The Meaning Of The Called Hindu Rosary Or Yapa Mala!

The Meaning Of The Called Hindu Rosary Or Yapa Mala!

In most religions there are customs and beliefs, which are already well anchored in the hearts, minds and bodies of people. This is the case of the Hindu rosary that serves for different types of veneration towards what we believe, which can be interpreted as actions that can be fulfilled or not. As well as the spirits we follow to find peace in them.

hindu rosary

Not only can it be identified as a Hindu rosary , it also has another name that is important to know, which is Yapa mala. In them there are the correct ways to be able to exercise and learn from the seven chakras. Those who use it, more than all this rosary, are those who practice Buddhism and Hinduism.

It is made up of 108 totally unique accounts, that is not counting the one that goes in the middle of these. And that most of these necklaces should be purely handmade products, that people make by their hands would be ideal, since they are not that difficult to make.

Each bead should be aligned from our main color to the last one that defines us, if we want to make the Hindu rosary more personal, representing the states of the chakras through the colors. In addition to the fact that at the end of this necklace very fine threads are added that can be of a single color or of several.

They serve to help in the process of mantras. That they are rituals, projected through the sounds and sensations that are experienced before each perception of these. In the process, these sounds that are considered divine or spiritual must be repeated and this is where each account has a purpose, it serves as a guide through it. In this way it helps the soul to have greater concentration to improve our lifestyle. And the ability of the mantra, to transform what surrounds us.

Why are there 108 beads on the Hindu rosary?

In Buddhism and Hinduism everything must be connected and have some kind of heavenly perfection. These happen with the beads of the Hindu rosary , the amount that is going to be placed must also have its divine explanation. 108 is such a beautiful and error-free number that it is chosen for the task of having an object capable of giving us the path through it.

Adding the one, the zero, and the eight, we get nine. And this number is the one that is perfect within the traditions since it is a multiple of three, but it is the third part of it when multiplied by it. Which makes it amazing and it’s a number that we can turn to if we have concerns, repeat the mantras three times. It symbolizes the three states of our life: mind, body and spirit.

There are many ways to use the Hindu rosary but one of them would be like what they practice in Hinduism, mostly those who do yoga, which is where this activity also originated from. Then our Yapa mala is held in the right hand. But how it is actually held is between two fingers: the thumb and the middle finger.

Only the accounts will be passed between them and this also has an explanation as to why they use it this way. This is because the thumb represents for Hinduism the knowledge of the entire universe and the middle finger symbolizes the purest part of the human being that settles there.

There are a total of 109 accounts, one that goes in the middle as mentioned above but that one is not really counted because it is not for us mortals. This single account has to be much larger than the others. Since it symbolizes the divine hill of Meru, it is the sacred place for the gods of Hinduism, their home. And from this account is that the colored threads come off.

The production of these necklaces should not be from expensive materials. Because in Hinduism the people who practice it do not get attached to objects or materials of value that for them have no other importance than damaging the soul, with greed.

They can be made from trees, from the bones of animals that remain after feeding on them so that their bones have a purpose, seeds are also a very good option. And if there is no other option, stones that you could get in a river. All this in order to be created by the hands of the people who practice it, not made in a company.

How to use the Hindu rosary or Yapa mala?

This is a ritual used to align people’s chakras. So when you go to do it, try to be alone at home or somewhere where you feel totally safe. It is important to keep in mind that the energies of that place are calm so that in this way you are too.

Then start sitting in the center of your house or in the place which you chose. If you don’t feel comfortable sitting in the center of your house where it suits you best, the important thing is to be in tune with the center of the world. In this way the connection with everything else will be effective for our ritual.

Now begin to proceed in choosing the mantra of your liking or the one that you feel suits your needs. As mentioned above the right hand is paramount for you to hold your Hindu rosary . Now pass each bead between your thumb and middle finger. Do not start or touch the bead that is in the middle of the rosary, while doing the ritual. Since it starts at the beginning of the necklace, not at the end.

