Alcoholic husband, prayer to God to recover him

Alcoholic husband, prayer to God to recover him

It is no secret to anyone that when we go through difficult situations we seek God, and we use prayers to cry out for his help. Alcoholism is a very common topic, so people always say a prayer for alcoholics. If you want to know an effective prayer for an alcoholic husband, keep reading this article, which is the one.

Prayer for an alcoholic husband

To recover an alcoholic husband who is mired in alcoholism, a powerful prayer can be made with great faith and hope, with an open heart and willing to accept the decision of Almighty God, who is the one who can get him out of that dark place in who is submerged.

In this sense, this act arises from love and compassion, since the wife would not want to lose her husband, despite all the circumstances they have gone through. Therefore, he turns to God as the necessary resource to solve this problem that affects the whole family, generally.

In the following lines, a very effective prayer for an alcoholic husband is presented to get the husband away from alcoholism, and you can turn to it at any moment of desperation so that God and his saints can perform the miracle:

Dear Heavenly Father, King of Heaven and Earth, we turn to you today as a family to intercede for (mention the name of the alcoholic husband), who is the father of this house, and we ask you today for his life as it is He finds himself bound by the relentless spirit of alcoholism, a situation that has caused a breakdown in our family, and has left wounds both in his own heart and in that of his children.

For this reason, in this moment of desperation but with all the faith possible, we come before you so that with your infinite mercy in the name of Jesus, you work in his life and you can transform him into a man who is truly afraid of you.

In this order of ideas, we come with authority in the name of Jesus Christ, savior of all nations, to rebuke any spirit of alcoholism that keeps you bound and submerged in darkness, and we order you to leave your body, to finally strip your mind and soul so that you can be free from these bonds of the devil.

We want him to get rid of these evil ties that do not allow him to be the good and responsible man that he truly is, which is why it is vehemently affirmed that any declared demon who opposes the word of life on him, definitively leaves his life in this very moment, he goes off to deserted places where he will not be able to find any kind of rest.

Thus, at this very moment we send over your life all the fruits of the Holy Spirit, love, self-control, kindness, meekness, we want you to fill your life with patience, faith and joy, so that you can emerge victorious from that battle you are fighting. all together as a family. In this sense, Lord God, we need you to give us the necessary strength and all the love in the world, to be able to cover all the faults in order to see victory in this situation.

In this order of ideas, we also ask you to bless the husband, and lift him from the mud in which he finds himself, take him out of the darkness and that he may then see the light, the light of Jesus and that you finally show him the way to follow, so that you can be happy together with your family. In the name of Jesus, amen.

The Bible as an instrument of salvation

The biblical text is the ideal instrument to find salvation in the face of any calamity we are going through, so its lines are an inexhaustible source of words and testimonies that will provide us with the necessary spiritual help to find the solution to any problem. . It is also common to read stories of people who achieved what they were looking for, so they serve as inspiration for everyone else.

In the precepts stipulated in the Bible, it is very common to also find the foundations through which an alcoholic can be guided, and in this sense to give him encouragement so that he can face his situation and achieve his salvation.

It is thus possible to follow to the letter each and every one of the teachings that Jesus has left us through the word of his apostles, to find the right words to help us save that alcoholic brother, who helps so much you need to get out of the dark. Thus, to be able to create a powerful prayer for an alcoholic husband, to help him get out of that abyss.

The most important thing in these cases is to have faith that through the word of God this person will achieve salvation, since certainty is the certainty of what is expected, the conviction of what is not seen; in this sense it is something more than a simple belief, since it is the full conviction of what is not at first sight, but that we know is possible.

For this, what must be had is total trust in the holy spirit, since he is the one who can encourage us and impel us to seek Christ as salvation for our problems.

Now, the bible is the instrument of salvation and an extremely useful tool when using a prayer for an alcoholic husband, which is why it is necessary to hear, read and meditate on the word of God, in order to be able to count on the right tools and words to address a sick person due to alcohol. All this study will allow us to know a little more about the promises that God has for his children, all in search of mitigating and helping those who need to be healed.

It should also be mentioned that we have a God of the impossible, and as spiritual beings we must have the conviction that we have an almighty father who is also omnipotent and omnipresent.

Our trust must be placed in him, to guide us in the mission of praying and comforting the alcoholic who needs help. That is why Jesus left us a legacy when he died for us on the cross, and he left us the great faith that characterized him even in the most arduous moments of his suffering.

In this sense, Jesus knew the sacrifice that had to be fulfilled by the will of his father, since it was necessary to save humanity from sin by virtue of his faith, which is why he had been sent to Earth. Jesus suffered all this, and it is appropriate to let the alcoholic husband know, so that he too can be saved by his infinite and unshakable faith, he must only be faithful and fully trust in God’s mercy.

