Prayer to San Martín de Loba

Prayer to San Martín de Loba: Effective and Fast

You are looking for a Saint to pray to him and be devoted to him, do not wait any longer and continue reading this article and discover the Prayer to San Martín de Loba is very Effective and Fast.

Who is the Saint San Martin de Loba?

Said Saint is the father of providence who listens to all the people who need his help to solve problems in different areas from work, economics, love, business and even sales, San Martín de Loba is also known as San Martin of Tours in some countries, which is why he tends to confuse a lot when talking about this Saint. Over the centuries, infinite representative figures have been created in churches, squares and even in books.

Prayer to San Martin de Loba

For most of the people devoted to this Saint, they usually pray this prayer every day to have with them the most holy blessing of him and be prosperous in everything that is done, so the prayer is as follows:

“Glorious Saint Martin Caballero,

Oh blessed Saint Martin de Loba!

hailed as father of providence

give me your powerful protection.

Don’t abandon me, give me holy alms

as God gave it to the poor,

make my beloved saint, that as much business as I do

is sold to me and disappears bought.

Don’t let me go broke or lose

in business, in my jobs, or in any of my needs.

Bring me honest and wealthy people

that they come to buy and pay me,

that everything I do or start

have a good end, abundance and prosperity

 and that gold and silver run in my house,

loving Jesus to Mary and the patriarch Saint Joseph.

Blessed Saint Martin de Loba

anoint me of your ointments

coat me with your oils, don’t let me die

without the Holy Sacraments and just as you gave

Send alms to that old man earlier today.

Lend me your horse to do my errands,

your sword to overcome obstacles

and your mantle to cover me.

blessed and praised

be the Blessed Sacrament of the altar

and the Cross on which he died, Jesus Christ Our Lord.


Prayer to San Martín de Loba for Love

With this prayer, true love is usually attracted in a healthy and smooth way, this prayer is performed more than all by those people who have gone through heartbreaks and bad times in matters of the heart, so they invoke him by praying the following:

San Martin de Loba

You who knew which way to go

And you followed your heart

I ask you to make me follow mine,

Since I find myself unmotivated in this

Battle we call love.

You need to be able to get someone

To love and respect him

For the rest of my days

But I ask you to be a mutual love.

Don’t leave me right now

So needy.


Prayer for Business

For a certain number of people who own their businesses and come to see themselves economically or in trouble, said Saint is the one they turn to the most for help, the prayer that should be made is the following:

“San Martin de Lobo,

You who watch over our needs,

I ask you to protect my business,

Don’t let him go bankrupt,

Always protect it so that nothing

Malo passes it.

let me pull it off

Let me be able to invest in it

And let me be able to continue

Enjoying its fruits

Many more years.


Prayer for Work

In case you want to find a job or stay in your job, simply praying to San Martín de Loba can be fulfilled, of course this must be done with great faith since there are testimonies that he does fulfill what is asked of him. The prayer to get a job is:

“Faithful lover of the Lord

Saint Martin Knight,

Today I ask you for help for a great need

What do I have in my life?

I ask you to intercede for me and do

that i can get a job

worthy for me

And if I already own one that I can keep it

And you make my work environment

Be kind and good energy.

I trust you completely,

That’s why I come to you to make you

This plea, which I know you will listen to.


Prayer for Money

In many life situations, people find themselves at a time when they do not want to be, since they do not have a stable economy, and even more so if they have a family, this becomes a priority, so the people who feel The hanged seek this prayer to ask for help and thus be able to have peace of mind and see how San Martín complies with the request.

«Mighty San Martín de Loba,

I know I shouldn’t ask for more than I receive

Cause I know I’m so lucky

But I feel that what I have got of money

Lately it doesn’t work for me

That is why I come to beg you

Help me get some

More money than you are acquiring,

I ask that it be right through

From the effort of my work.

Thank you San Martin de Loba

For listening to my humble pleas.


Prayer to San Martín de Loba for Sales

Within every business there are usually some bad days where there are no sales, so for most people who own businesses they usually pray this prayer every day before opening their premises or starting work in order to have a prosperous day.

“Father of providence,

Make everything in my business sell

And everything can be bought,

Don’t let me go bankrupt and lose my investment,

Don’t let my business stop prospering.

I ask you to perform a miracle for me

To be able to carry out this business

To feed my family.

I know how God fed him

To those most in need, you can

Help me.

Amen. «

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