And every time a bead passes through your fingers, you, already with the chosen mantra, will repeat it only once per bead. At the end, if you feel renewed or willing, you can repeat the process, there is no problem with that, only that each time you have to turn the necklace and start again. The mantra, there will be no problem if you chant it in your mind, out loud or barely audible. The important thing is that it is done and you get balance with your chakras.

The benefits of using the Hindu rosary or Yapa mala

  • Discipline is enhanced by meditating.
  • It gives us stability when performing a mantra, as a useful instrument for that.
  • It allows us to be the ones with the full knowledge of the count.
  • Being a handmade artifact gives you more connection to the world where we live, just by feeling the beads on our fingers.
  • By using both the Hindu rosary, he and you will grow and become stronger.

chakra review

This is with the objective that you can draw from what each color of the Yapa mala is plotted if you are just entering this universe of Hinduism where there are multiple opportunities to improve our spirit, mind and body. Below are the following chakras according to their alignment:

first chakra

Being the first, it is located at the foundation of our spine. And through it we grow exponentially, like the roots of a tree that only has that. From this we gain ground or firmness in terms of emotions and physical conditions.

It is so important since it gives us the renewal that everything we need is well and in order, as far as the basics of our person are concerned. Such as the maintenance of the physical body, balance in our thoughts and feelings that are primary. It is very often associated with the color red. And its element is the connection with the earth. Physically it takes care of the legs.

second chakra

This is the chakra of sensitivity. It gives us stability towards the new things that life brings us, to be able to open ourselves with total receptivity to changes and be surprised by them. In addition to enjoying all the senses that the human body has. This chakra represents the pleasure of sensuality in a way that is good for the spirit. Its color is orange and its characteristic element is water with the seas and rivers. Physically it helps the reproductive apparatus and organs, kidneys and the bladder.

third chakra

It pleasantly influences the self-esteem that someone may have. Establishing and constantly renewing itself. It produces enough energy so that the security that is had in the mind and in the body, strengthens. More than physically, it does not help with the mind, to produce intelligent responses when making decisions in actions that can involve us. And in this way knowing how to face the different situations of the world of life as well.

So that in this way we are independent beings and live under the rules that we want. Its color is yellow and it physically takes care of the stomach. The element of this chakra is fire, which humans create.

fourth chakra

This could be said to be the heart chakra, not because it is in charge of this organ, but because it is located in the center of the other chakras, establishing a connection with all of them. He is the one who establishes love within a person and is even the one who can create limits on it towards others, if he feels pressured.

More should not, since they are able to give control to the soul. He can and wants to give love to loved ones, such as family, friends, the couple and above all to ourselves as individuals. This chakra has two colors instead of one, they are pink and green. It does not have an element and it is the one that unites the earthly plane with the spiritual one. Physically it takes care of the shoulders and the lungs.

fifth chakra

It is the artistic and imaginative chakra. It is the one in charge of creating new things, the one of inspiration if we are creating music or writing. It is also activated when people try to communicate with others, it is excellent for oratory and being able to converse fluently.

Another characteristic feature is knowing and knowing how to listen very well. Since he is an expert when it comes to sounds, he feels the vibrations in them. This chakra is the one you fill us with purity. Its element is the color turquoise. And his element on earth is ether. It takes care of the throat, jaw and neck.

sixth chakra

His power lies in intuitions. Since this chakra is located between the eyes, in the center. So it gives the strength to correctly visualize the events of life and those that they have to give, clearly. Thanks to him, having retention is easy and has an influence on our ability to concentrate. Its color is indigo and its element on earth is what gives us light. Physically it is in charge of the vision and the head.

seventh chakra

This chakra is clearly identified as spirit. It connects us with the connection to life in many other aspects that we have not yet reached, but thanks to it, a part of it can be achieved. Physically it is located in the crown of the head and supports the bones of the human body and the skin that surrounds it.

Most believe that its characteristic color is violet, although others believe that it is white. If there is an element in our mind and that is the thought. In some cultures, this last chakra is represented as a lotus flower with many petals on it.

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