What is the Gift of Science and Wisdom? find out

What is the Gift of Science and Wisdom? find out

All gifts are gifts that God gives us, as the creator of all things, so that through our abilities we help discover the path of earthly truth. In this article you will discover everything about the gift of science, what is it? in the bible, of the Holy Spirit and more, do not stop reading it you will be surprised.

The Gifts of the Holy Spirit

In the sacred biblical scriptures, the gifts of the Holy Spirit are mentioned, which were given to man to help build the church and understand human nature. They are not super powers that were granted to some and not to others, they are simply innate aptitudes of each human being and that are developed when the intrinsic reason for that quality is learned.

All human beings come to this earthly plane with a function, or rather with a task that we must fulfill, but that each one must internalize and understand the reason for that purpose that has been entrusted by the Holy Spirit.

In the biblical scriptures it can be read that there are three series of gifts that the Holy Spirit has granted. Some of them are mentioned in Romans verses 6 to 8; it is also mentioned in the “First Epistle to the Corinthians” in its chapter 12, verses from 4 to 11 and finally mention is made of these gifts that are granted by the Holy Spirit in the book of Ephesians in its chapter 4, verses from 7 to 13.

The gifts described in these biblical passages are that of prophecy, service, teaching, exhortation, generosity, having leadership and of course mercy. Also included are the gifts of the word of wisdom, the word of knowledge, faith, healing power, miraculous powers, the power to prophesy, discerning of spirits, speaking in tongues, and interpretation of tongues.

The Gift of Science

It is the fifth gift that the Holy Spirit gives us for a better understanding of the earth, the human beings that inhabit it, its animals, the plants, the oceans, seas and rivers, let us understand the universe, the cosmos. In short, we understand it as a whole that is interrelated.

If we read or hear the term science, our brain immediately intertwines codes and thoughts, which direct our attention to think about our ability to know and understand, the context in which we are immersed, and to be able to unravel the laws that govern nature. and the universe. But in reality, the science that comes from the Holy Spirit is not restricted to human knowledge. It is a very special gift, which leads the human being to perceive through creation, the great love of God for each one of his creations.

From the very moment that our mind is touched by the Holy Spirit, our eyes are aware of the greatness of God, when we observe and appreciate the beauty of nature and the majesty of the cosmos, coming to understand that each of his creations It tells us about the goodness and love of God.

Theological aspects of the gift of knowledge

It is through the gift of science, as a heavenly custom that God inspires man, with sanctified hints of understanding, so that he reaches the necessary understanding with the intermediation of the Holy Spirit, can judge with poise and rectitude all the works created by Him. with a supernatural character. With the help of this gift, the quality of faith, which induces the perception of knowledge, with a touch of divinity, will be perfected.

The divinity of the gift of science is expressed in the Summa Theologica of St. Thomas Aquinas, in its second section of the second part, in its chapter number 9. In which it is referred that the gift of science is totally to the conception that you have from natural science. Where the reasons that are put forward as to why things are seen under an approach in which the reason of the world runs under the tutelage of God through faith.

God’s creations are not questioned

Human beings who have the grace of the Holy Spirit to have the gift of science, recognize when they see things that were created by God, without the mediation of the discourse of reason and faith. God, through his divinity, communicates with the person, granting him special qualities so that they can appreciate the divine creation from another perspective. That is to say, the hand of the Holy Spirit intervenes with his magnificence, so that beyond the eyes we can see and recognize that far from this earthly plane, there is a full and eternal life next to our creator.

It is therefore very opportune that all human beings bear in mind that possessing the gift of science entails a certain preparation to be able to discern before two events that the gift of science brings and that come to complement the existence of the being. On the one hand, whoever has the gift is blessed with the ability to serve as a screen so that the rest of human beings can appreciate God’s creations.

