The Presence of God What does it mean?

The Presence of God, how many of us are in search of the presence of God in our lives, but we really know what is the meaning of the Presence of God? We are able to recognize it when it is before us. In this article we will briefly explain its importance and meaning.

The Presence of God

The Presence of God is the best thing that can happen to us in our lives, despite the fact that God is Omnipresent and his infinite love is with us permanently, his presence in our lives is related to achieving a feeling of Peace within us. It is not about seeing the Presence of God in a physical way, it is precisely understanding that there is no need to see him, when he dwells within us.

When we manage to find the Presence of God, we live in his peace and we build it. In the Bible we can recognize in various passages and psalms, that our Lord Jesus Christ gives us the presence of God through Romans chapter 5 verse 1 “Peace I leave with you, my peace I give to you; I do not give it to you as the world gives it”.

We can understand that the peace that the Lord is not delivering is not what we as humans recognize, this peace goes far beyond tranquillity, calm, silence or any other way, in how people consider having peace.

The Peace that is given to us is conceived in faith, in the tranquillity of knowing that we are loved, in the peace of knowing that we are protected, that we will lack nothing, that there are no problems without solutions, that we are not subjected to tests that we cannot overcome, in trust the word and the fulfilment of the promise. The Peace existing in the Presence of God is sometimes inexplicable, due to its magnificence. When we are in the Presence of God, we live in the victorious joy of Jesus Christ.

Why is the Presence not physical?

We must always when it comes to the presence of God, remember that we are born with original sin, which is forgiven through baptism, however, in Genesis chapter 3 verse 8 from the moment that Adam and Eve had intimate communion in the presence of God, uncovered their nakedness and hid from God, they disobeyed the rules and ate the forbidden fruit.

Since that time, sin has prevented God from rejoicing us with his physical presence, it is also confirmed that we are deprived of his physical presence in Exodus chapter 33 verse 20 “You will not be able to see my face; for man shall not see me, and he shall live”, since then only sinless angels and saints rejoice in his presence.

But not because we do not have the joy of seeing him physically, it means that we cannot count on his presence in us, despite the betrayal and our sins God loves us, we can make him angry, but he will not stop loving us. That is why his presence is shown thanks to the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, whose presence is only found in our hearts through faith in Christ.

People who are believers never lose the presence of God, we are human, we make mistakes, we sin, we have weaknesses and we fall into temptations, many of us work hard to strengthen our spirituality and regardless of failure, we will lose our salvation; we will never get so deep that we lose the presence of the Holy Spirit in us, after having received it, we will never be so empty. We can lose the sense of presence, life sometimes makes us distract from our spiritual growth, however, it is not enough for the Holy Spirit to leave us.

Can we lose the presence of God?

Of course it is possible to feel that we have lost the presence of God in our lives, human beings almost inevitably, we can fall into deception and come to think that God has left us alone, we can feel the sensation of his absence in our life, we are even able to claim it, as if it belonged to us by right.

But we must also in moments of vulnerability like the one described, strengthen ourselves in faith, that there is no possibility that the presence of God abandons us. He is like the one who goes on a trip, but he leaves everything at home to return. There are also times when our faith must be tested, just when we feel most secure, it is possible that God tests our faith, to know if it is clean, strong and worthy of his presence.

That is the warning, the internal alarm that should go off, when we feel afflicted and sad, it is because we find ourselves in the absence of the presence of God, because the presence of God in us is joy. However, although it may seem contradictory, it is the presence of God in us, which keeps us upright during the test, being a demonstration that never after we manage to feel and know his presence in us, God abandons us.

It is very important that we become aware that God expects to feel the need for his presence in us, but not only through the requests that cover our material and economic needs, as usually happens, it is the need for his grace and glory, in our lives. lives.

One of the most notorious demonstrations of pleading for the presence of God, is the one made by Moses, he begged for his presence, he did not accept to continue only with the angels, he asked for the presence of the Most High, accompanying him on his hard mission. We will receive the presence of the Holy Spirit when we really recognize that there is no greater need, the presence of God in our lives, must be forever and we will be saved, the absence of him condemns us for eternity.

His Presence in the Bible

Next, we will leave some of the passages that are outlined in the Bible so that we can recognize through its reading, the series of messages and signs that indicate the way to seek the presence of God.

There is the presence of God without a doubt, we will begin with Psalm 16 verse 11 “ You will show me the path of life; In your presence, there is fullness of joy; Delicacies at your right hand forever.”   In this Psalm, David speaks of a joy that only the righteous know, in life we ​​only have a part of it, but it will be much greater when we see the face of the Lord in the glory to come.

In Exodus chapter 33 verse 14 he beautifully answers and says “My presence will go with you, and I will give you rest. To have her presence tells us how we should seek him in Jeremiah chapter 29 verse 13 “You will seek me and you will find me, when you seek me with all your heart.”

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