Uses and Properties

The Origin of Orgone Energy: Uses and Properties

People, our world, the rest of the other planets in our galaxy and the universe are made up of particles that make up everything. When these particles come together, they create orgone energy . It is in a pure state, it is immaterial and we do not have control over the vibrations it emits or even how it behaves or what its laws are. But what we can know is what its importance is in our lives and daily routines.

orgone energy

In the mid-1940’s, Wilhelm Reich, a physician and psychiatrist, found such a type of energy that is in all living organisms. Which is vital and omnipresent for life. It was and still is one of the most emblematic discoveries that science has had in the field of nature. And that for many years this theory of orgone energy has been kept under constant study by various scientists.

This energy theoretically tries to explain the proper functioning and scope of an orgasm. The behavior of the color that the sky takes at different times of the day and the orgone vibrations that have consequences on people, especially when it comes to politics. For example, the falls of political parties in power in a country or its system.

Reich called the study of this energy orgonomy. In which he details him as responsible for what happens in outer space to earth. Without the nothing he would be able to create systems of planets, black holes or colliding galaxies. In addition to the functioning of the terrestrial territory and those who live in it, such as the human being. As well as the connections that are formed, such as: hate, love, enmity, friendship, among others. The phrase everything happens for a reason would be edited thanks to this knowledge as everything happens through orgone energy .

Testing the orgone energy theory

Wilhelm tried to verify that this energy actually exists with radiation meters, through variations in temperature. So that visual evidence was obtained in this way. But it is still not possible that this theory is totally true. Although the psychiatrist would look for other ways to use this energy if he could concentrate, only for uses in which he could help other people at least to find the solution to their emotional problems.

Orgone is a combination of the organism and what he related it to, which was the orgasm, the reach of this energy. He was sure that it was of an immaterial character, without any mass that binds it. As his main field of study was towards human beings by profession he decided to classify it as the energy of life.

Since without this nothing would be as it is. And that when this energy was kept in a state without release or with limits, it hinders true human behavior. He has called this dead orgone, as a kind of shield. And that it had to be treated as if it were a contagious disease. Since it could happen in social events and it could even be something of the culture or traditions of a region.

Being something so serious considered by the psychiatrist, I try to find answers through energy to various other diseases such as cancer. He believed that since people did not know how to release or remove the limits so that the energy flows and does not become dead Orgone, this has consequences.

That by spending a lot of time with dead Orgone in the body, cancer evolves because it blocks emotions and does not let people feel what they want or how they should express themselves, without inhibitions.

To solve the dilemma of liberation. The psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich created some machines or boxes so that the dead Orgone is concentrated inside it and people take that weight off their shoulders, so that in this way they could live better and cure everything bad. The bad thing about this is that in his experiments he realized that the accumulated orgone energy was good and the one that was dead.

These boxes represent the state of orgone energy . That since human bodies are made of organic materials, the box also had to be made of this material. So that’s why I create it out of wood. After a while he realized that he had to move these boxes to other places, if he really wanted to break the limits of the dead Orgone. And not accumulate the energy that was stable and that is good for life.

According to several witnesses the results of his experiment with the orgone energy storage box did work. But the intelligence of the United States, ordered that all his inventions be eliminated. Which was quite a stir because Reich had a huge number of these machines in many of his facilities across the country. In addition to his other investigations, books and documents that he had saved. Everything was removed.

Despite the fact that the doctor described it and decided to study it, exposing theories about it. A long time ago and throughout history, in different regions this type of energy was known by different names, but they all have the same concept in common. For example: in China it is called Chi, in India as Prana.

Scientific misconceptions regarding the role of orgone energy

Many times some scientific theories have been confused with the energy discovered by the psychiatrist Reich. What must be addressed so that some links that can unite them continue to be questioned because each idea is not so different in terms of the concept of the others and that they may be related to the Orgone.

