Biblical bachelorette party ritual

Biblical bachelorette party ritual

Biblical bachelorette party , what is it? how is it done? In this article we will show you everything you need to know so that you can have and enjoy the best biblical bachelorette party of your life. Read carefully so that you can enjoy this process, and of course, this new and beautiful stage called: marriage.

biblical bachelorette party

Biblical bachelorette party , have you ever heard this term? What does it mean? If this is the first time you have heard the term, don’t worry, in this article we will guide you step by step so that you can enjoy a biblical Catholic bachelorette party so that even in this experience you can praise and glorify God the Father.

Who said a bachelorette party can only be sinful or boring? In a biblical bachelorette party, the bride and groom are the center of attention and represent their faith before the next step in their relationship: marriage and finally being married.

In most cases, a bachelor party is considered a worldly party for the Christian tradition, because in this “anything goes” and instead of being a night where the love of one for the other is reaffirmed, it is rather the last night where both consider themselves free and therefore take advantage of that day to do everything they want because the next day “they will lose all freedom”.

Actually, this type of thought is quite interesting, because young people, especially today, do not know how to wait, they are desperate to be great, burn stages and enjoy being married, or rather, some of the benefits that being married represents. married, that is, sex.

Today’s young people know little about love, much less about commitment or responsibilities, the modern world has led them to live in an accelerated way and to desire intense experiences even if they are not prepared for them.

Throughout a relationship, there are different stages, love, like our ways of being, acting and thinking, change, feelings change and love transforms. During courtship, we prepare for marriage, or at least it should be.

At some point of sharing and getting to know each other, we decide that we have found our special person, that person who is not only our best friend, confidant and support, but who we also want as a life partner, to live and grow together, learn from each other. of the other and enjoy each day of the company of that loved one.

When this happens, commitment comes, the previous step before marriage, that stage that requires a higher degree of commitment, responsibility, fidelity and love. At this point comes the bachelorette party, however, in many Christian couples a concern arises:

How to celebrate this event without falling into the mundane? Is it possible to enjoy an authentic celebration in a healthy, intimate way and to please God? How to organize a biblical bachelorette party ? How can we do it? She continues reading and find out.

We are going to imagine this scenario for a moment and to make it simpler we are going to narrate it as a story, where we will integrate step by step the necessary elements to achieve a successful holy family biblical bachelorette party .

The bride and groom are engaged, everyone is happy for the big day, the preparations are all ready: the bride’s dress, the food, the wedding cake, the invitations and stop counting, what is missing then? Of course! The biblical bachelorette party.

The first difference between any common bachelorette party and a biblical bachelorette party is the way it is celebrated, that is, in the common one, the groom enjoys his last “free” night with his friends with a free pass that everything can happen before marriage and that love forgives everything.

Without being left behind, the wife and girlfriend also retires with her friends to enjoy her last night with her friends and dedicates herself to drinking, dancing and flirting with strangers. In both cases, the boyfriends let themselves be influenced by their friends and even end up having sexual relations with some stranger.

Now, in the case of the biblical bachelorette party , things change, because the bride and groom can enjoy themselves in a healthy way with their closest family and friends. This celebration can be accompanied by Christian symbols and solemnity, although it is not absolutely necessary.

The celebration is by and for the bride and groom, as these are the main objectives of the celebration and they can enjoy it and make it as lively and festive as they wish. The idea is that the bride and groom and their respective families share and enjoy a pleasant moment for all.

The most important thing in this celebration for the couple is to celebrate the close union between this man and this woman who have been united by God, and who, as is known, cannot be separated by any man. On this occasion, the relatives of both will make symbolic gifts for the couple, for example, piggy banks, candles, prayers, some phrase, among others.

What is this for? The main intention would be to move the spouses and make the moment something special. After this brief introduction, now yes, let’s get down to business and discover what we need to enjoy a biblical bachelorette party.

Biblical bachelor party: things that can not be missing

As we mentioned before, for a biblical bridal shower to be successful, it is important to include certain elements or gifts for a biblical bridal shower , and of course, comply with certain steps to achieve it, so let’s begin.

Host or hostess

Of course, as in any party or celebration, we must have a host or hostess, that is, that person who is responsible for everything going according to plan that day. The host or hostess cannot and should not be one of the bride and groom, since this pleasure is for them.

A close friend or family member would be the best person to fulfill this role. Of course, preferably, this person should be involved in a Church or the activities that take place in it, since one of their functions within this celebration will be to read biblical passages that are related to marriage, its meaning, what it represents, the union of both, or any other that you consider pertinent that the couple requires.

