Prayer to Archangel Uriel, for money and abundance

Prayer to Archangel Uriel, for money and abundance

Archangel Uriel is known as one of the 7 seraphim who are called archangels of the presence of God.   This archangel is characterized as one of the   representatives of   God on earth. Do not stop reading this post, since you will find    the prayer to the archangel Uriel.

Prayer to Archangel Uriel

As previously mentioned in the article, the archangel Uriel was in charge of expelling Adam and Eve from Eden. In this way it is presumed that he has the keys to hell and is the one who takes care of humanity and the entire universe. This archangel is usually invoked at a time when a better relationship with God is needed, as well as when you need to be forgiven and forgive, have business wisdom and increase profits.

To invoke Uriel, it must be done on Fridays specifically,   and for the invocation   a red candle is needed. The place where we are going to be the invocation must be a quiet place, where peace and harmony are breathed. This place must be free of disturbances   so that negative energies do not interfere when making the invocation.

The first step to start with the invocation is to close your eyes, breathe deeply and   calmly, followed by this we visualize the archangel Uriel, who will be the one to give us the help we need in what worries us so much. And we will say   this short prayer.

Almighty God Thank you for sending me Your Mighty Archangel Uriel,

Your server and request the Provision

abundant economy of all Wealth and Money.

Prince of God the Father Almighty, Archangel Uriel

of Divine Providence.

I wish and request you to assist me on the path to Infinite Prosperity.

In this way the archangel will come to your call and impregnate you with abundance, prosperity, love and much, much happiness.

God, our father, assigned the archangel Uriel the mission of providing economic provision to human beings, his invocation through this prayer is ideal if you are in search of a satisfactory and well-paid job, if you perform the prayer with true faith, you will see that your request will be granted.

“Oh my God, Lord of all creation, with your mercy, you have deigned to send all your saints and angels so that they may always take care of us and keep us, we ask you to grant us the requests that we make of you today, allow everything time let us be defended by your divine and holy protection.

You who always send us your angels so that they always guard our entrance and exit, we ask that you consider the opportunity good so that you can grant us the request through the glorious intercession through the prayer to Archangel Uriel.

Let us have tranquility and freedom from all dangers that are present and still deliver us against any storm or adversity. Good and glorious archangel Uriel, you who are very powerful in strength, I always ask for your protection so that we can always have victory over evil and any spirit that can torment us.

Archangel Uriel you who are one of the seven who are at the right hand of God, you are my protector I ask you to grant me this grace that I need and allow me to get that job that I need so much for the sustenance of myself and my family, this is what I ask of you If it is your will to grant it to me and it suits me, I ask you to be the one who guides and accompanies me so that I can reach the kingdom of God and justice.

I ask you to help me find a job, for my part I will be in constant search to be able to find it and give my whole family the well-being they deserve, I ask you thanks in advance because I know you will grant it to me. Amen”.

for abundance

“Your blessed and good archangel Uriel I ask you to be you covering us with your blessed and sacred orange light, I ask you to eliminate all the fears I may have, the scarcity and wrong beliefs that can separate us from the blessing and abundance. God has prepared a world of blessings for us and let nothing separate us from this.

We thank you infinitely for giving us this beautiful gift of abundant blessings, joy and much wisdom, always to make good decisions that are useful. We also thank you for placing in our minds that degree of service and humanity towards all those who surround us, I thank you and for all that you help for your great power that day by day is revealed in my life.Amen”


“I am perfect abundance. I am wealth in peace. I am light. I deserve to be loved. I deserve to be happy. I deserve to be financially free. I know that God loves me, that the Angels love me and that the Light Guides love me. Today begins my Freedom from economic ties.

May the Archangel Uriel fill me with gifts from God in the Material and in Wisdom. I apologize if I disregarded money or if I judged someone for their money. I definitively cancel my prejudices regarding wealth and perfect opulence. I give at this moment my lack, my mistakes and my way of seeing wealth, to God Almighty, so that you transform them into Material Abundance for me and for everyone in peace.

Put your divine power and your love inside me, I decide to heal my mind, and my soul. I open my heart to your pure love that surrounds me with your radiant light, revitalizing my soul and every negative thought becomes positive, recreating me in a new life full of love and joy, which I am going to share loving, and communicating everything I learn. .”

The money

Beloved, powerful and good archangel Uriel, I (say your full name at this time), at this time and on this day I invoke you in the name of the Almighty, so that you please cover me with the sacred flame of ruby ​​gold and so you can fill my whole being with your good virtues.

