Dreaming of urinating, interesting interpretation!

Dreaming of urinating, interesting interpretation!

Dreaming of urine is not pleasant for anyone, on the contrary, it is a totally unpleasant and even disgusting situation for anyone, however, like all dreams, it has a meaning and an interpretation and that is what should really matter to us, do not stop reading the post .

dream of urinating

As we already know, dreams act as a means of communication through our subconscious, they have as their main objective to alert us about events or situations that are going to happen in a short time in our lives, which is why dreams act as a means to communicate and be alert. about what awaits us and so it does not take us by surprise, dreaming of urinating is usually very rare and even unpleasant but we cannot forget that surely this dream wants to give us an important message which we must be attentive to the details to be able to interpret it .

Urinating is the way that our body has to naturally cleanse itself of toxins that they do not need and are not good, both human beings and animals have been endowed with the function of being able to urinate, it is important to highlight that urination allows our body the power to function correctly.

Dreaming of urinating symbolizes that the person needs to get rid of negative feelings that they keep inside and that are hurting them a lot or that they are bringing out emotions that they have repressed for a long time but that they can no longer stand this situation. In addition, it can be mentioned that dreaming that you are urinating means that you are going to have very bad luck when it comes to love or in relationships.

If you dream that you urinate, it symbolizes that in your life you keep many things that you need to drain and this dream indicates that you are about to let off steam as you need it, certain issues in your life cause you discomfort and annoyance which you would like to forget completely and turn the page to start your new life. Most likely, you always live involved in uncomfortable and annoying situations that only torment you in any area of ​​your life, it is relevant to mention that these situations that you live in totally weaken you that you only want to start a radical change in your life.

In general, dreaming of urinating means that you are eliminating problems from your life, since in the dream you can see yourself expelled all those toxic substances that are not good for your body, on the other hand it symbolizes that you eliminate from your life what is wrong since when urinating you feel a great sense of relaxation and relief. Dreaming that you urinate is a clear sign that you have already solved an argument, clarified a problem or reconciled with someone you love and this fills you with a sense of peace and you just want to get rid of that bad vibe that the situation you experienced left you.

dream of urinating a lot

When you dream that you are urinating a lot, you should worry a little because this dream means that at the moment you find yourself living with many excesses, you are leading your life as if nothing else matters to you since you do everything very quickly without letting yourself life completes its cycles but the most worrying thing is that you are not taking care of yourself, you do not pay attention to anything, you simply do not think about the consequences that this rhythm of life that you are leading can bring you; You are not taking care of your diet, you only eat junk food, you work too many hours without resting, you go out at night and therefore you do not have the hours of rest that you should have.

All these bad habits that you adapted have already begun to be rejected by your mind and your body and this is manifested through the dream where you can see yourself urinating in large quantities and this wants to make you understand that it is time for you to eliminate everything toxic that you have in your life and that it is not doing you any good and how is your pace of life.

On the other hand, dreaming that you are urinating a lot can also refer to the fact that thanks to the excesses that you have had lately in your life, you are also neglecting your family and social life and this is not good either since the people around you do not they deserve the oblivion of which they are being victims thanks to you and your excesses. Also, if you are a married person, this dream means that your partner is no longer happy by your side since they are tired of your carelessness and that you do not give them the necessary attention, this dream is a sign for you that you need to stop with what What are you doing before it’s too late?

Dream that you urinate blood

Dreaming that you urinate blood is not at all positive since in most cases this dream symbolizes dangers and problems and probably this dream for you is no exception, the fact that in your dreams you see that you urinate blood means that in the next few hours you are Going through conflict and family fights which are going to be serious and they are going to cause your family to distance themselves for a considerable time since within your family nucleus there is a person who is not having something that is to your total liking, you are going to discuss very strong with that person your whole family will get involved in their discussion and things will not go well for any of them.

On the other hand, this dream can also mean that in the not too distant future there will be problems within your social circle since there may be a very strong fight with a very dear friend of yours and that can make it end forever since the problem that It will be caused by third parties due to bad comments and gossip, it is most likely that there will be no solution and that friendship of so many years will end with this strong fight that they are going to have.

Dream that you pee in bed

The one that you dream that you wet your bed for peeing can be said to be the dream that speaks the most about you since it indicates that you are a person who does not know how to control any of your emotions at all, if you get angry under any circumstances you know how to control yourself and you get to the point of losing your temper and when you speak you say the first thing that comes to mind and all you do is hurt the people around you for the barbarities you say.

Dream that you want to urinate

Dreaming that you feel like urinating and you can’t do it means that in the next few days you will be going through emotional problems, this dream especially refers to the fact that the problems you are going to have will be linked to your personal achievements and everything that this involves. But what should matter most to you and what this dream wants to alert you to is that these problems will be caused by you alone, since you feel trapped and cannot find a way to move forward to achieve your goals, but in reality everything is in your hands. mind since you are the one who is preventing you from moving forward.

The insecurities, the bad decisions you make, the lack of series for your projects, the disinterest you put in the people who give you the right advice are some of the aspects that are causing you to stagnate and be able to meet your goals, and the dream is indicating that it is time for you to take charge of your life as soon as possible since it may be too late when you want to do it.

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