Orgone energy as the envelope of the Earth

Mostly scientists and people in general confuse “heat waves”. As if it were related to heat as such. Relationship that is not true. Because heat is only a measurable temperature that has nothing to do with the transformations that occur in the heavens. Or when it is close to several hills that can be seen from a distance. In the sea when you see the horizons. All this happens through the orgone energy that protects the different materials that are on earth like nature in it.

And the curious thing is that if they were really “heat waves” they would be noticed only when they were hot and not only when it was cold on a day. So for this reason, this event would be strongly related to energy, since it manifests itself without heat and at any time of the day.

Many also think that these waves may be the wind but the wind cannot be distinguished. On the other hand, these undulations do, more than have a very unique characteristic, that they have a direction. Which is directed towards a specific route. What the wind does is that it can come from different directions.

Bad visions of the astronomer

The astronomer still applies all his ills and problems in not being able to adequately distinguish the atmosphere and its surroundings, for what they call “bad visions”. Or visions that for them can be limited by the complications that are observed in it. But actually what doesn’t help you see properly is the orgone energy . Which is present in everything in our galaxy as a part of the space of it. As long as this type of energy cannot be extracted, astronomers will continue to say that they do not get a good capture because of the view of outer space.


This is also consistent with orgone energy. Perhaps you have wondered where those noises produced by a radio you are listening to or a television that stays in black and white, with noisy sounds, come from. Possibly the static car when you rub against the metal that makes up a car when it is not moistened. Or when you walk by and inadvertently brush against a person and a discharge of electricity comes out of it.

All this that one calls as static is the same as Orgone energy but most scientists have not studied it in depth. Since how is it possible that lightning can have so much power, in that amount of volts of electricity. There should be something else in the air that can create it to the state we know. The simple static would not achieve such an effect, instead the orgone energy if it can, all thanks to the fact that it is everywhere, present and with a lot of power to achieve lightning.

the blue of the sky

The scientists who affirm that the blue that the sky takes is due to the set of colors that the atmosphere has and that to a certain extent, due to the sunlight it adopts that coloration, is that they have not yet known or studied orgone energy . Since this is the main characteristic that identifies it, it is the color blue. On levels of organisms, from outer space to our planet and even the entire universe. These are the following facts that confirm it:

  • In our cell there is a part of it that makes it up, which is the protoplasm. It is where all the living material of this exists, as well as the nucleolus and the cytoplasm. But the point of knowing this information is that it is blue in color, therefore orgone energy exists in it since it is found in prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells. In all organic organisms.
  • There are a few types of orgone rooms that are used to test this theory. Where the walls and the door are lined with metal or aluminum items. And when the lights go out in this room, it’s not exactly black like most of the time. Rather, it lights up with orgone energy and the room turns blue.
  • The seas, oceans and lakes also take on a blue coloration. Just as the Northern Lights do too.


Since it is everywhere it is not difficult to find or accumulate. But there is something that cannot be done with this orgone energy , which would be to find out its exact amount, or to know what the limits would be, since it is found throughout the universe and its expansion.

the orgonites

The inventor of this genius was Karl Welz, who, thanks to the fact that he continued with what little remained of the research, work and experiments of the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich, was able to create orgonites. It happened in the 90’s specifically in the year 1991 that the invention to balance this energy was made known to the world.

He called it “the one that originates the Orgone” in addition to other mechanisms that were granted to generate this energy that was made up of crystals of different varieties, different types of quartz that control it. As well as the metal that works as an insulator and the secretions of different organic compounds, for example: trees. So that nothing could destroy it and everything would stay in its place.

The usefulness of these devices is to be able to eliminate or eradicate all the dead Orgone that affects the energies of the human body. So that diseases that are malignant and that harm us in the long run do not enter. And that our feelings are stabilized with our environment and most importantly with ourselves.

You may be able to attract orgone energy that is good. It is advisable to move or place it in places where it can absorb light. Near televisions, radios, refrigerators or any other device that radiates electricity. In addition to being excellent in places where there is a large number of people gathered, for example: at work, at home or in important meetings.

