Bride of Christ: Who is she? Who represents her? And more

Bride of Christ: Who is she? Who represents her? And more

Throughout this interesting article we will give an answer to the affirmation that the Church is the bride of Christ , since he loves his Church as a husband does his wife. So we invite you to continue reading so that we can learn more about this topic.

bride of christ

One of the questions we ask ourselves is  who is the bride of Christ? being the Church, the answer; this as an image and symbol of marriage that can be applied to Christ and the body of believers known as the Church. Because this is made up of all those people who trust in Christ as their savior and who have received eternal life.

Christ as a husband chooses the church with great immolation and love, making reference to the fact that in the times of the Bible, there was a period where the husband and his bride were away until the wedding; likewise the bride of Christ is separated from her husband during the Church age. The bride is responsible that during the betrothal period, she is faithful. 

At the second coming of Christ. The Church is linked to her husband and weddings take place. In this way the union of Christ and his wife is restored. 

Church concept

Within the investigations of the scripture the bride of Christ , it speaks to us of the Church as the bride of Christ; this in the Letter of the Ephesians and more in articles 5, 21 to 5, 33. One of the first reasons of the Church in the letter of the Ephesians is reconciliation, when it speaks of reconciliation it speaks of breaking down the barriers of hatred and reconciliation of all men with God.

The group of faithful who are united by the same faith, who come to celebrate religious doctrines, is called Church. As it is also the building in which they consecrate themselves to God and worship them. 

This is why  the Church’s respect for Christ forms the foundational foundation of the God-honoring church. Since Christ created the church as a society where a large number of faithful come together until the end of time. 

Church attributes

Among the attributes that the Church has as the bride of Christ , we have the following: 

  • Since the Church was created by God and since Christ is one, the temple will also be only one. 
  • It is holy because through it, we unite with God, since it is its founder. 
  • The Church is universal, because Christ created it for all human beings throughout the world, and in every age. 
  • It is apostolic because the Church has the authority as successor of Christ our Lord and the apostles to transmit the teaching transmitted  by them. 

The Church as bride

The Church is the totality of believers in the Lord Jesus from Pentecost to the rapture. The local Church is even described as a chaste virgin, linked with Christ. Within the epistle of the Ephesians the Church is explained under three main figures which are the following:   

  • Where Christ is the head of his Church, which becomes his body and he is his savior. 
  • In the same way, we are told that Christ is the builder of his Church and on its foundations he built it. 
  • Just as the husband is the head of the wife, Christ is the head of his church. 

In Ephesians 5 the Church and the relationship with God is used as an instruction for marriage. In Ephesians 5:23 we get to talk about the husband as the head of his wife and even compare Christ as the head of the Church.

In verse 24 it is even pointed out that the Church must submit to Christ and the comparison of this implies the submission of a godly woman to her husband. In Ephesians 5: 25-27 tells us that Christ came to love her Church and gave her life for her, in the same way as a husband should love his wife unconditionally and without any limits. .

Christ our Lord loves the church, in the same way as a husband should love his wife as  himself  , since marriage is considered as one body. In one of the passages of Ephesians 5, marriage is summed up as love and mutual respect, since they are part of the foundations of marriage that come to honor God. To know the meaning of reaping what we sow, we will leave you the following.  

Characteristics of the Bride of Christ

Among the characteristics that the bride of Christ must possess we have:

  • Christ wants his bride to live for him, since the Church belongs to him and the desire of us as his flock is to please and honor him.
  • Jesus Christ wants a bride who thinks like him, a bride who has her mind on Christ, since by having our mind on Jesus we will think as he thinks and we are very much like him.
  • Jesus Christ wants a holy bride, what he means is that the Church has to be light and salt wherever it is. And if you are part of the bride of Christ you have been saved.
  • She doesn’t have to be shy and fearful, but rather wants her to be a secure bride where her only hiding place is the presence of God and her only refuge is intimacy with Christ.
  • This must know how to praise, since we must remember that God likes the praise of his people.
  • It has to be  continuously vigilant, since we must not allow them to envelop us and take us out of our relationship with God, which must be in continuous growth. 

If you want to know about the meaning of the church as the bride of Christ , we will leave you the following video. That can clarify any doubt you have.

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