient Futhorc, the Anglo-Saxon Futhorc and the Scandinavian Futhark or also called young. It should also be noted that the Runic alphabet was later than certain alphabets that emerged in the Mediterranean area; and that it is also possible to think of an existing relationship between it and the alphabet of Etruscan origin in northern Italy, by virtue of certain similarities between its letters.

How to make a Viking rune roll?

Viking runes are part of both Viking and Nordic symbols, and are a great means of contact with the magical world of Scandinavia, since they are a widely used element in the field of divination. It should be noted that these runes are usually kept in a cloth bag, having a double function: on the one hand, they are prevented from being lost and on the other, they can be preserved from energetic influences. Now, to cast the runes in order to be used as a divination method, different systems are usually used, among which the following can be highlighted:

Extract the runes from the bag

This system is the most suitable when seeking monosyllabic answers, that is, yes or no; In this sense, it is only enough to ask a question mentally and then extract the rune or runes that are necessary to answer.

cast the runes

Another of the systems used to use the Viking runes within the field of divination consists simply of throwing them, as is done with beans, knucklebones and other similar divinatory methods that took place in ancient times. It should be mentioned that the results will be different in each throw, since they will vary depending on the position.

form geometric figures

Another of the systems used to cast the Viking runes consists of placing them forming geometric figures; thus, the form of the Celtic cross with five runes and the circular one are the most widespread spreads to consult the runes, as well as the tarot cards. In this sense, it is only enough to formulate a question mentally, and extract the Viking runes in the preferred way, to be able to interpret their meaning.

Interpretation of the Viking runes

Now, the reading of the Viking runes is based on the principle of synchronicity, which is exposed by Dr. Carl Gustav Jung, who observed in the development of his consultations, that at the moment a certain question is formulated, there are certain signals contained in this reality that respond to us in a certain way. In this order of ideas, when the runes are launched, the result obeys our state and the type of question that has been formulated, as well as being a great source of inspiration par excellence.

Meaning of the Viking Runes

The real meaning of a rune is very mysterious, as is its origin, but it can be noted that in the Gothic language, the term run alludes to secret or whisper, which is why it is related to hidden or unknown definitions. ; on the other hand, runo means poem in Finnish. Both meanings, together with the fact that the Sparlosa stone emphasizes the interpretation of the runes, indicates a certain mysterious, magical and secret air that this Runic alphabet encloses.

It is pertinent to mention that the Runic alphabet was used as a writing system, but in addition to that it was also used as a method of divination, and a talisman embodied in tattoos and spells. In addition to this, this alphabet has a great healing and evocative power, which is why it is also very useful in the field of healing and meditation.

Now, being the Runic alphabet composed of various Viking runes, which are used for different purposes mainly in the field of divination, it is convenient to highlight that each one of them has a particular meaning, which is usually interpreted in accordance with the person. that asks for some answer in an area of ​​your life. Below are the main Viking runes, and their corresponding meanings.

Fehu Rune: Possessions/Food

It is common to observe when studying the Runic alphabet, that it is composed of various runes arranged in a specific order, but the first one is always the Fehu rune. Regarding its shape, it must be said that it symbolizes the head of a cow with horns, highlighting that the cow is a sacred animal for Hinduism and for many other regions of ancient origin.

For this reason, Fehu is the symbol that represents both good and bad qualities of cattle; namely, on the one hand it refers to wealth, fertility, material goods, motherhood, fertility and honor; while on the other hand it represents not so positive aspects, such as the weak spirit, the clumsy, the meek or the servile.

In addition to this, the Fehu rune symbolizes prosperity and luck in business, and when it appears in a rune spread it means the certainty that what is so needed will come to a person’s life. In addition, it indicates that it is a favorable time to start a business and help other people. If the rune appears inverted, it means that it is necessary to reflect before starting a business, that is, you must be more realistic and patient with respect to a certain project.

Uruz Rune: Strength Principles

This is another of the Viking runes that we will refer to in this article, and it represents the beginning of a new stage in the person’s life, which is different from the one known today. In the same way, this rune indicates a new cycle in our life, which translates into a personal transformation that is very necessary for growth.

It is common to notice that people often refuse to change, which may be due to different reasons, but this is a new phase in which we are forced to reinvent ourselves and live better than we have lived until now.

