What Are The Main Gods Of Modern Buddhism?

What Are The Main Gods Of Modern Buddhism?

he gods of Buddhism do not follow any plan or goal. And they don’t consider each other more important. Either because of any other special characteristics they have. They only try to be there and seek harmony for those who come to them. No matter where it comes from. Or if it is the first time that people communicate with them. Simply these gods do not make distinctions.

gods of buddhism

They specialize in that everything that is in this world or beyond it, preserves all the qualities that only the life of nature contains. In these ways, people who turn to the gods of Buddhism discover everything they were losing sight of and the connection that lives in each one of us with it.

Daiitoku Myō-ō

He is in charge of being the guardian of the people who come to him for help. Not only because in each extremity (each with a pair of 3, for example: it has six arms) they contain an object with which to defend those who seek to do evil. And with this he achieves that all his fights are victorious, thus attracting the well-being of others. He defends himself very well against snakes. If you let yourself be guided by this god, it is best to live towards the west.

Fudō Myō-ō

This God with his qualities offers wisdom to the most lost. Or those who most need this feature in life. He is a great fighter against the bad energies that want to enter our day to day life. This is because in his right hand to face them he has a white weapon and in his left hand a rope to catch those negative vibes or evil spirits. If you let yourself be guided by this god, he will guide you so that you are focused on your projects.

Gōzanze Myō-ō

To seek protection or not feel threatened by anything, this god is the one. He will not let any bad energy that comes his way thanks to the three faces that he retains. Plus his eight arms that are wielding a weapon in each one. He absolutely does not tolerate naivety in people or the problems that some have with anger. If you let yourself be guided by this god, it is best to find a place to live towards the east.

Gundari Myō-ō

This God is very similar to the god Gōzanze Myō-ō. Since they are similar in physical characteristics, he also retains three faces and eight arms with weapons on them. But what sets him apart is that around his neck and legs are wrapped with various snakes. And he also goes to her for protection. If you let yourself be guided by this God, the ideal place to live is to the south.

Kongō-Yasha Myō-ō

Most of these  gods of Buddhism  are protective and this is no exception to the rule. Its external characteristics highlight the three faces that are most of its representations as threatening. And six arms, this time without any weapons on them. Sometimes he is portrayed as a god with only one face and two pairs of arms. It is perfect to turn to him when what you are looking for is strength to face life situations. And if you let yourself be guided by this god, it is best to place yourself somewhere to the north.

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