Protection Prayer For Your Catholic Christian Home

Protection Prayer For Your Catholic Christian Home

In today’s article we will teach you some ideal prayers for the care and protection of your home and your family. In this way you can count on the divine grace of Almighty God. Excellent for those moments of concern, adversity and to ask him to intercede for any problem that affects your home. Do not let anything break the peace of your family and your tranquility.

Prayer of Protection for the Home

Just as there are good energies, it is also common to find or run into bad energies that can end up haunting our home, affecting different aspects of our lives, the interaction that occurs between household members, their health, happiness, mood, among others. stuff. For this reason, it is always advisable to make a daily prayer to the heavenly creator so that he covers your house and the members of your family under his protection, removing all these negative energies that seek to harm you and yours.

There are many ways to perform the prayers, as well as requests to make. You can ask God to be the pillar in your home so that he fills it with blessings at all times and covers every step that the members of your family take with peace and tranquility. You can also request that he fill them with harmony and tranquility or that he use all his enormous power to protect them from evil and from all those who seek to harm them.

It is also common to perform prayers of this type to seek the purification of the soul of one of the members that make up your family nucleus, so that they are blessed and stay away from the bad path and darkness (ideal when you have young people who frequent bad together or have traveled wrong paths).

When we pray these protection prayers, we are inviting the Lord God to enter our home, protect it and take care of our family. In short, it can be said that these prayers seek to cover your home from God’s protection and that he be the one to take control of each of his actions.

Prayer to the Blood of Christ to Expel Problems and Take Care of Our Home

Here are some ideal prayers for the protection of your home and your family:

First Prayer: For the Protection of Our Home

« Blessed heavenly father, you are the protector of my home, today I come before you to thank you for allowing me to have a home and a family. I long for it to be a place where your love is taught.

Today I present my house and my family. May your angels take care of every corner declaring what is reflected in Psalm 91; that no parasite stepped on the door of my home, I ask you to be the one to take care of us from the horrors and traps of the night.

Thank you Lord, for each room that makes up my home, I ask you to fill it with your immense power and purify it before any energy that is contrary to yours, that the four cardinal points of my house be filled with your holy spirit, that each breath that we make this bathed in harmony and peace for each member of my family.

Holy God of glory, I ask and wish you to show if there is any object or artifact in my house that prevents your blessings from entering through the door of this home. May the wonderful blood of Christ consecrate us and cleanse us from all sin.

I know that your promise tells us that you give us refuge from all evil if we trust in you. For this reason I trust your care and your safety; prevent any person or evil from wanting to hurt my family or my home. Wrap us with your love, so that it frees us from all fears. In the name be our savior Jesus Christ. Amen « .

Second Prayer: Prayer to the Blood of Christ

The following prayer that we present to you below is one of those that the enemies do not want you to do, so do not be surprised if at the beginning you feel a little sleepy, you get dizzy, someone interrupts you, etc. You must be strong and firm, keep calm and continue with the prayer until the end. This prayer is ideal to protect and seal your home with the blood of Christ.

« I (here you must indicate your name), I surrender at your feet and prostrate myself before you, so that you, Jesus of Nazareth, deign to seal my house, my home, my belongings, each one of my loved ones and my person With the blessed blood of the pact that you spilled in my favor.

Lord Jesus, I ask you to place the seal of your blood on this home, on the foundations of the place where I sleep; so that this place is full of happiness and blessing. I seal the windows so that everything that enters or leaves through it is for my good and that of my loved ones, I seal the air that is breathed here, that it be in everything a soft breeze, wind of peace and wind of love.

Place Lord Jesus, the seal of your blood, of the pact spilled on Calvary on the roof, walls, columns, floors and foundations, so that everything that is received here may be victory, joy and blessing. Take care of it from lightning, storms, floods and faults; as well as any known or unknown spirit or work of witchcraft that seeks to alter electrical devices that may alter the normal functioning of communication networks and that may affect the tranquility of this home in the least.

Place Lord Jesus, the seal of the pact of your powerful blood, which was spilled in my favor on each pipe, conduit, pipe, drain and drain, so that in this place everything flows as it should, avoiding any flooding or obstruction product of other causes other than natural or common ones derived from its use.