On the other hand, when this rune is inverted, it advises people to stop and get away from their habits that are not entirely positive, since that is the only way they will be able to control their energy and focus on other matters. It should be noted that there is nothing wrong with having a great creativity or an intense sexual life, but the excess of these and other practices can generate a decrease in energy, as well as a wide mental dispersion. Therefore, this rune helps to make a turn in life and a consequent change of perspective.

Rune Thurisaz: The Gate

This rune whose name is Thurisaz, is represented by a sharp tooth that alludes to ideas related to pain or struggle; thus, it symbolizes on the one hand physical pains that are associated with growth during childhood, while on the other hand it also represents the spiritual pains that occur during adulthood. However, its real meaning refers to the polarity between good and bad, or between life and death to be more specific.

In other words, this rune symbolizes regeneration, a new beginning. The person who acquires this rune in the course of a run, must fully open up and accept the coming changes, so it is necessary to get rid of the same old ideas, which are obsolete. Only through this release is he going to be able to fully enjoy a new stage. In addition, it should be mentioned that if this rune appears inverted, it is advisable not to express an exaggerated desire for the new, nor fear of what is unknown.

Ansuz Rune: Signs

Another of the Viking runes contained in this article is the Ansuz rune, whose meaning itself is mouth, wisdom or simply spoken word. On the one hand, this rune symbolizes events and the transmission or communication of messages; while it also refers to everything that involves the word, from learning to reading and writing. On the other hand, when this rune is presented in a rune spread, what it means is an invitation to renewal, change, and the search for new paths.

The Ansuz rune also invites you to trust your creativity, signs and synchronizations, since they will bring great benefits to your life, which is why it is appropriate to trust the advice of friends and family. It should also be mentioned that when this rune appears inverted, it is necessary to look at overconfidence and self-deception, as well as being a good time to monitor excess spending and reflect on what prevents you from seeing a little further.

Raido Rune: Travel/Communication

This rune whose name is Raido symbolizes the route of a journey, as well as the changes that are coming or all kinds of transitory processes. It should be noted that this rune represents the struggle and the search that are typical of the evolutionary journey that each individual makes, but it also symbolizes the process of internal transformation that occurs throughout maturation between adolescence and adulthood. In other words, this rune is closely linked to the processes of change and transformation.

What is wanted with this rune is that the person is not overwhelmed by the uncertainty of a trip or a change of address, since it is totally normal to feel the need to withdraw for a while to think or reflect. Thus, once the initial rejection is overcome, everything will go in a better way. On the contrary, when this rune is presented in its reverse position, what it advises is a temporary distance in order to clarify and put ideas in order, when sentimental ruptures have occurred; in this sense, it is necessary first to analyze the situation, to act later.

Kano Rune: Opening

Another of the Viking runes that have great preponderance in the field of divination is the Kano rune, also known as Ken, kanaz, or Kaunaz, whose meaning is closely linked to knowledge and intelligence. That is why Kano symbolizes a torch or a light, which is responsible for dispelling ignorance or lack of ideas, and instead provides wisdom. In addition to this, this rune represents the new paths, the luminous guide, renewal, recovery and understanding between two or more people.

It is pertinent to note that the Kano rune, when presented inverted, alludes to the loss of relationship or understanding between people, or also the appearance of dark and gloomy feelings. It also encourages to come out of passivity to solve material and emotional issues. On the other hand, the Kano rune represents progress along a path free of obstacles thanks to the intuition of the person, who will be accompanied by the necessary security to face new sentimental challenges.

Gebo Rune: Association

This rune that is known by the name of Gebo symbolizes the union or the pinto in which two elements converge; It has an X shape, which represents the geometric point where two segments of lines or paths meet, which are different since they come from different origins. For this reason, when the Gebo rune appears in a Viking rune spread, what it means are alliances, associations, contracts and even love unions. Consequently, it announces the arrival of times full of success and abundance.

In this order of ideas, teamwork is very beneficial for people, which is why when this rune appears it means that it is a very good time to open up to love and relationships; as well as urges to celebrate sharing with generosity. It should be noted that when this rune appears inverted, it usually cannot be interpreted, in the sense that it is very symmetrical and cannot be seen when it is in one position or another.

