Learn how to pray in the spirit, and have a fellowship with God

Learn how to pray in the spirit, and have a fellowship with God

The best way to answer the question of how to pray in the spirit is by doing it at all times, with the faith and intention of connecting with the whole heart, mainly in the work of supplication and repentance of the sins committed. This process is a jovial encounter with our Heavenly Father.

How to pray in the spirit?

The Holy Spirit is considered the main source of our soul. Put, every action and development that takes place in relation to the field of spiritual life unfolds with firmness and thanks to his mercy with us.

The Holy Spirit is the energy that comes forth in our prayers. Put, He is the one who allows prayers to reach God. He in turn allows a true son-father conversation to take place.

Through the intervention of the Holy Ghost, with and in him, every prayer we pray becomes directly related to praying to our Savior and Heavenly Father. Since we are beings grafted onto it.

On the other hand, this process allows us to be intimately united to our Savior Jesus Christ. Since we are allowed, thanks to the development of this connection, the loan of certain senses in relation to the faculties for which the elements of the spirit serve as our instrument of praise towards our Heavenly Father.

In this way it is that our prayers become important with respect to the inexplicable processes that are embedded in the heart of our Heavenly Father. Through a true sacrifice that offers adoration, thanks and admiration towards our Lord.

That is why the prayer to the spirit is a kind of breath and joy of the soul and in turn the breath of the heart. For this reason it is possible to develop a better life with the Holy Spirit. (See Article: The power of prayer )

pray in the flesh

The meaning of praying in the Spirit is contrasted with praying in the flesh. Since, the prayer related to the power of the flesh, is based on the ability of the human to perform the prayer.

When it becomes difficult for us to pray, without knowing what to say and trying to force the prayer to be carried out correctly, this is because we do not have the Holy Spirit within us to carry out a correct prayer that leads our souls and hearts to the path of God.

When praying in the flesh, confidence in human abilities and efforts are greater in relation to the way in which each difficulty that arises in our lives is overcome. (See article: Prayer to succeed at work  )

However, this process is not correct, since usually when it occurs, it is sought to place many words in the sentences, without really giving a true meaning to what is being communicated to God. It is for this reason that our Savior Jesus Christ tells us that we will not be heard in the same way as when we do it with real words, full of faith and love for God.

When struggling just after a short time of praying we are not focused on the length of time we are praying. And that is why you need to understand that the success of prayer does not really depend on the length of time in which you are praying

On many occasions it is about overcoming the dying prayer using approaches related to how well one can pray, which is why many fully trust prayers already made that deal with doctrinally correct topics but do not really have any emotion towards our Lord on the part of U.S.

These types of attempts are those elements that overcome the difficulties of prayer in relation to the power of the flesh. Since this type of works have as a real element to imitate the vivacity that the Spirit possesses in each sentence.

It must be taken into account that the Spirit possesses the essence of life and in turn also of truth. That is why his primary job is that everything he does develops life and vitality. In addition to this, it is important to mention that the difference between life and vivacity produced by the Spirit must be taken into account.

For this reason, it is important to keep a sentence away from artificial and brilliant imitation with degrees of pomposity. Since they are productions that people exercise, without a true dedication to our Lord. With all these elements, we must understand that praying in the flesh is a counterfeit of praying with the Spirit.

The elemental difference between prayer related to the power of the flesh and prayer made in relation to the spirit centers on the way in which it is moved and directed towards our Heavenly Father.

When you pray in the Spirit, you experience situations related to the connection you have in body and soul with him. In addition to this, the Spirit gives life and in turn brings life at the time of prayer. (Also read about the article  high-level intercession prayer to ask for God’s mercy )

power of prayer

When we pray in the Spirit, this gives us the virtue of power, since it gives us a connection with our Heavenly Father. In addition to this, it gives us a very good quality of life that is described with a very good warmth and freedom that allows us to have a sense of exchange.

It is thanks to this prayer that we go through a process of communication with God that fully grants us the presence of our Lord and the best and most authentic ways of speaking with him through truth and love.