Put your seal, Lord Jesus, with your blood in the different places of my room, the dining room, the corridors and the bathrooms. Mark, Lord, with a circle of Blood and Holy Fire, the edge of my house, so that it is preserved from all danger and damage: curses, accidents, envy, theft, theft, catastrophes or any evil plan that the devil wants to propitiate. 

Seal with your beautiful Blood that you shed on the cross in my favor, to create a fence around my home. So that every attack of the enemy is paralyzed, destroyed, neutralized and without any power. That before the seal of the pact that you make, it flees, moves away and disappears forever.

Give me the strength to flee from satan right now, that he be forced to back down before the seal of the pact that has been placed in this home to make it free from all tricks, aggression, cunning, deceit or trickery of the devil. Since you bought me Lord Jesus, so now I belong to you and this place also belongs to you. That from now on, everything bad will not be able to touch any material or spiritual good of this home; because we have been sealed and this place has been completely marked, gagged and protected with the blessed blood of the pact that you spilled in favor of me, my house and the members of my household.

That the blood of the pact that is blessed, be impregnated on this house that remains in (here you can say the address of your house if you wish); and about those who live in it (you can mention the name of all the inhabitants of the home without including yourself). It also protects everyone who ever visits, whether they stay or not.

Bathe with your powerful blood, which was shed in the war against the evil one and whom you defeated on the cross of Calvary; on the front door of this house so that nothing evil can manifest, no matter what evil spirit it is or how it wants to enter my home. So that it is impeded and limited when seeing the seal that you have made at this moment with your blood. Also so that everyone who enters through it is filled with blessing and leaves through it wrapped in your protection, remaining hidden from all the snares of the evil one.

May this same victorious blood paralyze all power and diabolical plan that the evil one wants to use on me, on my lives, on my loved ones. Either because he wants to manifest himself through the neighbors or through different people to speak and act against me, dishonoring my name, that of my house or that of my family. Silencing all gossip, action against us or criticism.

 May your beautiful blood make me and my house invisible, before the eyes of my enemies and protect us from persecution, defeats, fights, discord, anger, intrigues or any kind of tragedy; may the seal of blessing be perpetuated on me, on this home and on all my generations; so that it will always be a place of peace, prosperity and be filled with the love of Jesus. Glory to the father, to the son and to the Holy Spirit. As it was in the beginning, now and forever and ever Amen . 

Third Sentence: To Solve Problems with Your Neighbors

Now we indicate an ideal prayer to help you maintain inner peace in your home and improve the negative relationships you may have with your neighbors:

« Beloved Lord Jesus, today I want to surrender to you, to request all the blessings that bring peace to my home; I know that only with your help we will achieve that harmony that we so long to have with all those who cohabit this house, as well as with those around us. That is why I invoke your help at this time, the help of your most holy name, so that through your holy and powerful wounds you protect us and welcome us to what Psalm 67 says.

Lord judge those who harm me, cast down those who fight against me; let them be torn apart as wax melts in the heat of a fire. Let them flee in terror so that we can occupy our houses, our homes, our families and our sources of work.

Lord, we call on you to come to us and allow us to do a somersault to break all the damage they do to us. So that we are free during the day and night because the heart of Jesus has placed his insignia in our hearts so that we rest happily. Glory be to the father, to the son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, now and forever and ever. Amen.

Oh holy father, I present to you the blood and the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ in my favor, in favor of those who live in this house and in favor of the houses where part of my family is found. Help us to undo any curse that has reached us in this home. O Lord Jesus, by the merits of your blood expel all evil forces from this home. Glory be to the father, to the son, and to the Holy Spirit, as it was in the beginning, now and forever and ever. Amen « .

Prayers to Clean the House

The following prayers are ideal for purifying and cleaning your home, excellent for those moments when bad energies enter your home and alter family dynamics, affect your mood or that of one of your family members.

First Prayer: To Bless your House

You can accompany this prayer with the sacramental offerings you have at your disposal to help bless your home. The prayer is short, simple and goes like this:

« Almighty God, bless this house, so that health, purity, humility, kindness and meekness never lack in it. May all the members of this home be able to achieve victory, the fullness of the law and the thanksgiving of God the Father, of his son Jesus Christ, and of the Holy Spirit. May this blessing remain at all times on this house and on its inhabitants now and always, for ever and ever. Amen « .