You should be very aware of where you get these devices. For the quality of these, in terms of effectiveness. They have to have all their components well managed. Not that the quartz is not totally surrounded by the metal wire. Or that all they have is only the secretions of organic compounds.

How orgonites work

They serve to regulate the other energies that the human body has, which is made up of electricity. Everything is from the chemical reactions it performs, it needs this type of charge to function properly. Since it doesn’t just work for the external environment one is in, it can work perfectly by regulating these bodily processes.

The good thing about orgonites is that they are not like other devices that can be used to drain bad energy, these are objects that work without another source of charge or some other way to perform their primary function. They can act very stealthily, you will notice the changes once you feel that the dead Orgone has been draining from your body, little by little.

Uses of orgone energy with orgonites

  • It’s so effective at warding off what harms us that we don’t even realize it. Since the level of risk is lower but the radioactivity of the following elements is still there, such as: cell phones, computers, tablets, televisions, microwaves and even the electrical wiring found in the walls of our home.
  • If you have flowers in your house or varieties of plants, orgonites will help you make this process much faster, in terms of growth and positive development of them. Since it also distances or distorts the gravitational field that the ants have, which are the main culprits of eating the plants or damaging them.
  • They are assistants in therapeutic activities or in yoga, since they stimulate the energies of the place where you are practicing these activities for a better absorption of the energies that your mind and body require.

Effects of orgone energy with orgonites

  • You will feel like new once you have this device in your hands. As if all the discomfort you once felt evaporated and a feeling of being completely healthy and well-being will remain in its place.
  • And spending so much time in a place that you use frequently and that is always full of tension, discussions such as work or at home. This will enhance the ambience of the site in a way that you feel safe to be.
  • At least if you find yourself with a fever, flu, or some general malaise, this orgonite will calm sensations to spectacular levels. It should be noted that it does not solve the evils of diseases but it does make the person feel better with their symptoms.
  • Most people use orgone for their water baths. It makes it free of any bad energy. It must be remembered that one of the main sources of orgone energy is water due to its blue color. And that for this reason orgonite should be used to clean it.
  • It can cause big changes on an emotional level. At least if you have depression this device is a great help to convert it. It makes you feel better in terms of your hormonal and electrical levels that this one has. And make those levels of hormones rise that both the mind and the body need to feel much better.
  • Sometimes the body is not completely regulated at the temperature level, the hands feel colder but the rest of the body is warm. Orgonite helps improve the body system so that everything stays stable and you don’t have any problems again in your body. As well as maintaining the correct level of coloration, because due to the low temperature of our body the heat can go away, leaving a worrying level of paleness.
  • It controls the circulation system of both the venules, veins and arteries that run through the human body. So that there are no problems with the joints and never have any kind of cramp. By keeping the drainage of oxygenated blood to the heart stable in this way, there will be no future heart problems.
  • Most who have problems with the colon or other intestinal diseases, this orgone would be perfect for them. Since it helps the gastric system to speed up its process and do it properly, without interruptions, not letting diarrhea form or have constipation when going to the bathroom.
  • It reinforces the lymphocytes that are found in the bloodstream, ensuring that it has a sufficient charge of orgone energy. So that they operate the best they can and combat those diseases, viruses, fungi, bacteria, among others.
  • People don’t realize that the main reason they don’t get excited about exercising is due to the amount of dead Orgone that the human body system has accumulated. It limits the emotions that are the ones that manage to achieve the motivation for physical activity and thus make you feel better. That is why it drains it and releases that energy that it wants to submerge to the surface.

types of orgonite

There are many kinds of orgonite that serve many different purposes or what environment it is intended for.

  • Tactical Orgonite: They serve to improve the earth’s environment.
  • The cloudbreaker: They are used in a way that helps the atmosphere to improve its quality of elements that make it up.
  • Personal orgonite: As its name indicates, it is of a personal nature. And it helps those people who do not feel well emotionally and physically. Its effect is purely therapeutic.

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