Made In The Image And Likeness Of God: Explained

Perhaps the phrase created in the image and likeness of God   is so familiar to us, it is not a coincidence, it is something that everyone needs to know. Since we were made that way by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit since the beginning of all time and of the earth we inhabit it. In this life everything happened and happens for a reason. The connections, the events, the things made in the image and likeness of God are related to each other since this was his purpose.

image and likeness of god

On the last day of the foundation of the earth that we know today. God created us the only thing that was missing for him in this dream land. And the truth is that we were created in the image and likeness of God , since he wanted it that way. But what does that mean? Does it mean that we physically resemble him? Or that we will have some quality that makes us similar to our creator?

We must emphasize something very important, that God is not a material entity with a human body like us. Therefore physically we should not look alike. You must be wondering how we are alike then. Many doubts have arisen from this. Since we do not have the quality of being immortal. Of being beings with extreme intelligence or wisdom since in that it differentiates us from the angels and from the heavenly lord himself.

If it is not physically what we look like or intelligence, what does it refer to? The image would have to refer to the soul that each one of us has. To the immaterial part that is tied in this earthly plane with a body made up of matter. It is precisely in this that we resemble God, who is also God, an immaterial being, the holy spirit. This differentiates us from the rest created by him.

What connects us goes beyond us, since we do not know the magnitude of it. We have no concrete idea of ​​our purpose as such in this life or of our similarity to our Lord. That will be a long time or maybe not so long, the truth is that you never know. God’s time is perfect. Until the day when we will have the most awaited opportunity to meet him and take us to his heavenly kingdom.

Influence on the motivation of the human being

It has a great impact on the behavior and thoughts that we human beings have every day. Maybe it’s because of the feeling that we are the only ones. Those that I create in such a peculiar way, with distinction. Are we special? Yes, of course, there is no doubt about that. It is for that very reason that we must further analyze and explore in every way. Why are we the image and likeness of God ?

We are here in this world because God considered that we should govern in the best way and take care of the earth, which he created just for us. Keeping the peace between each of us. Protecting the other species that he also created. Since if everything that is here in this world like; the seas, the earth, the mountains, the plants, especially the different kinds of animals that live together with us was his creation. We worship God and everything he does or undoes so why not worship the rest that he formed, if everything is sacred.

We must be more aware of what we do to others or even what we do with our own mental and physical well-being. From what we feel because it can turn into hatred, resentment and other bad feelings that blind everything else that is good. Have more empathy towards the other since in the end we are children of God.

Necessary changes

Sometimes we think that big changes cannot be made in life. But big changes start small, so small that sometimes you don’t realize you’re making them until they get bigger. There’s no way not to feel so connected to God for showing you the way, and these are usually the most important. There are others that it is better to start with oneself, to improve aspects of ourselves that are not so pleasant, in the behavior of speaking. We have to change just because God did not create us to have bad steps.

The example of Jesus Christ is one of them. He was just a person who changed everything, only with him, with his faith that managed to move the hearts of other people to follow him. That he changed our circumstances or the state in which we lived as eternal sinners due to the actions of Eve. Thanks to her sacrifice, her actions and how we can change the course of history with just words.

The word is all that Jesus Christ had to use to be able to make himself known in all corners of this world and it was the only thing that he left behind. He said that whoever saw him was seeing God. Which means that our Lord is pure goodness, that in all of his being there is only infinite mercy, without distinction of his children.

Importance of knowing the image and likeness of God for children

Starting from an early age with the knowledge that we were created with a lot of love from God and to expand that love among us would bring great development in the following generations. All to raise awareness of him. That we can generate in children the feeling and the belief that God is good and that despite the fact that they make mistakes as they grow up, they have the ability to redeem themselves through him because our Lord overflows with forgiveness.

To foster in children the abilities that God left only to us such as intelligence, spirituality, morality in terms of the reasoning of all our actions. That of directing accordingly to the needs of others just as God does too. Organize the goods that our lord procured for us, so that there are no conflicts or wars. That of planning the progress we make based on the common good. And ensure that they are fulfilled for a better era, full of virtues that were already implemented a long time ago.

Incorporating responsibility from the beginning of a life and this one that was given only by the work and grace of the Holy Spirit, is everyone’s task. So when you are wondering or are asked what is the image and likeness of God in us, just tell them to look in a mirror. Look deep into your soul and into your actions with yourself and others. We are your reflection.

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