Good Prayer to Attract a Man

Good Prayer to Attract a Man

Sometimes the human being wants something very vehemently, but can not get it. This can happen with study, work, money, a house or love. This last aspect is one of the most difficult since people’s feelings are involved. However, nothing is impossible, that’s why we bring you the  prayer to attract a man . Pray it with faith and you will see its results.

Prayer to Attract a Man

Prayers are tools through which we make requests to the universe, to God, to the angels or to the saint to whom we are devoted. Even many individuals feel desperate not to get what they want and resort to witchcraft or spells.

However, the most important thing is to put all our energy into what we do and pray with faith to be heard. When what we want is the love of a man or a woman, the issue becomes uphill because it is very difficult to command feelings.

That is why we give ourselves the task of looking for different resources that allow us to enjoy the presence of the person we like. One of them is the prayer to attract a man.

The fame and use of these prayers has spread so much that what seemed impossible before is now not. Women and men end up believing and requesting the heavenly beings to grant them the love of the person who captivates them.

In all this, mental power is important, since when used in the best way it is a magnet for that being you long for to come to you. Hence, when you go to pray you must have full concentration on what you want and how you want it.

The prayers that we bring you in this article have different purposes, however, they all aim to mentally exert the attraction of a man or a woman.

In addition, we explain the most appropriate procedure to perform these prayers, as well as a powerful prayer that is exclusively dedicated to achieving the attraction of the male gender, especially when they show total resistance towards you.

Prayer to captivate a man with a quick mind

In this prayer to attract a man fast, it is suggested that while you are reciting it you have in your thoughts the person you want to be in your life. Remember that mental energy is a fundamental factor to obtain what you want:

I decree open heavens for me from this day, I declare that you will come to me quickly, leaving aside everything you are doing, without caring about anything other than me.

I am sure that, when I finish saying this prayer, you will be here, by my side, showing me your love and your passion. My beloved, from this moment your thoughts will be mine alone.

I will be the owner of your mind and your heart, you will immediately run into my arms and we will form a relationship that no one can ever break. There will be no spell, prayer, or incantation that will separate you from me.

I ask the universe to release positive energies around us so that all these are for the good of both of us, that this coming of yours is full of joy and happiness. Forever and ever. 

Prayer to attract a man with thought

It is now time to present the prayer to attract a man sexually, it is about achieving fiery love or simply awakening the libido of your partner, who is no longer attracted to you.

May the breeze tonight bring you to me, may the night energy awaken your passion and desire for me. May your kisses and hugs be only mine, without you feeling attraction to another woman other than me.

Listen, my beloved, these words that I send you today, in them are deposited all my feelings and my joys, which are not so many if you are not by my side. These same words will be your guide to find the way to my life.

You will know that I am the only one who loves you and you will become a slave to my kisses, your passionate lips will kiss mine while your hands run frantically over my skin. My beloved, you will want me to infinity.

Your fiery love will be mine, there will be no human power that will break it. Whoever dares to interfere in this meeting will suffer from your disdain and rejection, since you will only be mine. Oh, my love, here I wait for you. So shall. 

Prayer to dominate a man with the mind

If, in addition to the prayer to attract a man I like , we want to dominate him completely, it is necessary to recite the following prayer:

Today I put all my energy to attract and achieve what my heart longs for. In my arms I will have to see you, at my feet you will fall exhausted with love. There will be no power that dominates you more than mine.

I decree that, from today your eyes will only see what I want you to see, the words you say will be the ones I want, your actions will be the ones I dictate and only I will nest in your heart.

Oh, my beloved, you will meekly come to me whenever I ask, complacent and loving at every moment, without fights, jealousy, or betrayal. The power of our love will be eternal without anyone coming between us.

Our bodies will merge into one, our mind will be a single thought that will keep us close even when we are far away. Meek as a lamb you will follow me wherever I walk. My love, only you will think of me, only you will see me, only you will hear me, only mine you will be, 

Prayer to make a man fall in love with the mind

This time we bring you a simple prayer that will allow you to easily fall in love with the man or woman you like. Repeat it with energy and faith.

My wishes are addressed to you today so that you fall in love with me. That you see me as I see you, that I like how I like you, that you think of me as I think of you, that your thoughts are only mine.

The night breeze will be my accomplice to whisper these words of love in your ears, when you hear them you will fall madly in love with me, without ever looking at another person again.

You will want to kiss me with crazy frenzy, hold me in your arms forever and you will need my presence wherever you are. Only I will be your love, only for me you will have passion.

My love, my love, in love with me you will be. So shall. 

Prayer to seduce a man with the mind

If what you want is a prayer to attract a married man , with this you can seduce him using the power of the mind, it is very simple but that does not prevent it from acting quickly and effectively.

I convince myself and I convince you that you will be only mine, my mind acts to attract you to me and separate you from those who today share this love that I feel today.

Everything I think and feel I will achieve with the force that emanates from my thought that makes you only think of me, that you only want me and that you are only for me.

With this prayer I untie the ties that tie you to another person and unite you to my heart and soul. I place my faith and hope in her so that soon we will be together and united until the end. Here I have to see you next to me. 

How to get results with these sentences?

If you want these prayers to have the effect you wanted, we recommend the following actions:

  • Pray intensely, putting all your faith and energy into it.
  • Visualize what you want to achieve exactly as you want it.
  • Imagine in detail the feelings you will have once you have attracted the person you like, also visualize a positive reaction from it.
  • Imagine that everything will pass quickly and it will.
  • When you say the prayer to attract a man, think intensely about that person when you do it.
  • Experts in the matter explain that these prayers are more effective when we activate “our circle of control”, understanding as such the putting of feelings, thoughts and energies into what we are asking for.

We do not want to finish this writing without first telling you that the attraction between two people must emanate voluntarily, therefore, if after praying these prayers you see that you do not achieve your goal, think that the universe is telling you that it is not the best for you.

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