Meaning And Explanation Of Power Animals

Meaning And Explanation Of Power Animals

We all have some spiritual connection that makes us feel the similarities between the different species that exist on earth. And that each one has particular characteristics, skills and feelings. We call this animals of power , and we can not only have one, but varieties of these, since we have many similarities that do not adapt to only one spirit animal.

power animals

It is said that everything on earth, such as; the water that flows through the rivers, the sea, the wind, the rocks, the plants already carry within their center, a spirit. And that nothing can take them away. In animals it is not as different as you think, since when they are born they are already anchored with the force that unites everything in the universe, this means that their spirit is already named as well.

The only ones who unfortunately do not fit into this group are human beings. That we are born aimlessly, wandering. But in order to find out what can unite us with nature, it is our duty. As it has always been, to search for what is hidden and that in most of the times we have managed to find it.

Here enter the spirits that govern the natural order of things that happen in life, it is assumed that when we are born we have no knowledge or ties with our guiding spirit, but that nature does assign them to us, only without our full knowledge of this .

It not only gives us one, but several because we are extremely multifaceted beings. With so many features that one would be a limit for the soul. That is why it allows us to discover the others that connect us, with animals of unparalleled power so that we establish bonds between the other beings that inhabit the earth and the entire universe.

shamanism power animals

Shamanism or medicine according to the natives of American origin, is that branch of spirituality that tries to solve the problems of the mind, body and spirit of the human being through connections with the elements of life. And with what is still out of our reach.

It is also in charge of giving us support when we need it most or searching through it for the answers we long for. As well as give us willpower to face the complexes and circumstances of life. Feeling that we are in contact with nature and that it protects us from all evil. Above all, the knowledge of ourselves as people and if we are doing well, for the natural order.

In this way, asking through it helps those we love the most, such as our family and friends. Ask for the understanding of people who do not want to open up to nature and contribute only good things to continue living in it for a long time. Children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, among others, enjoy it too.

These animals of shamanism power are those Totems that will serve as a guide and help us go through the different difficulties that come our way in life. As they also serve as consolation for these opportunities. They free us from our burden of responsibility and try to make us see, connect, with all aspects of nature. That mostly we don’t see it because we are so blinded in other things that are not so important.

Although we do not want to admit it, they are like looking in a mirror for us. Our true inner being is found in them, that face that we do not want to see nor do we want others to see. They represent our most hidden abilities but at the end of everything they are still there and there is no way to eliminate it.

How to know which are your Shamanism Power Animals?

What should be noted about this dilemma is that there is no correct way to know what your animal totem is. As mentioned above, it is not something that we know to a certain science, nobody tells us. From that first moment of life, but since the human being is curious by nature, he will be inclined to know what his shamanism power animals are .

These in turn can change. As we grow and evolve we change our way of being and thinking about life, the same thing happens with them. It does not mean that it is bad, quite the contrary, since we are capable of changing and if it is for the better, it is something very good for mother earth. Since we don’t know what animals may be ours, here are some options that can help you find them:

  • In your dreams: Surely it has happened to you that you are dreaming and suddenly an animal appears, that would be a spiritual sign about some of your animals of shamanism power .
  • Indirect signals: These are those that have always been there and one does not realize it. For example: when the name of an animal is repeated over and over again on television but that you have always heard constantly elsewhere, either in conversations or songs.
  • Direct signs: It is not very common, when we see an animal in various situations and less if it is exotic. That would be an indication that it is your Totem.
  • In meditation: If you are being connected by the spiritual world and want to know more about this world, the universe will give you the tools to follow this path. Introducing your animal guide.
  • Intuition: There are moments in life when your intuition does not fail, when you know that that sacred animal represents you, if this is so, you do not have to distrust your instincts.
  • Through a shaman: This is one of the most complicated things to achieve. First, because they are very reserved with their traditions and those they serve are people from their community. Second, because not everyone can be a shaman, they are the doctors of the spiritual part and are chosen very carefully. They are those who lend their voice to nature and spirit.

Whichever option presents itself to you, the best would be to ask for help from the forces that are in everything, to help you with your task. And even once you know what your shamanic power animals are you can explain some of their powers to them if you need them. They are not beings that are selfish with those who are like them. They will help you in any way.

What is the Power Animal Triad?

Previously it had been mentioned that since the human being is such a complex organism, it required several animal Totems. This is possible, in addition many authors or specialists in this area mention that we have nine of these guides in particular. That it would be totally complete for the conduct of people in the universe.

Others think that it may be true but that it would adapt much better if it were just three. It represents, in this way, a triad of animals of shamanism power . Being a more closed group, we can get to know the animals that we feel connected to and they with us.

There are three positions, as if it were a race with a goal but this in turn never ends. This is because the first position at that particular moment in your life represents you and you need it. The second place may be that you require something from him. And the third happens the same but with a smaller proportion.

And why does the race never end? Because possibly in another circumstance of your life, the second or third place will win, because it is when you require their power that they go from one position to another, depending on the needs and these in turn influence your behavior.

Characteristics of some shamanic power animals

Some characteristics of these animals will help us find our spiritual guide. It does not matter if you have had any connection to a specific one, the important thing is to be curious and read until one or more of them catch your attention and you feel that they may be a reflection of you. If you don’t get it right now it doesn’t matter, everything in this life doesn’t have to be fast or pressured, take your time to find the support of spiritual life and the connection with mother earth. These are the following power animals :


He is a diurnal being, who rises in the skies looking for his freedom. Nothing else is found on him, that the God of the sun. His courage before complicated situations does not prevent him from completing his actions. He is a being who emits respect to everyone who sees him from above.

