7 Valuable Lessons We Learned From Frida Kahlo

7 Valuable Lessons We Learned From Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo  was a Mexican artist and is one of the most iconic women. Her philosophy of life has a lot to teach the women of yesterday and today.

“They thought I was surreal, but I wasn’t, I never painted my dreams. I painted my own reality.”

This phrase reflects his decisive character and his need to demonstrate his true self, above all, to always be himself. These are 7 of the most important lessons women today can learn from Frida Kahlo.

1. Be true to yourself

Don’t be influenced by what others say. It doesn’t matter if you are unconventional or even “rare” to others: never stop being true to yourself.

Frida has always felt “different” and in that difference, she probably found her talent and her way of leaving a mark on the world.

2. Chase your dreams

When Frida decided to become an artist, she did so at a time when hardly any woman would dare to think about it.

In those days there was no room for them, but she was never afraid to expose her emotions or thoughts, and little by little she began to chart the path he had always dreamed of.

3. Don’t give up despite problems

Life will always give us alternatives to solve. As complex as they are, the essential thing is perseverance and we don’t stop fighting for what we really want.

4. Turn the pain into something better

“Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional”, was how it used to be.

When you feel like too many things come down at once and you can’t win, it’s important not to be overcome by pain and try to turn it into something positive.

Frida, who suffered a serious accident that left her with permanent fractures, made some of her most famous paintings, inspired by her sadness.

5. Fight for what you believe in

To stay true to yourself, you have to fight and stand firm for your convictions.

You must be open to new ideas, but don’t let your principles go away, because they are, first and foremost, part of your essence.

6. Learn to let go

There are certain things and people that life makes us cling to, out of love or whim, and this is the reason why we don’t realize that they hurt us.

Letting go of these influences from our lives is a big step towards personal growth because there are things we can never change.

7. Se ame

Above all, love yourself first. You are the only person you have to live with every day, and learning how to do that is essential.

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