And the second quality that is granted to the chosen one to possess the gift of science, is that through his word he can make the world see the banal and ephemeral things, for which man clings, forgetting full and eternal life. that we lose by not walking hand in hand with God.

It is not an easy task to sufficiently glorify God’s creation, much less to know how much of the gift of knowledge is needed to reach perfection.

Everyone, absolutely all Christians, and that includes children, merchants, school teachers, politicians, priests, dating couples, married people, policemen, young people, in short, we all need to be sanctified with the gift of science so that our thoughts are free of conditioning factors that limit our appreciation of the world in which we live, beyond things that are tangible and transcend towards the imperceptible by the senses.

The gift of science and the Saints

Blessed are all those whom God has blessed with this wonderful gift. Just as it says in the holy scriptures that he did with Jacob, to whom according to “God gave him the knowledge of the saints”, when he fled from his brother Esau, enriching him when he was tired and rewarding his work immensely.

The gift of knowledge has always been present in both believers and non-believers, through which God’s world is revealed. For them the world is no longer an anchor that makes them immobile, nor is it a mistake or a provocation, rather it becomes the ideal way to create perfect communion with God the creator.

San Francisco de Asis

For example, Saint Francis of Assisi, who within the Catholic religion is one of the most versed saints, since he was able to captivate believers and non-believers alike, due to his incomparable imagination in the face of poverty, chastity and obedience, demonstrated with facts in his life.

“He embraced all things with unspeakable affectionate devotion, speaking to them of the Lord and exhorting them to praise him. He left the lights, lamps, candles without turning off, not wanting to extinguish with his hand the brightness that was a symbol of eternal light”

“He walked with reverence on the stones, in attention to the One who called himself Rock…He who is the Source of all goodness, who will be all in all things, communicated to our Saint also in all things”

(Thomas of Celano, II Life cp.124).

Saint John of the Cross

On the other hand, Saint John of the Cross, who walked his life between being a mystic and a poet, finds wonderful words to make known the wonders that occur when making known the gift of science.

thank you spilling

He passed through these copses with haste,

and looking at them,

With only his figure

Dresses left them of their beauty.

Song V

With this song, Saint John of the Cross refers to how creatures respond to the soul, as Saint Augustine says, it is the testimony they give of the greatness and magnificence of God. It is through this song that it is externalized how God was able to create all the things that inhabit the earth, with such skill and speed, leaving his mark on each one of them so that his greatness would be known.

He gave each creation being, provided them with heavenly graces and virtues. A beauty that was given with such order that it maintains an inseparable dependence on one another, so much was the wisdom that its creator had that the action is commanded by his only Son.

“Although God does many things by someone else’s hand, such as angels or men, this one that is to create was never done or done by another than by his own”

“And so the soul is much moved by the love of her Beloved God for the consideration of the creatures, seeing that they are things that were made by her own hand.”

To contemplate the world through the eyes of a believing soul that is blessed by the gift of science , is to find yourself in front of a human being who has found a genuine tranquility, which is accompanied by heavenly light and wisdom from God. The gift of science brings out, most particularly, the fascinating beauty of the human soul that is present in divine grace.

Saint Catherine of Siena

This most pure Saint was blessed with consolations and sometimes heavenly visions, she was not exempt from very hard tests. Satan invaded her mind and produced chilling visions of her in her imagination, sometimes presenting them with extremely attractive figures with the intention of causing her to sin. She went through very long periods of desolation, in which she came to think that God had abandoned her.

There was a day when God appeared to her, after those long periods of desolation, and Catherine exclaimed to him “My Lord, where have you been while I was so close to those terrible temptations?” To which the Lord replied: “My beloved daughter, I always stayed in your heart, to give you integrity with my grace.” Since then, she kept to herself, in a more expressive way, since the test was very close to concluding.

It was the year 1366, when the Lord revealed himself again to Catherine, who was in her room in her retreat to pray. This revelation of Jesus was made present by his Blessed Mother in the company of an angelic choir. Catalina was taken by the hand by the Virgin and took her to the presence of the Lord, who placed an engagement ring on her finger, telling her that she could now announce that she was loved by the Most High.