It is not only synonymous with absolute freedom, when it decides to spread its huge and powerful wings. Rather, from the heavens he becomes aware of the intentions of others who dwell on earth. He is known for not only holding one opinion, he sees all that are within his reach.


Of the shamanism power animals , they represent it as one that encompasses everything else. Due to the immensity of its proportions, it is called this way. Previously the natives thought that this animal represented the multiplication of things. At least when it comes to food and clothing. He brought prosperity to the people. In more hostile times the buffalo helped to keep them alive.

They teach us to be grateful with how little or how much we have. It keeps people together without unrest despite adversity. Through it we are more generous with others and learn to share with them. It gives us the tools for divine knowledge and that of the spirituality that surrounds us.


The spirits of the owls are beings extremely connected with the energies that are everywhere and with the hidden world. They are responsible for perceiving any of these. So the people who feel connected to him take them as his animal totem. Because of the power they have.

They keep the secrets of others, that is one of their abilities. There is no comparison with this animal. Since they are so spiritual they can fly through the hidden world, the earthly world where we live and the divine world that is in the heavens. For this reason, he is in charge of delivering messages to people from different worlds if the destination is for you. You can also discover the true essence of a person, who wants to hide it under a mask, through their eyes that see everything in detail.

It can also be a symbol of wealth, intelligence due to its cunning as a predator and speed in situations. The favorite companion of the dead to another life, as portrayed by other cultures such as in Greek mythology, in the traditions of ancient Egypt, Hindu, among others.


This creature is majestic in every known respect and throughout the history of mankind everyone has been able to appreciate this fact. Since it appears in all the writings, engravings, monuments and stories of the different cultures that exist in the world. It is said that of the animals of shamanism power , it is the one chosen to make us see the clearest path, at least for those who do not know where they are going. He does know where he is going, in every step he takes he makes it with strength in his decisions.

He is a being with a wild character, difficult to tame, but when he gets people who adore him and respect him for what he really is. There is no loyalty strong enough to compare with his. They will not leave you alone, when you need it most they will be there. And you will feel free next to him, the horse is one of the animals that have been companions of the human being in all the wars that have been and have stayed with us.

It makes connections with humans like no other species has. He gives you powers of firmness above all else, courage to overcome, security that you can trust him and he can help you achieve some spiritual journey if you wish.


If this is your shamanic power animal then your stats should be speed. This is an animal that all its actions and thoughts are quick, they do not take long to get a response to a situation of any kind. And they use their impudence and naivety to their advantage. Most do not know what she may be up to since she is very stealthy, and hides with what she does, but that makes her a very intelligent being.

It also symbolizes humility due to its quiet character without bragging about its appearance. Although they are beings that are afraid of anything, fearful of life and that something could happen to them, such as discomfort, some tragic event. But this can be a good thing because they are cautious beings and learn very quickly if something happens.

If you feel any connection beyond your understanding, it may be a sign that you should take care of yourself but on a more relaxed level. Taking things slowly is sometimes not bad, for our mental, physical and spiritual health. And if you find yourself connecting with him on a guardian guide level, be sure to change up the angst part a bit. Because you can not live in fear every second of life.


Animals of shamanism power have already been mentioned that are special like the horse that takes care of the earth but there is another that is just as special and that is the dolphin. Who is the spiritual guide of the seas and the air we breathe. As a duality, which is in tune for being a mammalian animal that travels the seas. And that he is revered in many regions of the earth because he lives in most of the oceans, taking care of them.

It is a symbol of friendship, collaboration and communication. Despite not being so close to human beings, they lend their services to help with something we need. They don’t know us well but they immediately create an unbreakable bond of friendship. And in terms of communication, there are no words involved, only looks and intuition on the part of the dolphins so that you know that something is about to happen. Their intelligence makes them excellent at conveying their intentions to the other species that inhabit the oceans.

Some legends say that the universe brought them into the world to be the special communicators to make us wise and try to explain the true order of things in nature. That we should not destroy it since we are part of it. They transmit joy and happiness, no matter how stormy the seas that we cross are if we are with a positive attitude, there will be no ships or stone walls that can hinder us in our divine path.


It is universal in nature because it is represented in many ancient traditions in the history of mankind. An example of this would be in the entrances of ancient temples and the figure of lions appeared. They symbolize the protection that we need so much and that can drive away any person or bad energies in our lives. Also people who did not have many resources but strongly believed in him, carved or painted his figure to place it in their homes. Since the lion is a very familiar being and protects his own.

He is also known for using the force of his power towards others. He is considered the king of the jungle because of his courage and patience when he is going to act, at least in the hunting part he is very stealthy. He one of the bravest shamanism power animals and you have to respect him.


They say that when a wolf appears to you in a dream, it means that you need him. They are known for their ability to help others learn to deal with personal struggles or concerns that they believe have no solution. He is one of the perfect shamanism power animals for those people who are dedicated to helping others in any way. Like doctors through health or teacher he teaches. Since what characterizes it is to provide help to people who help others.

His qualities are to stay close to the family, but at the same time they are free. Without so many ties that link it to other things that are not so important. He is a being of balance, as he can have both within his grasp.


Perhaps the meaning of this animal is very obvious, but it cannot be overlooked. Transformation is his main quality. And it is what makes it so versatile within the shamanism power animals . If he has chosen you at some point or by intuition, it means that changes are yet to come or you are a person who adapts to any situation no matter what it is. You constantly mold and evolve to the best version of yourself.

It means that you are someone who provides color where others do not see it and you fill yourself with it. You don’t mind spreading your wings everywhere with the joy of flying and seeing how beautiful life is. And how much we have to take care of it, in addition to doing it with the land where we all live, in which every day gives us the opportunity to be beings of immense gratitude for that gift and improve if we are willing to do so.

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