The 12 Apostles of Jesus of Nazareth

The 12 Apostles of Jesus of Nazareth: History

In this article you will find relevant information about the origin of the Twelve Apostles , whose men were the trusted group and faithful companions of Jesus at the time of preaching the word of God in the towns. Being important figures for the Catholic Church, as well, you will be able to know the fundamental characteristics of each one of them, which led to a versatile circle of devoted faithful to the Lord.

History of the creation of the Twelve Apostles

The creation of the group of 12 Apostles occurred in the times where Jesus lived. Thus, he was uniting the followers of his word. Who can be known as male figures, where Jesus got to know them as he traveled through different towns. Where his main mission was to spread the voice of God, in addition to being an entity that could be a great help to establish unimaginable miracles on earth. Which have happened under the sight of these twelve men, who gradually became a great support.

Thus, the Twelve Apostles were faithful helpers of God’s task since they were also in charge of exploring new paths and places to be spokesmen for the miracles that Jesus performed. Seeking in this way a wide expansion of the Catholic belief, which was forged with a lot of sincere devotion thanks to this team that was made up of Jesus. In addition, at that time the various ways in which each of the men had their way of expressing their knowledge and experiences were very impressive. Which forged a more devoted faith in the inhabitants who listened to them.

In this way, Jesus was able to carry out the expansion of the word of God with great success, which led to a recreation of the divine Kingdom. Where the guidelines to follow were easier than believed. Well, doing any action with good intention was enough to be part of the Lord’s blessing. Then, the 12 Apostles made the decision to accept such an important task, but happily carrying out what was required. Making great examples of their actions, although it is important to note that they were not perfect human beings. Yet they are the ones who brought about God’s planned history in an essential way.

It should be noted that this group of men, who were faithful companions of the actions, decisions and resurrection of Jesus. They have known each other as difficult companions to get away from each other, that is to say that most of the time they were together, supporting each other to obtain a faster advance in what they proposed. In this way, each of the names of the Twelve Apostles in the new testament have been known. Whose writing is referred to by each of the situations that occurred in those centuries, which gave rise to the development of the life of Jesus.

Likewise, these apostles gradually gained the trust of the Lord. What gave a more positive result in the connection link of each of them with Almighty God. And in this way Jesus was in charge of teaching him individually the most important thing when preaching the word of God. What could have helped on several occasions of that time of the century, that the Catholic vocation that they obtained to spread them, obtaining distances from the negative energies and demons that had been able to attend the houses of the inhabitants. Thus, it is how the Twelve Apostles became a fundamental piece for the history of human life and the knowledge of religion.

So, the 12 Apostles in a reflective moment that Jesus had when he was praying. Where God guided and directed him to build a team in order to carry out his word and actions, in a more effective way. Thus, Jesus was inspired to do a self-review of himself and his fellow travelers. Where he was able to get a very clear answer from the men he would need around him. There, he made the call to the twelve men who had very different characteristics from one another. But what would be ideal for the birth of a support group, where he gave them the blessing individually.

Thus forming the 12 Apostles who would have the opportunity to be the followers of Jesus Christ. Which consisted of the privilege of trust and blessing of Jesus. And why Twelve Apostles? Well, one of the conditions that God made known to his son was the importance of that number. Since it made up the twelve tribes of Israel, which could be a figure that was not common in previous events in history. Thus, in this way to emphasize that Jesus came to the world together with this group to revive the Kingdom of God on planet earth, with a more versatile form and with more impact on sinful human beings.

Thus, the Twelve Apostles became known as time passed. Since the great divine responsibility of being the fundamental helpers for the expansion of faith in God fell on them. In addition, being human beings with the blessing of being able to grant peace and protection to the homes they visited. Giving a faithful example of the word of God, his love and his mercy. Also obtaining the opportunity to be emblematic characters in the events that occurred during the life of Jesus, which were taken as divine miracles.

It is important to differentiate the 12 Apostles with the disciples. So, in the story told in the will, these two groups are present in the writing, which are very different and have different tasks. Although both are faithful followers of Jesus they have different importance. Where the disciples are reflected as that mass of the population that followed in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, even more so in the public appearances that he made. Well, they served as great support for the word that he dictated in the towns and temples to idealize God and his good objectives for human beings on earth.