The man told Catalina that he wanted to join her to work more for charity towards others. Raimundo de Cápua, a blessed who always accompanied Catalina, related that on innumerable occasions God appeared to Santa Catalina when she was alone and even sometimes when she was reunited with family, friends and parishioners.

Saint Catherine, assisted by her faithful Blessed Raimundo de Cápua, decides to compose a book. She was assisted by her partner since she did not know how to write, she dictated to her friend, who reported that Catalina’s inspiration was the product of the Holy Spirit. Her mystical composition was entitled “Dialogue of Saint Catherine” and is composed of four treatises.

But long before being blessed with the gift of science to compose her work, it manifested itself on several occasions, sometimes in Siena, sometimes in Avignon and Genoa, where she was overwhelmed by questions from theologians, who were left amazed by the quality of their answers.

Saint Teresa of Jesus

Through the gift of science, she is like Saint Teresa of Jesus, she can very vividly grasp the deception in which humanity lives. She is able to see everything forward and backward, as she catches the vision of the mundane and how it was possible for her to see things, due to her old way of living that was based on a total lie.

Doña Luisa de la Cerca, who was a close friend of Saint Teresa of Jesus, once wanted to boast about her and showed her her collection of jewels, supposing that she would like to see them. But Teresa de Jesús inside her couldn’t help laughing thinking about how men are capable of adoring and appreciating jewelry much more than adoring the Almighty.

Whoever possesses the gift of science is only capable of discerning that this virtue is present in all of God’s creation that very few chosen ones are capable of understanding and working to improve that virtue. It is through these blessings that it is possible to see the hidden truths in creation, otherwise it would be uphill to acquire them over time, it is a divine and heavenly work.

With the gift of science we are also able to see sin, even if it tries to hide in people’s daily lives. Whoever possesses this gift finds it very easy to distinguish with great security and ease, the actions that offend God and degrade the faith, the norms contrary to the gospel, even if these practices are accepted by the majority of the people in the world and even among Christians themselves, such as: customs, dress, way of thinking, entertainment, among others.

The one chosen to work for the rescue of the misguided, is provided with the ability to understand and predict their environment, making use of a luminous spiritual science, removing the vanity of that which the world does not share with what is ordained by God.

The Lord made Teresa of Jesus see through the gift of science, with a brilliance and splendor:

“Do you know what it is to really love me? Understand that everything that is pleasing to me is a lie. I will show you with absolute clarity, what you do not understand now and that takes advantage of your soul “

“Everything has already been seen and the Lord be honored, and after having seen so much vanity and deception, I believe that everything that has not been seen will be led to the service of God. I am not able to explain what I have understood after seeing, and what I see in the dark makes me sad, and that is part of this great truth that is shown in front of me”

To every Saint, through the gift of science, he is taken out of the shadows of collective deception, therefore, he opens his eyes, remains alert to the lethargy that made him spiritually unmotivated, like the rest of the believers but not practitioners.

Preparation to receive the gifts

In order to receive the precious gift of science, we need to prepare ourselves beforehand by practicing the renewal of our faith and other theological virtues.

Gift of science and prayer

It is through prayer, the exercise of meditation that we can prepare ourselves to be worthy of receiving from the Holy Spirit, all his gifts and especially the gift of science that together with the other gifts allow us to develop a better understanding of our reality, understand it and, as far as possible, win it for the pleasure of our creator.

Presence of God in everything

It is necessary that we see in every creature on the face of the earth the presence of God. He is present in everything that is part of his work, to deny this possibility is to deny his very presence, the Almighty gives them being, existing from their very conception until they achieve the purpose for which they were chosen.

freedom to be

It is important that we are able to think, talk and act with total freedom as long as the rules that as Christians we are called to comply with and enforce are respected. We should not be afraid of being able to infer that a large part of humanity is sheltered by darkness and committing the most serious errors for not being in connection with the grace of the Holy Spirit.