Oh pious and good Archangel Uriel, I ask and beg you to always be present filling my mind with love and wisdom so that I can understand and see differently why so many meaningless things happen in this life and thus grant me a powerful view to to be able to obtain the solution due to each case, that it be you and your divine mercy that fill me forever.

I thank you infinite heavenly father for letting the Archangel Uriel intercede for my request, and for that infinite grace that you give me through him, now I am certain that I am an abundantly good person, I am a person who has wealth in peace, I am also a person with an immense and radiant light, I deserve to be loved with great passion, I deserve to be happy and also the economic prosperity that I need.

You, my lord of lords, know that you love me more than your being, just as I also have love from the angels that you have placed to guide me and also protect me in every step I take in almost all areas of my life, today is On the day that I believe the total and absolute liberation from my economic ties is going to begin, it is Archangel Uriel who, at this precise moment, is completely filling me with his splendid monetary, spiritual and material gifts.

I ask you through the prayer to Archangel Uriel from the depths of my heart to forgive me without him at some point I have failed or I have not wanted money for not wanting to have it in abundance and also for misjudging those who do have it, in For this moment I cancel now and forever the prejudices that I had regarding wealth and from now on I promise to always give thanks to my father who is the creator and also to you my good archangel Uriel for all material goods that I have from now on.

I ask you through the prayer to the archangel Uriel to grant me the requests of my heart and thus be able to remove from my life any lack that I have had, from all my mistakes, I ask you now and forever for my well-being and prosperity, I feel your great power divine, that great love that surrounds me and allows my mind and soul to heal, these blessings I will always share and I will be grateful to you forever. Amen.

The protection

Oh blessed God, creator of the universe, you are always worthy and you send your powerful angels here to earth so that they are always aware of us and in our care, we ask you to take into account our pleas and we can be objects of protection and always defend ourselves.

Eternal Father, you who give us in total confidence to your angels and thus guard us in all ways, we ask that on this occasion through your powerful intercession all doors are opened for us, that we do not approach danger and that we always guard against any adversity to come.

Powerful and glorious Archangel Uriel, you who are called the pure and divine messenger of God, know of our strength in moments of despair, when we are about to faint, take care of us, guide us.

I beg you to always be in constant care of us so that we are always victorious, that no spirit that comes against us to do us evil reaches us.

You archangel Uriel are my good protector, I ask that on this day you grant me the grace that I ask for protection and I beg you Lord that if what I ask of you is for my good, grant it to me, because I know that your will is good , pleasant and perfect, that it is always accompanied and with good guidance, that it is you always taking me to the right places and thus be able to achieve eternal life.Amen.

The studies

Dear Archangel Uriel, please help me turn darkness into light and see all my experiences, both positive and negative, with a clear and trusting gaze so that I can learn from what I have been taught.

Activate for me the energies of understanding and discernment and awaken my creative power to encourage my academic and spiritual evolution. Dearest Heavenly Father, source of life in the universe, I turn to you at this moment and to your divine inspiration, to the flowing desire to connect, my soul and thought.

And with you in unity my soul wants to vibrate with joy and happiness full of heavenly love. And in that state Beloved Father to receive, the inspiration of your ideas is ready to make my work easier. And as far as this matter is concerned, with love I ask you, Father, that Archangel Uriel accompany me to be my guide and memory on your part.

Thank you Father for being in me. Thank you archangel Uriel for accompanying me. Amen


“Powerful and good archangel Uriel, you who are one of the seven angels who are at the service of God and close to his throne, please give us your blessing and keep us protected from all evil and danger that wants to come near to harm us, you are chosen by our Almighty God to be the messenger and protector of all of us who call on you, thank you for being that shining light in the midst of darkness.

You are such a great flash of light that can help us all in the middle of the desert, today we come to you with great hope and desperation to beg you to cover with your bright light the love that today seizes us to (name of the person), so that take care of it and protect it, do not allow anyone to harm it, that no evil spirit intervenes to harm it, beautiful Archangel Uriel, be light, be protection in this world where evil wants to reach us.

Heavenly Father listen to the intercession of this your heavenly angel so that we can obtain your divine grace and we can always be protected from all evil that approaches, our love is great and we want to keep it united and clean. I ask that we always be in complete peace, that we can have communication, respect, and trust.

May you always be our guide in our daily walk and in this long journey that we need, keep us united for life and even when we have to leave, we will meet you there, Lord my God. Let us embrace faith forever, never forsake us, be our eternal guide and comforter, do not let others damage this faith and love for you.