While, the Twelve Apostles are those men of full confidence of Jesus. Well, they have been entrusted with the task of being unique and ideal spokespersons for the dissemination of the word of God. In addition, to be counselors and listeners of each of the actions and thoughts of Jesus Christ. Being in this way, a group full of companions converted and converted by God for good. What could help Jesus to carry out his favorite tasks for God, leaving behind important teachings.

Thus, the apostles would be a legacy from him for the time when he was not, in order to continue developing the perfect plan of Almighty God for the cleansing of the sins of human beings on earth. For this reason, the 12 Apostles played a fundamental role in the growth of the Catholic faith in the population. Being known as faithful and devoted warriors against the injustices experienced at that time in history, but never leaving behind the principles instilled by Jesus. Whose men were forged for the expansion of the word of God in that century, which I assure placed next to the Lord for his good deeds.

Who were the Twelve Apostles?

There were twelve men who earned the full trust of Jesus. Which gave each one the opportunity of particular education in religion. In order to train them with the guidelines required to carry out God’s message in a good way to each of the inhabitants of the places they would attend. Being in this way, a union between male figures, who agreed to be the companions of Jesus Christ until the end of his own life. Thus, this is how the nucleus of the 12 Apostles began .

These figures consisted of different personalities, ages and traditions. What could be positive for the formation of the group. This is how they managed to find a balance between them and their tasks. Which became the Twelve Apostles of Jesus for children in teaching the word of God, as well as for youth and adults. What was able to fulfill the objective of the Lord, since they were able to penetrate the ideas of God in the most needy inhabitants. Creating in this way a growth of Catholicism in those centuries of Christ.

Thus, it is how they came to know the stories of Jesus where these men received a fundamental starting point, those who supported and made each fact thought of by God to be carried out successfully on earth. This happened in order to cleanse the impurities and demons that lay at that time. In addition, it is important to note that all these stories are found in the new testament, as well as essential information about the personalities of each of the men. Therefore, here we leave you a brief description of the 12 Apostles of Jesus , below:


He was a man who was engaged in fishing. And in turn, he was a boy from a young age who dedicated himself to listening to the talks in the temples and, from spokesmen of religion and the word of the Lord. For this reason, growing up he was one of the figures that followed the course of John the Baptist. In other words, he was a very relevant character in the history of Jesus Christ, who gave Andrew the opportunity to be part of the twelve apostles for his career as a follower of tranquility and expansion of good things. Therefore, he was one of the best known men of that century.

In addition, he had the great priority of being a faithful believer in God and knowing the main ideals with which a good Catholic is forged. Thus, Andrés had a life full of many blessings and lessons that turned him into a more attentive, pious and kind human being. It is because of these aspects that he was able to obtain a primordial place with Jesus. As well, he to be able to continue developing his knowledge lived for years towards the populations visited. What he did at all times with much love, and bringing peace to the people who needed it most through the word of God.

It is important to emphasize that Andrés was one of the characters who most helped spread the criteria of the church in the towns, such as the commandments and beliefs of God, which obtained full trust in him from Jesus. Also, it must be taken into account that he was a man very devoted to the Catholic faith, and he died a somewhat unjust death, but very similar to that of Jesus Christ. Well, he was sent to be crucified but it was done in the form of an “x” for that reason, in current times this figure is known as the cross of Saint Andrew, being taken as a figure of the church for his great contributions. to the advance of religion in those times.

For this reason, Andrew was part of the group collected from Jesus, Andrew being a male figure of great ingenuity and pure knowledge, as well as worthy. For this reason, the twelve apostles were created with different personalities and, with men of diverse origins and knowledge of life. Having the effect of a more effective group for the expansion of the word of the Lord, where Andrés formed a large part of the routes made for said action. Which got a predetermined ending and just as desired in the realms of heaven.

Santiago, the old man

He was a man with knowledge of fishing who happened to live in Jerusalem. In addition, it is important to note that James was the brother of John who was also part of the group of the twelve apostles. These being inseparable companions through the execution of the spokesman for the word of God in the towns. Thus, this character in the story had a lot to transmit when going home and to people to achieve the goal postponed in the group created by Jesus.

