Basil Prayer for Love and Wealth

Basil Prayer for Love and Wealth

In this article we put at your disposal the basil prayer , of which few people know its magical protective power, as well as its usefulness to attract love, prosperity and luck. Do you want to know how to pray it? Please read the following information carefully.

basil prayer

Basil is an aromatic medicinal herb that has been used since ancient times to cure some diseases, especially those that have to do with the digestive system.

Its oil is also used as an antiseptic and antibacterial, being very useful to prevent and relieve infections. On the other hand, many people claim that it is a powerful anti-stress.

If we investigate the internet we will find other uses, among which stand out: mouthwash, for acne, it is used in visual problems, as well as to improve kidney function.

Do you want to know other benefits and properties of basil leaves? We invite you to view the following video that deals with this important herb and how it is used in alternative medicine.

As strange as it may seem, there is a basil prayer that, according to experts in the field, can help us find the love of our life, also makes money come to you and also acts as protection.

In this article we will present you three prayers elaborated with the purposes mentioned in the preceding paragraph, in the same way we explain how we should prepare ourselves to obtain better results when praying them.

Basil Prayer for Protection

Basil, you are strong as a lion and a source of my protection. I ask you at this time to protect me from all evil so that I can enjoy my life. That no spell, mooring or witchcraft rite can harm me.

Protect my family and my friends, I implore you on this occasion, health, prosperity and love. Keep us always united since you are my protection. May your rich aroma preserve us from bad influences, as well as bad vibration.

Health I want to have, money I want to possess, enjoy in harmony all this life of mine. Basil of my heart, grant me this request. Only you can do it because you are my protection.

In the name of Almighty God, I implore you to free me from the snares of my enemies, to illuminate the paths I walk, give me a better future. Protect my home so that this is your altar. So be it.

Strong prayer for a tie of love

Basil, at this moment I ask you to penetrate the heart of (Mention the name of the person you love) with your powerful scent so that his love may be mine, just like all his reason.

That he think of me and look for me, that he implore my devotion. Peace will only be achieved by my side, I beg you this request, that for (Repeat the name) I be her only love.

With your branches intertwine my heart with yours, make this union perfect. That when you wake up you think of me and at night you want me, without anyone getting in the way of this request.

There will be no other human being who penetrates his heart. Basil, you have the power to make this wish come true, make it come to me affectionate, submissive, faithful and accommodating. Let us be happy, today, tomorrow and always.

I make this request without any bad intention, on the contrary, my wishes are for the consolidation of this union. Joy I just want. Love only longing. Prosperity, peace and passion. Grant me all I desire, basil of my heart. So be it.

It is recommended after reciting this  powerful prayer for love , to pray three Hail Marys for nine days and before these are finished the request will be fulfilled.

Basil Prayer for Prosperity

Today I am desperate for all this situation in which luck abandoned me. Alone, sad and desolate because my money ran away. Debts overwhelm me today.

Basil, I beg you to change this situation. I ask you to attract luck and prosperity to my life. May everything I undertake be positive and bring me happiness.

I want to have money to support my family, plenty of food to develop my body, positive energy to transform my life. I ask you beloved plant, only you can do it.

Enlighten my thoughts to take good paths, full of peace and joy during this life of mine. Make me enjoy money, eliminate despair. Give me the opportunity of fortune to be able to enjoy.

Let my joy and prosperity be a sign of kindness. I want to help others so that they don’t despair either. Help me, basil to calm anxiety, bring prosperity to my life. So be it.

At the end of the basil prayer for luck and prosperity, three Hail Marys are prayed for 9 days and on the ninth day the prayer is published.

Another basil prayer

Do you have problems with your partner? Don’t know how to solve them? Have you tried different ways to fix them? Do you believe in prayers? If the answers to these questions are positive, the time has come to opt for another alternative.

The basil prayer to solve love difficulties is effective if it is repeated with faith and security. Here we show you a video that contains this prayer. Remember that you can recite these letters, add or remove something according to your convenience.

In the same way, you can build your own sentences, letting the right words come out of your thoughts and your heart.

How to prepare to pray this prayer?

For the basil prayer to have the desired effects, it is recommended to do the procedure as follows:

  • You must first light a candle.
  • It is suggested that the candle or oil lamp be white, since it represents divine protection.
  • Make a scented vaporization of basil oil.
  • While reciting any of the basil prayers presented here, keep your head bowed.
  • At the end of the prayer proceed to cross yourself with the sign of the holy cross.
  • Do not think about other things, concentrate on the prayer you are reciting.
  • Once you finish the prayer, turn off the candle and the incense burner that you lit at the beginning.

Faith and devotion are important factors for your prayers to be heard, so believe in the magical power of this prayer.

In this way we end this article, we invite you to share it with other people who are interested in this type of information. We also put at your disposal the following links so that you can continue reading content related to prayers, prayers or prayers.

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