Prayers for a Good Christian Confirmation

Prayers for a Good Christian Confirmation

Each religion has its own rites and ceremonies that characterize it and distinguish it from the others. Such is the case of Christian doctrine, in which the sacraments are administered as a form of acceptance of Jesus Christ in our lives. One of these is confirmation, which requires learning the prayers for confirmation that we show you in this article.

 prayers for confirmation

The Catholic religion has among its beliefs, the administration of the sacraments, these are considered acts through which devout people allow Christ to enter their lives and grant them eternal life. In this regard, a distinction is made between the sacraments of Christian initiation, salvation and service. The former, as their name indicates, introduce the individual to the doctrine.

The second have as their object the healing of both the body and the spirit, and the third refer to the priesthood and marriage as acts through which Catholics serve their fellow men. As sacraments of initiation we have baptism in the first instance, then confirmation and the Eucharist. For each of them there is a specific preparation.

In this article, we will make special mention of the sacrament of confirmation, whose purpose is that the individual, after being baptized, reaffirms his Christian faith and recognizes himself as a member of the Catholic Church.

But, as we said before, this requires a series of knowledge so that the young person is sure of what he is doing. This is how the catechists are in charge of instructing him in the proper aspects of confirmation, once this process is approved, the sacrament will be administered publicly.

Such is the importance of confirmation that, unlike the others, the person in charge of it is not a priest but a bishop and, generally, it is celebrated during the patron saint festivities of the town in which the temple is circumscribed.

That is the precise moment, in which the young people recite the prayers for confirmation aloud, ratifying their commitment to the religion they have voluntarily decided to profess.

Meet different prayers for confirmation

Since the beginning of humanity, man has sought ways to communicate with God, that is how, with the passing of time, he invented and created different prayers to achieve this goal.

According to religious belief, prayers or ejaculatory prayers allow direct and intimate contact with the Creator, either to praise him, thank him or request a request.

Receiving God into their hearts through the sacrament of confirmation, the youngest recite them with faith and devotion. Although this is a public act, the prayers can also be repeated when you are alone.

Next we offer you five prayers that are of our own invention but that can serve as a guide to form your own devotions, later all the prayers for confirmation that you must learn in order to receive confirmation are listed.

Confirmation Youth Prayer

This first prayer is extremely important for the boys who aspire to receive confirmation in a very short time, with it they express their desire to follow the teachings of the Son and the Father.

My God, Creator of everything on earth and in heaven, today I come to you with this humble prayer to tell you that I want to enter your heart and be worthy of your grace.

Here I am, beloved Father, begging you to forgive my faults and lead me to eternal life when that time comes.

Gone is the debauchery, mistakes and sins because You have filled my heart. Today I want to serve you body and soul because you are everything my life requires to be at peace.

I promise to serve and venerate you, forever and ever, without any doubt echoing in my mind, I promise to keep my spirits, faith and hope; That’s why I want your teachings.

Beloved Father, today your son comes to you so that you protect him and allow him to be a servant of your holy church and take your word as far as necessary.

Opening Prayer for Confirmation Youth

Remember that when you were baptized, the preparation was for your parents and godparents, but at this moment, when you are only a few moments away from being the one to confirm your faith in God, you can repeat this prayer.

Today I join you Holy Father, receive me as you did with your beloved son one day and also fill me with kindness and mercy to be a worthy example of your preaching.

I come to your side, in this special moment, in which I have left behind my sins and faults in order to deserve your eternal love.

Lord, look at me with compassion and illuminate the path where I am going, that nothing and no one can separate me from you, I promise to be faithful to you until the moment you call me to eternal life.

Make me Lord, an instrument of your word, put in my word of love and kindness, a spirit of collaboration with others and a generous heart.

Accompany me on the journey of life, enlightening me in moments of darkness. Clarify my thoughts because by your side I always want to be. In your hands I put my whole life because I trust you and I will trust you forever. 

Prayer to receive the sacrament of confirmation

Another prayer alternative for that special moment in the life of a Christian is the prayer to receive the sacrament of confirmation. Do not hesitate to repeat it with great faith.

At this moment I prepare to receive you in my life, beloved Father, I confirm my faith in you and in your mercy. I accept all the mandates that with love and kindness you tell me to fulfill.

