Wonderful Prayer of the Child Fidencio for a Favor

Wonderful Prayer of the Child Fidencio for a Favor

Among the characteristics of Mexican popular culture, the popularity of characters who, without being saints of the Catholic Church, are venerated by the people stands out. They are worshiped by placing themselves on altars and saying prayers in their name. Such is the case of the prayer of the child Fidencio . Do you know who he was? Do you know this prayer? Keep reading and you will find answers to these questions.

Prayer of the Child Fidencio

Since ancient times, popular thought has given rise to the creation of mystical beings who, according to their beliefs, grant miracles, perform cures, resolve the impossible, attract fortune or love, ward off bad influences, among many things that are attribute.

These mystical beings arise from legends and stories of the people, some are considered heroes, others healers, miraculous and powerful. They generally stand out for their solidarity and helpful attitude towards others.

Thus, the defects or negative characteristics of his personality are overshadowed by other factors that are very important for the common man. As a result of this common people, outlaws, children, thieves, doctors, scholars, simple people have become saints.

Of course, although many have been from the low life, there have also been good men and women who have stood out for the good deeds they have done during their existence, for which, when they die, people begin to pray to them.

Such is the case of José Fidencio Constantino Síntora, a simple man who from the age of 23 began to heal patients who had not been cured by traditional medicine.

His fame increased over time, when he died, the prayer to Niño Fidencio became popular and this character became a legend, as recounted in the video that you will see below.

Who was the boy Fidencio?

His real name was mentioned above, José Fidencio Constantino Síntora, he was born in Guanajuato on November 13, 1898 and died in Espinazo in 1938. At the age of ten he lost his father and mother, being taken care of by one of his brothers.

During his childhood he had a friend named Enrique, whose uncle was a priest, both were faithful helpers of the religious services that this priest performed. According to some stories, from that time Fidencio healed with herbs.

These friends parted ways when Enrique decided to join the Mexican revolution but, in 1921, they met again. So Fidencio dedicated himself to taking care of the children of his companions who by that time had already married.

According to the stories in his biography, Fidencio was a man who never developed sexually, therefore he did not have sexual relations, he was hairless, with a fine and high-pitched voice, the latter earning him the nickname of Niño.

The fame of Niño Fidencio was so great that, on a visit to the town of Espinazo, in 1928, the president of Mexico, Plutarco Elías Calles, went to his office to be cured of a deadly disease.

It is said that he healed people with leprosy, cancer and even the blind and paralyzed. It is also said that she managed to perform operations without the patients feeling any pain despite not using anesthesia.

Shortly before he died, Fidencio told his believers that after his death he would return, in their minds his words were recorded to the point that they assure that he returns in the form of a spirit every time a “little box” or “matter” invokes his name, saying the prayer to the boy Fidencio.

How did the Niño Fidencio heal?

There are several versions about the healing methods of this healer, among the most named are:

  • Operations without anesthesia or surgical devices.
  • He placed the patients in a specific place in the town, there was a pirul bush where he stood to throw objects at the sick, whoever was hit by one of them automatically healed.
  • He installed those who consulted him for some ailment or illness in a swing and proceeded to rock them, curing himself with the swing that was produced.
  • He submerged his patients in a well full of mud, called “El Charquito” which, in the opinion of his followers, had healing properties.

Were these healings true? Were these methods effective? False or true, the legend permeated the thinking of the Mexican man, who, when emigrating to other places, carries with him the devotion to the boy Fidencio.

As a result of his fame, he had countless imitators who pretended to be him, even on one occasion one of them died and a large crowd went to the funeral believing it was him, but his death occurred a year after this event.

The influence of this character transcends to the present, as it has become a tourist attraction that generates economic profits for the residents of Espinazo, a place where many people go and buy products associated with both his person and his cures.

You already know the history and healings of José Fidencio Constantino Síntora, now it is time to tell you a little about the prayer to the boy Fidencio so that he grants you a favor and the prayer of protection against evil spirits.

Different Prayers to the Child Fidencio

As a product of the devotion that arose for Fidencio, his followers and believers pray to him to receive favors and healings from him. He is also invoked for protection against earthly and spiritual evils.

Remember that prayers are intended to carry out a positive event that helps us achieve a goal that we pursue. That is why in moments of anguish, affliction or despair we go and pray to God or even a saint of our devotion.

In the case of Niño Fidencio, the Catholic religion and church do not recognize him as a saint, however, he is venerated in much of northern Mexico and in border areas of the United States, that is, in the south of this country.

In short, although he does not have the authorization of the Catholic authorities, the townspeople faithful to their beliefs and customs pray to him and venerate him as if he were a saint. As a sample of this we will give you the following prayers.

Powerful Prayer for Grant of Favor

I come before you today, Fidencio Constantino, to implore your help and understanding, at this time when I can’t take it anymore due to anguish and despair. That’s why I ask you to grant me a favor.

Dear child, I ask you to hear my request, at this moment I implore the grace of your favor to achieve what I want, here is my request (Mention the favor you want Niño Fidencio to grant you)

Holy Child, protect me and guide me along the path of good, light my path and let me understand that you are the light of the path for what I want to obtain. Holy Child Fidencio, listen to me today as I implore your favor.

I ask you to hear my prayer, since you are my hope for this desire to obtain, through this prayer I tell you what I want to have (Repeat in detail the favor you want to ask)

Thank you I give you beloved Child, because I know you will grant me what I humbly implore you today. I promise to venerate you and put you on an altar. I will light a candle in your name to light your way. Thanks Nino Fidencio. Amen and it came to pass.

Prayer against negative spirits

Who like your Holy Child Fidencio to protect my body, do not let anything bad happen to me, or take away my peace, keep all negativity away from me. Today I beg you to help me in this special favor.

No evil spirit stalks me, day or night. If they want to come to me, keep them away with your power and make my life flourish. Bless me Holy beloved and give me this favor.

The witchcraft, spell or rite of my existence will move away, that’s why I know that nothing will happen to me. Your good spirit protects me from all the negative. Holy Child for you today I live.

Your love and kindness surrounds me and you intercede before God so that He protects me with the shield of his love. My life will have joy and I will feel free. My thoughts healed since I trusted you.

Niño Fidencio, grant me spiritual peace, allow me with your light to distinguish good from evil. Give me free will not to wish evil even to those who act against me and without sincerity.

I am grateful to you, Fidencio, because you have given me back my breath. Today I promise to venerate you and I am going to light a candle. Likewise, kneeling in your image I will pray. Amen.

How to pray the prayer to the child Fidencio?

We have reached the last part of this article, where we consider it important to tell you how you should prepare to pray to the Niño Fidencio. These are small recommendations that we want to share with you:

  • Accompany your requests with good wishes, not only for you but also for your peers.
  • Pray with faith, this is essential for what you ask for to be granted.
  • Make your request clear and precise.
  • Choose a quiet place to pray to Niño Fidencio.
  • Before invoking Fidencio, light a candle, preferably white.
  • Use the sentences we have written here.
  • You can also make your own prayers.
  • Finally, although Niño Fidencio is not recognized as a saint by the Catholic Church, we suggest you end his prayers with an Our Father and a Hail Mary.

As you can see, the prayer to Niño Fidencio is a product of the popular culture of the Mexican people, a custom that deserves our respect and consideration.

If you want to know other prayers that allow you to solve any type of problem, visit the following links as they contain prayers for different cases:

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