The idea of ​​carrying out these readings is that the couple have one more reason, and of course, for which to stay together and united, that they understand that marriage is not perfect, that the step they decided to take will be a roller coaster of emotions, to learn to adapt to the other and that for nothing will always be joy and happiness.

However, the decision they made requires commitment, patience, learning to listen to the other and to be heard. Throughout your life in marriage there will be good times and others not so good, but you can always remember those readings or turn to the Bible to strengthen, forgive and guide each other.

Continuing with this point of the host or hostess, if this person is a woman, then you can take the opportunity to wear a dress that suits the celebration and the place where you decide to celebrate it.

This person will have a vital role in this celebration, as they will be in charge of directing the entire event step by step and will also show one by one the gifts offered by other family members and friends for the couple.

Just as in the Church there are people who play a role as godparents of the candle, of arras, of ties, among others, in the case of the biblical bachelorette party, it is the host or hostess who is responsible for the gifts offered by relatives or friends are the right ones for this celebration.

Do not worry, if you feel encouraged to carry out this biblical bachelorette party and you do not know how to do it, well, here, we will share each and every one of the elements that you need to make it a success and the person in charge can make this day a magical and unforgettable moment for all.

A cross

A cross should be included in every biblical bridal shower . The groom’s mother is the one who should offer this gift. There is no rule that determines how this cross should be, the most important thing is its meaning: it represents a symbol that cannot be missing in any religious home.

In addition, this beautiful dignity has another meaning for the spouses, it represents respect and love between them. Did you like this element and what it represents? So let’s continue with the next one.

a lit candle

A candle is a candle, however, it is given this name because it is not just any candle but a very special one that is used only in a religious ceremony, in this case, a biblical bachelorette party.

The meaning of this element is also very beautiful, as it represents light in the midst of darkness, that is, the reminder for spouses that no matter what crisis or strong moment on a personal level, as a couple, financial or any other, they are going through, their love, understanding and acting as a team will always be the light that allows them to emerge victorious in any circumstance.

With this element, the bride and groom are wished that this candle be the light that always illuminates their lives, their world as a couple. They are also wished that it be the light and warmth of God, that with his unconditional and infinite love cover them and their home forever, keeping them always warm, comfortable and full of love for each other, but also of love and devotion to him.

Let us remember that marriage is always a relationship of three, the man (boyfriend), the woman (girlfriend) and God. Our love as a couple must not interfere with the love and intimate communication that each one can have with God. Because God, he is the only one who can fully and completely satisfy us.

Candles, matches, light bulbs and lamps

For the Christian religion, these elements symbolize the light that will allow the spouses to be a guide and a reminder for both that love can and supports everything.

It is also that light that invites you to always be united, to remember your vows, your promise of fidelity before God. It is that light that will allow them not to fall before the temptations of the evil one, not to give in to carnal pleasures with someone other than their spouse, among others.

A light that reminds them that there is no circumstance that they cannot face together and emerge victorious from it, stronger and more united than ever. This is the intention of a candle, match, lamp or bulb within a biblical bridal shower .

a piggy bank

Perhaps you will imagine what this element represents. If you thought of a savings for both, then you are correct, although it also has a much deeper meaning.

A piggy bank represents that money always flows in the home, that they always attract abundance and prosperity to their lives, that money is never lacking, or that it is that additional income that allows them to carry out their next wedding and even give their guests.

Also, it is a symbol for the couple that invites them to manage their income intelligently and as a team so that nothing is ever lacking in the home and their needs are always covered.

A flower pot

The pots fulfill many functions: they can be an ideal centerpiece for the day you decide to celebrate the biblical bachelorette party , as well as a decorative element within the home of the spouses.

Even as each pot can include a plant, flower or any other that you want, you can choose one for your home that has a special meaning for both of you.

The pots are a symbol that represents family, loving and “watering” ourselves constantly, keeping us nourished (with the word) and making us stronger every day (faith, love and devotion to God).

This also represents the children, the way in which they decide to be raised, in which we must water them, just like us, and make sure that they grow strong, with love, with values ​​and with sweet words. If sweet words have a wonderful effect on a plant, imagine it on children.

a sewing box

Another element with different meanings, but let’s start with the simplest: if there is a torn dress, with a child, a needle and a lot of love, it can always be repaired and given a useful life once again.

When something breaks, what is the natural reaction? Looking to repair it, of course. Well, the same thing happens within marriage. When something breaks, a proper “seam” is what we need.

The sewing box, in this case (threads, needles and other necessary elements) are represented by the children and their parents, that is, the family nucleus as such. These elements are responsible for “sewing”, that is, solving any problem: discussions, differences, among others.