Guide me along the sacred path of your teachings, to honor and praise you at every sunrise and sunset. Make me worthy to enjoy your grace, my Lord.

Your company allows me to walk on paths free of thorns and evil. You protect me from all evil that wants to be sent to my person.

I love you, my Father, and I ask you to fill my life with peace and harmony, so that my actions are good and pure like the heart of your Son.

I recognize that sometimes I have failed, so I ask you to forgive me and cleanse my thoughts of all inappropriate ideas. Allow yourself to enjoy your grace. 

Another prayer to confirm

With this, there are already four prayers to receive this sacrament, so you can select the one you like the most and recite it when you consider it to be the best time to do so.

I recognize, Lord, that I have sinned, that’s why today I put this humble heart at your command so that you free it from all impurity. Also clear my mind of all bad thoughts.

This moment is very important to me, because I receive you in my life and according to your teachings I will work from today to bring your word to all humanity.

Let me be your faithful devotee and a loyal servant to the church, wherever I go I carry your name in my mouth. Praise be to you, my Lord.

Today my existence shines because you adorn it with your presence. There is no evil that touches me today because you protect me every night.

I wake up trusting you, because everything I have is for you. I am grateful to you because more than my Father you are my friend. A friend and faithful companion in my moments of despair.

Guide my path so that I go with good destiny. I promise to love and adore you, as well as never forget you. Thank you dear Father for being my light. 

Prayer to begin confirmation catechesis

This last prayer is spontaneous and was created to ask God to allow you to be a good Christian and serve the Catholic Church.

I come to you, serene and proud because you are my example to follow. Like You I want to be a beloved Father, that’s why today I give my life into your hands.

I want my heart to be tender and splendid like yours and I ask you to transform it for your joy.

Blessed Father, I want to enjoy your grace today, tomorrow and always. I want to carry you in my heart and in my mind.

Enlighten my life, the one I give you today as a token of gratitude and admiration. I rejoice today to receive confirmation.

As I am with all this, happy and happy I accept it. Light up my existence and lead me along the path of good, protect me at all times My Father, I count on you.

Heart, soul, body and mind I give you, You know well what to do. Make me your devotee that I will know how to understand. 

Knowledge required for confirmation

In previous sections we talked about the importance of being well prepared to receive this sacrament of initiation, which, as you well know, is the entrance to our life as Christians.

Now, in addition to the prayers for confirmation that we have referred to, the church itself explains that it is necessary that every young person who spontaneously decides to receive confirmation must have knowledge of devotional prayers, as well as some precepts of religion.

With regard to prayers, it is required that before confirmation the young person memorizes a series of ejaculatory prayers that as a good Christian he must know because they are repeated in all the ceremonies that are carried out.

In case you find it difficult to memorize it, ask the Holy Spirit to enlighten you and open your understanding. Technology can also be your ally at that time, so we invite you to watch the following video where you will hear the seven most important prayers of Catholic doctrine.

Prayers to memorize before confirmation:

  • Sign of the Cross
  • Holy Our Father
  • The Hail Mary
  • Gloria
  • act of contrition
  • The creed
  • Prayers for before/after eating
  • San Miguel Arcangel

Other important prayers for your spiritual growth

  • Mysteries of the Rosary
  • Memorare (Prayer of Intercession to the Virgin Mary)
  • morning offering
  • Act of faith, hope and love.
  • Angelus

As a complement to these prayers and prayers, it is of great importance that you acquire knowledge about:

  • The Seven Gifts of the Spirit
  • How to make a good confession?
  • Commandments of the Lord.
  • Sacraments of initiation, healing and service.
  • All the precepts of the Catholic Church
  • Liturgical ceremony, its order and organization.
  • Fruits of the Holy Spirit

Other teachings that are necessary

  • Obligation Days
  • Works of Mercy (Corporal)
  • Works of Mercy (Spiritual)
  • The Eight Beatitudes

As you can see, this act where the Christian faith is reaffirmed must be taken with the seriousness and responsibility that it deserves, since it is the sacrament in which, as an adult, we have decided to serve the Lord.

It is not obligatory, it arises from our own will, with confirmation our hope, faith and devotion to God and Jesus Christ as our Savior grows.

We have reached the end of this article, we hope that the shared information has been to your liking. Here are some links of interest:

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