Effective Prayer to San Antonio to recover a Love

Effective Prayer to San Antonio to recover a Love

In the following article you will find and know everything related to the miraculous Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to recover a love that you already think was lost, you will only have to offer this prayer to the powerful saint of miracles and blessings, and so when you least Wait for it, that person to whom you gave all your love, will return to you.

Prayer to the mighty Saint Anthony to recover an impossible love

If you have problems with your partner, you did something unforgivable and that is why that special person left your side, the flame of love went out and you do not know what to do, the powerful  Prayer to Saint Anthony of Padua to recover a love  is the solution, since this deity is known for being a very kind and merciful saint capable of carrying out even high-grade requests that require a lot of power.

If you wholeheartedly want to recover your soulmate, the only thing you will have to do is offer this saint a prayer where you will have to put all your faith and hope so that he grants you the necessary help that you have implored so much and that you will receive. be granted what you ask for.

It should be noted that this prayer will not work if said relationship ended due to abuse or violence in a considerable range, in this type of case, the best thing to do is to let the person go, since it is a toxic relationship that unfortunately no longer has salvation.

Prayer to San Antonio to recover an impossible love

Oh glorious and mighty Saint Anthony

whom God has chosen as our intercessor

in the troubles and losses of material life,

today I want to ask you to lend me your valuable help

to solve a big sentimental problem

which greatly afflicts me and breaks my heart.

Oh, blessed and miraculous Saint Anthony,

holy protector and benefactor of those who love each other,

I ask you to intercede for union and reconciliation

Come in ……. (name of loved one) and I …….

San Antonio I ask you to remove from your mind

all doubts, anguish, jealousy and reproaches

that make him move further and further away from me,

make me remember all the good,

all the love that united us in other moments

and let him forget the reasons for his estrangement,

make sure true love is not lost

that not so long ago existed between the two.

You who get lost things to be found,

make him recover the lost love of …….

What do you do that the proposals are accepted,

make that ……. accept me again…
and she feels the love so sincere that I feel for him-her.

You who restore peace and happiness in couples

grant me reconciliation and harmony with …….
and get me to feel attraction and strong affection for me again.

Saint Anthony, saint of miracles,

Come to my aid now that I need you so much:

protect our relationship with your shelter,

do not let anything or anyone hinder our lives,
stay away from ……. those who now separate him from me,

help me, I beg you with all my soul, do not leave me without an answer

In this difficult and urgent problem,
give me your favor so that my most ardent wish may be fulfilled:

(say with great faith what you want to achieve).

I ask you my sweet and dear Saint Anthony

that you bind, that you tie with your bonds of love

our souls and our bodies forever

so that we are together and we are one,
make the love I feel is reciprocated

and do not allow anyone or anything to separate us.

My Father Saint Anthony, you who protect lovers,
you who do so much good to those who truly love each other,
come to my aid as soon as possible,
pray for me before the Child God and the Blessed Virgin Mary
, do not ignore the afflicted plea that I put in your hands

today I need your help more than ever,

me ……. I know that for you the things that seem impossible

prodigiously become realizable,

That’s why I beg you to come to my call

and give me a quick solution to what anguishes me so much
and does not allow me to have peace at night or during the day.

Saint Anthony, mighty in word and action,

miraculous saint, blessed saint,

always ready to help those who call on you,

in you I deposit my difficult request and all my hopes,

make him recover as soon as possible before the love of ……,

assist me in this difficult and painful situation,

and, by your great goodness and blessed divine mercy,

Grant me what I ask for and so much I need
so that my sentimental life is complete and happy.

Through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen”.

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