What is the Sermon on the Mount? Matthew 5!

Sermon on the Mount, today you will be able to know everything about the Sermon on the Mount, what is the message that is found in each of the passages that compose them, we will announce the different versions that exist and after reading this article you will know even more about the beautiful word of God.

What is The Sermon on the Mount?

The Sermon on the Mount is one of the teachings of Jesus in which, in his eagerness to help men, to show them the path to follow in the grace of God, he addressed a crowd to teach them through his wise words about the way to be happy, about morality, about trust in God, about eternal life, the power of prayer and more. It is one of the most comprehensive messages of how we should lead our lives.

Before this beautiful sermon Jesus had prayed all night, if Jesus had something it was discipline and no one knew better than him that prayer was the way to meet his Father, to receive from his wisdom. He is at the time of the sermon on the side of a mountain in Galilee, probably near Capernaum, which is the city where he used to stay and spend the night.

By that time he had already chosen his twelve apostles, those people who would accompany him in life and continue his work, after death and ascension to heaven. As used to be common, people approached the place where Jesus was known to be, they travelled from distant areas to hear his word, to ask for his love.

Thus, there were people from many parts of Jerusalem, from the cities of Sidon and Tyre, to name a few. He had to always try to stand in a high place, to be able to address the crowd, so he stands in a flat area of ​​the upper part of the Mountain and people crowd around him, to be close and listen to what he had to say, that is why it is known as the Sermon on the Mount.

Jesus in this sermon is able to explain in simple language the “spiritual truths”, which at the time helped people who heard his direct message from his voice and which today continues to help people who know from this sermon to through the scriptures and thus the importance of this article. Through examples of everyday life, Jesus carries the message so that people have a better life pleasing God.

Importance of the Sermon on the Mount

The importance of the Sermon on the Mount lies in the message issued by Jesus, it is recognized as one of the most important sermons made by Jesus, because in it he addresses different issues that are related to each other and that are also part of the life of people.

Through each of the words that Jesus utters in this wonderful sermon, he gives us the tools and keys to live a consecrated life, a life that is pleasing to God. Just imagine a world without hypocrisy, a world full of love, of grace, in which men share wisdom.

In the sermon, he shows us the power of discernment, so it is extremely important to know each of the passages and incorporate them into our lives. In this article, we will comment on the passages of the Sermon on the Mount and we will also inform you where you can find each of them in the Bible.

Messages from the Sermon on the Mount

Below we are going to show each of the messages by which the sermon on the mount is made up. Jesus saw the crowd and went up the mountain, where he found a flat place and sat down, he was immediately surrounded by the people who had come to the place to listen to his words.

It is possible that he was exhausted but Jesus would never miss the opportunity to evangelize, to carry the word to build the work of God on Earth. The crowd that crowded around him without the need to request it kept silent, to listen carefully to the messages that Jesus would communicate to them with a slow voice and simple language.

In this way he begins his sermon speaking of the happiness of the Beatitudes, he compares man to Salt, he speaks to them of hatred, of false oaths, but he also lets them know of the rewards, of the love of God, of trust and how we can approach God, among other messages. In this way, Jesus builds one of the most robust and important sermons given by him, which we will learn about below.


He addressed the poor in spirit because theirs is the kingdom of heaven, those who cry because he assured that they would be comforted, the humble because the earth will be theirs, those who are hungry for justice because they will be satisfied. Blessed are also the merciful, because they will receive mercy, those who are pure of heart, because they will have the joy of seeing God, blessed are those who seek peace, because they will be called children of God.

Even in human justice, there will be blessed, because those who have been persecuted for having lacked justice, theirs is the kingdom of heaven. We will be blessed even when they insult us and persecute us and are accused of everything even a lie, just for following him, but we should also rejoice in adversity because we will have the greatest reward in heaven.

As we can see in the words of Jesus all men are reflected and even when in his sermon he is talking about happiness, people begin to be disconcerted when he says that even those who cry, those who are poor in spirit will also be happy. .

Jesus wisely recognizes that we all want to be happy, when he speaks of the beatitudes, he refers to happiness, but not to that human happiness, in which we laugh and have fun, Jesus refers to internal happiness, that which is felt when feeling done.

How we manage to feel fulfilled, when we manage to identify our spiritual needs and approach to know God and serve him, regardless of being persecuted and pointed out, because we are sure of the reward, because we have made and corrected our life to please him.

He also mentions in the Sermon on the Mount the people who are rich, those who find comfort in recognition and are satisfied with it, he laments for them, because those people who value banalities neglect their service to please God. We can invite them to read the passage in Luke chapter 6 verses 24 to 26.

It is important to highlight that Jesus is not inviting us to be poor and have supreme needs, but being honest, these people are the ones who come closest to God and accept him in their lives. Those of us who do not have great economic needs should not move away from God, because we do not have material needs, the call is not to forget the spiritual need and not only approach it, when we have a pressing situation.

We are the Salt of the Earth

Jesus, addressing the people who were present, lets them know that they are the salt of the earth and that if that salt becomes insipid, how can they make it taste again. When the salt loses its essence, it is useless and therefore must be thrown away and will be trampled on by men.

