The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price (Matthew 13:45)

The Parable of the Pearl of Great Price (Matthew 13:45)

For many, it is Christ who symbolizes the pearl of great price and sinful man, like the merchant, does everything possible to sell everything he has to Christ. Actually the parable is a teaching of Scripture, which teaches us that for the Lord there is no silver or gold that symbolizes wealth but the good deeds that we perform as a lamb without spot and without contamination.

What does the bible say?

In the Bible Matthew 13:45 tells us about The Pearl of Great Price in which he expresses:

45: Also the kingdom of heaven is like a merchant who seeks fine pearls,

46: who having found a precious pearl, went and sold all that he had, and bought it.

Currently, the first time you read it, it becomes difficult to understand, but don’t worry, we will be explaining this to you throughout the article.


Jesus always intended that all those who will hear or read the word understand the incalculable value of what he said. For those times the fact of using the word merchant was the best because the Jews understand the meaning of said word since it was common to find markets in search of all kinds of articles. This verse narrates the 4 actions of a merchant:

  1. look for precious pearls.
  2. Find precious pearls.
  3. He sells what he has for precious pearls.
  4. Buy precious pearls.

The merchant seeks precious pearls

When reflecting on what the search for good pearls means, the first thing that comes to mind is the fact that there are bad pearls, this makes us think that every day we must be better and that is what Jesus makes Let’s see in this passage, it’s about that we should always look for the best. In ancient times, pearls had a very high value and today that has not changed much since it is not something common.

The merchant finds a precious pearl

Like everything in life, making an effort in the search brought good things, the merchant got a good pearl but for him his work is not over, this indicates that he must make even more effort to achieve his goal. It is precisely at this moment that Jesus leads us to think about the importance of our efforts. We should not sit down and wait for things to come to us by themselves, we should go out looking for them, and we will find them with the help of God’s blessing.

The merchant sells all he has for the precious pearl

There are moments in our life that are unique and unrepeatable. And that is precisely the case of the merchant at this time, to get the pearl he had to be forced to sell all his things and resources that he owned. He can give up having her but it’s all about determination, which entails security not to give up, you have to be aware that in life there are opportunities that come only once. After all, the merchant knows that all he does is invest.

 The merchant buys the precious pearl

Although the conditions were perhaps not the best, the merchant manages to buy that precious pearl of great value, but he definitely succeeded and has in his hands that valuable possession. That so much effort cost him and the one that will bring blessing to his life.

What is the meaning of the pearl of great price?

This pearl for us must represent salvation. He means that a merchant will always be looking for the best pearls. But it is we who at a certain moment in our lives were searching for the truth. For example, a man reached the point in life where nothing fills him, nothing makes him happy, and he feels an emptiness in his heart. And it is at this moment when a merchant appears with the pearl, the pearl of salvation, the man is enchanted, and seeks the form and manner of possessing this pearl of great price, he will seek to sell everything in order to possess it.

What do we mean by selling everything? This means that you will have to get rid of all those sins that you have committed at some point, the lack of faith, the bad deeds. Everything that takes us away from the word of God.

It prevents us from reaching glory. Desire is what this passage in the Bible speaks of, the pearl of great price is salvation and the whole life that God gives us, it is about renouncing all sins to begin to appreciate life in the supernatural that Jesus offered us when coming to earth, let’s say that the pearl represents our ticket to heaven but a ticket in which we are not allowed to go with luggage, and the luggage represents all those sins that we have committed.

Questions to ponder

I will leave you some questions which you must answer, this will help you to know what you want from life? and guides you to the path you must take:

  • What is truly most important to you?
    1. 80 years of sin here on earth or an eternity in Heaven?
    2. All those pleasures of earthly life while on earth or experiencing eternity praising God?

If you are really prepared to perform good deeds that add positive things to be able to possess that pearl of great prices, you must get rid of all those impediments and you may be worthy of entering the kingdom of heaven. But for this entry it is necessary that we leave everything that prevents us from reaching, it is the moment to think that the arrival of the Lord will come at the least expected moment and that we still have all those old belongings on us (sin), and this prevents us from acquire the precious pearl that will make us inherit eternal life.

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