For Moorings, Prayer to the Goddess of Love and Spells

When we find ourselves in search of that great love, we always ask for that extra assistance that comes from the Gods. In this sense and in relation to this mythology we are going to praise the Prayer to the Goddess of Love , so that she offers us the obtaining of the long-awaited love that has been sought. Keep an eye on this article as it will be very useful to you.

Prayer to the Goddess of Love

There is a string of convenient prayers to find the love of your life and the Prayer to the Goddess of Love is very beneficial by using it in a ceremony or simply when the person requires or needs it.

It is notorious that, at the moment of working with the sentence, a succession of repetitive affirmations is made where they must be internalized. Therefore, both the prayer and the affirmations are intertwined, they give meaning to the ceremony and make it unify, to later become one of the most important parts of the ritual of mooring or love spells.

It is necessary to always keep in mind that at all times it is mandatory to create the appropriate focus for the purpose that is intended with that person; or be attentive to what the request being made would be, without leaving aside the fact that it must be far removed from emotions such as: fear, revenge and guilt, in order for it to be effective.

It is important to believe with all the spirit that what is requested has already been fulfilled or is about to be fulfilled, that is, if it is going to happen as it is required.

In this sense and always keeping in mind the above, if the prayers or affirmations are made having negative thoughts or tendencies in the imagination, nothing that is done in the other person will work, even if by default it is very possible that return that poorly worked or negative energy duplicated to the same person who issued it.

There is no doubt that when you make this prayer you will be heard and achieve the arrival of that love that you have wanted to find for so long.

The Prayer to the Goddess of Love is a very practical technique to ask the cosmos or the universe for our loving intention.

It is very true that there are lots of requests to fall in love and get to enchant or captivate the love of our lives. Even the opportune moorings of love involve some expression among their attempts to make it easier for us to create these energies. However, this door is designed to talk only about prayers, specifically those that are addressed to the Goddess of Love.

Proposition at the Moment of Reciting the Prayer

First of all, before talking about the Prayer to the Goddess of Love , it is essential to focus your purpose on that person you aspire to fall in love with, because they will exclusively be the forces that regularize the help to obtain your purpose.

It is necessary that they internalize the prayer and recite it with conviction and security, as normally happens with love spells. If they believe in the versions that are contained in the context, they will be able to conquer that person and always keeping in mind these three key points:

  1. Always be clear about your intention and keep in mind that person who attracts you during prayer.
  2. Have a lot of faith and certainty in the energies that are going to be achieved.
  3. Incorporate the sentence internally in order to be convinced of what is going to be said.

In this sense, the prayers that you will come across or find in this article can be said at any time, as long as you are alone; where nothing and no one can bother you. This way it will be more key point to get the concentration. Likewise, to achieve maximum security you can use the image of that person to tilt all the power in the portrait.

Prayer for Invocation

It is feasible that this Prayer to the Goddess of Love be made in an area where there is isolation or confinement. She can do it before going to sleep, when she wakes up at dawn and even when she is with her loved one, since the prayers will be persistently perceived by the entities of light.

I give you the recognition, graceful Goddess of Love, because you grant me the pleasure that (say name) and I come together in the most perfect, deep and wonderful love, with the purpose that our hearts be one in this existence, as I have already It is and that’s how it is understood.

Likewise, I am calling here and now, in this moment and place, the magical powers possessed by the four elements: water, earth, air and fire. In order that they intercede to unite me to (say name), that I be the person they intend, and that they find me at all times in their mind, as well as in their heart.

Also that only his inclinations and thoughts exist for me. I give you my infinite gratitude because I know that it is already done and it is, thank you Goddess of Love.

Prayer for Mooring

That it is possible to find authentic love, comes as a consequence of how each one of us finds ourselves internally. In the case of using sentences that work to find love, you must have the greatest and strongest Faith, as well as the greatest conviction that there is someone outside waiting only for you.

We recommend that the prayer be elaborated with great splendor and with an affection that is absolutely unconditional and true.

My heart has been enlivened and is summoning love, therefore, here, today, at this moment and in this place, I lure my right to reveal true and unconditional love in my life.

That is why before all the things I do I make the choice of love and it is also done with all my heart and my great splendor.

Therefore, here, today, at this moment and in this place, I am requesting the affective energies of the universe and also the revered ascended experts, so that they transfer you into my life, you who are my great love, to start a life together, full of affection, joy, happiness and prosperity.

From today I give you my most sincere gratitude, because I know that it is already done, it is so and so it is, Thank you.

The Goddesses of Love that have been heard or known are different and are also cited by other names. There is the case that, in different cultures and generations, they were admired from the beginning of humanity.

In this part we will talk about who or by whom the Goddess of Love is represented. In Roman Mythology there is a specific figure and it is the well-known Venus or also well-known Aphrodite in Greek Mythology. Both Goddesses are highly worshiped for their power and dominance in love affairs.

Roman Goddess of Love Venus

Venus is the Goddess of love in Roman mythology and who is also considered very powerful in fertility and beauty. She used to be venerated and entertained in many Roman mystical celebrations and legends. In the third century before Christ she was equated or identified with the Greek Goddess Aphrodite, taking proportionate semblances of both.

Prayer to Venus

Venus Goddess of love, help me find the person I love and love so much, make the divine spirit of love give me its sparks to enter (name), make my love preside over the heart of (name).

Venus, you who dominate the paths of love through which emotions and passion travel, you who are splendid, radiant and compassionate, give me your irradiations, power and dominance, so that (name) falls in love with me, that your irradiation enlightens him enormously. so that at this moment he thinks only of me, so that (name) misses me and pretends to be alone with me, so that (name) appears to me without delay and our spirits unite, merge into one and conquer and reach the greatest, pure and sincere love to last a lifetime.

May your radiance of love radiate us today and forever, and may you, Goddess Venus, be the witness of this thing called love. Let there be no power or power to separate us, be the one to protect us and help us.

Venus, make my love reciprocated, make me succeed and conquer her love, make (name) feel a hidden love for me (name) so be it and so it will be.

Aphrodite Greek Goddess of Love

Aphrodite is the Goddess of love in Greek mythology and not only of love, but also of beauty, purity and physical seduction. They have always referred to her as the Goddess of Love, but it is important to clarify that previously when they said love they did not refer to the sentimental but to the carnal. Her physical parity as previously mentioned is with the Goddess Venus.

Aphrodite I remember your superior dominance and great energy so that (name) remains definitely in love with me and does not leave my life. May we enjoy this life together.

Mother Earth give me your authority so that (name), who is the man I want and deserve, is with me forever.

I quote all the powers of the earth, so that I tie up (name) and feel captivated by me. May she not be able to look at any other woman. That she distinguishes in me the purest and most perfect, that she can’t stop thinking about me and can’t feel affinity for anyone but me. I close the door of this desire, today and forever.

By the command of the enchantment, of the fire, confinement and attachment to (name) so that it is a passionate love, that never ends. We will be two happy lovers.

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