It lets them know that each one of them is the light of the world and that there is nothing that can hide it, because the light is placed on the lampstand, so that it shines on all those who are in the house. He then calls them to shine through their actions and in this way shine and glorify God who is in heaven.

When Jesus compares us to salt, he refers to it so that we can identify its properties and qualities and we are like salt, we preserve ourselves in the word. Always near the altar in the temples we will find that salt is stored for the offerings because it does not corrupt or deteriorates.

That is why Jesus compares his disciples to salt, because they must have qualities that help preserve their closeness to God and moral values, so that by accepting the message we can preserve life. We can read these passages in the Book of Matthew in chapter 5 verses 3 to 16.

teaching about hate

This is one of the beautiful teachings said by Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount, because he manages to deliver in a very simple way the importance of not hating and of working in the search for reconciliation between brothers. In the words of God is the commandment not to kill and any person who comes to commit a murder will be guilty, before the eyes of God and before the eyes and the law of man.

But Jesus amplifies this message by letting it be known that anyone who is angry and does not give up this attitude will also be guilty in court, anyone who insults his brother will have committed a fault. He allows us to recognize how hypocritical it would be to give an offering if we are upset with a brother and invites us to leave the offering, come closer and seek reconciliation, and then give the offering.

In the sermon on the mount, Jesus emphasizes that the Law should not necessarily be disobeyed, but that our attitudes can lead us to its non-compliance, that is, it does not have to be a direct and express disobedience, our actions such as the omission to compensate hatred, can be taken as a violation of the law.

There is no way to deceive God, he will always know what is in our hearts, that is why we must do everything possible to solve the situation, because hatred can lead us to commit murder. In this, lies the importance of trying to make peace, it is better to leave the offering and look for that person, to make peace.

teaching on adultery

He teaches us in his message that adultery does not only refer to physical contact, he makes it clear to us that coveting or desiring a woman or a man is already committing adultery, because it not only occurs in the mind but also in the heart. He references and emphasizes that it is better to lose one of the members of our body, instead of having our whole body consumed in the flame of hell.

He speaks of the honesty of feelings, it is preferable that if his wife or man repudiates him, he gives him the divorce certificate, but just as he calls us to honesty of feelings, he also makes it very clear in his sermon on the mount, that Marriages must be forever, because men who separate from their wives for a reason other than adultery are committing adultery, and men who marry a divorced woman also make her commit adultery.

It is important to highlight that Jesus is not referring to an immoral thought that can at some point go through a person’s head, Jesus is very clear when referring to maintaining the act, he refers to continuing to look and letting oneself be carried away by temptation, recognizing it and do nothing to prevent it. That is why he makes a reinforcement that perhaps we can believe is exacerbated, when he says “If your right eye is tripping you, tear it out and throw it away”, it is a call to heal.

How many people have decided to undergo an amputation in order to preserve life? This is the comparison made by Jesus, it is preferable to lose something very valuable than to allow yourself to be guided by bad thoughts. Let us remember that every day we must face a spiritual war and avoid breaking the law, it is one of those battles.

Teaching of the false oath

In the beautiful words of Jesus we can recognize that swearing in vain is more than a sin, it is a deception and an insult to God. He teaches us that to swear is to pawn the word and when we swear we must fulfill the Lord. He invites us not to swear for anything because for every sworn place the presence of God is found, heaven is his throne, the earth where he places his feet, not even for Jerusalem because it is the city of the Great King.

teaching on revenge

This is the famous saying of an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth, however, Jesus calls us to resist those who desire us and want to harm us. Who does not know the phrase of turning the other cheek to whoever slaps us, this is not about humiliating ourselves before those who hit us, it is a demonstration of our greatness and our honor in the eyes of God.

When we let ourselves be carried away by revenge, we are moving away from the path and the word of God. For this reason, Jesus invites us to walk by his side, being humble, detaching ourselves from hatred and revenge. He also advises us not to stand up to someone bad, it is not to accept humiliation, it is to avoid a fight, a discussion is what Jesus is referring to. If we are aware that someone wants to incite us, we should only avoid the encounter with that person, at the moment that it is inevitable, we should avoid confrontation.

How many times have we heard that the best fight is the one that is avoided, because that is where the teaching goes, we cannot forget that despite them and their attitudes, we must love our neighbor and when praying for them, we are turning our cheek, but achieving that that person finds the path of God, because those of us who pray from the heart are always heard. This type of actions and attitudes towards our enemies makes us worthy children of God.

True love and its reward

He calls us to pray and love our adversaries, our enemies, to the extent that we pray more for our enemies, the more similar to God the Father we will be, because he lets his light shine on everyone, without distinctions, without preferences.

When we reflect on his words, they may seem difficult to us, because we are human, but if we pray for our enemies, we will be heard and they will change and stop persecuting us, acting based on evil and we will have plowed on fertile land and not in the sea.

But it is very important that our actions and prayers are sincere, that they are born from an honest heart, because if we only do it to be seen and recognized for our actions, it makes us hypocrites in the eyes of God.