Wunjo Rune: Joy/Light

This is another of the Viking runes, and it symbolizes conquest, splendor and success; In this sense, the Wunjo rune can be defined as the rune of glory that has been obtained after having overcome challenges, problems or difficult stages. In addition, its appearance is usually associated with personal fulfillment and the fulfillment of a dream, after a period of inner growth until reaching the top. However, reaching this important point of improvement and satisfaction involves having traveled an arduous path, full of high-risk situations.

This interesting rune also represents inner renewal, which has been the result of an evolutionary process. This progress is manifested in an improvement in the person’s work, which will be widely recognized, in addition to encouraging the celebration of fertility and everything that life can offer. Now, seeing the Wunjo rune appears inverted in a Viking rune spread, it alludes to negative influences that cause certain delays in projects, so it is advisable to analyze the situation carefully before remedying it.

Hagalaz Rune: Destruction/Power

This rune is a symbol of those uncontrolled events that can be negative in a certain way, for this reason it is associated with hail that destroys crops and trees, generating difficult times and need. In this order of ideas, when a hazlaz appears in a rune spread, this augurs the arrival of material or spiritual losses, either involuntarily or through premeditated renunciations.

We all know that change is a fundamental element for people to evolve, so when this rune appears, it gives encouragement not to resist in this moment of crisis, so that it is recognized and used as an opportunity to move forward. If this is achieved, the person can become a totally new being, so changes must be accepted and current resources valued. Finally, it should be noted that this rune is not presented in an inverted position.

Nauthiz Rune: Restriction

The Nauthiz Rune represents a warning related to a situation of scarcity or risk, which is why when it appears in a rune spread, what it represents is the approach of a shadow to someone’s life. For this reason, it is necessary to carry out a self-diagnosis about the day to day to identify and know what the weak points are, with the aim of reinforcing them to face these possible adversities.

Thus, the meaning of the Nauthiz rune is usually related to betrayal, oppression, rebellion and suffering. This rune is also known by the name of Nauthiz or Naudiz, and refers to the fact that no one is perfect, so knowing where your own weaknesses are is the first step to being able to change in order to be better people. Thus, when we are able to overcome the aversion to dealing with our own negativity and with that of the world, we will be able to move away from self-delusion, which will allow us to relax and move forward with sincerity.

Finally, it should be noted that when this Nauthiz rune appears inverted in the rune spread, it is an encouragement to face challenges with perseverance and determination, since everything negative will be left behind and forgotten.

Isa Rune: Pause

This is another of the Viking runes that make up the Runic alphabet, and its meaning is related to the freezing of a particular situation, that is, not risking anything at the moment. In other words, the appearance of this rune invites to carry out an inactivity in the plans that the person has, in order to give time for events to develop without being interrupted.

In this sense, said rune is considered as ice rune and urges people not to move the token at that time, if not to wait in guard for the arrival of the most suitable moment to act.

In the same way, this rune motivates us to remain firm in the face of unstable environments and people, in this sense, if the person’s work and relationships are shaky, they must trust themselves, since they could lead to imbalance. What this rune means is that it is necessary to get away from bad influences, so it is appropriate to listen to each one’s interior and move forward with perseverance and optimism, because if you manage to remain firm, it will be possible to come out of the situation stronger. . With respect to this rune there is no inverted position.

Jera Rune: Harvest

The Jera rune is the main representation of everything that gives us food, especially the crops that are harvested after a year of great effort and patience. For this reason, this rune does not convey haste but rather asks for time so that the cycles can be completed correctly. On the other hand, the Jera rune suggests that the work has already been completed, and that from now on it only remains to be patient and wait for the results.

In this sense, the Jera rune, as part of the positive Viking runes, is a good omen, since it symbolizes the reward derived from hard work and also indicates that it is the most suitable time to start a certain project.

Eihwaz Rune: Defense

This rune is the representation of stability, maturity, temper and endurance; In addition, it refers to obtaining achievements by virtue of patience and decision-making based on security and trust. Thus, the Eihwaz rune is a symbol of acting with maturity and responsibility, accepting the experiences of the past with a view to the future. Now, when this rune appears in a rune roll, it represents an indication that we are going to suffer possible defeats or attacks.

On the other hand, this rune symbolizes that at this moment we have the solidity and stability necessary to act, and this being the case, it is the ideal moment to achieve everything we set out to do, that is, we are in a good moment. Now, it does not have an inverse position, but when its appearance is accompanied by other runes with negative meanings, it indicates that it is time to stop and reflect before acting in a given direction.