They represent that no circumstance is so strong as to be able to separate them and that we must always be willing to forgive our family or ask for their forgiveness, recognize our mistakes.

A bag of fabric and yarn

At every biblical bachelorette party , a knitting bag, yarn, and embroidery needles can never be missing. Why? Because just as wonderful things are created with them, the bride and groom are about to give that “yes, I accept” and begin to “weave” a life together, in which we can always, undo a stitch and weave it again.

A common life full of love, sweetness, respect, understanding, tolerance, solidarity, unity, among others, both for them and for all those around them (children, family, friends…).

For example, if a family member had some special involvement, be it repairing a dress, a suit or any other, then a beautiful gift for this person could be this knitting kit, don’t you think? It is also part of recognizing and knowing how to appreciate what they do for us.


In every home, there will always be things to repair, therefore, offering tools (at least the most basic) to the couple is extremely important in this celebration.

This represents the ability not only to fix the objects that can break inside a house, but also the ability to know how to repair everything that can break within this family bond.

Loop to hang clothes and cleaning supplies

Every relationship requires constant attention, pleasing the other, supporting and helping him. It is also part of learning to divide household chores fairly, in which both feel good about contributing to the home, building together.

So that a relationship does not stagnate, feel abandoned and be filled with cobwebs being forgotten, it is important to have cleaning elements at hand that allow us to keep our home and hearts clean, alive and ready for ourselves and for the other.

A notebook with recipes

They say that love enters through the stomach, and this is a truth that cannot be denied. Food gives us happiness, it makes us release endorphins and what better than enjoying a good meal together as a family, making this dish (as simple as it may be) a special and pleasant moment for both of us.

A recipe book is not only important to prepare delicious meals, but it also carries a touch of magic, gratitude and love for others since it includes the recipes of our grandmothers and mothers, those recipes that have been prepared with so much love. for years and handed down from generation to generation. More than a simple recipe book, it is a token of love.

Also, it could be incorporated or offered as a gift, an empty notebook, where we can also include our own recipes, to later offer it to our children on the day of their biblical bachelorette party , or why not, as one of our birthday gifts. wedding.


If there is a recipe book, then the kitchen utensils cannot be missing, since these will be the ones that we will use to create those delicious dishes that have been given to us by our families, and where we will also make our own preparations. The idea is to always enjoy any activity that is carried out.

a medicine cabinet

Its meaning is quite similar to needles and threads, however, this kit will serve to heal wounds quickly. The intention is that they never arise, but if they do, we will have the necessary elements to be able to heal ourselves.

A cake

Celebration without cake? Impossible! Indispensable in any celebration, and of course, in our biblical bachelorette party . To eat and enjoy has been said of this wonderful and sweet creation.

a bible

Loving and being devoted to God is essential for any Christian or Catholic family, therefore, a Bible is an element that cannot be ignored for spouses. Well, this will be his way of always finding the words or guidance that God wants to give us in good times and in difficult times.

Following the word of God, his way, professing his word, is always a pleasure for Christians and especially for spouses and family.

The image of the Virgin Mary

This will be the last of the gifts, however, it is by no means the least important. It should be offered preferably by the mother of the bride and symbolizes the love of a mother for her children.

That no matter where you are, she will always be willing to love you and welcome you with open arms. This symbol also represents the love of the Virgin Mary and her delivery, her protection for them and her entire family at all times.

The wedding is not the only moment that should be emotional, it is always important to involve our loved ones, share, be united and enjoy ourselves. This celebration can be held for both Christian and Catholic believers, and offer the couple a significant experience.

Another Way to Celebrate a Biblical Bachelorette Party

In addition to what has already been mentioned, there is also another way, although just as special, to be able to make this biblical bachelorette party a wonderful and unforgettable experience not only for the bride and groom, but also for each person who decides to participate in it.

In this case, it will be done as a game for a biblical bachelorette party in which each of the elements to be given to the bride and groom will contain their names at the beginning and a note or words that allow them to understand the meaning of said gift and how boyfriends (and future husbands) can use them at times when they need them.

It is a beautiful way to not only honor and celebrate the couple, but also to offer an active and loving participation of each important person in our lives.

We hope you have enjoyed this tour and this celebration. We are sure that more than one married couple reading this article will fall deeply in love with celebrating their upcoming union in a meaningful, special, healthy way, where each one is special in their own way and contributes something important and valuable.

We are sure that you will be inspired to make your bachelorette party a magical, special and very meaningful moment. If you dare or if you have done it, we would love to hear about your experience.

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