Prayer for love with holy death that fulfills what it offers

Prayer for love with holy death that fulfills what it offers

The prayer for love with holy death is beneficial for those who wish to have love in their lives. In addition to this, it is important to keep in mind that the prayers that are performed under the prominence of Santa Muerte are very powerful. It is necessary to know that it can be done at the time you want, as long as you are in a quiet place free of people who can interrupt the ritual.

Prayer for love with Santa Muerte

My blessed Blessed Death, today I bow before you, with the intention of knocking on the door of love, because I know that you will be the only one capable of helping me return in my life the necessary elements to find love, Santa Muerte.

I ask you to help me control love, which in my life has been characterized by behaving capriciously. Today I ask you to do this better Santa Muerte, because I feel dejected for not being able to have a good love for me.

I surrender to you, imploring that the suffering and impotence of not being able to have a stable love life disappear from me. I beg before your altar that you allow me to solve my problems and I implore you with great sadness and despair that you listen to my risks my Blessed.

I know that your great power will allow you to listen to the beating of my damaged heart, because you are my only white girl and you are able to connect with your believers, always looking to help them in everything they need.

I wish that the person who appears does not become an impossible love for me. My Holy Death grant me the miracle of having my love by my side, do not allow the circumstances of life to continue interfering in our lives and make it possible for us to meet and share.

I am aware that you are the only one who, with your kindness, considers me a miracle. Allow me to soon have my partner and that he corresponds to me with great devotion. May your love be truly great towards me.

I will always be grateful to you Santa Muerte, because I know that you consider me. That is why I offer you my eternal fidelity. I will beg and thank you for the time you require, because I know that everything I ask of you with faith and respect will be granted.

I offer you offerings that you like my dear Santa Muerte. Only in you I trusted and all my faith is concentrated in you my Blessed Death, I hope you listen to me soon and thus fulfill my wish soon, amen.

The holy dead

The cultural diversity that characterizes Mexican roots developed under a diverse set of cultures after the clash of the native with the arrival of the Spaniards and the growth of their beliefs in the territory, 500 years ago.

This resulted in a fusion of various aspects, including the spiritual, which became a union of two worldviews, where a grouping of faith, deities and hopes of eternal life after death was generated.

Despite the fact that when the colonization was carried out, the invaders sought to impose their beliefs and therefore their faith, the indigenous populations, native to the territory, decided to continue imposing their deities and therefore their beliefs. Seeking that there was no danger, they began with their ancestral celebrations calling them Catholic saints.

Among the most well-known and outstanding divinities from which this result derives is the popular and important one for Mexican culture, Santa Muerte. This deity is considered the physical representative of the transition that humanity goes through between leaving this plane to become part of the world of the dead.


Santa Muerte is represented with a skeleton that is dressed in a dark-colored tunic, its function is to cover the human skeleton from head to toe. In addition to this, it has other factors, such as the scythe. This element represents the equality of humans, as all will succumb to death.

That it is represented in the form of a skeleton symbolizes the equality that exists between all human beings when their souls leave the body. (Learn more about  where God is )

On the other hand, it has red eyes that represent the blood that unites all humanity. The color of her clothing will depend a lot on what you want Santa Muerte to do for you. She has seven powers that are determined by color and are as follows:

  • White color

The white clothing in Santa Muerte represents the well-being that is sought and also the purity that you want to have in order to improve your life.

  • bone color

The bone-colored clothing in Santa Muerte is used with the aim of prospering in the business area and also at home. When requests are made to the Blessed under this color, peace, success and even harmony are achieved.

  • Red color

When requests are made to Santa Muerte under the color red, it seeks to fulfill the desire of love. Its objective is to symbolize the blood that runs through our entire body and takes us to the heart, which is the organ that represents and manages people’s emotions.

  • Color blue

Blue is used in Santa Muerte, to make requests, totally related to the professional plane. With this, they seek to obtain a lot of success in the work area and in addition to this, they seek to have a good atmosphere at work.

  • Yellow color

At the time yellow is used to make a request to the Blessed, it seeks to solve problems that are considered minor. In the same way, these petitions seek to solve problems that do not see a way out and definitely cause discomfort in your life.