On the other hand, this allows our minds and hearts to be enlightened, which also grants us freedom. This is why there is a great contrast between praying in the flesh and praying in the Spirit.

In addition to this, it is important to know that there are degrees of experience in relation to praying in the Spirit. Every time it is performed more frequently, a much greater spiritual revival is felt. On the other hand, there are varieties of experiences that are unified with the process to reach this revival.

However, there are times when praying in the Spirit does not feel an electrifying energy that quickens the spirit. Rather it is considered a moaning sensation. (Be sure to read the high level intercession prayer article )

It is important to mention that the Spirit is the main collaborator to fight against our weaknesses and also intercedes for us before the will and desires of our Lord. When you pray in the Spirit, you experience sensations that are transferred to God through prayer through the Spirit.

Praying in the spirit has three aspects, which are managing our disabilities in the name of the Lord. Then you need to enjoy creating real, living communication with our Heavenly Father. In addition to this, it is necessary to ask for the promises of God with a great level of security and audacity.

Admit our inability to pray

The first step is to confess our sins. We need to admit our inabilities to pray and in turn how we should pray. At the same time, it is necessary to face the tendency not to pray on our own, that is, in this way we must do it with the heart.

It is very important to recognize that prayer develops a spiritual activity. This in turn allows for the admission that the power of the flesh does not really benefit us in our lives and connection with God.

When prayer is not carried out correctly, dryness is felt and at the same time there are difficulties in life. For this reason, the spiritual slowness that should not be embedded in our lives as believers of our Lord begins.

That is why we must start with positive steps for our being. Well, we must perform acts related to the delivery of our souls and bodies to the Spirit. When you start with confession you often come up with the right connection when praying to God.

Enjoy living communion with God

You must be fully aware of what communion is, therefore also know what it is to give and receive, as a means of expression. In addition to that, this allows us to have the Holy Spirit within us.

All these elements are great collaborators of the connection that we establish with our Lord. Since conversing with our Heavenly Father is very easy with these attributes.

On the other hand, praying allows us to be on a spiritual level on the heavenly throne. Put any place where you have to pray has the power to transform into the chambers of our Lord, with faith.

In addition to this, among the differences that exist between praying in the flesh and praying in the Spirit, is that when praying in the last way indicated, the words come out spontaneously, since we truly connect with our Lord.

This is because the Spirit creates the awareness that God’s presence exists in our lives. That is why the mere experience related to the presence of our Heavenly Father is of much more importance than any request that one wishes to make.

On the other hand, it is important to know that the Spirit will not be the only one that will lead us to rest under the throne of our Lord. In addition to this, an audacity of holiness will be carried out that allows the promises of our Heavenly Father to be correctly claimed.

Plead with holy audacity

The work of the Spirit is directly related to our bowing before God to beg as his humble children. It is important to mention that we should not bow down to a God we do not know. For this reason, it is that we must have a real sense of intimacy and admiration.

In addition to that, the Spirit infuses us with bold life through our prayers. On the other hand, it allows us to count on the promise of our Lord that he has towards us, his children. The importance of it is that it relates to a humble and holy boldness, which does not have any sense of presumptuous demand.

It is positive that it is not claimed or demanded when making a request, these must come from your heart, with great faith and love for God. In this way God will understand us. In addition to this, we must understand that we have no right to demand anything from our Heavenly Father. This is pointed out, because there are Christians who tend to do so.

It is necessary that we pray with supplication and in turn we must use our arguments and real promises, without any type of demand or claim. It must be understood that our Lord is sovereign and that is why his existence is beyond our understanding.


Oh my dear Savior Jesus Christ. You who are really in heaven right in the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar.

I love you above all things and I wish with all my heart that my life concentrates on receiving you into my soul, to develop my life with you in this way.

Oh my dear Jesus Christ I ask you that under the sacrament of our Lord the Holy Spirit stay inside my heart. In this way, I wish that when I receive you, I hug you and we are one.

You are glory and grace my Lord, for this reason I ask you not to allow my life to be separated from you, due to the evil plans of Satan and his demonic entities, who are concerned with damaging the lives of those believers who are weak and unable to open their hearts to your divinity. Amen.

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