Perth Rune: Initiation

The rune known under the name of Perth symbolizes the birth of something new in people’s lives, or also the start of a project that can come unexpectedly or surprisingly. In addition to this, it also represents the discovery of things or objects that had been lost in the past, as well as the arrival of unexpected news or pleasant surprises, or the declaration of love.

In any case, when this rune appears in a spread, the person can be sure that something new is going to come into his life, since he anticipates that a mystery is going to be revealed soon.

It is pertinent to mention that this rune is associated with the Phoenix, which is a mystical bird that is consumed by fire and then rises from its own ashes, since powerful forces related to change and renewal are set in motion. Now, when it comes to the mundane, when this rune appears it probably indicates sudden gains, or even the emergence of an unexpected relationship.

Algiz Rune: Protection/Creative Power

This interesting rune symbolizes the spirit of preservation and protection of true values, and of all those elements that are related to what is pure and natural. In this sense, it represents the protection of life in all its forms, paying special attention to forests and the home.

On the other hand, this rune is linked to the protection and defense of friendship, success, fortune, family and health, as well as being characterized by opportunities and new challenges, which are always accompanied by undesirable influences. , from which it is worth protecting yourself and staying away.

It should also be noted that although the person always has protection, they should not trust others blindly, since there is a risk of giving themselves to the wrong person and, consequently, suffering sentimental and professional damage. This rune invites us to learn to say no at the right time, and to manifest needs mainly in the business field, because if it is not done, other people can take advantage of good will and this would produce a decrease in the everyone’s energy.

Sowelu Rune: Wholeness/Vital Forces

This rune is also known as Sigel, and what it indicates is that everything is ready to take action and begin to carry out all those actions that we had pending or to conclude. In this order of ideas, when this rune appears it is an invitation to gather courage, gather strength and begin to act immediately, as well as prompting one to admit what has been denied for a long time, and to begin a new stage based on the mental and spiritual renewal.

Properly, this rune has a great power that indicates a stage of deep regeneration, or what is the same, a search for totality. In addition, it alludes to the need to become aware of one’s own essence in order to be able to express it in a creative way, thus increasing the force of vitality.

It should be noted that when this rune appears in a spread, it is reflected that with the force of the lightning of an unbreakable will, the person will be able to manifest unimaginable things, since the powerful internal energy of people will allow them to have moments of revelation and clarity that will give lead to some progress; it does not have an inverted position.

Teiwaz Rune: Warrior

This is another of the Viking runes, and is also known by the name of Tyr or Tiwaz, it indicates that it is the right time to act and express firmly, in order to achieve everything that the person sets out to do. In this sense, this rune is synonymous with courage, motivation, willpower and justice, coupled with the fact that it is an indication that successes and victories will come as a result of hard and honest work. For this reason, this rune is represented by the spear, which is the symbol of resistance, courage and victory.

Among the characteristics of this rune stands out the masculine energy and the active principle, which results in an anxiety of conquest, which is why it is the representation of courage, dedication and absolute self-confidence. When it appears inverted, it is a warning to meditate on the situation before going directly to action, that is, it invites you to be prudent and reflect before carrying out a certain project.

Berkana Rune: Growth/Rebirth

This is one of the Viking runes that is linked to fertility and birth, either of a new baby or of emotional aspects such as new friendships or love relationships. In this order of ideas, the Berkana rune is related to elements such as motherhood, childbirth, the family environment, the protection of the home and the beginnings of friendships or deep and lasting relationships.

Also, when this rune appears in a spread, it indicates that the person will enjoy great stability to help and protect their friends and their partner, namely, it indicates the ability to generate and distribute love; it is also linked to new forms and reflects maturation as well as flowering. When it appears in its inverted position, what it indicates is that it is not wise to become attached to people or situations, since it is necessary to evolve and allow others to also achieve their growth.

Ehwaz Rune: Movement/Progress

This rune is associated with physical or psychological movements that are directed towards new places or opportunities. On certain occasions, this rune is linked to new dawns, where new opportunities are waiting. At the same time, it represents transformation and changes of all kinds, among which we can highlight changes, improvements in attitude, new relationships, and even redefinitions in terms of business.

