Prayer to remove a person who hurts us

You are looking for a Prayer to ward off a person who hurts us, you have come to the right place. In the following post you will find very powerful and effective prayers, to ward off those people who hurt us and only wish us harm, do not stop reading it.

Prayer to remove a person who hurts us

You are looking for a prayer to keep away a person who hurts us, in the following lines we will describe one that   is very powerful and effective to keep that person away from our path, who only seek to hurt us and wish us   all the bad.   For this prayer we only need to know the name of that person who hurts us so much, as well as a lot of faith when pronouncing the prayer.

Saint Cipriano blessed with you no other saint can be equaled, you are great Lord and because I know of your power and your strength I want to beg you for help so that you keep away from my path forever all those people who do me so much harm.

San Cipriano I ask you to keep (name of that person) away from my life, from my family, from my friends and loved ones, from my home so that he never comes near me and harms me again.

I implore you, blessed Saint Cipriano, keep all those people out of my way so I can live in peace, without worries or fear that they might hurt me again or any member of my family.

I ask you for the peace that I need so much and only you can give me sir, you are great and powerful only you can keep evil from my life (say his name) keep him (or) away from me as soon as possible sir.

Whether the sun rises, rains, thunder or lightning, that person (say his name) can never come near me and hurt me again. Lord, if possible, put water, sea and land between (say the name of the person) and me. And whether it’s hot or cold in this world, keep (say his name again) always away from me and from all mine. Blessed Saint Cyprian.

San Cipriano (say the name of that person again) remove from my life that being who has done me so much damage, if he or she is still close to me I will never be happy sir. He removes from my life all that damage and that evil caused by that being so despicable.

Lord grant me the peace and happiness that I implore you so much, Lord do not abandon me and listen to each of my pleas, here I am with all my devotion for you begging you to listen to me and help me.

I trust in you, San Cipriano and that you will grant me the favor that I so fervently ask of you. For that I thank you, San Cipriano, thank you eternally sir. Amen

Pray this powerful prayer always before going to sleep, accompany it with an Our Father and a Hail Mary

Prayer to Saint Benedict to ward off bad people

If you are desperate to get away from you, those people who want to hurt you. Next, you will find a powerful and effective prayer dedicated to Saint Benedict, to help us by keeping away from us all those bad people, who only seek to harm us because of their envy. Now we will know the prayer to ward off a person who hurts us, dedicated to Saint Benedict:

Glorious Saint Benedict, fervent and exemplary abbot, you are great Lord, you are a saint of protection, that is why I come to you to implore you to take care of me and bless me always, not only me but also all my family and loved ones, never forsake us.

Saint Benito, I beg you to keep away from me, all my enemies and people who only want to do me harm, always keep away from me and from all my loved ones. Take away from me any bad influence and negative energies that may want to persuade me.

Saint Benedict beloved you who are great, I ask you to intercede for me with the almighty. Since only he can heal my soul, alleviate my suffering, he is the only one who can help me cope with adversity and give me the strength to move forward day by day. That is why I ask Saint Benedict to intercede for me before him.

Saint Benedict, I beg you, Lord, to get out of my way through the powerful intercession of the cross, all those bad people are just trying to do me harm, get them out of my way with all their envy and evil, so that none of that can touch me or me. nor my family.

You who are a saint of protection away from me all enemies, all evil, violence, lies, ambition, selfishness, betrayal itself Lord, take away from me everything that can harm me. Always protect me from jealousy, anger, resentment, defamation, fights, jealousy, misunderstandings and vices Lord, keep all those bad things away from my life.

I ask you, Saint Benedict, to protect me from any physical or mental attack that an enemy wants to make himself alone in order to harm me, and threaten my peace and harmony. I also ask you Lord for my friends and family, keep away from them all evil.

San Benito also at that precise moment I want to ask you for my day to day, and for my professional life, keep any financial problems away from me, don’t let me lose my job sir. I implore you to free me from all discouragement and worry in my personal and professional life.

(At this time you must make your request).

You who fought the glorious antichrist Saint Benedict, I come before you with all confidence and great fervor that I have in your goodness, grant me your kind intercession for the health of my body, mind and soul. Oh glorious Saint Benito, you who are great, I beg you to grant me the favor that I so needfully ask of you.

Saint Benito protect me and protect me from all evil and all bad vibes, always intercede before our Lord for me so that he never abandons me and forsakes me. Help me to trust more and more in the love of God and reach the perfection of my life. Amen

Pray an Our Father, a Glory Be and a Hail Mary

Prayer to San Alejo to remove bad people

We already described the prayer to keep a person who hurts us away from San Benito, but you are looking for this prayer but dedicated to San Alejo, here I leave it:

Oh Blessed Saint Alejo A
worthy example of love
Who served everyone you could without expecting anything in return
We come to bless you
And demonstrate our devotion
Because with your humility and dedication, you earned the love of God
Oh Blessed Saint Alejo
Today I come to to ask you for a favor
To take away from me an undesirable person, who causes me a lot of pain
Just like you walked away from your parents
To be able to grow spiritually Take (name the person)
away from my life  , so that he can live in peace Oh blessed Saint Alejo Teach me a little bit of the love that you gave to your neighbor So that I can learn to tolerate

To people who are undesirable, and we cannot separate
Oh blessed Saint Alejo
You who are at the right hand of God
I ask you to intercede for me before his eyes
So that he finds grace before me
Making me a better person
And so I can bless my life
And make me a little happier
Because sharing with this person is authentic without living
I thank you Blessed Alejo
For listening to my prayers
And offering your unconditional support. Amen

Spell to get a bad person out of our way

To complement the effective prayer of San Alejo that we profess, to remove from our path that bad person who only seeks to harm us, we can perform this powerful spell and thus that person will never cross our path again, much less dare to do something to you. harm to you or your family.

We are going to describe what is needed to perform this effective spell to remove a bad person from our path. We must keep in mind that a very effective spell, but when doing it we have to think positively and mentally project what we want.


  • White paper
  • Glass jar
  • Sal
  • Vinegar
  • Oil
  • peppercorns
  • Agua

The first thing we will do to start the spell is take the blank paper, write the name of that person we want to keep away, that is, our enemy, we must fold it very well so that the written name is on the inside and that the paper can enter in our glass jar. After the paper is perfectly folded and placed inside the jar. And the salt is added on the white paper, until it is completely covered.

Then we proceed to add the vinegar, also until it is completely covered, then we proceed to place a jet of oil and the peppercorns. Followed by this we add the water to fill the jar halfway. We proceed to cover the jar very well and take it to the refrigerator.

We must keep in mind that this spell is not designed to do harm, it is simply for that person, whom we want to get away from our path. He will never cross our lives again, he will not seek to harm us or send us negative vibes. While you are performing the spell, always keep in mind that person you want to get completely out of your way.

This spell must remain in the refrigerator, until that undesirable person completely leaves your life. As long as that person is on your way, that bottle should remain in the fridge, and always visualize that person moving away from your path, never trying to harm you or someone around you again.

Once the spell takes effect, you can take the bottle out of the fridge and throw it away. And you can be sure that that person will never be there again, he will be on your way, he will be gone forever and they will not bother you anymore.

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