Raise prayers before the creator so that the gift of science is accompanied by the gift of strength, without the strength that the latter grants, we will rarely be able to overcome the endless provocations to which we will be subjected by the forces of darkness so that we deviate from the way of good.

God shows us

God shows us the right path that we must travel, He tells us how we must act. But it is up to us to try to hold onto the hand of God through learning to read the holy scriptures, just as we would do on a daily basis when we find out about events just by reading a local, national and international newspaper. God is our only guide and through his word we can understand everything that happens and what is about to happen in the short, medium and long term.

Gift of Science: Faithful and Humble

We are called to be beings of light when we are chosen to receive the gift of science. But we are also required to be faithful in our beliefs and humble of heart so as not to boast but rather to glorify the Lord.

What is the nature of the gift of knowledge?

Those chosen by the Holy Spirit to be worthy of the gift of knowledge must be individuals with extraordinary ability that is inspired by God, with heavenly grace.

Below we try to explain some terminologies that will allow us to better understand the real nature of this wonderful gift of the Holy Spirit.

supernatural habit

It is not a science of humanity, nor is it a philosophical one, through which a palpable and certain knowledge of all things can originate. Nor is it something that is the product of the deduction that is generated from natural reasoning, from its principles or causes. It cannot be compared to theological science, with which all the truths that were revealed by God can be deduced.

It has to do with the knowledge that comes from divinity, channeled by the Holy Spirit, which allows our understanding and vision to expand in order to properly appreciate the relationship between all things in creation. It is a practice inseparable from divine grace, which bears no resemblance to the habits that we acquire through the passing of our generations.

Intelligence of man.

It is therefore the gift of science, a practice that nestles in the comprehension and understanding of man, just as if it were a quality of faith that is perfected over time.

The Holy Spirit, as a guide .

All its strength is driven by the intervention of the Holy Spirit, who is in charge of proposing with his divinity the grace to generate a movement in human intelligence so that it is called to fairly judge all things created by God, with a nuance divine and with some vestige of naturalness, that only the just are capable of having and using it in a spiritual way.

fair judgment

The gift of science is distinguished from the rest, since it is able to understand the revealed truths without bias, since they were provided with a great supernatural intuition. He does not issue a priori judgments on these truths, he simply allows himself to be guided by the magnificence of the Holy Spirit and it is through him that he issues a value judgment of all things created by the Almighty.

vision over all creation

Who has the grace to possess the gift of science, carries the responsibility on his shoulders to ensure the truth and understanding of everything created by God. Everything created can be said to communicate with him in an angelic way, it has the ability to attract or move away any creature from acting for or against the holy scriptures.

That is, joining forces to fight to increase faith or can also work to make the faithful notice that their behavior is not consistent with God’s designs.

Gift of Science and its importance

Through the gift of knowledge it becomes a reality that our faith reaches the climax of its propagation and development. Not only is it important to know and internalize the truths that were revealed by the creator, it is also necessary to enhance the gift of understanding. To be able to properly reveal and discern between those revealed truths and the real world in which we live and which is totally different from our angelic perceptions.

If we did not have that heavenly intuition, our faith would be in danger since we would be attracted and persuaded by the magic of all creation, moving us away from the correct way to interrelate with our supernatural world. We would be victims of the constant mistakes that ultimately take us away from the path of divinity. The daily exercise confirms that the gift of science provides an invaluable service to the maintenance and reaffirmation of our faith.

Purposes of the gift of knowledge.

There are countless purposes that the gift of science has for the soul and all of them are very gratifying. Here are some of the most notable:

Guides us to judge righteously all of God’s creations

Father Philipon used to say that under the impulse of the gift of knowledge a double movement was produced in the soul of the believer. In the first place, a feeling of emptiness is generated in the being, from within and also in the eyes of creation itself by the discovery that the hand of God exists and is present in all the things we see, hear and touch.