It should also be emphasized that Santiago was chosen in the eyes of God for the incredible characteristics that made him up. Putting him in a position of excellent devotee before Jesus Christ, which led to making one of the most beloved spokesmen for him. Thus, Santiago was a man full of great compassion, who sought forgiveness from those who needed it. Since he was forged as a character of pure cleanliness at the time of building a conversation about the word and guidance of God.

For this reason, the Twelve Apostles had a man of this nature, who never had envy or any type of feeling of such magnitude. Well, he was only looking for an improvement in human beings with the help of Jesus and his primary values ​​built by the examples of Almighty God. Thus, it can be said that Santiago, for being so attached to his brother, on several occasions was in the background in various plans, because Juan overshadowed him in an indescribable way.

It is worth mentioning that Santiago was the first of the 12 Apostles to become a martyr. He had a very complicated but direct death, as he was beheaded by Homer’s order in the century after Christ. This fact was widely recognized because he died acting in the name of God, since his task of expanding the word of the Almighty continued until the end of his days. In addition, he is a man who has currently been recognized with 3 crustacean shells, for his love of the sea and his divinities.


One of the Twelve Apostles who has been known as a great devotee of the Catholic religion, who had the opportunity to be taught with great priority by Jesus in life. In addition, it is important to note that he has a brother named: Santiago, who is part of the group created to be the main spokesmen for the word of God, in the different towns and cities. Thus, Juan had the opportunity to be a main piece to teach the inhabitants about how good and wonderful it is to believe in the Lord, and that in faith there is everything necessary to live happily.

Also, Juan was well known for his talent of capturing in writing each of the miracles that God granted on planet earth, towards people in need of his kindness and forgiveness. Likewise, he had the opportunity to be a faithful preacher in churches and temples, especially in Asia. Having as effect a greater expansion of the Catholic religion in the world. However, he was well known for his trait of impulsiveness, as he did not ponder his steps nor did he like being bossed around.

Apart from his strong personality traits, he was a very faithful devotee. Which contributed a lot of knowledge and experience in his writings about Jesus and other religious experiences, and wonderful. However, as time went by, he had the opportunity to improve his euphoric temperament due to the experiences he suffered. It is worth mentioning that John died a quiet and natural death that took place a few years after the death of Jesus. And, today he has been recognized in history with the symbol of a cup next to a reptile.


A member of great importance in the new testament, because it was he who had the opportunity to write various sections in this essential book of the Catholic religion. What led to the knowledge of those times where strong and magnificent facts of God could be reflected on earth, as well as of men among themselves. Thus, Peter was part of the circle of the Twelve Apostles who accompanied Jesus on his journey from town to town to spread the word of God, in a more effective and believing way.

Pedro was a man who left a great mark on the world. Well, he was a great figure for spreading the miracles performed by Jesus for the release of good energies in the world, in order to ward off evil entities from human beings. Thus, being part of the 12 Apostles , he obtained great knowledge about how kind and loving Jesus Christ was in his lifetime. In addition, he was always able to transmit the most relevant facts that he could verify, which demonstrated the existence of God.

Likewise, we can say that Peter was a very loyal figure, and devoted to the main objective of Jesus, which he was able to develop every day of his life until his death, in a pleasant and happy way. Well, in faith he found that love and peace that allowed him to grow in every aspect. So, this is how his life path was forged, spreading his devotion to God at all times, although he had mistakes and denials, but he always had the courage to redeem himself and improve. He had a shocking death as he was crucified upside down in Rome. Currently known by the symbol of an inverted cross.


A very peculiar character within the team of the Twelve Apostles , because according to history and historical evidence Bartholomew is known as a man of descent in the royal family lineage, that is to say that he came from an environment full of many economic advantages and position of respect high. However, he decided to be part of the believers of the word of Jesus, which led to being part of this inner circle of the son of God, because he was seen with great sincere faith that was within his inner being.

It is one of the figures that appears in the writings of the new testament. However, not much information is found on Bartholomew, which makes it impossible to carry out a broader investigation of his life. In any case, he makes himself known as a man who did not like deception, nor did he project it on his life principles. For this reason, Jesus saw in him a perfect opportunity to convert him into a faithful follower and spokesman for the good ideals of Almighty God.