Below are some verses that can be reviewed, since they allow us to strengthen a little more the knowledge and wisdom that will help us obtain the most suitable tools, to deal with the alcoholic husband who wants to free himself from that abyss:

John 6:35
Romans 1:17
Ephesians 3:16-17
2 Corinthians 5:7
Mark 11:24
Romans 15:13
James 1:6
Hebrews 11:6
Hebrews 11:11
1 Peter 1:8-9
Mark 10:52
James 1:3
Romans 10:10
John 11:40
John 11:25-26
Romans 14-1
Corinthians 13-2

Excerpts from the word of God

It is well known that alcoholism constitutes a sin in all its expression, since it comes from temptation by demons, and for this reason, based on the word of God, the necessary tools must be sought to combat and destroy it.

All this can be found in the messages and teachings contemplated in the sacred scriptures, since it provides us with enough strength to be able to defeat the evil one and remove his dark objectives from our lives. All these biblical precepts are very useful when praying for an alcoholic husband, effectively and according to the main needs.

Now, it is thanks to this glorious word and to the unshakeable faith that moves the believer that God never departs from the most needy, that we will be able to help the brother who is mired in alcoholism, to overcome it. and be freed from all sin.

Also in this way we can find a way to help their families, who are the most directly affected by this unfortunate situation, in order to prevent it from disintegrating but rather to be united and strong to face the true enemy.

This is how, through prayer for an alcoholic husband, all the powers are put into motion to help that person get out of the dark world of sin, for the sake of entering the enlightened world that Jesus offers in his infinite mercy.

In addition to this, in order to carry out an effective prayer, which will produce the expected results and help us save that person and that family who need it so much, it is convenient to review certain biblical precepts that will provide us with the appropriate tools; they are explained below:

Ephesians 5:18 points out the following: “Do not be drunk with wine, which is a cause of licentiousness; rather fill yourselves with the spirit.” In this excerpt it is stipulated that God wants us to be filled with his faith, that we get drunk on what he offers us and fills us with joy through the holy spirit, since this is the divine and inexhaustible source of joy.

It should also be mentioned that God is a father who knows each and every one of his creatures, because they are his children and consequently he only wants good for them. For this reason, God feels a little sad every time one of his children falls into the temptations presented by the devil. That is the importance of strengthening the spirit, for the sake of being strong enough when facing the evil one.

In this order of ideas, the apostle Paul also suggests in his writings not to drink alcohol in excess, since this can mean the fall or weakness that will make us weak before the evil one, who can easily take advantage of these occasions of weakness to attack with his claws and bad intentions.

On the other hand, in Hebrews 2:15 the following is stated: “Woe to him who gives his neighbors a drink, and adds his poison to them until they are intoxicated, to look at their nakedness!” From this precept it is understood that God condemns those people who take advantage of alcohol, to incite the weak to commit acts of lust and other sins.

In the same way, in the bible it can be found that the Lord also condemns those who become addicted to alcohol, since this situation will lead them to ruin both physically and mentally, morally and spiritually, and will also cause a deep pain and suffering to those who love him, as they suffer more direct consequences.

Worse yet, is that when a person falls into the sin of alcoholism, he completely separates himself from the eternal life that God offers, a life that constitutes one of the promises of love that he stipulates towards his children.

How to make a prayer for an alcoholic husband?

It is well known that dealing with an alcoholic person can become extremely difficult, since drunks are generally not one hundred percent in their right mind and are not fully aware of their actions.

In this sense, it is necessary to be tactful and know how to cope with this situation, because if they feel attacked they can react aggressively and lead to unfortunate events. Therefore, it is worth knowing some tips that can be used when praying for an alcoholic husband, namely:

The first and most important thing is to pray with the heart and ask God to provide us with sufficient strength, as well as the wisdom to be able to face this situation in the best possible way, according to the precepts contemplated in the Bible, in relation to how to properly treat that sick husband because of alcohol.

In the same way, it is also necessary to ask God to give us the best advice and recommendations, as well as to enlighten us regarding the actions to follow in order to help the alcoholic in the most suitable way, as well as his partner and others. relatives who are affected by the situation, which in many cases is usually critical due to the consequences of alcohol.

God must also be counted on as the living inspiration of that prayer, since he alone is the refuge for all those who need his help, he is the one who gives hope to his children in times of difficulties and tribulations, and he is the only one who can help save everyone who is lost.