That same gift of science also caused Santo Domingo to burst into tears, just imagining the fate of humble sinners. The same feeling intoxicated Saint Francis of Assisi when observing the magnificent spectacle of nature, in his renowned song to the Sun. These two expressions of feeling are collected by Saint John of the Cross in a passage of his spiritual song, where a description of the feeling of relief and torment in a soul of creation.

For Saint Ignatius of Loyola, being able to contemplate the spectacular nature of a starry night gave him such a feeling of relief that it allowed him to clear his mind and understand the revealed truths more easily.

For Saint Teresa of Jesus, being able to count on the gift of science allowed her to more easily explain all the things of God, and for this she made use of making comparisons and similarities, of the same occasions of God’s creation.

Make a correct guide regarding everything we have to believe or not believe.

Everyone to whom the gift of knowledge is granted through the Holy Spirit and acts intensely on it, by themselves instinctively possesses the sense of faith. It is not necessary to have studies in theology, nor is it exclusive that they do not know how to read or write, it is only enough that they have a great devotion, to be in tune and according to the faith.

Responding to the reasons they have for having been blessed with this gift is very difficult to explain, because they do not know for sure. They only feel it and know it with an incorruptible faith and an unshakeable certainty, just as it happened to Saint Teresa of Jesus who, despite her humility and dedication to the teachings of her confessors, could never accept the wrong doctrine in which, finding herself in certain elevated states of prayer it was convenient to deprive oneself of the consideration of the angelic humanity of Christ.

See quickly and convincingly the interior of our soul.

For those who possess the gift of science, everything seems diaphanous and crystalline, to the penetrating eyes of the examination of the acts in which we are involved, the secret machinations of our hearts, our virtues, goodness, malice, principles, values , our true intentions, the defects that as humans we may have, in short, are open to any inspection and committed to the consequences of our behavior.

Inspiration to behave in harmony with others and attain eternal life.

Those called to have the gift of knowledge feel that there is something beyond the normal that influences them to act wisely and further refine their behavior. A good spiritual guide knows the actions of each of his children, he knows the spiritual needs, what medicine is needed to cure his concerns, he knows the setbacks that arise daily and prevent his improvement.

He is able to place for his consideration the path that will lead him to reach divinity, despite the difficulty of the path, he recognizes when it is time for consolation or, on the contrary, when he must demand more. He guides them so that they recognize how God acts in their souls and urges them to do what they must do to contribute to the work of the Lord and fulfill his commandment.

The being that has the privilege of having the gift of science, has the ability to be more aware of its virtues in knowing the revealed truths. They can see beyond what any human eye is capable of seeing since they know the truth. If they notice that they move away from the path of God, they can perceive it immediately and return to the path of truth, they notice the deficiencies where an average human is not able to notice any change.

Get us to be detached from earthly things.

Work the gift of science, so that we are able to correctly judge all things created by God. Only the gift of knowledge grants the saint the grace to have a very marked vision regarding the need to be totally detached from earthly things or treasures.

Such is the case of Santa Teresa de Jesús to whom her friend began to show her the collection of jewels that she owned, with the idea that this would be to her liking. Despite not feeling offended by such an attitude from her friend, Teresa de Jesús felt a deep sadness to see how some beings are capable of treasuring jewels instead of treasuring love for God in her hearts.

Filled with the deepest feeling of regret for past mistakes.

Through the mediation of the gift of science, it is possible to know without much effort how fragile human beings are, their frivolity, their attachment to material things, their inability to be happy, their lack of connection with spiritual things, in short, with everything that does not allow that the soul transcends towards the fullness that comes from being in tune with our Creator Father.

