María Lionza, prayer, tame, to dominate and attract

María Lionza, prayer, tame, to dominate and attract

History is plagued by cults of deities outside the Catholic religion, but who still have a certain affinity. That is, the name of God is invoked, Catholic prayers are used, and they are part of the culture of each country. By entering this article you will be able to know everything about the prayer to María Lionza , for money, love, victory and much more, do not stop reading it

Queen Mary Lionza

María Lionza is known in the world of spiritism as the “Monarch of forty legions, with ten thousand spirits each” . Great powers are attributed to this aboriginal deity, and her sanctuary is located in the Serranía del Sorte, in the town of Chivacoa, Yaracuy state in Venezuela.

The legend

Legend has it that, at the time of the conquest, the indigenous chief of the Kaketíos tribe maintained a relationship with a white-skinned woman, and from this union a beautiful girl with clear eyes was born. It is also part of the legend that the village shaman predicted that when a girl with strange colored eyes was born, she should be sacrificed and offered as an offering to the Great Anaconda, the owner of the water.

unfulfilled prophecy

Her father, even aware that the prophecy had to be settled, did not have the courage to sacrifice his daughter, so he decided to take her secretly to a cave and put her in the custody of some guardians.

The beautiful girl grew up, and became a beautiful woman. It is said that one day, the guardians were sedated by a supernatural force, which the maiden took advantage of to leave the cave and she approached the shore of the lake, and she could see her beauty reflected in the mirror of water.

Its beauty was so great that it woke up the owner of the water, and he immediately fell in love with the woman. Her father refused to validate this relationship, so the anaconda swallowed the beautiful maiden and she disappeared into the dark waters of the lake. The prophecy had to be faithfully fulfilled, that’s why the anaconda grew disproportionately, which produced a flood and the Kaketíos valley was devastated.

The young indigenous woman emerged from the womb of the serpent, and since then she has become the Goddess of the waters, who protects the animals, lady of the mountain and mother of the crops. She making requests to them through prayer to María Lionza.

In the period of evangelization undertaken by the Spanish, the myth of Yara survived, although it underwent some modifications. The queen of Sorte, the Spaniards named her as Our Lady María de la Onza del Prado de Talavera de Nivar, but over time and for reasons of convenience to shorten her name, they began to call her María de la Onza, a name that It became what is currently known as “María Lionza”.

Worship to Maria Lionza

The cult for María Lionza, born in the early fifteenth century, is based on the belief in an indigenous goddess called Yara, who had supernatural powers. This goddess had her domain in the Sorte region, in the Yaracuy state.

Product of the cultural enrichment of our generations, the cult of Queen María Lionza was inherited, this veneration is a combination of indigenous and African cultures. For the desire to preserve their customs and cultures, despite the pretensions of the Spanish, in imposing their beliefs on them, through evangelization.

Due to the process of struggle undertaken in 1552 by black Miguel in the Buría mines, both black Africans and local Indians seized power and took refuge in the lands of the San Pedro mountain, which is currently the Quibayo, which belongs to the hills of Enjalma. Area that became a National Park in 1960.


The confluence of various beliefs is what gives rise to the cult of María Lionza, and its magical moment is reached on October 12, when its believers gather to celebrate the greatest ritual. The practitioners of this cult gather both on the Sorte mountain estates, and throughout the Venezuelan geography, to celebrate.

The main influences are:


The elements that were mixed and that come from indigenous religions are predominant. This characteristic is evidenced by the use of indigenous language, the use of tobacco, and by the invocation and respect for nature.


The children of the Yoruba people originate the santeros who, even having their own hierarchical structure, coexist in perfect harmony with the spiritism of María Lionza. The practice of santeria, within Venezuelan spiritualism, has its representation in the African court.


Due to the condition of syncretism, a person who believes in the Catholic religion can easily be a believer in María Lionza. Since in her cults recognition is given to the superiority of the Holy Trinity, the Virgin Mary and all the courts of Angels.

When the rites are celebrated, permission is requested from God, from the courts of saints and angels, so that they radiate their light, give it strength and a lot of protection. Spanish elements are also included, such as tarot cards, reading of Spanish cards and other ancient cults of European culture.

Prayers to Maria Lionza

Believers resort to the power of María Lionza’s prayer, to establish that direct connection with her and implore for the resolution of their problems. The queen’s invocation is preceded by a request for permission from the Most High to authorize the intermediation of this deity, embodied in the figure of María Lionza.

The most frequent requests that believers make have to do with health, finances, love, prosperity, protection, among others. Below, we show you some of the prayers that most lift their believers. It is up to you to do it as we present it to you, or to do it according to how it comes from your heart, the important thing is that it is done with great faith.

Prayer for the request of money

Among the devotees of María Lionza, it stands out among their requests, those that have to do with money, for this they prepare their request with the intercession of a prayer to María Lionza for money , with the hope that their requests to their serious economic problems , be resolved by this goddess of spiritualism.

Those who have money problems or if you are unemployed, should pray this prayer to María Lionza to ask for her intermediation. Before carrying out the prayer ritual, we recommend that you burn a natural incense, you must also light three candles, whose colors are green, light blue and violet.

Procedure for the petition ritual

The sign of the Holy Cross is made and it is said:

“I ask the permission of Almighty God, and of the noble will of all the holy spirits here in the earthly plane as in the heavenly. I offer the fumes of this tobacco, to the spirit of chance and good luck, so that with the intermediation and influence of Mother María Lionza, I can make my life change for the better and everything becomes abundance, wealth and happiness ” .

