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Charity represents a feeling of difference between many people, it is to provide support to those who are most in need and have some kind of shortage, for this reason various support and motivation systems have been born for it, such as Catholic Charities , let’s learn about this popular program

Catholic charities

Charity represents the love that is expressed by others, including ourselves, it is an expression widely used by the Catholic Church because they consider charity as a virtue that people develop, this type of feeling is born only from the love of God and always it is expressed towards the neighbor, being an expression of love, mercy and help to people. These types of feelings can develop a feeling of peace and benevolence.

The first expression that is reflected is that of God, because he gave his son for humanity, not caring about all the torture and scorn he could experience in this life, he always had greater mercy for everyone, therefore, one of the main feelings What must be developed is mercy towards others and love for those who need it most, not allowing hearts to be hardened by life situations and by new experiences in another country. 

Catholic Charities Hispanic Community Program

Today there is a great reality that is no secret to anyone, due to economic problems, political differences, social exclusion and scarcity problems, it has motivated a large number of immigrants or transfer of people to other countries in search of improvements and a new stability but most without legal documents and therefore enter the country illegally.

This type of situation is very observed in Hispanic-American people, who are looking for a better life and to be able to live under an honorable and accessible life condition. Many move with dreams and expectations, but they are also aware that it is not an easy road and they encounter many rejections, mistreatment and aggression from all areas that cause demoralization or that lead to attitudes (theft and violence to be able to get at least less food.

For this reason, the Catholic Church offers various supports known as Catholic Immigration Charities known as the Hispanic Community Program of Catholic Charities, is responsible for supporting and recognizing the various contributions that all newly arrived immigrants have in the locality, all states of the country are in charge of offering the system of Catholic charities, with the main function of involving immigrants and Latin American families in the nation’s advocacy services.

This movement represents a community that is in charge of serving people who have different types of beliefs and supporting them with bilingual counseling, especially those cases that do not know other languages ​​and only their native language. In most cases, newly arrived people experience the stress of getting a job, getting money and thus being able to get food or bring food to their homes; highlighting mainly those cases with families and small children.

Presenting cases of adapting to new cultures, treating people with rejection by foreigners, adapting to the political and social systems of the new society and also being forced to a great labor demand and long working hours. Emphasizing that many times the living conditions are not as simple and easy as most immigrants believe, living mostly unpleasant and even very sad experiences, today xenophobia is well known due to the excess of immigrants to various countries.

Through the program that is offered through the Catholic Charities Immigration Services movement, it is in charge of offering counseling services for all those people, families and even immigrant or bi-cultural marriages, being a counseling program that is in charge of increasing the different knowledge of all areas of the communities, coordinating various educational programs and programs for leadership development.

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The Catholic Charities program is in charge of increasing the diverse knowledge of immigrant communities, the team is made up of one person who is in charge of supporting the ideals and respect of people in need, as well as support in all ages, races and different ethnic groups, facilitating the participation of people. The personnel in charge of this program is detailed below, let us observe the telephone numbers of Catholic Charities in the United States:

• Adriana Cardona,
Hispanic Promoter:

• Alejandra Martinez-Lacabe,
Bilingual Counselor:

• Carlos Rios, Iowa Coordinator Iowa and Nebraska Immigrant Rights
Support Network , 515-237-5020

• Kirk Martin,
Program Coordinator:

Know your rights if you are Questioned by an Officer

At this point, he highlights the various profiles that the staff within Catholic Charities can present, offering services for immigrants, being strangers in the community they can be questioned by officials, recommending that the following considerations be taken in case of happening this situation:

  • Must be submitted with your full name
  • They have the right to request the services of an attorney
  • Do not sign any type of document, much less admit any guilt.
  • Request to make a phone call.
  • They need to make the call to the consulate.

General Immigration Services

Catholic charities offer various systems of support, support and   Catholic immigration services and at no cost, without prejudice to religion, race, sex, or origin of the person, services to immigration towns in the different communities, offering a wide variety of services in which the following can be highlighted:

  • counseling service
  • initial consultation
  • Petitions for those immigrants between relatives.
  • Naturalization Applications.
  • Obtaining the certificate of American citizenship
  • All kinds of documentation to be able to travel.
  • Application for Letters of Financial Support for Immigration and Visitors
  • Letters of support for immigrants and different visitors
  • Advice for the different migratory needs that families present.
  • Preparation of applications and different forms related to immigration.
  • Provide support for the various permanent residents applying for citizenship.

Education and Defense

  • It will provide educational programs with various workshops and seminars on the different events that immigrants may be exposed to, informing about the different changes in the immigrant law and in addition to the requirements to carry out immigration and based on the citizenship of families.
  • The different educational workshops are in charge of advocating the various local, state and federal representatives to establish the different immigration reforms, demonstrating the different human and moral laws that will be in charge of ensuring the various family reunions, indicating the possible changes made to the law.

DACA Applications and/or Renewals

DACA represents the Diocese of Camden Catholic Charities system that offers various immigration systems that do not have high costs. In addition, you can also find lawyers as Catholic charities where they are responsible for offering their private services, who are responsible for supporting human rights and people. , excluding your origin, race and ethnicity. For this reason, let us take into account the services that stand out for this type of full and complete programs.

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