Household Toxins: Tidy up your home and organize your life

There is no greater thief of your energy than a cluttered space full of useless things. It may be that due to routine, objects inside our house gradually accumulate to the point of generating a permanent disorder that releases “toxins” for our daily lives.

Yes, our house generates toxins when it becomes a place of accumulation of old furniture, miscellaneous items such as clothes, broken appliances, old souvenirs, among other things, but everything has a solution, just purify it.

Has it ever happened to you that when you walk into a clean and tidy space, you feel comfortable and energized to do more things than you thought?

Take time, follow the tips below, to get a tidy house that inspires you with peace and tranquility, you will not only tidy the house, but also change your aura and it is a good start for spiritual cleansing. Just as things that are not used are thrown away, humans must also dispose of things inside.

  • Objects you no longer use.
  • Clothes you don’t like or haven’t worn in a long time.
  • Broken things.
  • Old letters and notes.
  • Dead or diseased plants.
  • Old receipts, newspapers and magazines.
  • Old underwear with holes.
  • Damaged shoes.


  • Accumulations make the house overloaded.
  • At the entrance, they restrict the flow of life.
  • On the ground, they pull us down.
  • Above us cause headaches.
  • In bed, they pollute the dream.
  • Scattered around the house, they cause emotional overload.

Questions you can ask yourself that will help you organize your home:

Why am I saving this? Does this have anything to do with me today? How will I feel when I get rid of this? And with detachment, health improves, creativity grows, relationships improve, there is greater ability to reason, mood improves.

The cleanliness of the interior is reflected on the exterior.

  • Avoid extreme noise.
  • Lesser lights.
  • Less saturated colors.
  • Less chemical odors.
  • Less sad memories.
  • Complete unfinished projects.
  • Cultivate positive energy in your home.

Do a general cleaning and use boxes to organize. Start with drawers and cabinets and finish each room, do everything at your own pace. Also remember that you can sort and sort to donate, throw away, or sell.

When ordering, notice what changes in you. As we clean our physical home, we also bring order to our minds and hearts.

Practice letting go of material things that only fill your space and you will see how you will gradually be able to do the same with more transcendental situations.

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