It should be noted that this rune is also known by the name of Eh or Eoh, and indicates that we do not always have enough strength to advance what we set out to do, but it is appropriate to take advantage of this impulse to act with nobility and with respect. On the other hand, when this rune appears in its inverted position, an alteration in plans or a delay in them is predicted; In the same way, it recognizes that everything has an end, and that when one stage ends, another begins immediately.

Runa Mannaz: The self

This rune is widely linked with humility and prudence when it comes to acting, in this sense, it recommends acting and proceeding in a concentrated way without expecting to get something in return. Similarly, this rune shows that this perception should become a philosophy of life, in which pride and expectations are no longer part of the fundamental values. In this sense, the Mannaz rune is related to successful decision-making, because thanks to creativity and the power of conviction we will be able to correct our mistakes.

When this rune appears in a spread, it indicates that this is not a good time to seek praise for achievements, nor to focus all attention on possible outcomes; in this sense, it is necessary to maintain modesty, be condescending, moderate and dedicated. Do not be judgmental or intolerant, remembering the past and thinking about the future, keeping full focus on the present. When this rune appears reversed, it recommends considering new ways of dealing with situations, and not taking what other people say or think personally.

Laguz Rune: Fluidity

This is another of the Viking runes that we will refer to in this article, and its meaning is directly related to the world of the unconscious, intuition, and hidden feelings within the depths of our being. In the same way, it reflects our rejection of what is unknown and the hostility with which we treat everything new that does not inspire us with enough confidence. It should also be noted that this rune also invites us to work within ourselves and to improve our deepest facets that have to do with spirituality.

Within the characteristics of this rune we can mention water, intuition and the fluidity of emotions, relationships and vocations; coupled with this, and especially the satisfaction of emotional needs. When it appears in a spread, what it indicates is that the person is satisfied and knows how to connect with himself and with his internal resources, although it is also very important for him to connect with nature and be alone. When it is inverted, it refers to the need for isolation, it invites asking for help and respecting the points of view of others.

Inguz Rune: Fertility/New Beginnings

This rune represents that you are entering a phase of creativity, happiness, fulfillment and inertia towards a new cycle of life; In other words, this rune suggests that the person is going to emerge from a hermetic state towards a new path of entrepreneurship and social openness. When he appears in a rune casting, Inguz confirms that the person has the strength and ability to start a new project, and also to solve problems from the past.

In the same way, this rune represents the need to share, to be desired, to seek similarities and promote the harmony of personal relationships, as well as it can indicate a new relationship, a new path and even a new life. Now, although it does not have an inverted position, this rune can advise a rethinking of family and love relationships, as well as with home and friendships in general.

Dagaz Rune: Transformation

This rune has a revealing, enlightening and sincere character, because it is related to the day and the sunlight that illuminates everything within its reach. It is usually linked to processes of renewal or transformation, in which a new cycle of life begins, which is full of achievements and prosperity. When it appears in a spread, what it indicates is that if the person is capable of integrating the opposites that are in him, he will be able to achieve his evolution and renewal, so he will also achieve internal maturation and freedom.

Othila Rune: Separation/Retreat

Another of the best known Viking runes is the Othila rune, which is related to the life cycle of the human being and to his most representative values ​​or desires. In this sense, it symbolizes prosperity, family, country, nobility and good social position; In addition to this, it also refers to mental or emotional well-being, not only material, such as inheritances.

Also called Othal or Odal, this rune indicates that if you want to advance, it is only necessary to act in a different way than usual; it is necessary to open up to creativity and then what is needed to achieve happiness will manifest. In addition to this, it indicates a time of blessings, in which the actions undertaken will probably be successful, and will provide new and better opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. There is no inverted position for this rune.

Odin Rune: Fate/The Unknown

This is the blank or Odin rune, and it indicates that everything that begins has an end, and everything that ends has a beginning. In itself, this rune helps to accept what is inevitable in this life, it symbolizes the unpredictable and what is unknown to us. In addition, this is the most important rune of all, and when it appears in a Viking rune spread it indicates absolute trust, that is, it symbolizes the true hope that is a present full of infinite possibilities.

It is a direct test of faith, which stipulates that your most precious asset as well as all your fertile dreams are included in its whiteness; thus, obtaining this white rune requires an act of courage equivalent to jumping into the void with empty hands, and remember that the obstacles of the past could become the doors that open towards new beginnings, new opportunities; emptiness is the end, but it is also the beginning of everything.

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