Thus, Bartholomew built a path full of faith and sincere devotion towards the word and values ​​that God made known at the time of Jesus on earth. This being the opportunity to become a traveler full of peace, to transmit it to the inhabitants of the towns that he traveled with the purpose of instilling the knowledge that was transmitted to him by his experiences and readings. He was made a martyr by dying, which was an act carried out in a bloody manner. Well, they removed the skin from his body while he was still alive with the help of knives. Because of this, his symbol is three parallel blades.

Santiago, the youngest

In the group created by Jesus of the Twelve Apostles , another man with the name of: Santiago was included. However, the characteristics to differentiate them were enough, starting with the age difference that there was, since this Santiago mentioned was even younger than the other. In addition, he was recognized for the family relationship he had with a member of the apostles, being noted for being the brother of Judas. Although, it is important to mention that James the Less was not so prominent among the 12 Apostles.

However, Santiago fulfilled the task that Jesus ordered him to do, which was to be a faithful spokesman for the word of God. In this way, as time passed, he dedicated himself to visiting homes and various towns in order to bring a living proof of the love of the Lord. As well, he was in charge of spreading in writings about the wonders that he had the opportunity to evidence while he was accompanying the tours with Jesus Christ and the other apostles.

Thus, he traveled throughout Egypt in order to fill the inhabitants of each city that constituted it with good news, judgments and miracles. Thanks to his firm and courageous character, he had the possibility of carrying out his stories and stories until the final day, that is, his death. Which took place in Egypt itself, his whole body being crucified and cut to pieces. For this reason, his symbol to recognize him today is the saw, whose instrument gave rise to his heartbreaking death, for being faithfully devoted to Catholic principles.

Judas Iscariot

This very peculiar character was well known in the history written in the New Testament, since Judas Iscariot was the apostle who betrayed Jesus for money. Even today it is hard to believe how this man had the courage to perform such an action, knowing what Jesus meant in the world. In addition, having been a great witness to the miracles of healing and purity, as well as the divine and encouraging words that he was privileged to obtain from Jesus Christ. But yes, Judas was a great example of the betrayal of trust in the human being.

For this reason, the great importance and love that he had for money can be given as a great characteristic of Judas Iscariot. He always wanted to get even more, just to satisfy his own needs. Also, it is important to note that he was part of the Twelve Apostles , which was one of the men who began the conversations to carry out the plans of Jesus. In turn, he was privileged to have command of the money obtained by the group of apostles, in which he had various opportunities to take advantage of that position and improperly take money for himself.

Thus, Judas Iscariot was a very renowned character in Catholic stories until today. Revealing his great act of disloyalty to Jesus Christ, however, it is important to recognize that God granted him forgiveness. But Judas could not contain this feeling, because deep down he always knew that his action was not fair or loyal. Which broke the commitment to Jesus that was made instantly to form the group of the Twelve Apostles. For this reason, full of pain and self-deception, he hanged himself on a tree, believing that with this he would free himself from his guilt.

Judas Tadeo

One of the apostles led by Jesus, who was also the brother of Santiago the minor. But very little known and highlighted in the writings of the stories in the new testament. However, it has been possible to deduce from small texts that he was a very intense man with a character to dominate, this last aspect being the most relevant because he always wanted to have control of large masses. Which he obtained, but in a different way since he took advantage of those opportunities to spread the words of God for those who did not know the religion.

He was focused on being a spokesman for the Lord in Persia, where he had different opportunities for personal growth and wonderful experiences with the inhabitants of the towns he visited. In addition, he was a great master of fishing whose action could scatter various men for the most timely harvest of fish. Likewise, Judas Tadeo, with his great devotion faithful to what Jesus said, was further inspired to be a means by which God could act in a wonderful and safe way.

Thus, it is how Judas Tadeo became a human being with essential gifts for healing, since by transmitting the word of God he formed a true faith in each of the people who listened to him. For this reason, God gave him the opportunity to be miraculous, using his devotion and hands as the best resource to help the most needy individuals who truly believed in a possible improvement. This apostle died after a few years being killed by the action of arrows that pierced his body, ending his life and mission in the earthly world.