  • Golden colour

The golden color that is used in the clothing of Santa Muerte, has the objective of providing economic tranquility. In the same way, it allows a better environment to be developed in the business area and also at home.

  • amber color

When the color amber is used for the rituals of Santa Muerte, it seeks to improve the environment that exists in hospitals and also rehabilitation centers. Well, it helps to improve the conditions in which people who need some type of rehabilitation for problems such as drugs and alcohol are.

  • Green color

The color green in petitions focuses on representing the ideal solution to problems in the legal field and, in turn, that of justice. Well, this seeks to solve problems impartially. (Be sure to learn more about faith in God )

  • Brown color

At the moment in which the brown color is used in the Santa Muerte, it is sought to help all elements related to the fortune of leaving without scratch any of the problems that tend to arise on a daily basis.

  • color black

The black color when used in Santa Muerte when making requests, represents protection in relation to magic. That is to say that when Santa Muerte is black, it represents the balance that exists between good and evil.

  • Purple

The purple color in Santa Muerte’s clothing is used for those believers who seek to obtain skills related to psychic ability, which in turn allows the spirituality of the person in question to evolve. (Do not stop knowing how to maintain a communion with God )


On the other hand, there are a variety of positions that represent what is wanted from Santa Muerte, these are the following:

When Santa Muerte is squatting, she is in charge of representing the search of humans for a better life. In addition to this, it represents the common desires of humanity and in turn the evolution of patience, with the aim of achieving what is desired.

Santa Muerte, when standing with a scythe in her hand, is meant to represent justice and also seeks to represent the fairness that death possesses.

When she is represented sitting on a throne, Santa Muerte takes care to imply that she is a king. That is why it must be understood that when it is used in this way we all appear just at the end of our time.

In the moments in which the position of Santa Muerte is given with an hourglass. It deals with representing the evolution of time that is consumed in the span of each person’s life. With the aim of keeping in mind that no matter where you come from, everyone has the same end, death.

cult origin

According to the native cultures of Mexico, death at the beginning did represent sadness and also a lot of concern. That is why many cultural events are held, in search of having a good relationship with Santa Muerte, which has led to a better understanding of this event in life.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the cult that is performed to the Holy Death in Mexico originated from around three thousand years. In ancient times, the natives who populated the territory that is currently called the Republic of Mexico, considered that death was a necessary and natural process in the evolution of life.

They considered this process as a cycle, just like day and night or rainy and dry days. This means that they considered life and death to be equivalent. What caused it to start with a representation of human figures when talking about this entity.

The image of Santa Muerte represented the duality that exists between a living being and a dead one. As well as what we carry inside us. It is in this way that it is considered that it begins with the cult that is made to death. In addition to this, it is considered that its ancient origins and the conquests of the tribes were what led to the expansion of this cult throughout all corners of Mexico.

Many tribes have the cult of devotion to Santa Muerte in their culture, as is the case of the Mayans, Mixtecs, Totonacs and Zapotecs. It is important to mention that one of the peoples that have a culture with the greatest roots of this belief is that of the Aztecs.

This people considered itself as one of the most brave in the Mexican territory, which is why it is considered according to the evidence that has been obtained from their beliefs that their devotion to death sometimes reached extremes.


With the arrival of the Spaniards, things changed, most of the gods of the pre-Hispanic culture, developed a transformation, these became considered part of the legends and very few people kept their native cults secret, in search of not run danger with the conquerors.

That is why they proceeded to practice the cults in secret. At the time, with the liberation movements of the lands of the Spaniards, their social stigma was being lost. What allowed this belief to become popular in various aspects.

Santa Muerte is considered a universal cult that has developed in places around the world. Which in turn was censored among the European invaders, from the corners of Africa to those of America.

That is why many consider that its true origin is difficult to know. For death symbolized under a description of power, respect and fear has existed throughout the world. (Learn more about prayer for the brothers )


It is important to know that in Mexico, the cult of Santa Muerte began in Córdoba, specifically in Veracruz, right in the middle of the 19th century. When a local shaman indicated that death appeared to him represented in dreams, where he told him that he should spread the cult of her among all.

The most important temple is located on Alfarería street in the Tepito neighborhood, in Mexico City. Multiple faithful who wish to highlight the importance of Santa Muerte are directed at this.