Make our love grow more every day so that we can bring the good news of salvation to others, blessed are you my Lord and God of all, you are the one who has power and establishes it on earth, we believe in you and we implore you your infinite mercy now and forever. Amen”

Who is Archangel Uriel?

Uriel is one of the 7 archangels, seraphim or cherubim of God. This archangel is considered the protector of all those who pursue spiritual wisdom, as well as in heaven he is the leader of all the guardian angels. The name of this archangel “the fire of God”, Uriel’s main mission is to create awareness in all humanity, but also represents the force of life.

This archangel is also known for being the purifier, since he  is in charge of completely cleaning the universe in general of bad energies. In addition to the fact that he is in charge of helping those people who are going through   adverse situations.   Uriel   attracts all kinds of abundance, physical and spiritual, the best day to invoke this precious and powerful archangel is on Fridays especially .

The main characteristics that can be highlighted about Uriel, is that it has the power to direct the energies of abundance ,   as well as   support changes, by invoking it, it attracts good luck, it has the power to resolve our vicissitudes on a personal level. and professional, Uriel,   when invoked, promotes the harmony of any environment in which we find ourselves,   helps to increase creativity and our personal growth in general.

The archangel Uriel in his representation, usually carries a book or parchment in his hands. Through which he represents the mission that was granted to him as a divine observer. It is presumed that Uriel is said book or parchment that can be seen in representation, it keeps track of the feelings, thoughts and good or bad acts of human beings during their journey through life.

Archangel Uriel can be seen dressed in red or orange, always combined with the color gold. The combination of these colors represent Uriel in his condition    of transformation and destruction of his evil. In addition, these colors represent the sun.

What does Uriel and his attributes mean?

Since we know perfectly well who Uriel is, now we are going to know what his name means and what his attributes are. Uriel means “the fire of God”, the archangel Uriel is the representative of the almighty force of the spirit of life.

The attributes of this archangel that can be mentioned are, his flame of fire represents Uriel’s mission to create consciousness in all humanity through the fire of truth and life. As mentioned before, Uriel in his representation can be seen with a book or parchment in his hands, this attribute personifies the account that the archangel carries of all the good and bad feelings, thoughts and acts of humanity in general, this account it is carried throughout Uriel’s journey through life.

In previous lines of the section, the colors that represent Uriel’s clothing were also mentioned, which are red or orange combined with gold, respectively. This point stands out in the attributes of the archangel, since these colors are directly connected with fire and the qualities of transformation,   the destruction of evil, as well as   spiritual enlightenment.

In addition , it can be rescued that these are the colors that the sun possesses in all its splendor, also the great star with which John Milton associates Uriel in his work “Paradise Lost”.

Uriel and Christianity

In Christianity, Uriel is revered, as are the archangels Michael, Gabriel and Raphael, and over the years the cult of angels and archangels gained more strength. However, in the Council of Rome in the year 745, Father Zacharias prohibited the use of the name of the Archangel Uriel, he also ordered all the images of the archangel found in the churches of the city to be destroyed.

On the other hand, the Eastern Orthodox Church venerates Uriel   and along with the other archangels we previously named, commemorates them   during the ” Syntax of the Archangel Michael and the other powers” every November 8 without fail   For its part, the Anglican church recognizes Uriel and includes him among its   revered angels and archangels.

In the apocryphal gospels of the Bible it is written that the archangel Uriel helped John the Baptist to survive the massacre ordered by Herod. After he rescues him and helps him out of this very difficult situation, he takes him to Egypt to reunite him with his mother and his whole family. In the Apocalypse Uriel is represented as the angel of repentance. In the apocalyptic lore, Uriel holds the key to Hell, which he will unlock at the End of Time.

Uriel and Judaism

Uriel in Judaism is not recognized, however his name is written in few traditional texts of this important religion. Among the writings that appears   reflected Uriel can be mentioned; the book of Enoch, in this book Uriel is described as the force that intercedes   before God for humanity in relation to the fallen angels and their children, likewise he is the one who warns Noah of the flood.  

The archangel Uriel in the story of Adam and Eve, is characterized as the angel in charge of guarding the gate of Eden , with a great sword to avoid any contact with the tree of life, on the other hand Uriel was the angel who was in charge of burying both Adam and Abel and it can also be noted that he was the one who expelled Adam and Eve from Eden once they committed their sin .

In other of the writings in which Uriel can be seen reflected are; the “Testament of Solomon” and in the “Apocalypse” of Ezra. Where it is described that Uriel was the one who gave both Jacob and Abraham their names again in this way, it is also mentioned that Uriel marks the doors of the houses of the Hebrews in Egypt to protect them.

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