Psalm 91 in the Catholic Christian Bible

Psalm 91 in the Catholic Christian Bible

Through reading this article we invite you to learn more about what Psalm 91 says , in addition, topics such as  Psalm 91 in the New Testament will be explained , so we invite you to enjoy this article that will surely be Of your liking.

What does Psalm 91 say?

  1. He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High welcomes himself in the shadow of the Almighty.

  2. I say to the Lord: “You are my refuge, my fortress, the God in whom I trust.”

  3. Only he can free you from the traps of the hunter and deadly plagues,

  4. For it will cover you with its feathers and under its wings you will find refuge. His faithfulness will be yourshield and Buckler!

  5. You will not fear the terror of the night, nor the arrow that flies by day,

  6. Neither the plague that lurks in the shadows nor the plague that destroys at noon.

  7. A thousand may fall to your left, and ten thousand to your right, but it will not affect you.

  8. You will only have to open your eyes wide, to see the wicked receive what they deserve.

  9. Since you have put the Lord for your refuge, the Most High for your protection,

  10. No evil will befall you, no calamity will come to your home.

  11. Because he will order his angels to watch over you in all your ways.

  12. With their own hands they will lift you up so that you do not trip over any stone.

  13. You will crush the lion and the viper; you will trample beasts and serpents!

  14. «I will deliver him, because he welcomes me; I will protect him, because he knows my name.

  15. He will call on me, and I will answer him; I will be with him in moments of anguish; I will free him and fill him with honors.

  16. I will fill him with many years of life and I will make him enjoy my salvation».


In this psalm it is said that those who follow in the footsteps of God will be safe, because they will walk under his shadow, they will take God as a protective entity, which will free them from traps and diseases, always recognizing him as the almighty. Those who live under the protection of God will not fear, neither earthly nor spiritual fears. Also, no matter the mortality, he who is faithful to God will live.

It is clarified that those who live in fear of God will only have to see how the non-believers will receive their punishment, evil will not reach the believers, nor their homes, because the angels of God will take care of you, this so that you never stumble. In short, that faithful Catholic who clings to the fear of God, who takes him for his savior and follows his word, will not perish before evil because God will be his protector.

There are those who pray  Psalm 91 as a prayer of Protection , this is motivated by everything it says, in addition,  Psalm 91 is a Powerful Prayer , thanks to the fact that it is a direct communication with God. There are also people who pray  Psalm 91 as a Night Prayer .

The  Catholic Psalm 91 has great fame among the religious faithful because it highlights in detail the benefits of believing in God and living under his shadow, therefore, it is not surprising that  Psalm 91 in the Catholic Bible is used in several Masses and celebrations of important dates, as devout Catholics around the world use it to protect themselves from all evil.

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