Many arrive on their knees, while others arrive making requests and others simply go to their temple to thank them for their work. The faithful always bring offerings such as sweets, liquor and also cigarettes.


It is considered that the philosophy focuses on the respect that is owed to Santa Muerte because we often see her, after a new process of evolution that souls undergo just when they fulfill their life time on this plane.

It is for this reason that we must always seek to be well with her, in search of death taking us in a calm, non-aggressive way. On the other hand, it is important to note that throughout the Mexican territory there are temples and also altars that are dedicated to benefiting Santa Muerte, it is precisely in these places where her veneration is appreciated.

It should be mentioned that the first and second days of November are the days considered most important for the cult of Santa Muerte. The reason for this is because Mexicans celebrate death on those days.

Prayer so that love is not lacking

My dear Lord, you who are the Creator, the king of the earth. I beg you right now for permission to offer my devotion to Santa Muerte, she who is the queen of queens.

It is to her that I want to owe worship in prayer with the purpose of thanking her for her work. Well, Santa Muerte is the one who offers me the necessary favors that are required to receive love.

With the permission and authorization of our Heavenly Father, I beg you Santa Muerte, seeking to make requests that fulfill my wishes without doing any kind of evil in the lives of others.

Because my Creator, you gave us life and the only thing you assured us is that we would reach death. Holy Death, I ask you to open my whole heart so that I can always have a good love around me.

Don’t forsake me Blessed of your protection. I ask you Santa Muerte to give me the power to count on a good love that fills my home and my life with harmony and tranquility. May life give me love throughout my life, amen.

sentence 2

Give us light and strength Santa Muerte. You who are the protection from evil, allow my paths to love to open, do not let elements such as anger and bad intentions end my desire for love.

Close the eyes of everyone who wants to end my love life, give me the power to be happy with the one I love. Give me inner peace to help me get my desired love.

That you have a life full of love and a lot of passion. May love continue forever and ever. Allow the moment the soul is banished from the body, my spirit continues to maintain love in your lives.

May no kind of evil affect me in love. Please I ask Santa Muerte that witchcraft and sorcery never affect me. I beg you that any being that wants to do me harm drown and reverse any act of witchcraft that does not allow me to obtain love.

Allow me to achieve peace relationships in my life with everyone who loves me. Bring harmony to my life, wisdom and much peace. May prosperity manage to generate love in our lives. I ask you to give me protection Santa Muerte in love, that’s how it is and that’s how it will be, amen.

prayer for forbidden love

My dear and precious Santa Muerte, I bow to you because it is you who can help me when it comes to healing my need to stop suffering for this love that is forbidden to me.

Love has finally arrived at my door, however life gave me the sadness of not having a reciprocated love. This situation has brought impotence to my life because I do not have the solution in my hands that will end my problems.

That is why Santa Muerte, I ask you to accept my prayers, because I know you understand my pain. It is you who listens to my heartbeat when I talk about this new love that has become an important part of my life.

Today I beg you, because the person I love does not consider the same thing, which makes it an impossible love, that is why I implore you to be with me so that I can be very happy with his presence by my side.

Today I turn to you Santa Muerte because I know of your power and your great miracles, I want (mention the name and surname of the person you consider impossible love) to become my partner, become my boyfriend and then my husband. May my love be eternally reciprocated. I will be eternally grateful for your kindness my Blessed.

In exchange for this important request of love I offer you (offer the offering you have to give) during (indicate the time in which you will make the offering) in order to demonstrate my devotion to you my dear Santa Muerte, so be it, amen .


It is recommended that people have an environment only when they are praying, that is, it is positive that they do not have any type of company when making the request.

An altar must be made where you can place the photo of your loved one that you consider impossible, in addition to this it is necessary that you have your prayer to make the impossible love fall in love. (See: New Testament )

In addition to this, it is recommended to have seven candles on the altar that have four red colors and three white ones. After you pray with great faith, blow out the candles.

It is important that you pray to obtain the love of someone who seems impossible every day until the candles are already consumed. At the moment when it is completely consumed, it is important that you burn the photo together with the written sentence. Especially when you have the request fulfilled.

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