This man who was part of the Twelve Apostles had the privilege of being a student of the teachings that Jesus showed, which gave a faithful example of how wonderful and kind God can be with humanity. He was a male figure who was dedicated to the collection of taxes at that time, whose task he performed with great honor and patience. Thus, Mateo was characterized by his excellent work, although for this reason, a lot of hatred was seen towards this type of person. Well, they did not believe that taxes should be paid to a human being but to God.

For this reason, Mateo was seen in different problems and encounters full of anger. But he did not let go of his responsibility at that time, as it also happened with faith that he gave to the lord almighty. So, he was a very dedicated apostle and a man who showed gratitude to Jesus at all times for supporting him and having trained him with his teachings. In addition, Mateo has been recognized for his great attitude of change, because by being part of the Twelve Apostles he decides to change his work for the general well-being of religion towards the inhabitants of the towns.

Thus, he was formed as a great spokesman for the miracles performed by Jesus to people with extraordinary deficiencies. All this, he was able to put on paper, since he had the gift and ability to relate in writing what he wanted. And so it was, Matthew became the first apostle who decided to leave a manuscript legacy for the future, where the main objective was to express each miracle and value that Jesus demonstrated. As there was also a focus on loyalty and sincere faith towards Almighty God.


Thanks to the knowledge granted by Jesus at the time of the construction of the Twelve Apostles , Philip’s agility was seen to quickly grasp each knowledge that Jesus provided, which helped him to form a loyal spokesman to the word of God. In addition to being a faithful witness of the events that occurred at the moment of touring the towns. For this reason, Felipe was known as a great bearer of good news regarding the Catholic Church and other branches that he carries.

Thus, he became a man full of various thoughts and actions that attested to the existence of good and evil, as well as the grace and divine goodness of the Almighty Lord. Since he gave himself body and soul to be a devoted deer of his word and destiny. This is how the church was forged in various towns and cities, Felipe being a main example figure. Thanks to this apostle, the Catholic religion could be better instilled in the inhabitants of that time.

For this reason, Felipe had great devotion to Jesus since he supported and encouraged him at times when he himself did not believe he could do anything. Because one of the great characteristics of this apostle is how pessimistic he was, however as time went by he improved that attitude. Although, he never stopped being a kind man and a faithful helper to people who needed him. On the other hand, it is known that Philip was hanged. Thus, today the symbol with which this character is recognized is the basket, for having been an assistant in the distribution of food to thousands of inhabitants.


A very relevant character within the circle of the Twelve Apostles , therefore, he has become known as a figure devoted to the laws and regulations established for an order and common good. In addition, he was characterized by containing a very reckless and irrational personality when executing an action of force. As well as with a hard and irreversible personality with those inhabitants who speak ill of their hometown, which has provided them with various welcomes and benefits.

However, when Simon was included by Jesus in his group of trust, his attitude changed as he realized how wonderful it can be to give God trust, love and faith. For this reason, this character became more docile and important for the expansion of the word of the Lord Almighty King of Heaven. Thus, he became a male figure full of love and understanding, but mainly a faithful devotee to the footsteps of his teacher as well as teachings.

So, he was a very striking apostle in the stories of the New Testament and other writings of that time, because he was a man who served as a great example of a transcendental change, thanks to the faith that he sought towards God. Furthermore, he was able to be a unique servant towards the Catholic Church. Simon died as a martyr and today can be recognized with a fish on the bible. For he demonstrates to great effect his work as an educator of men. Thus, he was a primary character in the group of the Twelve Apostles.


He is one of the Twelve Apostles who became the greatest witness of one of the inexplicable and wonderful miracles that Jesus performed, in which Lazarus was brought back to life. Although, he was mostly recognized for the main characteristic of him, being an unbeliever. Since it was not enough for him to see a resurrected dead man but he wanted to obtain even more evidence, and seeing Jesus brought back to life with his marks on his hands and feet, is that he was able to verify what happened. Welcoming the faith in his heart from that moment in history.

Thus, it has been possible to make Tomás known as a unique character, who was looking for evidence for the facts or stories. In turn, as he witnessed such magnificent miracles, his faith became even stronger, becoming a great devotee and loyal to the spread word of Almighty God. For this reason, Tomás had various opportunities to be a spokesperson for what he had witnessed, which he was able to do with total success for years. However, his death occurred as a martyr at the instant of piercing the spear through his body when he was building a palace for the king of India.

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