“Three thousand rays have the Sun and the Moon, and that by three thousand rays my misfortune and misfortune be reversed, and that each bit of that explosion is transformed into gold dust, thus converting what is bad into good, scarcity into abundance, and misfortune into happiness.”

motion section

I (person to whom the ritual is offered)

“I offer the smoke of this tobacco to you my queen and lady, my mother and protector, the Great María Lionza, who is always by my side and I have your protection at every moment, You allow sorrows to change for joys, ailments in vitality, you prevent your children from misfortunes, and fill our lives with health, love and prosperity”.

Blessed Saint Onofre, bring the money to my house.

San Martín de Loba share your cape with me, so that the money reaches me from your side.

Dearest Saint John the Baptist, the forerunner, manage to relieve my ailments.

María Lionza, Guaicaipuro and Negro Felipe, please accept my request.

María Lionza, you who know how powerful you are, because God has granted you that power, grant me to get out of poverty, and may my treasures be enough to help my brothers who need it most.

If you are going to grant me a result, I am going to ask you for five signs, and one of them you are going to give me, and they are a child crying, a rooster crowing, a dog barking, a cat meowing and doors knocking. And so I will know that chance comes to me.Amen.

At the end, the Creed and the Act of Contrition, my Lord Jesus Christ, are prayed.

Prayer in search of my great love

If what you want is to attract the love of a person, through this effective prayer to Maria Lionza for love , you can get the interest of the person you like so much.

Start your ritual, praying three Hail Marys and the sign of the Cross, so that everything has a faster and more powerful effect. It is convenient that you do it for seven continuous days so that the prayer to María Lionza takes effect, light a white candle before making the request.

petition ritual

“I ask the permission of Almighty God, and of the noble will of all the holy spirits here in the earthly plane as in the heavenly. I offer the fumes of this tobacco, to the judgment, thought and person, to the five senses, living and created matter and the brain of:”

The name of the person is said .

To the pure spirit of my queen and mother María Lionza,

You must say the name of the person, whom you want to attract and dominate.

On this day, the day he was born into the world, the day he was baptized, the day he is to die.”

“Three times the earth trembled, three times the sea trembled, so I want the hearts of:

The person’s name must be given out loud .

How can I think of leaving?

“Three thousand rays have the Sun and the Moon, and that by three thousand rays the joints of:

Say the person’s name.

If it doesn’t come meek or meek; dominated or dominated before me”.

“With two I see you, with three I tie you up, I drink your blood and I break your heart”.


“To name:

Pronounce the person’s name.

these prayers are offered, protect the words of the baptism, the holy hour in which they took you to church, the letter that the priest prayed to you when they took you to be baptized, the Creed and my Lord Jesus Christ that your godparents prayed to you in the baptistery ”.

“Saint Philip Capuchin be the patron who guides you to my house. Blessed Saint John the Baptist, who from the womb of Elizabeth was crowned, I beg you with great devotion, that before I finish these prayers, I manage to conquer and have:

Say the name of the person.

By my side”.

“I implore the spirit of Saint Helena, so that it works to run and run, that I tie it with the last of my shoe”.

“I believe in you María Lionza, my beautiful queen, guide my paths, appease my anguish, I know how powerful you are and all that you are capable of, for your power, wisdom and great benevolence, I implore you to help me achieve love of:

Say the name of the person

and since God has given you the power, grant it to me so that I:

you say your name

be sought after or sought after, loved or loved, and longed for or longed for:

Here you must say the name of the person

Thank you, mother, for your attention.”

“If you are going to grant me a result, I am going to ask you for five signs, and one of them you are going to give me, and they are a child crying, a rooster crowing, a dog barking, a cat meowing and doors knocking.”

So be it.

Prayer to Maria Lionza to make a request

If you have a specific request, this prayer to María Lionza can help you get help, no matter how impossible it may seem.

The times you go to pray it, remember that you must start first, praying three Our Fathers, the same number of Hail Marys and Creeds. And perform the ritual for three nights in a row, so that it has a greater effect.

I ask the sublime influence of Queen Maria Lionza, being my protector and for the virtue that God has granted her.

To you powerful queen, I surrender absolutely all my needs so that you grant me your loving protection, and that you free me from all evil and provide happiness to my home and that the light of God guides me and my thoughts.

I am, my powerful queen, a great admirer of yours, for your strength, wisdom and your great benevolence, I beg you in the name of God, illuminate my body with your Holy Fluid so that bad thoughts and all bad things move away from me. influence.

Keep my enemies tied hand and foot, so that they cannot harm me.

Oh Powerful Queen! In your company I will triumph, with your strength I will cover myself, with your waters you will bless me and with the power of God you will help me to win.

I will not back down because you are with me, you will collaborate to solve all my needs and you will be the guardian of my home, getting rid of my enemies and you will keep all bad influences away from me.

Under your protection I take refuge.Amen.

Prayer of invocation to Maria Lionza

With the permission of the great power of God, the Almighty Father, the Holy Trinity, the three Divine Powers, all the Blessed Souls of Purgatory and the Powerful Hand, I invoke:

Name the object, thing or job

on behalf of:

Mention the person, with whom the object, thing or work will be related.

So that, with their strength, light and protection, and with my holy queen María Lionza, the Indian Guaicaipuro and the black Felipe, with the help of the entire Indian court, the Liberating court, the Celestial court, the Viking court, the African court, and court of the Blacks, be illuminated with the star of David and protect it with the sword of Bolívar by its four cardinal points.Amen

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