Next, it is necessary to pray for love for that person who is immersed in alcoholism, even if it is a bit problematic on some occasions, since that individual in his worst moments is capable of causing some physical, psychological and even spiritual damage to those who are around it; that it is generally his closest relatives who suffer the true consequences of his drunken state.

In this sense, it is pertinent to ask for an increase in faith, perseverance and forgiveness in the wife of the alcoholic man, since she is the one who must deal with this situation on a daily basis and faces its consequences directly. Similarly, other family members also need to be more patient in handling this difficult situation.

It is very important to hold on and always resort to prayer, in order to obtain victory over the demon of alcoholism that does not allow the person to get out of that abyss. It should also be noted that for God there is nothing impossible, which is why you should pray with enough faith and the full conviction that he is going to work and will generate the changes that are so desired.

Characteristics of an alcoholic husband

Unfortunately, today there are many families that are affected by alcoholism, generally because one of its members is mired in this unfortunate situation. This is a state that affects not only the alcoholic person, but also all those who are around him on a daily basis, his wife, his children, his brothers and parents, who are the ones who face the consequences derived from this .

Among these consequences, an alcoholic person generally does not measure the consequence of his actions, that is, he is not fully aware of his actions and in this sense does not sanely consider their pros and cons. In the same way, if a person with high levels of alcohol in his body feels too pressured, he can relate violently or aggressively, since he can feel that he is being attacked and by a natural instinct, he looks for a way to defend himself in some way. or other.

In the same way, an alcoholic person may not be a very good administrator of finances, since depending on their state, they will generally want to spend all their money on alcoholic beverages, since it is what they feel refuge and security in. You can also neglect housework, because time goes by at parties and while recovering from a hangover, which is why you are not one hundred percent sane. This can cause many problems at home and on the street, since the person is not fully aware of his actions.

In addition to this, an alcoholic person can abuse those around him, he can be aggressive, grotesque, abusive, and he can also get into trouble on the street with other equally drunk people. In this sense, when it is a husband or father of a family who is mired in alcoholism, multiple problems can arise in the home, since it is an extremely difficult life for the wife who has to deal with it and for the children who unfortunately they grow up looking at this example.

All this is summed up in suffering, bad examples and aggressiveness, which are not appropriate for children who are growing up, and at the same time generates both physical and mental wear and tear for those who must carry this situation. That is why many spores are motivated to access religious strategies, in order to find the solution to this difficult problem. This is how you access the prayers to get the spouses out of this darkness, with faith, patience and perseverance, so that the life of the whole family is restored.

Alcoholism: Vice, disease or devil?

When dealing with the subject of alcoholism there is usually some confusion, since it is necessary to define whether it is a vice, a disease or a demon that takes advantage of the weakest hearts. All these options are valid, since they constitute part of what this sad situation means for sure, which is no secret to anyone and affects both the alcoholic himself, as well as his relatives and the people around him. the.

It should also be noted that a vice can be scientifically defined as a practice considered harmful, both for the person who practices it and for the other people who live around it. From this perspective, it can be said that the word vice fits the definition of alcoholism, however this connotation has extremely negative notes; In addition to this, in general people who have a vice are considered perverted or immoral, who spontaneously fall abandoned to it.

However, alcoholism is a condition to which the World Health Organization itself alludes, although it generates serious physical, psychological and social results for the subject who suffers from it. It is also characterized by virtue of the fact that the person who uses alcohol in a prolonged and deliberate manner, endures innumerable permutations in his reasoning, which hinders his self-control and the ability to dominate the instinct to drink alcohol. Therefore, they do not do it consciously, but rather they cannot avoid doing it.

However, the person can stop drinking with the appropriate medical and psychological treatment, and from then on he is able to commit to his illness in order to control and dominate it, and not vice versa.

Finally, spiritually speaking, it can be said that this is a demon that deals with enslaving people, tying them to alcohol until they are destroyed and their families are irremediably divided. That is why loved ones come to pray for an alcoholic husband, in order to save him and take him on the best path, both for his health and for his spiritual well-being.

Well, from all this it can be concluded that prayer for an alcoholic husband can be an effective tool, to beg God for his intervention in terms of saving that loved one who is mired in alcoholism, since it is a state of which has no proper control.

Like any vice, disease or demon, the person who is a victim of alcoholism cannot free himself from it, which is why he needs all possible help from his loved ones, from God and even from doctors and psychologists.

It is not something impossible, but it does require a lot of patience and perseverance on the part of the closest relatives, who must deal with this painful situation day by day, and are the ones who are directly harmed. It also depends somewhat on the will of the person involved, who must be willing to change and improve for his own health and that of others.

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