Second Prayer: To Protect Your Home

It is recommended that you perform this prayer every day at the beginning of the day, placing yourself at the entrance of the door. The prayer says the following:

«Blessed are you or Lord God, you who guide our steps; bless all the entrances and exits of this home. Take care of us from the moment we are born until the moment we are going to die. I ask you to bless this door, oh Lord, which we consecrate for this time of preparation. Use this door to bless all the entrances of this home, as well as the members of my family and everyone who enters through this door. Amen”.

Third Prayer: To Invoke the Angels and Archangels to Our Home

This prayer works as an invitation for the angels and archangels to visit your home to bless it and protect it from all evil:

« My lord and redeemer, I am aware that within my humble human condition, which is fragile and weak, I would be an easy prey for all the hidden forces that can attack my abode. For this reason, I want to ask you with all my devotion, to be assisted at this time under the protection of all the angels that live in heaven, so that they descend holding all evil power that is disturbing my goods, or disturbing and distorting peace, the tranquility and grace of those who inhabit this place.

Lord God Almighty, make your angels enclose the devourer and seal the depths. So that they never again interfere or can do any harm; That is why at this moment I implore you to send your celestial armies located in the four cardinal points: in the north, the south, the east and the west. To your angels with the seal of the omnipotent god, the seal of your protection; so that just as the sun rises from east to west, my home and those who make it up may be covered with the wings of your holy angels, so that they may cover us with your protective seal.

Please send Saint Michael to use his spear and destroy any hidden force, enclosing it in the abysses and sealing those doors of evil so that I (here you must say your name), who live in this place (you must mention the address of your home), stay away from all evil influences and enjoy the protection of thousands and thousands of angels. That at this moment they are filling this home, so that they can defend me from the multiple battles that the deceiver can use against anyone who lives here.

May my house be guarded by the archangel Saint Michael the Archangel and now become a place of pure victory and blessing. Oh archangel Saint Michael, defend us in the fight, be our protection against the perversities and snares of the devil, help us to repress him.

God, today we come to beg your prince of the heavenly militia, so that with your divine power he throws satan and the other evil spirits who are scattered throughout the world seeking the perdition of souls into hell.

Now I (at this moment you say your name), who live in (say your address), as a beloved son of the omnipotent god and of the savior, I invoke for your love and kindness the protection of the archangel Saint Raphael, so that he may intercede for us and defend in interpersonal relationships that occur in my home and that will occur in the future. May love, concord, understanding, forgiveness and good communication always flow in my family and with all the people around me: friends, neighbors, relatives and even with my enemies.

Archangel Saint Raphael, who cares for health. Protect the physical and mental well-being of each of the members of this place. May my house be covered with inner peace, to be a healthy and harmonious place. May my home serve as a seal so that no epidemic, virus, disease or any animal that can transmit any discomfort can enter; In this way, cover all the members of this house with immunity to any disease.

Now I (say your name), who live in (mention your address), in the hope of benefiting from your love and kindness, ask you to send Archangel Saint Gabriel to my home. For him to be the bearer of prosperous and good news. To fill this house with abundance. Make Lord that your angels from heaven are commanded by your holy archangel, so that they are conductors of the prosperity that my house needs, so that bread is never lacking here and away from my family hunger, scarcity and unemployment. May it help us to progress in everything we undertake or wish to do and may everything that is planned here be victorious and in accordance with your divine will.

I ask you Archangel Saint Gabriel, that the words that are said in this house be positive and blessing words. Oh Lord God of armies, fill all the rooms of my home with seraphim, from the bathroom to the corridors, fill them with your cherubim, so that joy and tranquility always flow among those around us. May your hands, sir, always be placed in all the things we do, in my home and in everything that is within it. So now I put my house and my goods so that your angels can guard them, that they watch over the entrance of my house by placing the shield of your seal of blessing on the door, and that the devourer passes by and never again can spirits enter to destroy or steal the blessings that belong to me as a child of the Most High. Amen « .

Prayer for the Blessing of the Couple at Home

This prayer is intended to bless life as a couple and marriage. Ideal to do when you start your life as a couple or when your relationship is going through difficulties at home.

« Lord, I present to you this brother and this sister so that you seal them with the blessed blood of the pact that you spilled in their favor. 

Lord Jesus, seal your blood on their emotions, their minds and their thoughts with the blessed blood of the pact that you spilled in favor of this sister, this brother and all humanity; so that her minds are filled with thoughts of triumph, joy, love and peace. Amen « .

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