Does it Really Allow Healthy Actions?

Healthy Mind: Does it Really Allow Healthy Actions?

ou want to know the right way to enjoy a Healthy Mind ? Next, in this article you will find all the most relevant details to achieve it thanks to the Word of Christ.

The healthy mind

On thousands of occasions different opinions have been made known regarding the Healthy Mind and whether it really brings healthy actions, that is why we find ourselves carefully studying the Book of Colossians under the series entitled “The Supremacy of Christ” .

Sound Mind: The Supremacy of Christ

It is well known that what we think usually determines what we really are, as it was mentioned in an interview announcement correctly broadcast. The image of him shared a little boy pondering his future. In the background, a distant planet and a rocket being propelled into space were revealed, in addition to which later, in a smaller typeface, the following was allowed to be read: «He is only a Child».

Despite being a little boy, his mind is already in the future. Within his imagination, his mind is capable of seeing far beyond his eyes; I wish that was the attitude of each little one, to keep the vision further away than what people can usually see and thus attract new things.

It must be taken into account that our mind is capable of determining what we are and what we do, therefore, it is important to keep the Mind Healthy. In the Bible study you will see the proper way to have a Healthy Mind that guarantees actions with the same objective.

What to do to Enjoy a Healthy Mind?

If you have a Bible nearby, we invite you to open it and locate Colossians 3, verses 1-17. In this biblical landscape we will have the appropriate measures to enjoy a Healthy Mind and the correct way to manifest it.

It is important to know that the measures to enjoy a Healthy Mind  are found in Colossians 3:16; The Bible says: “The word of Christ dwell in you abundantly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing with grace in your hearts to the Lord with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs.”

On the other hand, the Sound Mind is nothing more than the result of allowing the word of Christ to dwell in abundance; this word refers to the Bible. It should be noted that the mandate has to do with the Bible acquiring permanent residence in each of the minds, since dwelling means that.

Some believers claim that the Bible occupies their minds only when they are in church services and that the rest of the time, their minds are kept busy with different responsibilities, concerns or things of their own interest, the Bible being completely displaced. Do not expect to go to a church to achieve this, visit and you will find healing your mind.

Other details

A believer turned out to be the owner of a well-known clothing manufacturing business, however, he paid a pittance to each of his employees; for this reason, he was recognized as an exploiter. On one occasion, one of the employees, who was also a believer, took the trouble to confront his boss biblically to make him reflect and then he could give better treatment to all employees.

However, the owner of the large business responded as follows: “Let’s not bring the Bible into the business. One thing is business, another very different the church» For this believer the mind should be kept occupied in the Bible only when being in the church and the rest of the time, it should leave his mind, being that for many, something completely absurd.

The Bible says: «The word of Christ resides permanently in your minds, controlling each one of your thoughts, each one of your attitudes, each one of your actions» So that the Word of Christ dwells in abundance within each one of us, must first enter our mind. Therefore, you must hear the word of God, read the Word of God, Study the Word of God, Meditate the Word of God and Memorize the Word of God.

In addition to what is mentioned, in Colossians 3:16 we must understand and exhort each other along with the Word of God.

Healthy Mind: Teaching

Teaching has to do with sharing doctrines, exhortation has to do with duty. It is well known that it is the responsibility of each one of the believers to have to share with other believers the knowledge and practices acquired from the Word of God.

Said teaching and exhortation must be carried out with wisdom, that is, with all the necessary love so that others are not offended. Another suitable method of allowing the Word of God to dwell abundantly in each one of us is through music.

The music shared in the Churches does not only help to understand the congregation, because in addition to that, music has an even nobler purpose than that. Well, help to share a message which will help to have a Healthy Mind.

That is why care must be taken when singing in church, because sometimes, thanks to maintaining a certain rhythm, we can repeat heresies when everything we sing must be completely biblical and must come from the depths of the heart.

Paul says, “You can sing three kinds of praises. Psalms, that is to say what we find in the book of Psalms. They can also sing hymns, that is songs of worship and praise addressed to God the Father and the Lord Jesus Christ. They can also sing spiritual songs, that is, Christian poetry that describes some facet of the Christian experience.”

healthy , friendly and listening mind is achieved at the moment in which the word of Christ dwells in abundance in each one of us.

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