When we help someone in need, we cannot go around telling the whole world the good we have done, we can reinforce this in the Book of Matthew chapter 6 verses 1 and 2. It teaches us and invites us to make an honest, internalized prayer, an intimate conversation with God, you may feel a little confused with this request, because Jesus prayed in public, but in reality, the call is not to seek attention and recognition.

It also tells us how we should pray, calls us not to repeat the same prayer always like parrots, and teaches us to structure our prayer born from the heart, indicating that the first three should be related to the right that God has to govern our lives because it has a purpose: Our Father who art in heaven Hallowed be your Name, Your kingdom come and may your will be fulfilled, it is in this way that we must begin our prayers. Then ask him to forgive our sins, to keep us away from temptation and not free from evil. Our beautiful Our Father is born in the Sermon on the Mount.

It teaches us not to give importance to material possessions, referring to them as objects that rust, treasures that are eaten by moths and an attraction to be besieged by thieves. Material belongings do not make us more valuable in the eyes of God, we must accumulate treasures in heaven, which we will achieve as long as we remain in the service of God.

When Jesus makes the comparison of the eyes, indicating that if they are focused on good things our whole body will shine, he alludes to the need to concentrate, to organize ourselves in order to have a balance in life.

If we are only dedicated to obtaining material things, we will inevitably neglect the spiritual. That is why we must say that we have only one master and that master must be God and not riches. He makes a beautiful comparison with birds and says “they do not sow, nor store in barns, but God feeds them.”

How many times have we heard, do not wish others what you do not wish for yourself, this also fits perfectly, when we judge people when we point our fingers at someone, four fingers point towards us. Jesus also commented on this in his sermon on the mount. “Stop judging, so you won’t be judged.”

We can read about this teaching in Luke chapter 6 verses from 39 to 42. We must then check ourselves first, do for others what we want for ourselves, follow the laws of God, without breaking them, know how to recognize false prophets who seek to deceive us and not take the word of God to those who do not want to hear it, and God will take care of them.

Jesus does not mean that we cannot have a negative opinion about someone, we are rather obliged to recognize them, to continue in search of those who want to hear the word of God, but we cannot forget that those who do not want to hear the word , can not be out of our prayers.

It reminds us that staying in the word is not a path that is accessed through a large door and we travel along a wide path, it is actually a narrow door and a narrow path, but very rewarding and full of blessings.

We must be very attentive, along the way we will meet people who will want to separate us from him, the world is full of false prophets, we must be attentive not only to their words, but also to their actions.

Chapters and verses

Next, and as we had promised, we are going to give you a guide to the chapters and verses in which the Sermon on the Mount is outlined in the Bible, so that each one of you can, personally, have an encounter with the words and messages that Jesus gave us in his beautiful and heartfelt sermon.

The Beatitudes Matthew chapter 5 verses 3 to 12, Salt and Light chapter 5 verses 13 to 16; Compliance with the Law chapter 5 verses 17 to 20; Hate and Murder chapter 5 verse 21 to 26; About Adultery chapter 5 verse 27 to 30, we can also read to complement the message about adultery chapter 5 verses 31 and 32 about Divorce and Second Marriage.

To deepen in the word of Jesus about the false Oaths we must go to chapter 5 verses from 33 to 37; about revenge we should read chapter 5 verses 38 to 42. Jesus calls us to love our enemies in chapter 5 verses 43 to 48. To deepen our spiritual disciplines we invite you to continue reading chapter 6 verses 1 to 4 where he invites us to Give to the Needy; in the same chapter in verses 5 to 18, he teaches us How to Pray and How to Fast.

In the same sermon on the mount he teaches us about the Treasures in Heaven which we can read about in chapter 6, verses 19 to 24; Don’t worry in chapter 6 verses 25 to 34. His teachings from the Sermon on the Mount continue in chapter 7 verses 1 to 6, where he invites us Not to Judge Hypocritically; Ask, Seek, Knock in chapter 7 verses 7 through 12; about The Narrow Gate in chapter 7 verses 13 and 14.

Within the messages that Jesus indicated in the Sermon on the Mount, he speaks about the False Prophets in chapter 7 verses 15 to 23; The Sage’s builder in chapter 7 verses 24 to 27. He ends the Sermon on the Mount in chapter 7 verses 28 to 29 where he reports how the people were amazed at his doctrine; because Jesus taught as one who has authority.

We cannot have the slightest doubt that Jesus in the sermon on the mount demonstrated a deep respect for the Law of God and invites us to do the same. It is important to know that whoever does not respect the laws will be considered very small in relation to the Kingdom of Heaven, on the contrary, if he respects them and also makes others comply with them, they will be seen as great in relation to the Kingdom of Heaven.

Building our lives on the word of God will make us strong people, capable of overcoming trials, full of joy and happiness, because we will be very strong people spiritually and God will listen to us and will always stay close to protect us, so that we lack nothing. 

As we can see throughout the article, it is not in vain that the sermon on the mount is recognized as one of the best sermons made by Jesus, it does not ignore any aspect that strengthens us and does not guide us on the path of becoming worthy children of God. God and fill him with satisfaction, growing in his glory and grace.

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