It is also possible to get out of the morass in which the human being sometimes falls due to attachments to past times, to his incomprehensible desire to have a soul sunk in misery that profoundly disrupts the desire to overcome gained through repentance.

Glory and fruits

It corresponds to the gift of knowledge to refer to the third beatitude of the gospel:

“Blessed are those who cry, since they will deserve consolation”

This is part of the merits granted by divine grace, tears are the unequivocal sign of the deep repentance of the being and of what is earned in acting correctly to achieve eternal life. The righteous man is driven to cry by washing through them the mistakes made in past lives, and the reward for such an attitude is that he transits in this life and fully reaches the entrance to eternal life in another.

The fruits of the Holy Spirit, which correspond to the gift of knowledge, is the real certainty of possessing the ability to interpret revealed truths and fully enjoy that spiritual knowledge.

The counterproductive to the gift of science.

For St. Thomas Aquinas, when he alludes in his prologue to “sins against the gift of understanding,” he mentions “ignorance” as something that is counterproductive to the gift of science. According to Saint Thomas, an essential fact to end the accumulation of errors in matters of faith, undoubtedly, is the gift of knowledge. Because we are invaded by customs that are responsible for eroding our beliefs because of our ignorance.

Such ignorance or unawareness of a subject, not only subscribes to being uneducated, it is also noted among theologians and other experts in the field. In spite of being very clear about their beliefs and the studies carried out, there are countless criteria circulating among them regarding doctrines that ultimately all fall into falsehood, since only one is the truth.

Ignorance, then, is to blame for becoming a true vice that goes against the gift of science. And this is because it is voluntarily entrenched in our spirit through vain things and in the sciences of humanity, allowing us to devote ourselves more to the study of factual sciences, than to finding the answers to our own salvation.

Fostering the gift

Very far from believing that only through prayer, correct action, faith, fidelity and spiritual recollection can we promote the gifts of the Holy Spirit and in this particular case the gift of science, we fall short. We can also do it by complying with the following references:

  • Valuing ostentation for earthly possessions

Having attachments or hoarding earthly things prevents us from being considered for the blessing of the gift of knowledge. To achieve this goal we have to be able to discern through meditation between what we say and how we act. God will never ask us beyond our possibilities to give, and to those who only give to the extent of their possibilities, he will never deny them help to achieve spiritual progress.

  • Learn about God’s connection with all created things.

It is essential to have a point of coincidence in relation to the ability to see through the creatures without being prevented by them. In each thing we observe we must make the effort to look for the imprint and traces of God, allowing the Holy Spirit to act for us.

  • Go against the rules imposed by the world.

Human beings allow themselves to be dragged down by the self-imposed norms of society and the privilege given to certain things in life. These norms contravene the laws that were revealed with the spiritual truth, the connection with God is left aside, by giving a place of relevance to the enjoyment of creatures and their happiness.

It is not possible to be in harmony with the gift of science, if we continue to be attached to the enjoyment of festivities and celebrations that contravene the laws dictated when the truth was revealed, it is necessary to put aside the unhealthy environments of our societies. We must be vigilant against the harassment of our enemies who want to separate us from the path of good.

  • Observe the hand of God in command of the world.

Our lives must always be ruled by the mighty hand of our creator. It is impossible to believe that this can be possible without first acting in our lives and soul the gift of science. It is a belief of faith that God always takes care of each one of his creations. He is the father of each one of the creatures and he knows better than we ourselves what is best for us, he guides us with great love although sometimes we cannot fully understand all his secrets, regarding our family, the world and about ourselves. themselves.

  • Take care to preserve the purity of the heart.

Being aware of this detail is a guarantee that we will attract the blessing of God, it is extremely important to keep the purity of the heart intact, since otherwise it will not be possible for us to be given the gifts that we require to fully achieve it if we are not faithful to his grace. There is a directly proportional relationship between what is kept in our hearts and the faithful compliance with all the rules revealed by the Most High.

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